"O-Oh…" Leo stuttered, tears brimming his eyes at the sound of his voice — soft, rough, and somehow echoing throughout the room. He's there — in front of him, walking toward him, reaching his arms out to him. Biting his lip, Leo didn't hesitate to shorten the distance to his former master, letting him embrace him.

It didn't take Leo that long to start crying — the tears finally becoming too much for the boy to handle. He sobbed as Elliot comforted and shhh'd him, his hands softly patting Leo's back and smoothing his cut hair — Cut hair…? "Leo…"

"Y—?" the boy's sob cut him off, making him bury his face back into Elliot's shirt.

"You… you cut your hair?"

Leo nodded, trying his best to breathe evenly as he leaned away from his former master. "Alot… alot has happened since… then."

"Since then?" Elliot repeated, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion. After all, the last thing he remembered was going to that Vessalius boy's "party."

In return, Leo let out a "nn" sound. "You — E-Elliot, you…" he began, unsure at where to begin. "You… you died."

"But I'm here now, Leo."

"You… you shouldn't be."

"I've come back for you," Elliot insisted — almost as if he just remembered something.

"I — "

"Leo," Elliot whispered, trailing his hands to Leo's own. Circling his fingers around his former servant's, tugging him softly forward. "I've come back for you."

"That is — " Leo cut himself off with a sharp shake of his head, trying to get his strength back as Elliot, yet again, pulled him into a hug.

"Come with me."

"I cannot."

"Come with me."

"Elliot, you are d — "

"Come with me," the brunette whispered, tilting his head at just the right angle for his lips to press on the raven's.

"Nn… do I… don't I have a choice?" Leo asked, hesitanting the slightest. After all — he wasn't sure where he was. Was he dreaming? Hallucinating? Was it real? Is this real, Elliot?

Yes, Leo. This is real.

H — How are you doing that…?

We're connected, after all.

Wha — ?

I am your Knight.

And for the first time, Leo looked down at Elliot, taking in the white and gold of his clothes. A sword on his hip — how did Leo not feel that? The raven blinked hard, and despite how he's been acting recently, a little of his old self showed just then. "You are… my knight?"

"I am your Knight," the brunette repeated, nodding deeply. His blue eyes met Leo's dark ones as he held out his hand, raising an eyebrow.

Uncertainly, Leo slipped his own hand into Elliot's. We are connected? he asked in his thoughts, being tugged along gently by the brunette.

Smiling, Elliot looked over at Leo. The grip on his hand tightened as he gently pulled Leo slower to him as they walked along — neither of them asking or wondering where they were or where they were going. We are connected.