Hey, hey ,hey! This is my first story on here. AND IT'S A PARODY!

A parody of all those stories with random trainers going off on their adventures and being involved in something BIG.

EDIT: I revamped this chapter to make it more typical. Thanks CrystalLotus98 !

We go deep into the woods. Yes, it was just called the woods. Emphasize the. THE woods.


Our main character of this story, is sleeping. Her long blonde, shimmering, and shiny, hair glistened, when the dim sunlight shined upon it. Her pale, flawless, skin was sparkling. But she's not a vampire. She is a young girl of 15 who was living with her aunt and uncle..

Why was she living with her aunt and uncle?

It's pretty obvious isn't it?

Her parents died when a savage Pokemon attacked them. And she went to her only living family membes. Her aunt and uncle.

"Elizabeth Mary Sue Hirshley! Come downstairs RIGHT NOW you bitch!"A husky voice screeched.

Elizabeth gracefully floated out of her bed, and landed on her small feet. "Yes Auntie!" She called out in a strained voice. She walked down the stairs, with tears leaving a trail behind her. Why was she crying?

Because her aunt is abusive.


At the bottom of the wooden stair was a small table. A lady in her late 40's with too much make-up on sat on it. She wore a pink dress that was much too tight for her plump body.

Suddenly, the table came crashing down to the floor. Pieces of wood flew everywhere. The poor table couldn't handle the weight of Auntie.

"Grrr…."Elizabeth's aunt growled as she sat in the pile of rubble. As the debris from the broken wood cleared, Elizabeth stared at the mess her aunt created with wide blue eyes.

"WELL?!" Her aunt screamed red-faced." Go clean this up and build me a new table!"

Elizabeth nodded quickly and scurried outside.

Luckily her rapist uncle had gone out somewhere. Probably to get drunk.

"Oh why must she be so mean to me?" Elizabeth sobbed as she sat on a stump outside. She hated wearing rags, she hated making new tables, she hated her aunt, she hated her uncle who rapes her and she hated her life!

All she wanted to do….was to be a Pokemon trainer.

"The wind is my friend."

"The sun is my friend."

"Except for me is to be the cashew."

Elizabeth always sang when she was sad. Even if the lyrics made no sense, it still sounded beautiful because her voice is beautiful.

Slowly, some Pokemon crept out of the shadows of the woods. Sandshrews, Jigglypuffs, Pidgeys, and even a Caterpie. They all came up to her, making a lovey-dovey face. Why? Because her beauty astonished them.

A low growl came from the bush. The Pokemon around Elizabeth shivered with fear. Elizabeth, being a brave soul, stood up and approached the bush. She peered into it, and two beady red eyes stared back at her. She reached a hand out to it and a snout popped out of the bush and sniffed it. Suddenly a purple fox like Pokemon jumped out at Elizabeth!

No, Elizabeth didn't get attacked. No main character should die this early!


Elizabeth laughed as the purple fox licked her face. She managed to get up on her feet and the purple fox like Pokemon sat obediently. Of course at this point, the other Pokemon had run off.

The purple fox like Pokemon had nine tails wagging in happiness. So because it had nine tails, it was, of course. A…


After our convenient time skip, Elizabeth petted her Ninetails that she caught with a convenient Pokeball. She had a Ninetails now.

Not JUST a Ninetails. A SHINY Ninetails.

It was 20% cooler then a normal Ninetails.

The blonde girl smirked as she rode the back of her Ninetails. She was escaping the woods and escaping her Auntie.


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