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Elizabeth stood in the rain (which magically bounced off her) contemplating on what to do.

Suddenly, Pinky the Kyogre popped out of her Pokeball."You should go to Slateport City for wonderfulness!"She yelled and went back inside her Pokeball.

"Slateport City." Elizabeth grinned as the mini GPS system that every Mary Sue had in their brains knew where to go. She lifted herself up in the air with ease and flew high above the rainy clouds. Tiny wisps of clouds floated around her in the pale blue sky. It would normally be quite chilly up there for someone else, but Elizabeth was fine. She would be missing Mauville City and its gym if she immediately flew over to Slateport but…

She focused on her Sue powers Ash had given her. All the Gym Leader badges in EVERY region (even the ones no one knew about) appeared and went inside Elizabeth's bag. There. She had every gym badges now.

"YOLO!" Squawked a Ho-oh that appeared out of nowhere. Her tails were the new iPhone 5 that were in every single color of the rainbow (just like Elizabeth's hair.)She stopped in front of Elizabeth, "Ride me LOL. They call me INTERNET SLANG Ho-Oh from where I came from. Like WTF."

Elizabeth nodded and floated on top of the massive red bird. She patted its back and the Ho-Oh squawked out another YOLO before soaring off.

A Lugia was in the distance, flapping his massive wings. Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres, the three fangirl bird trio, were following him.

"OMG heyz! Smiley face!" Ho-oh greeted.

The Lugia rolled his eyes, "Ugh, talk correctly."

"YEAH TALK CORRECTLY!" The bird trio yelled simultaneously.

"Are these your friends, Ho-Oh?" Elizabeth asked with a warm gentle smile that could melt any ice.

"LOLZ, of course!" Ho-Oh replied.

The Lugia stopped in the air flapping his wings. The fangirl trio stopped as well. They shook their head furiously,"NO!"

Elizabeth let out a soft laugh, which softened the hearts of all the legendary Pokemon. Every shiny Legendary materialized in the sky immediately and were caught in Pokeballs. The Pokeballs arranged themselves in a neat line, and floated into Elizabeth's bag. Elizabeth had now surpassed the six Pokemon limit, but of course the rules could be broken for her.

"I suppose I want to be captured as well…" Lugia muttered as he watched Arceus be captured.

"If he is being captured, we want to be captured as well!" The fangirl trio yelled.

Elizabeth threw them Pokeballs and they were instantly caught.

"OMG. We're at Slateport City!"Ho-Oh yelled. The iPhones detached themselves from her body and were arranged in a spiral of iPhone stairs. Elizabeth gracefully hopped off the Ho-Oh(who was immediately captured after) and on the stair case of iPhones. She descended down them quickly, putting them into her bag that could contain endless amounts of items.

Elizabeth landed on the ground, people around her gaping at her beauty. The smell of salty sea water filled her nose. She let out a gasp as she observed the city.

Slateport City was a huge place. There were gigantic tents of all colors scattered throughout the town, underneath them were people bustling about. Elizabeth felt woozy looking at the sparking ocean surrounding the city, but she needed to be brave to explore the place.

Her eyes spotted the biggest tent. She walked over and read the sign, "Slateport Market." There were old looking wooden counters were people were discussing stuff. As Elizabeth walked inside, the people dropped their stuff and gaped at her beauty. Elizabeth smiled, looking around. There didn't seem to be anything except for seafood and Elizabeth didn't like seafood.

She turned around, her hair transmitting magical rainbows behind her. She left the tent and stood outside, soaking in the sunlight.

A few moments later, someone roughly grabbed her arm, "You're coming with me!" He hissed in her ear.

"Let me go!" Elizabeth shouted and her arm suddenly turned very warm. To the man however, it felt like he was on the sun. He let go out of her with a howl of pain, shaking his hand around. Tears were spilling out of his eyes as he ran toward to ocean to cool of his hand.


Elizabeth whirled around to see a purple haired girl. She smiled , pink lemonade falling out of her eyes,"Cindy! You're alive!"

"Yeah. Um. You have to follow me into that building over there." Cindy pointed to a huge building that had columns in the front." Not suspicious at all! It's not like there are bad guys in there, right?" Cindy said and laughed nervously.

"Yeah." Elizabeth giggled.

Convenient time skip!

Once they were at the Oceanic Museum, Cindy pushed Elizabeth inside of the building. "Long live Elizabeth!" Cindy sneered and slammed the door on Elizabeth.

The rainbow haired girl knocked on the door frantically, "Cindy?! Cindy!"

There was no answer.

She felt fear bubbled up inside of her. She frowned and turned around to the empty blackness. With a snap of her fingers a blazing fire appeared in front of her. The room instantly lit up with the pale golden light from the fire. She looked at the display cases containing fossils and figures of the ocean.

In front of Elizabeth were multiple slack-jawed people with blue headbands.

"Are you serious?!" A woman yelled.

"She just ruined our fun!"Another woman shouted.

"She's so pretty!" A man blurted out loud and multiple others nodded in agreement.

"Team Aqua!?"Elizabeth demanded, her eyes glowing red.

The people replied with a, "Yes!"

"We heard from a purple haired girl that an abnormally pretty rainbowed haired girl had Kyogre! So give Kyogre to us, or else we'll force you!" Threatened a woman.

Elizabeth tensed up, "I will never. NEVER. Give Kyogre to you guys!"

The woman smirked and held out a Pokeball, "Alright then, go Migh-"

"Boss is here!" Yelled a plump man. Elizabeth widened her eyes; that was the man she saw earlier in Rusturf Tunnel. Next to him was a tall man with stubbles of hair on his chin.

He had a nice suit on and as soon as he entered the room, the people immediately bowed down."Boss Archie!" They shouted.

Archie stared at Elizabeth. Elizabeth shifted uncomfortably under his gaze.

"M-my daughter…" He whispered.




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