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To put it short, Elizabeth drowned with a stream of rainbows behind her.

She was too good for this sinful earth.

Cindy panted heavily as she peered into the murky water. She gripped the rocks tightly with her sweaty hands that were shaking uncontrollably. A smile formed on her face as she slowly got on her feet.

She swayed around as she started laughing manically.

She finally killed Elizabeth.


Cindy turned around her to see the residents of Slateport City stare at her in horror.


"One does not simply drown a gorgeous girl!"

The people stormed towards Cindy. She glanced at them and behind her as she backed away. Soon behind her was the ocean.

"Hooglahpoop!"A person screamed shrilly. The people plus Cindy turned around to see a man on a bicycle speed towards them. Cindy closed her eyes shut, bracing for the impact.

She opened them a split second later to hear a splash from the ocean. Cindy looked at the ocean just in time to be able to see the sinking bicycle and unconscious man, before they sunk to deep to see.

"Go join that guy!" Someone yelled and stabbed her with a fork. She gasped and grabbed the fork and pulled it out. Red substance dripped from the three-headed mini spear. Cindy widened her eyes and tried not to throw up; that was her blood.

"SCREW THE RULES, I HAVE A BAT!" An elderly woman yelled and slammed her wooden bat into Cindy's body. Cindy screamed and flew into the ocean.

She sunk into the water, and made the mistake of opening her eyes. The salt-water burned her eyes and she opened her mouth to scream. Immediately, she swallowed the salty water, and her lungs started to burn. Also her wound from the fork made her feel like her body was on fire. She flailed her arms around to swim upwards, but something wouldn't let her.

Then a burst of rainbow power blasted her, making her soar above the water. She started violently coughing out a mixture of blood and water. She glanced around her to see all of Elizabeth's Pokemon glaring at her, before blasting her with their attacks.

If I described anything more that happened to her afterwards, this story would be banned.

The city mayor was chubby man, with an extremely shiny head. Therefore he always wore huge hats.

He cleared his throat and stared at the crowd of people of Hoenn."Today…has been a horrible day." He started solemnly and placed his speech on the wooden pedestal. "Today was day…Elizabeth Mary Sue Hirshley….has passed away."

The crowd of people began to sob and wail.

The mayor quickly pulled out his umbrella and opened it. He placed it on the pedestal to shield himself from the storm of tears. "She…made us realize how many people were dying by the museum." He choked on his tears, and brought out a handkerchief and wiped his eyes."So many people…were riding their bicycles… by the museum…and rode into the ocean."

He paused to blow his nose, "That's why…we are going to build a fence around the museum. So no one else can have the same fate as the gorgeous heroic Elizabeth!"

The crowd sniffled and began to cheer.

Archie was in the middle of crowd. He took off his bandanna and stared at the colossal gravestone(that was made out of every precious gemstone in the universe) that took up most of the space in ocean. Engraved on it was Elizabeth's gigantic name, and huge message on the back that ended with RIP. Glued on the top of the grave was Archie's bandanna which waved around in the wind.

Behind the huge crowd were three cloaked figures. One of figures brought his Pokenav to his mouth and muttered something quickly.

"Mhmm…Good job Ruby!" Crystal said and turned off her Pokegear. She whirled around in her swivel chair to face the anxious dex holders.

She grinned, "Hoenn's Mary Sue is officially dead. They just held the funeral for her! Turns out this girl named Cindy did the dirty work for us."

The dex holders were quiet for a second before getting up from their chairs. They shouted and clapped their hands in this joyous occasion.

Green sat on the couch calmly and stared up at the ceiling."Now we have to get rid of the Sues in other regions…"

Yellow swept away her bangs from her eyes after jumping around and smiled at Green, "That's why were created the Eliminations of Sues, right?"


So. You may be wondering, what was the prophecy? Well, a lot of people have been riding their bikes into Slateport and slipping on the ground around the museum. They fell into the ocean, and the residents didn't care about them. Until Elizabeth came!

And Archie decided to stop his evil plans.

Elizabeth also stopped the destruction of earth for another 10 years! Somehow…

Did you spot any references?I'll list the ones for this chapter here.

"She was too good for this sinful earth."-T.V Tropes article about Mary Sues.

"LE GASP!"- Rage Comics.

"One does not simply drown a gorgeous girl!"- One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor, meme.

"SCREW THE RULES, I HAVE A BAT!"- Screw the Rules, I have Money, meme.

"three-headed mini spear…"-Rooftop Prince episode 6 (Korean Drama. YOU GOTTA WATCH THIS!)

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