Hey everyone! Sorry for not updating any of my fanfics for a while. I was busy moving and stuff! Well over that period of time, I thought of a new story based on the Grimm's Fairytale book The Little Mermaid and the Disney version of the book. I will continue the other fanfics, but for now, I want to start fresh! Enjoy!

The Little Mermaid

"Princess Kazuha, wait!" the servant girls shouted. "You can't go up to the surface now!"

"What do you mean I can't? Daddy said that once I turn 18 years old I can go up to the surface!" The brunette mermaid, Kazuha, humph.

"Well, um your highness, we are just worried that a human will spot you and they'll…you know…kill you, like your mother…" One servant girl stammered.

Kazuha remained silent, secretly mourning for her mother. Though she was about 3 years old at the time of her death, she remembered her mother kissing her goodbye and heading out to the surface to do something. It wasn't till she was 13, that her father told her that her mother was killed by humans, a creature that Kazuha has never seen before, and have only heard chilling stories about what they do…to mermaids.

"It's okay!" Kazuha smiled, "All I'm doing is just looking at the landscapes. It's not like I'm going to walk up to a human and start talking to them." The servant girls thought for a moment, than bid her farewell, hoping she'll return.

At the surface, lived a prince, his name was Heiji Hattori. He was the son of the kind and beautiful queen, Shizuka, and the wise, tough king Heizo. The king and queen were growing old and wanted their son to wed.

"Ah, there you are, Heiji." Shizuka smiled as her son entered the throne room. "What do you want, okaasan?" Heiji asked. "Heiji," his father said, "you are now 18 and we wish you to be married."

"Married? To who?" Heiji inquired. "We're not going to choose. You are." "Me?! But I don't know who I want to marry!" Heiji shouted. "Well find someone! Or we'll choose for you! You have one month to find someone. Understood?!" Heizo bellowed.

Heiji whimpered, "Yes, sir." "Good, now go!" Heizo pointed at the door. Heiji obeyed.

"Oi Kudo! What am I supposed to do?!" Heiji yelled. "From what you said, I think you need to find a maiden to marry." Shinichi Kudo, Heiji's best friend and knight, calmly replied.

"I realize that! But I need to find someone who I like! Not just some girl from another kingdom who I know nothing about!" Heiji anxiously said. "Your highness, I suggest that we go out with the royal fishermen and have some fun on their boat! You need a break from all this chaos!" Shinichi suggested.

"Yeah, that's exactly what I need!" Heiji happily said. "Let's go!"

The sun was already setting when Kazuha finally reached the surface. Sigh, living like, about hundreds of feet below the surface, sure can give you a workout. Kazuha groaned as she massaged her sore fins.

BOOM! BOOM! Huh? I wonder what's going on? Kazuha tilted her head as she looked up towards the sky and saw a humungous ship sailing through the sea. Above the ship she can see colorful flowers exploding in the sky. Except, they weren't flowers…Kazuha guessed this because one, they were really loud! Second, they looked all sparkly-like, and third, there's smoke. Flowers don't release smoke.

Curious as to what it is, Kazuha swam closer to the ship. Getting closer, she heard people cheering and clapping, and she heard some music too. Even more curious, she climbed up the ship and peered at the deck.

She sees creatures with two legs who were wearing interesting outfits, dancing about the deck. Those things are weird. Wait a second… Kazuha leaned forward to get a closer look. They don't have any fins, instead they have two legs. Gasp, they must be humans! Kazuha smiled big.

How Kazuha wish she could suddenly become a human and start dancing with all of them. It looks like fun! But of course, she can't. Sighing, she dropped her head on the railing of the ship.

Kazuha looked around the ship and one human caught her eye. He looked really handsome with his tan skin and deep green eyes. Kazuha felt like she was sucked in by his eyes. Kazuha blushed and went into lala land, ignoring the fact that the waves were slowly getting bigger.

Heiji couldn't shake the fact that he was being watched by someone. He glanced around the deck, but it seems that no one was looking at him. Heiji brushed the feeling away and continued having fun.

After about Heiji was dancing around for 10 minutes, the ship suddenly lurched forward. "What was that?" Heiji asked the captain. "What do you think? It was a wave. I haven't realized that the waves were getting bigger. Alright crew, let's get this ship back to land!" the captain ordered. "Hai!" The crew shouted and went to their positions.

Heiji unsure of what to do grabbed onto the rails and hoped for the best. The ship slowly turned around and started heading for land. However more and more waves came at them. And each one was bigger than the one before.

When the ship slammed into a big wave, Kazuha lost her grip on the railing and fell into the ocean below.

One massive wave trampled on the ship and the captain had no choice but to say "Bring out the emergency boats! Go, go, go!" the captain ordered. His men obeyed and brought out small boats that could carry only a few people.

Shinichi got into one of the boats along with a few of the other crew. Realizing that his highness is not in there, he sharply looks around for him. Then, he spots him on the deck, still grabbing onto the rail.

"Heiji! Come on!" Shinichi screamed. Heiji heard his shout and ran towards him. Unfortunately, before Heiji could jump onto the little boat, the ship split into two and the little boat fell into the sea, thankfully, not broken. Shinichi looked around the wooden mess and tried to find his friend.

Kazuha was still nearby when she saw Heiji, who was unconscious, drowning in the water. Apparently, something hit his head causing him to faint. Instantly, she dived towards him and grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him up to the surface. Seeing that the rescue boats weren't in sight, she hauled him towards the beach.

After hours of swimming, Kazuha finally reached land. She rested Heiji in the sand. Thankfully, he was breathing. Kazuha felt like singing so she did. She sang a song her mother taught her before she died.

Kujyou Oujite Todomesasu

Marutake Ebisu Ni Oshi Oike

Yume San Roakku Tako Nishiki

Shi Aya Bu Take Matsu Man Gajyou

Seita Chara Chara Uonotana

While singing, Heiji slowly stirred. When he opened his eyes he saw the most beautiful women he has ever seen. And a voice like an angel. When Kazuha finished her song, she glanced down at him and realized that he was awake.

Struck with fear, Kazuha quickly dragged herself across the beach and dived into the ocean. Who was that? Heiji wondered. Realizing that his clothes are wet, he got up, brushed the sand away, and walked back to the castle.

Wow. My heart is beating really fast. I never felt like this before. I wonder who that human was, he sure was handsome. Sigh, I wish I could be a human too, so that we could be together forever. Wait! Maybe we can! I know! The sea witch! She can help me!Kazuha's face brightened as she swam deeper and deeper into the ocean…

To be continued...

Well that's the end of the 1st chapter! I hope you noticed how I used some scenes from the Little Mermaid. I also hope you realized that the song was from Detective Conan Movie 7: Crossroad in the Ancient Capital. If you haven't seen the movie yet, I suggest you do now! That movie focuses a bit more on Heiji and Kazuha but there are still Ran and Shinichi scenes, so watch it now! I'll update soon! Alright, ja ne! :)