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Kazuha was getting closer and closer to the surface of the ocean. She saw some sunlight seeping through the waves. It must be morning. I must have been at the witch's lair for some time!

When Kazuha reached the surface, she takes a deep breath. My new life starts here. Kazuha pops open the bottle and looks at the green liquid inside. It still looks really gross. Kazuha nearly gagged.

Well, cheers to the future! Kazuha raises the bottle and takes a long gulp. O-ooh...I'm starting to get dizzy. Kazuha winced in pain, her fins started to ache and sore. Then, suddenly, everything went black…

Kazuha slowly opens her eyes, still slightly dizzy, but something feels…different? Kazuha straightened her back and looked at her fins. But, there were no fins now, instead there were two limbs. "Legs" is what the humans call it.

Kazuha poke her leg, unsure of what to do. She then felt the need to stand up, so she tried. Kazuha's legs wobbled as she tried to stand up, but, in the end, collapse. Why is it so hard to walk? Isn't it easy for humans?

Kazuha then started to notice her surroundings. She was at the beach, luckily no one was around. She must have washed ashore. Kazuha looked down at her body and saw that…well…she wasn't wearing any of the garments the humans wore.

Well that's odd? Aren't I supposed to have something on me? Kazuha decided to stand up again, this time successfully, for she used the cliff as a support. I guess walking is going to take some time for me to get used to.

Nearby, Kazuha noticed a wreckage of things. There was a big white cloth and some wood logs. I got it! Maybe I can use these things as clothes! So, Kazuha started to wrap the white cloth around her body and used the rope to tie it to her.

Hm. I look pretty decent. Kazuha smiled at her work. Her ears then sensed someone was coming, freaking out a little, Kazuha hid behind the nearest rock. The rock was pretty big, Kazuha assumed, so she decided to hide there.

Kazuha heard the noise stop and, thinking that whoever that was, was gone, she stepped out from her hiding spot. Only then, did she realize that her deduction was wrong, for in fact a human was still nearby. And, unfortunately, the human spotted her as well.

Freaking out and nearly getting a heart-attack Kazuha hid behind the rock again, slightly peeking from behind.

Heiji saw the "thing" move behind the rock, curious Heiji went to investigate. After all, he is the most famous (teenage) detective of the kingdom, excluding Kudo, and that it was his job to solve mysteries. And this was a mystery.

Heiji peeked behind the rock and smiled. There he saw a frightened, beautiful, and slightly familiar-looking girl.

Kazuha nearly passed out if it wasn't for the fact that the human was familiar to her. Kazuha pondered for a second before realizing that, this man, is the man of her dreams! Realizing this, her face blushed a beet red color.

"Are you alright?" Heiji gently asked. Kazuha was too stunned to reply, Heiji thought that she was just scared. "Hey, it's okay. I don't bite." Heiji slowly moves his hand to Kazuha. This snapped her out of her shock and Kazuha looked at the hand. Confused to why he was doing this Kazuha tilted her head and poked his hand.

"Uh, you're supposed to take my hand." Heiji pointed out. Oh, I see… Kazuha blushed another darker shade of red and took his hand and pulled him.

Heiji wasn't expecting this and lost his balanced and fell directly on top of Kazuha. He had landed right on her breasts.

Kazuha's face got even redder, but it wasn't because she was embarrassed, it wasn't because she was scared by the action, it was because of anger. "You..." Kazuha started to shake, "PERVERT!" She roared as she punched Heiji directly in the face, sending him sky-high.

Realizing what she had done, Kazuha's anger quickly melted away, and a now frightened Kazuha started to freak out again. "COME BACK! I DIDN'T MEAN IT!" she yelled at the sky, expecting Heiji to come back.

But, Heiji did come down from the sky, with a badly bruised face and body. "I'm so sorry!" Kazuha quickly apologized, not realizing that Heiji has been knocked-out.

While Heiji was passed out, he had a flashback of a memory from long ago…

"Heiji! Where are you going?" Shizuka laughed as she tried to catch up to her son. Heiji loved going to the beach. It was when Heiji was just 8 years old when he discovered something that changed his life…

"Okan, I'm just going near the shore! It's not going to kill me or anything!" Heiji smirked as he ran down the rocks, going closer to shore.

When nearing the shore, he heard something. A young girl, his age or younger singing. He heard a "Kujyou" but that's all. Curious, he tried to follow the direction the voice was coming from.

Marutake Ebisu Ni Oshi Oike

Yume San Roakku Tako Nishiki

Heiji heard the angel voice echoing, and saw a little girl sitting on a rock plucking away at a small harp. She was sitting far away from him, dangerously close to the cliff.

"Oi! You're too close to the water!" Heiji called out, but apparently the girl didn't hear. Slightly annoyed, Heiji walked closer to her, seeing more details. Here hair was a brown color tied into pigtails. Heiji wasn't sure but saw that her eyes were a green color.

When Heiji was about to say another "Oi" he heard a voice call the girl. "-ha." The voice called. Must be her mother, Heiji deduced. From the sound, the woman must be young, for the voice was soft and gentle, and slightly high-pitched.

The little girl stopped singing and putted her harp down on her lap and looked down the cliff. "-go home." The voice told her. The little girl nodded and picked up her harp and jumped off the cliff.

"Oi!" Heiji yelled running at the little girl's rock. He looked down the cliff but didn't see anything. He went to go tell his mother.

His mother listened to his story and thought for a few moments after he finished. "Hmm, Heiji, it seems that you saw a mermaid." His mother smiled at him. "A mermaid? But, okan, mermaids aren't real." Heiji nodded at his explanation.

"What else could it be? Anyways, Heiji, it's time to go home now." Shizuka nervously smiled, hoping Heiji wouldn't pick a fight. "But-" Heiji began. "I don't want to her it!" Shizuka cut him off, "If you want dessert, I suggest you do as I say and go home!" Shizuka commanded, but smiled in the inside, she knew when it came to dessert Heiji couldn't say "No."

Heiji gaped and quickly said, "Yes, ma'am." "Good." Shizuka smiled, "Now let's go." Shizuka started to walk back towards the palace, with Heiji holding her hand. Heiji looked back at the ocean, thinking about the girl, but thoughts of dessert invaded his mind, causing him to quickly forget about her.

Heiji slowly stirred as he opens his eyes to a very terrified Kazuha. "Hey, are you okay?!" Kazuha shook him. Heiji sleepiness went away, as anger overcame him, "WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!" Heiji bellowed at Kazuha.

Kazuha flinched for a second, but the shock went away and fury overcame her. "WELL, IF IT WASN'T FOR A CERTAIN SOMEONE, I WOULDN'T HAVE HIT YOU!" It was Heiji's turn to flinch. No woman had ever yelled at Heiji like that (excluding his mother) nor hit him that hard.

Then realization hit Heiji, "Y-you can talk?" Kazuha's anger quickly fled and Kazuha responded with a nod. "Well if that's the case, do you have a name?" Heiji questioned.

Kazuha nodded, "Yeah, I have a name. Kazuha." Heiji nodded as well, "Nice name. Where are you from?" Why does it feel like I'm being interrogated? "W-well, I…" I can't say I'm from the ocean! That won't make sense! Wait. Maybe…

"Well, I don't remember. I was in a…" Kazuha tried thinking of the word. "Shipwreck?" Heiji finished for her. Kazuha nodded. "Yeah, so, the only thing that I know is my name, that I was in a shipwreck, and that I can talk, obviously."

Heiji nodded, "That makes sense, for the clothes you're wearing." Heiji looks down at Kazuha's clothes. So, that's what they're called! Clothes! Who would've thought?!

"I take it that you don't have anywhere to go." Heiji looks at Kazuha's eyes. Whoa. Up close, his eyes are really green. And she meant really green. So green, that she felt like she would get pulled into his eyes.

Kazuha blushes a bit and nods. "Well, you do now!" Heiji exclaims. "Huh?" Kazuha jumps. "You can stay at my place!" Heiji beams at her. Kazuha blushes even more and nods. Heiji smiles and takes Kazuha's hand and pulls her up.

"Well, then, let's go!" Heiji grins at her. Kazuha's whole body goes red from embarrassment and she looks down at her feet. Heiji then drags her towards his "house." Little does Kazuha know that that "house" is actually a palace. And that the man of her dreams is the prince.

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