Regina had puzzled out her mistake. She had been engaging Emma during day time. The dark was sexy, and going out at night would hopefully bring her closer to the goal. The dance club wasn't crowded by any means. Regina sauntered in, glaring at anyone who dared to look back at her. She wasn't one to go out in public in this capacity, and Storybrooke nightlife was unfamiliar territory. Regina preferred a quiet evening in with a good wine and a novel, but she'd be damned if she sat at home when she knew Emma would be out getting sweaty with Graham.

She spotted Graham leaning against the wall in the shadows just to the side of the dance floor. In his simple white V-neck T-shirt and tight slate gray slack, he looked good, but Regina looked better. She wore black leather pants and a purple corseted sleeveless top that pushed up her cleavage. She felt sexy and confident that Emma would like it.

Feeling out of place among the younger population of Storybrooke, she ordered a drink and made her way over to Graham.

"Do you think she'll be uncomfortable with both of us here?" Graham asked over the driving beat of the music.

"We're about to find out," Regina watched as Emma walked in, and looked around demurely.

Emma walked over her hands in her tight jean pockets, looking both Graham and Regina over a relaxed smile on her lips. Graham hugged her in greeting first; Regina pursed her lips noticing how tightly he held her before finally letting go. Regina scurried in between them launching herself at Emma, and drawing the tips of her fingers along her back as she hugged making sure to push her nearly bare chest against her. She let her lips touch her shoulder as she inhaled her perfume: recognizing the scent as Womanity (good sign) she brushed her lips over the shell of her ear, and whispered, "You smell lovely."

Emma pulled back and blinked, "I think I need a drink."

"Graham, fetch Emma a drink," Regina ordered never breaking eye contact.

Emma looked down, but grabbed Regina's arms and pulled her close, asking sheepishly, "Will you dance with me?"

Regina's eyes shifted nervously. The dance floor wasn't crowded and the music seemed a bit soft. She wouldn't normally even entertain the idea of dancing, but if she refused Graham would certainly take up the offer. Regina gave a nod and she grinned, leading her out.

The music seemed to crank up as soon as they hit the middle of the dance floor, and Emma immediately threw her head back shaking her hair and moving her feet. The vibrations of the bass coursed through Regina and before she knew it, Emma had her arm loosely around Regina's neck and was rolling her hips into her.

Make me come alive, come on and turn me on….

Regina placed her hands on Emma's gyrating hips to keep her close as they writhed together and all of Regina's insecurity immediately vanished. She found it so easy for her body to find the rhythm with Emma guiding her.

Touch me, save my life, come on and turn me on…

The moment was short-lived as Graham bumped his way over to them, and clutched onto Emma's ass like it was a life preserver. Emma seemed to melt into him effortlessly as all three continued to move in time to the song. Regina touched Emma's hair, and as the lights flashed above them she looked to her lips and then to her eyes. Emma gave her silent permission and Regina kissed her. She felt Emma's lips pulling away as Graham turned her to face him shutting Regina out. He kissed her slowly, while Regina tried to get the attention back by grinding her hips against Emma's ass, reaching around her and tracing her breasts.

Emma broke off the kiss pushed them both away, "We need to talk."

Regina looked furiously at Graham, as they marched after Emma. She walked out of the heated club and into the parking lot walking along to the edge of the building away from the busy door.

"What is this?" Emma asked. She wasn't quite angry, just genuinely confused.

Regina tried to come close, reaching out for her, but Emma stepped back.

Graham cleared his throat and spoke with a guilty confessional tone, "Regina and I…have a bet…"

Regina pursed her lips furious that Graham was going to ruin this for her. She was loathed to admit it, but the reason she cared so much about winning wasn't just to sleep with Emma. Albeit, she wanted to desperately, but mainly she felt a spark with Emma like she hadn't for another person as long as she could remember.

"Yeah..I figured that out a while ago, but tonight…threesome or what?" Emma looked between the two of them, her body in tight shrug as she waited for an answer.

"No!" Regina said firmly as Graham chimed in with a hearty, "Yes!"

Regina wouldn't tolerate a threesome. She didn't like she share. If that's the way the evening went, she'd be sure to kick Graham away if he even got close to Emma.

Emma sighed and slumped against the wall, "Why don't you just ask me who I want to be with?"

Regina puzzled her brow and Graham stroked his chin. They had never considered that. They turned their attention to her expectantly, and Emma felt like she was the bachelorette handing out the final rose.

"Look, I really like you both…it's surprising really, but I didn't want to sleep with either of you until I was sure who I wanted to be with," Emma looked away apologetically. She felt put on the spot, but this was a very necessary conversation no matter how difficult she found it. She paused to search for the right way to put it.

"Graham, you're really sweet and for a time I thought it could work, but um…let's just say I prefer the brand of company Regina offers," Emma smiled over at the brunette and Regina's face lit up.

"We do have a child," Regina reminded them both happily.

Graham looked defeated; he shook his head and slumped his shoulders, before brightening with a thought, "About that threesome?"

"Sorry, to disappoint, but I really don't like body hair," Emma shrugged again and wrapped her arm around Regina's waist.

"But I wax more than she does," Graham said with resentment pointing at Regina.

"That's true," Regina agreed helpfully.

"Be happy you got as far as you did," Emma let him down again, and Graham turned away to head back inside.

"Would you be so inclined to join me for the night?" Regina asked hopefully, as they walked hand in hand back towards the club.

"I'd be so inclined. Do you have a steam option on your shower by any chance?" Emma asked hopefully.

Just as Graham reached the door, Kathryn stumbled out and practically fell into his arms.

"Oh, sorry, do you think you could help me call a cab? I drank a little bit too much. I'm kind of having a rough time."

"Graham you've met my newly single friend Kathryn before haven't you?" Regina asked in realization.

"Um..yes, Mrs. Nolan," Graham took her hand politely.

"Not Mrs. Nolan anymore. I'm over that man. I need to find someone who can handle me without crying all of the time," Kathryn ranted on.

"I think the Sheriff here can help you with that," Regina lightly pushed Graham towards her, "Why don't you see to it personally that Kathryn gets home and safely tucked into bed, Sheriff?"

"Right this way," Graham smiled taking the hint and holding out his arm for Kathryn to take.

When they had gone giggling off into the night, Regina pulled Emma in for a breathtaking kiss.

"Yes, dear, my shower does have a steam option, and 20 other adjustable customizable settings to enjoy."

That night Regina realized she had won so much more than a bet.

Don't say yes if you can't say no,
Victim of the system, say it isn't so
Squatted on the doorstep, swollen on the blow
Leaving without you, can't say no