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Chapter 1: Turning a New Leaf

Chapter Summary: Everything was supposed to be okay until THEY returned home seeing her grandmother with a worrisome look.

"Her tears drop as clear as crystal."


Three years had passed but everything didn't change much. Just their age, their year level and their personalities… well, almost. He was still him only that he became more popular. He already won two grand slams these past years, the Australian and the French Open. He was slowly approaching his dream to reach number one grand slam achiever by simply winning the four tournaments in a year. His senpais were on their third year in Junior High. Same captain and same regulars, there were few non-regulars in the club as well and the freshmen in Junior High were assisting them.

Just like him, she was still the same as well. Her natural characteristics haven't changed much. Her best friend was loud as always, her figure changed a bit and to everyone's surprise, she was dating a certain guy who had a two-year experience of tennis. She herself developed a figure. It was a bit embarrassed for her because she was popular too… from the upperclassmen of Seishun High.

She was walking in the hallway as she was blocked by a hand on the wall in front of her.

"Yo! Sakuno-chan, how do you do?"

She was startled when a boy with bright yellow eyes and black hair suddenly appeared in front of her but she regained herself, "P-please, Kuga-kun. Let me through."

"Not until you agreed to go out with me." the black haired boy said to her.

"Y-you know my answer to that. I can't go out with you." Sakuno said trying to get away from him.

Kuga placed another hand on her side. She was finally covered by him, "Why, Sakuno-chan? Is it because of Echizen guy?"

She blushed when she heard his name, "S-stop it, Kuga-kun."

"Jin! My name is Jin. Call me that."

She was beginning to get nervous when she noticed that Jin was leaning closer to her, "L-let go… "


The two looked at the person who spoke and was shocked at the same time. Sakuno was the first one to react.

"R-ryoma-kun." she said as she tried to free herself from Jin. When she finally freed herself, she ran to Ryoma's side.

"Well, well, the knight in shining armor came to save the damsel in distress." Jin mockingly said to him.

Ryoma didn't say anything but glared straight at the second year junior high student. When Jin noticed that the tennis prodigy wouldn't say a single word, he sighed big and said, "you are boring, I lost interest of picking up a fight."

Silence could be heard still as the tense was getting higher and awkward to Sakuno's view.

"You're no fun," Jin said and he looked at her, "I'll see you again Sakuno-chan. It seems that our date will be postponed on some other time."

The boy left afterwards. Sakuno sighed big after that. She noticed that Ryoma began to walk away.

"T-thank you for saving me, R-ryoma-kun." She bowed when she said that.

Ryoma stopped hallway and said, "I didn't do anything."

She rose up when she heard him say that. She watched the boy walking away from her and whispered, "I want to say thank you to you, still."

Few Days Later:

"Are you going to see the practice today, Sakuno-chan?" Tomoka asked the obvious but only to be shocked when she shook her head.

"W-wow! That's news to me. But why?" Tomoka wondered.

"I-I will visit my parents today." Sakuno answered her question.

Tomoka covered her mouth when she heard that, "Oh! Is that the time of the year already?"

"Y-yeah," She nodded, "I just went here to tell our sensei-tachi's permission. I'll go right away. I have a long ride to go."

"I see, so you are not going to attend classes for three days, aren't you?"

"Seems like it. Since obaa-chan couldn't come with me, she asked me to see her today before I leave," she said, "she even gave me directions on how to get there, even though I knew the place already."

"Well, you will definitely need that, just in case."

"A-and what do you mean by that?"

"Nothing… " she whistled and looked away from her.

"Tomoka-chan… " she sighed after, "Well, I-I need to go now. I'll see you on Monday since we don't have classes the day before it." She was supposed to go back on Saturday night since there were no classes at that time and classes were only half day on Saturday, they were to be met on Monday instead.

"Hai! Be careful then." She waved at her as she did as well.

After asking permission from her sensei, she went to see her grandmother. She didn't take long and left the court. She didn't know that there was a certain cat-like eyes were observing her every move before she completely left the area.


It was already afternoon when she reached her destination. She bought flowers on her way and offered them to her parents;

"I didn't lose my way here, thank you for guiding me." she smiled fondly at her parent's grave. She had blurred memories of her parents according to her grandmother's stories of them.

'You have the same features of your mother and the clumsiness of your stupid father.'

She remembered her grandmother saying those words to her, "to think that I got your clumsiness, Otou-san… " she giggled and then her smiling face turned to serious and frowned afterwards;

"I miss you… "

She stayed there for a long time before deciding to leave the area. She went to the town to buy some fruits and vegetables.

"Oji-san and Obaa-san will be happy to see me this year." She said excitedly.

Her next destination was to a certain village which was close from the cemetery. They usually visit a certain old couple there that they met years ago and offered a shelter whenever they planned to visit her parent's tomb. The old couple doesn't have a child of their own so they considered Sakuno as their own. She reached her destination seeing the old lady cleaning her backyard.

"Obaa-san!" she called the old lady. The old lady looked at her and felt delighted when she saw her.

"Sakuno-chan, my, you're here," she looked around, "Where's your grandmother?"

Sakuno became sad as she answered the old lady's question, "She won't be coming this year, I mean the competition is approaching so she can't come."

"I see. Don't worry; I'll give her our specialties when you return there. It will be your favorite too, I know." The old lady said to her.

"R-really Obaa-san, thanks a lot," she knew what she was talking about. The old lady was good at making strawberry pie and jam and she will be taking some of her specialties when she gets home, "W-where's Oji-san?"

"He's inside probably watching his favorite comedy show. Let's go inside." She said.

"Hai!" she eagerly replied. She was excited to stay the night there with the old couple. After some depressing thoughts, her mind and her heart would be rest assured for the whole day.

Sunday morning:

The old couple took her to a bus station. She told them that she could take care of herself but they insisted. The bus station would take her to the nearest train station and from there she had to ride off to get to the city center and there she will ride another train for her to get home. It was really a long ride for her and she realized that just now when she travelled alone for the first time.

"Oji-san, Obaa-san, please take care of yourselves." Sakuno reminded them.

"You don't have to remind us dear, we are strong." The old man said showing his biceps to her.

"Stop that dear, you are freaking our little Sakuno here." the old lady complained about his husband's actions.

Sakuno giggled as they fought casually. They were such a great couple it was such a sad thing that they hadn't blessed a child, "I should go… t-thank you for everything." She bowed to them as respect.

The old lady hugged her, "take care and be careful on your way."

Sakuno responded on her hugged, "Hai," she hugged the old man afterwards.

"Be sure to bring your grandmother next year okay." He said.

Sakuno nodded once again. She rode the bus station. It took an hour for her to reach the train station. She rode the expressway so that there would be no stop-over stations and she would reach her destination hastily. When she reached the city center, she felt hungry as she noticed that it was late for breakfast and a bit early for lunch. She decided to have her 'brunch' instead. After eating, she decided to continue her journey home. She arrived at the train station exactly at 12 noon. She sweat dropped to see a lot of people and not only that, when the train arrived, she saw a bunch of people who were already inside the moving vehicle. What a perfect timing for rush hour! She thought while shaking her head.

"B-better to wait for the next train… " she decided as she walked backwards but it was too late. The moment the door opened, the people from her back pushed her forward. She panicked;

"W-wait, I-I'm not-" she couldn't continue her words as she was kept dragging along by the sea of people into the train. If she won't be able to keep up, she would lose her balance.

W-what to do? What should I do? She thought as she was trying to reach for something. She flinched when someone grabbed her hand from the midair and pulled her closer. It was an instant move that she was already at the other side of the train, almost leaning at the door. Her eyes were closed all the time so she didn't know who grabbed her; she flinched when her savior talked;

"You are definitely prone to dangerous things, aren't' you?"

She opened her eyes right away when she heard that voice. I-I know this voice… m-masaka?... she looked up only to be surprised to see who it was;

"R-ryoma-kun." she blushed when she recognize him. She blushed even more when she realized their position.

Her back was leaning almost at the door, while Ryoma was supporting her from it. Both of his hands were on the door that she was leaning, closer to his body.

Not long ago, the train stopped at the next station. There was another sea of people tried to enter the train. She began to move backwards to allocate some space. She panicked when the boy wrapped his left arm to her shoulders as he drawn her closer to his;

"Don't lean on the door or you might open it accidentally."

Sakuno was tensed already. She could hear her heart beating so fast. She noticed that Ryoma was drawing her closer to him like he was treating her like a fragile glass that when she was touched by someone she would broke easily.

Finally, they arrived at their destination. He grabbed her from the crowd. Once they got out, Sakuno caught her breath as she placed her hands to her knees while still holding her belongings.

"What are you doing there anyway?"

She was a bit surprise when the boy talked, "I-I went somewhere… "


"T-to my parents'… "

Ryoma looked at her curiously. What is she talking about? The only thing he knew about her family was his coach, her grandmother. So he didn't know about her parents, "that's why you were not attending school these days… "

She looked at him surprisingly. So, he noticed her disappearance at school. That made her a little happy. She looked up and fondly said, "I go to this place t-that I'll never forget to visit at all cost… n-no matter where I am."

He really had no idea what she was talking about. But he was staring at her for a long time. There was something different from her as he watched the girl. But he couldn't name it. He flinched a little when the girl talked;

"T-that reminds me, w-what are you doing there, Ryoma-kun?"

The boy just shrugged and said showing a plastic bag, "buying tennis balls."

"I see," she replied and then she remembered something, "I-I totally forgot! I need to go shopping before I go back."

Ryoma watched the girl panic. The girl continued to talk, "T-thank you for saving me today, Ryoma-kun. I-I need to go now. S-see you tomorrow at school." She bowed in front of him as she attempted to run when the boy made her stop by his words;

"I'll go with you."

"E-eh?" she turned around to face him, reassuring if she heard him right.

"Shopping." He said as he walked ahead of her.

"A-are you sure?" she still couldn't believe his words, "Y-you might get bored."

Ryoma nodded, "I am bored anyway."

She pouted on his words but it was such an opportunity to be with him. She liked the idea that she will be with him for a while. She ran to catch up to him and headed to a supermarket.


Just as she expected, Ryoma got bored in their shopping galore. She saw him yawn for several times as he volunteered to push the cart that they used for shopping. After she paid all of the goods that she bought, he also volunteered to carry the heavy bags and the light bags were hers.

Ryoma-kun is really nice. He never showed it in public but he has his ways of doing it. It is so good to know him despite his cocky expressions. She thought as they were walking home together. I think I can slowly gain his friendship bit by bit. This is my starting point to get closer to him. She decided as she was beginning to build courage to get friendlier to Ryoma. She would change for the sake of the person she likes.

"Hey… "

She startled when Ryoma talked. She snapped out from her reverie as she looked at the curious tennis prodigy.

"What's with that look?" he asked her but the girl just blushed, "do you have guests?"

"Eh?' Sakuno wondered. Ryoma pointed forward and she realized that they were almost home. She also noticed a black car which was parking near their backyard, "N-no, probably a guest from our neighbors."

"Un." He simply replied. When they were at the front door, he gave the bags to her.

"W-would like to come in first?" Sakuno attempted to invite him in, "O-obaa-chan will be pleased to see you."

"Iie," Ryoma shook his head to her dismay, "Just tell her hi for me."

"I-I see, t-thank you again." Sakuno said. Ryoma walked away after nodding at her, "S-see you tomorrow."

Ryoma just raised his right hand as confirmation. When he was out of sight she went inside;

So much for my determination, huh? She thought as she opened the door;

"I-I'm home." The first thing she said when she entered the house only to be startled to see a group of people wearing black suit. She got nervous the moment she saw them. Did she enter a wrong house? Impossible, she was clumsy, of course but she was not that stupid to have entered a wrong house. She felt relieved when she saw her grandmother sitting at the dining table but her relief turned to suspicion and tension when her grandmother was looking down with her hands intertwined and were leaning on her forehead. Across the dining room, there was a sophisticated woman sitting just in front of her grandmother. The woman looked at her direction when she heard her talk;

"My, my. Is this Sakuno?" the woman stood up and walked to her, she was shocked when the woman lifted her chin with the fan she was holding. She felt an uneasiness aura the moment their eyes met. It was added when the woman talked coldly towards her, "You are enough but you need a major transformation."

She couldn't understand what the woman was saying she broke free from her as she walked towards her grandmother, "O-obaa-chan, w-what is happening? W-who is she?" she was beginning to tremble. She felt that something wrong was about to happen.

Sumire looked up to her with a worried look in her eyes, like she just cried moments ago before she arrived. Her grandmother said, "Sakuno, this is Reina Kitazawa, the wife of the influential and elite ambassador Reinja Kitazawa of Kitazawa group of companies."

Sakuno was shocked to learn the name. She noticed earlier that the woman was somewhat familiar and she confirmed it. This lady in front of them was the second richest person in Japan followed by their Prime minister. But what is she doing there… in their house. She was definitely confused. Her questions were answered when her grandmother continued talking that made her speechless;

"She is going to be your new mother."

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