Chapter 1

At the Rivers

"Mom, I can't find my hair drier" Layla Rivers shouted down the stairs to her mom, Hanna Rivers.

"It's in the bathroom" Hanna shouted up the stairs. She sighed. The house was always hectic when the girls were going to a sleepover and they were rushing to finish packing.

The sleepover this weekend was at their friend's Alyssa's house. Alyssa lived with her father, never talking about her mom. They lived in a big house, near Emily's.

Hanna's other children, Layla's twin Gwendolyn, also known as Gwen, and Warren came running down the stairs, arguing.

"MOOOOOM! Warren is hiding my sleeping bag and he won't give it back unless I let him come to the sleepover and it is really starting to annoy me" Gwen shouted. All of the boys had a huge crush on Alyssa and were always sneaking into the parties. It got the girls annoyed.

"Ok, Warren give your sister back her sleeping bag and Warren you also know you can't go to the sleepovers. Its girls only" Caleb said, walking in.

Warren sighs and goes upstairs and Gwen follows, smiling. "Girls hurry up. We only have a haft hour and you two need to finish packing" Hanna shouted.

At the Fitz's

"Abigail, are you excited for the sleepover tonight" Aria asked her daughter as they were eating dinner. Ezra was working late that night and wasn't going to be home until late. So it was just those two and Chris.

"Yup. Alyssa said that she had a huge surprise for us. I can't wait to find out what it is" Abigail says.

"That's great. Chris what are you doing tonight. And don't you even ask if you can go to the sleepover because the answer is no" Aria told her son.

"But MOM…" Chris started but didn't get to finish.

"No buts" Aria said, cutting her son off.

"Fine. But I am still going out with Bruce and Warren" Chris said.

"That's fine. I'll drop you off at Bruce's on the way back after we drop off Abigail at Alyssa's. Plus, I want to talk with Spencer about the barbeque in three weeks" Aria said. Aria looked at the clock and saw that they only had five minutes until the party.

"Come on you guys, time to go" Aria says getting up.

At the Cavanaugh's

"Hey mom, do you know where my sleeping bag is? I can't find it" Peyton Cavanaugh yelled down the stairs.

"It should be in the closet" Spencer yells up the stairs.

"It's not"

"Oh, I think I put in the shed"

"Okay" Peyton says, coming down the stairs. She runs out the door and goes to look in the shed. She finds it in the corner and starts to go. Then she looks and sees a box full of old books. She was about to look in it when her mother called her.

"Peyton, did you find it?" Spencer yells across the lawn. Peyton sighs. I'll just have to come back tomorrow then, Peyton thinks.

"Yea" she shouts running back to the house.

'Come on, let's go. We don't want to be late" Spencer says.

"Of course not" Peyton says, grabbing her duffel bag.

At the Fields

"Girls, hurry up, we don't want to be late" Emily shouts to her daughters and they come running down. "Let's go"

They walk to Alyssa's house, which is just down the street. Alicia and Gracie were always over there. Or Alyssa was over at the Field's residence.

Spencer, Hanna and Aria were already there and they were talking. The girls were at the front porch, waiting for Gracie and Alicia.

"Bye mom" both girls said at the same time and went running over to their friends.

"Hey guys" Emily says to her friends.

"Hey Em" they reply. They saw the girls run into the house. Alyssa was the last one in.

"Doesn't it freak you guys out by how much Alyssa looks like Ali" Spencer says.

"You've noticed" Emily says and all of the Liars nod their heads.

"I thought it was just me" Hanna says.

"Well, I guess I better go" Spencer says.

"Oh, Spence, can you give Chris a ride to your house. Bruce and Warren and him are hanging out tonight" Aria asks.

"Sure" Spencer says.

At the Sleepover

The girls had their sleeping bags set up in there clubhouse. They had s'mores and ice cream sundaes. It was about 11:13 and they were sitting in a circle. Alyssa was about to tell them the surprise.

"Okay, so we have been friends forever. But we have never made our friendship official" Alyssa says.

"What do you mean 'official'? Everyone knows we are best friends" Alicia says, confused.

"We need to make our friendship whole. We need to seal the gap in our friendship. We need to each share a secret so that we will be friends for life. If we all know one another's secret, then they know we can trust each other" Alyssa says. Everyone nods their heads, understanding.

"Who's first" Alyssa asks.

"I'll go first" Gwen says. All of her friends lean in to hear her little secret. "I used to shoplift a lot but then I was arrested. My parents don't know because warren bailed me out a day after. He told my parents I was at a friends house".

"Wow. I never imagined you would shoplift" Alyssa says. "Who's next?"

"I'll go next" Alicia says. "You guys know Brett Vanderwaal, you know Mona's son. I'm dating him"

"For how long" Layla asks.

"Almost a year" Alicia replies.

"Why didn't you tell us?" Gracie asks.

"Because all of our parents hate his mom for some strange reason. Our parents always say don't talk to that family. Only Aunt Hanna likes her" Alicia says. Everyone nods there head in agreement.

"I'm next" Abigail says. "Okay, so you guys know how my parents want me to be a teacher and stuff, so they sent me to that literature club, well I don't go. I go to dance classes. I want to be a dancer".

"Cool, how long have you danced for?" Alicia asks, being as she is a dancer herself.

"Three years" Abigail says.

"Cool, what do you take?"

'Let's save the dance chit chat for later. My turn" Gracie says. "I have been saving my money for a tattoo. And I go to college frat parties often".

"Cool, which college" Alyssa asks. Alicia playfully hits Alyssa in the arm.

"That isn't important. What is is WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME" Alicia says, mad. Those two told each other a lot.

"Because I knew you would have told mom" Gracie says.

"Ok, my turn" Layla says. "I have hacked into computers and changed grades for me so I don't fail."

'I knew you shouldn't have gotten that 100 on your science final" Peyton says. "Ok, my turn. I cheated on my pre SATs".

"Why" Gwen asks.

"Because I kept putting off studying and my mom expected me to do great when I knew I wouldn't and I didn't want to disappoint them" Peyton says.

"Ok, Alyssa, your turn" Layla says.

"Um, ok, so I was looking around in my attic and I found a picture of your moms when they were younger with some other person. I don't know who it was but I think it may be my mom because she looks like me" Alyssa says.

"So, you think our moms know each other?" Gracie says. Alyssa nods.

"Do you guys think that our moms think that Alyssa could be there friend's daughter?" Abigail asks.

"Let's talk about it in the morning. I'm tired" Alicia says, yawning.

"Good point, night" Alyssa says and all the girls reply with "Good night" and "See you in the morning".

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