Love Story of A Raven and A Robin: Kuroshitsuji Fanfic Story

-based on Yana Toboso's manga Kuroshitsuji, one of my fave manga and anime =D This story is also inspired by Taylor Swift's song: Love Story


*NOTE: Lady Ciella Anne Phantomhive is Ciel's female counterpart (inspired by my friend and Ep. 4) She has written fanfiction as well, she's Saurie Yamamoto-Tomonami here on , Hope you read her stories as well... =D

*I'm still quite new to Kuroshitsuji, thanks to my friend Cheshia... I love Kuroshitsuji... SQUEEEE... Dont scold if its lame or something xDD I MEANT MY STORY...



I love him, I love his touch which had the hint of demon in it. Yup, he's a demon and one hell of a butler, Sebastian Michaelis. Why do I have to love him so much and then deny my feelings? Its painful and at the same time a bit strange to think about. I, Lady Ciella Anne Phantomhive was about to become eternal sacrifice to a weird cult that I got involved in, but thanks to him, my one hell of a butler, Sebastian Michaelis, I was safe and sound.

- Lady Ciella Anne Phantomhive

CHAPTER 1: Trying to Confess

The bright rays of the sun peeped through the windows of the Lady's bedroom signalling a new day. "Lady, it's time to wake up..." said her butler Sebastian Michaelis in a warm toned voice. Ciella groaned while she was still half-asleep, her neck had been stiff and her hair was all scraggly. Sebastian poured the tea into a porcelain teacup and handed it to Ciella. "Good morning, Lady..." Sebastian said with a smile. Ciella took a sip of the tea and told Sebastian it was divine. The butler nodded and helped Ciella to get out of her bed then led her to a wooden divider so that she could change her clothes. Sebastian already prepared Ciella's olive green dress the night before and hung it on a rack. "Lady, today's schedule will be for your music lessons and I shall be your mentor." Sebastian said calmly. Ciella faked a groan, she would always act this way when Sebastian would announce her weekly music lessons but Sebastian knew the true meaning behind these pretentious ways, it was just to get his attention. "Okay, Sebastian. I'm done dressing up." Ciella walked out of the divider and into the bedroom, to Sebastian's eyes she looked more ravishing as ever. Sebastian then helped Ciella to clip her black hair and put on her white eye-patch to hide the "demon's mark" literally stamped into her left eye, this mark symbolized Sebastian's promise to help her carry out her revenge for the people who betrayed her parents in exchange for Ciella's delectable soul.

The two walked down the sparkling mahogany staircase which obviously was polished by Maylene and at the end of the grand staircase leading downstairs, the duo found Bard, Finnian, Maylene and Tanaka all lined up in a perfect row. "Good morning! Lady!" the quartet said in a jolly, positive tone. "Good Morning" said Ciella in a neutral tone. The Lady went into the dining room with Sebastian behind her back. On the dining table were Italian Sausages and a slice of Spinach Quiche for Ciella's breakfast, once she got seated, she nibbled at the sausages with poise and cut through the quiche with grace. After she was done with her meal, Ciella walked up to the study to do some paperwork regarding the Funtom Company, apparently, she has been planning to open up shops in Paris and Vienna although these proposals are still in the first stage of planning. After doing the paperworks, Ciella now took her sketchpad and started to draw new toys for her company. Managing a multi-national company was hard work but because of Sebastian's presence, Ciella somehow had a lot of inspiration for art and design just by looking at his face. She couldn't believe that such a beautiful creature could exist.

It was three hours after Ciella did her office work when Sebastian entered and brought some dessert for her. "Sebastian? What is this? It isn't even afternoon tea yet." Ciella said, surprised at what motive Sebastian was concocting. "This is nothing Lady, I just thought that you needed the energy for our music lessons later." Sebastian said with a heartwarming smile. Indeed did Ciella's heart thumped and thumped with rhythms out of place, Sebastian's smile was so mesmerizing and the thought of him bringing Ciella a dessert without her command was pretty flattering for her. "Um... Thank You Sebastian, bringing me this was very sweet of you." Ciella said as she pricked the silver fork into the Red Velvet Cake. Eating the crimson-colored cake made Ciella think of Madame Red, her aunt and Sebastian's eyes. "Oh, Sebastian..." Ciella said softly, "Why am I always thinking of you so..." then she ate the confection, eating it was like sparks flying inside your mouth. The taste was an indescribable type of sweet, that was one of the reasons why Ciella liked Sebastian so much. "Uh, what was that milady?..." Sebastian said with a sly smile "What you said?" Sebastian asked again, apparently liking the moment. Suddenly Ciella snapped back from her fantasies and was surprised she had said those words. "Uh... nothing. Carry on with your work Sebastian." she said in a nervous tone. "Oh really? Nothing?" Sebastian replied with a smile. "Nothing! Dont be a pest!" Ciella shouted. "Okay milady..." Sebastian walked out of the study with a grin. "Thinking of me, eh?" "I knew it. I knew you like me... we'll see how far you'll go in concealing your feelings." Sebastian said. The truth was both of them had feelings for one another but were afraid to show them because of their status. Ciella was a noble human while Sebastian was a demon butler which made a wall between the two. Their relationship is nothing more than a mere butler-mistress relationship, but the two sides felt that they should be something more.

Sebastian loved Ciella from the very first day that they met, that was also the reason why he was trying so hard to please and protect her. He didn't want to eat her scrumptious soul, but that was what the contract is all about. Once he fullfills his duty to Ciella, he'll be allowed to eat her soul but Sebastian doesn't want that. He just wants to love Ciella forever.

Lunchtime came and went. Ciella headed upstairs to the Phantomhive music room. She opened the door to the enormous music room. The music room of the Phantomhive manor was humongous and was the size of the manor's library, it contained 2 Steinway Pianos, a pedal harp, on a large table were a pair of violins and a viola and displayed on the far end corner of the room were a violoncello and a double bass. These stringed instruments were made by the famous luthier,Antonio Stradivarius. The music room was lined with enormous shelves containing music scores of the famous works by Bach,Vivaldi, Scarlatti, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Schumann, Liszt and Brahms. For generations, the Phantomhives have had a fondness for music and Ciella was no exception, she is a child prodigy who loved to play the piano and the violin. Twice every week she would receive tuition from her tutor, none other than her butler, Sebastian Michaelis and today she was surprised to see that Sebastian came in even before her and he was sitting on top of the piano!

"Hey, dont sit there, your demon strength might crush the wood!" Ciella said jokingly "Ah, I see milady is now catching on my jokes.." Sebastian replied back. "You're too serious and you rarely smile, now then lets get to work." It was very rare to hear Ciella joke and Sebastian was glad that he witnessed her grin. "Which instrument would you like to start lessons on today?" Sebastian asked. "Violin" Ciella replied. The violin was the first instrument Ciella laid her hands on and from the very beginning, playing the stringed instrument was like second nature to her, same with the piano.

"For today's violin lesson, we'll work on Vivaldi's Violin Concerto in E major, the first concerto from The Four Seasons, apparently its also called Spring. Since this is a new piece you're working on, its fine if you dont learn it too fast, okay ?" Sebastian assured Ciella, but Ciella had all the virtuosity gushing throughout her veins. Once, Sebastian challenged Ciella to learn all of Bach's Sonatas and Partitas for Violin in the course of a week, just for fun. Ciella naturally accepted the challenge and emerged victorious. Now it was time to play, she took hold of the violin and raised the bow to the strings, at first sight of the music she played the entire piece from the Allegro to the Andante and the Allegro Pastorale movement, Ciella played them all flawlessly, but the butler/tutor had some minor comments. Sebastian applauded the performance. " Ciella, the playing itself is very nice, you've got the timing and phrasing correctly but it lacks a hint of feeling especially in the Allegro Pastorale movement, make it sound like sheep grazing in the field or a countryside view." "Paint that vision through the music and you'll be fine." he commented. Ciella tried again and when she started to play the wrong notes that sounded like a cat's meow gone bad, Sebastian stopped her by holding her hands. Now, Ciella's face was a bright scarlet... she tried again and kept playing till she dropped her bow and staggered on the chair behind her.

"Is there something wrong milady?" Sebastian asked. "Uh, nothing, I'll continue to play, its just... Ciella stammered. "Just?" Sebastian questioned. "Never mind...let's stop here Sebastian and let's move on to the piano lesson." Ciella said as she took a seat on the piano bench "I'll just practice later while you prepare tea." "No, milady, if you do not feel well today, let's just move the piano lesson for another time." Sebastian said firmly. "But, I'm not sick!" Ciella wailed. "No you're not, but still I care for your health and you shouldn't be forcing yourself to play... A true musician never does that!" Sebastian said. Ciella was now quiet and taken aback at what Sebastian just said. Sebastian cares for me? she thought. Is it true love or is it just part of the deal? Then the black butler walked out of the room

The clock chimed 4:30, it was time for afternoon tea. Sebastian went down to the kitchen to get the dessert out of the oven and prepare the tea. He had a remarkable method of preparing tea for Ciella, he knew how she wants her tea. "If only you knew how much I love you, but you keep concealing your feelings." "Yes, I do really care for you and its not part of the contract, but how can I break it to you? Sebastian was lost in his thoughts as he prepared the tea tray.

Sebastian placed the tray on top of the piano lid. Afternoon tea was great, especially when your butler is right with you. Ciella took a sip from the chamomile tea and a bite from the strawberry shortcake that Sebastian prepared. She couldn't help but admire the ensemble Sebastian created for her, it made her feel ten times better. "Well, dont just stand there like a statue, come here and join me for tea." Ciella said with an enigmatic smile. Sebastian was flattered, his love asking him to join her for tea? How very romantic. "Milady, that's very nice of you, I'll be glad to." Sebastian pulled a chair and sat near Ciella. 'This dessert tastes great Sebastian thank you..." Ciella said. "I'm honored to have heard that from you Lady." The duo stared at each other's eyes caught up in the moment in admiration. It was 5:00 when Ciella finished her afternoon tea. "It was great having tea with you lady...I enjoyed it" "Now, I must go and prepare dinner..." Sebastian said with a dashing smile. "Go ahead..." Ciella replied.

"Sebastian." Ciella called. "Yes... milady?" Sebastian replied. "I..." was all Ciella could say. "I? What?" Sebastian pretended not to understand. "Nothing...never mind" Ciella said as Sebastian left to close the door.

"I love you, Sebastian, do you hear me?" Ciella said quietly. "From the very first day..."

Ciella didn't know Sebastian had the keenest ears and could listen to sounds far beyond what a normal ear could reach. "I knew it," Sebastian said. "I knew that you do love me... I love you too milady. We'll see how far you'll go in concealing your feelings." Sebastian said with a sly smile.

That night... as Ciella slept soundly, her dreams were filled with visions of Sebastian serenading her with a romantic lullaby. Her one and only Black Butler.