Love Story of A Raven and A Robin: Kuroshitsuji Fanfic Story

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*How's everyone...? Wahhh... I know my chapters are quite redundant... Ciella and Sebastian do all those lovey-dovey stuff. There's no action, I'm sorry =( It's just I read this manga... let's call it a yaoi manga... called Junjou Romantica... well the story is really nice... and I watched the anime and drew inspiration from there. Some lines from Chapter 4 are inspired by the first episode and all the other episodes I've watched.

*This chapter is relatively short... I hope you'll still enjoy it.

Chapter 5: As Long As You Need Me

"Good afternoon, sweetheart!" Sebastian said with a warm smile as he poured Earl Grey Tea into Ciella's dainty porcelain cup. The girl took a whiff of the concoction and took a sip "Good afternoon as well my love..." Ciella said sweetly. "We've got mail today, one is from the queen, and the other is from Sir Edward..." At the mentioning of Edward's name, Sebastian lost his smile. Ciella took the letter opener and sliced the paper in one swipe, then she read Edward's letter...

Dearest Ciella , (Ciella: Nausea! :X)

You dont know how much I've missed you over the months I've been to Switzerland and France. The weather was nice and fair just like your face, my sweet darling (Ciella: stomach pain XPP). Me and my family have been wanting to see you ever since we came back from our trip a week ago. (Ciella: SHOCK! O_O) We'll visit on the first week of September. (Ciella: WHAAAAATTTTT? .)

I've sent a package of goodies from Geneva and Paris, I hope you enjoy them. (Wow, I didn't know he was useful! ^_^)

I love you, I love you, I love you... ( Ciella: vomit :P)

with so much love and kisses, (Ciella: more vomit!:PP)

Edward (Ciella:triple vomit!:PPP)

"What is the matter, milady, you look like you've seen an apparition..." Sebastian said, trying to comfort the girl. "Se-se... Sebastian, ttthhheee... MMMiiidddfffords... are ccccommming..." Ciella replied shakingly. "Well, no need to worry... I'll give them the best Phantomhive hospitality..." Sebastian assured her. "No, iiittsss... not that..." the lady said again. "Then what is?" the butler wondered. "They've come to take me away! They've come to take me away from you, dammit!" Ciella burst into tears and hugged Sebastian. "You're not even fifteen yet..." Sebastian said calmly but deep down inside his heart was already crumbling. "Not yet... but it'll come..." Ciella weeped. "Calm down, my love..." Sebastian sung soothingly and hugged her gently. "Until I solve this marriage problem... Let's keep our love a secret, like Romeo and Juliet... agreed?" Ciella said. "Yes, my love..." Sebastian replied as he bowed to Ciella.

That night, as Ciella slept beside Sebastian, she tossed and turned in her sleep. "What's the matter my love?" Sebastian asked gently. "Nothing..." Ciella replied back. Sebastian leaned over much closer and gave the girl a kiss on the cheek. "No, really, what bother's you?" Sebastian asked again. "Us..." Ciella replied. The girl's reply shocked Sebastian a little. "What is we are not really meant for each other? What if the Midfords take me away from you? Who'll understand and love me dearly?" Ciella asked as she started to weep. "Are you forgetting something?" Sebastian said in a warm tone "What?" Ciella replied in between weeps. "Open your eyes and face me..." Sebastian commanded without force. "Remember the mark?" Sebastian said. Ciella realized without noticing, and looking back to the time when she first met Sebastian, a Faustian mark was placed on her left eye that symbolized a contract made by the two. "As long as you have that mark... I'll be there. When you need me... I'll be there. Remember, as long as you need me... I'll be with you... remember that Ciella. Sebastian said in a resonant voice as he leaned in for a kiss. A long, passionate kiss that burned Ciella like a moth to a flame.

The first week of September came and everyone around the house was preparing for the Midfords' arrival, Mei-rin cleaned every nook and cranny of the mansion, Bard shopped for the best ingredients for food in town, Finny made sure that the flowers were in full bloom and as for Tanaka? Well, he just stayed the same. "They'll be here soon my love... you should get dressed." Sebastian said to the lady. "Why do they have to be here?" Ciella said as she threw her arms upon her lover Sebastian. "Just get dressed and meet them, you dont have to worry about a thing." Sebastian assured her. "You said it..." Ciella replied as she stepped into the wooden divider and put on her blue gown. She hid her mark by placing the white eye patch over her eye. "How do I look Sebastian?" Ciella asked the black clad butler. "Beautiful... as always." Sebastian said with a toothless grin. The butler took her hand and led her gently down the stairs. The two reached the bottom in perfect timing when they heard a carriage stop before the manor, a knock came on the door and when Mei-rin checked who it was, it was indeed the Midfords. Bard and Finny opened the enormous doors and ushered the respective guests inside. Edward, the eldest son and Ciella's fiancee just rushed in and embraced Ciella. "How's my love? Is my darling Ciella doing well?" Edward asked without plans of putting the girl down. His words made Sebastian's partially crumbled heart, crumble even more.

"Correction... you mean my love..." Sebastian said in his thoughts, faking a smile so he'd conceal his jealousy. Ciella couldn't do anything but have pity on her true love Sebastian and have a nauseating feeling in her stomach at the sound of Edward's utterly annoying words.