by AthEnA1999


Disclaimer: I don't own digimon.  Or the storyline.  If I did, the storyline would have gotten some MAJOR changes.  I also use a LOT of lines from the show, and they belong to the show and the wonderful people at Toei and Fox Kids and all those other people who aren't me.

Intro and author's notes: THIS IS AN AU FIC!  AU FIC!  AU FIC!  AU FIC!  Now you can't say I didn't warn you.  This is my FIRST AU fic!  This fic, naturally, is about Myotismon.  AU FIC ABOUT MYOTISMON!!!!!!  (Fine, the first chapter isn't exactly about him, but it does have him in it a lot.)  Anyone who hates him, please exit quietly.  Dedicated to anyone who likes Myo.  Oh, and thanks to blackmage718 for helping me with the beginning!  Check out her fics, BTW!  Check out the fics of anyone who's reviewed, because I bet they write really good Myo fics too!  BTW, read "Myotismon: Two Lives, One Mon!"  It goes with this fic!  OK, here it is!  And sorry if this chapter is a little short; I've been a bit out of ideas since I finished FV.

ALTERNATE UNIVERSE: What if Angemon had digivolved during the fight with Myotismon… and trapped him in the Gate of Destiny?  What lies on the other side, and what is going to happen to everyone's favorite evil digimon while being trapped?  MYOTISMON ANGST!  Will he possibly turn… good?  Oh, and Wizardmon isn't gonna die!


Chapter 1

Before the Storm

  A moonless night made their arrival unnoticed.  Wisps of white fog gathered for miles as the dark stagecoach glided slightly above the ground, leaving no mark.  The large and small shapes moved at the speed of the stagecoach, prowling along the ground and floating in the air, depending on which type they were.  Hardly a sound was made except for the whooshing of air and the now-gentle steps of the DarkTyrannomon.

  The doorway to the underground palace was an abandoned grave.  The stagecoach was kept in a room next to the Devidramons' stable.  The doorway was opened to reveal a fluorescent blue underground corridor, which had stone steps that led down into a large dark stone room which led to a stone corridor.  At the end of the stone corridor was a small stone crypt.  Inside it was a black coffin adorned with a golden bat, a chandelier hanging from the ceiling, and various things where keepsakes were kept.

  The coffin opened, revealing a soft red velvet lining, and the ultimate digimon sank into it, glad that the underground lair in the real world had all the things his castle back on Server had.

  I must rest and conserve my energy for the digi-destined's arrival, he thought to himself, closing his eyes.  Suddenly he was interrupted by one of his henchmen, a Bakemon, floating into the room.  Damn it, can't I get rest before the sun rises?  He was usually able to stay awake during the day and the night for up to a week, but that did not mean he couldn't rest and conserve his energy.  As an ultimate digimon with nearly unlimited strength despite his lanky figure, and potent attacks that could knock an ultimate, possibly a mega, out of the sky, he needed a lot of energy to maintain his potential and also needed to conserve it.  He didn't need much sleep, actually.  Despite the fact he was a vampire, he was equally active during the day and at night.

  "Master," said one of the Bakemon, "I hear the digi-destined are trying to arrive in the real world, and the gate opens not too far away from here!"

  "Let them come," replied Myotismon.  "My digimon army will be ready for them.  Unleash the least powerful of my guards on them, and if they defeat him, they won't stand a chance against the other ones."

  "Which one do you want me to release first?" wondered Bakemon.

  "Release all of them, in different places across Japan," answered Myotismon.  "Gesomon… release him in the bay.  Put Raremon near him.  Mammothmon, Tuskmon, and Snimon will prowl the streets.  Gizamon, Wizardmon, Gatomon, Pumpkinmon, Gotusmon, and of course, Demidevimon will be searching for the eighth child.  Megaseadramon will be in the water, while Gizamon will lessen the difficulty of the search for the others.  DarkTyrannomon will guard the child.  Bakemon like yourself will be causing terror and Phantomon will lead you."

  "Got it," replied Bakemon, flying away.

  "TK!  Wait up!" shouted Matt as his brother eagerly ran out of the subway car into the station.  They had both been traveling all over Japan all day in search of the eighth digi-destined child.  Patamon was flying behind him, followed by Gabumon on the ground.  Matt sighed, shook his head, and walked out in a dignified manner.  It was quite difficult being an older brother sometimes.

  "Come on, Matt!" laughed TK, his wide blue eyes shining in the lights of the station.

  Matt walked into the station with Gabumon and Patamon, then ventured over to the map.  "Well, according to this map, we're in Osaka, which means that there's a good chance of the eighth child being found."  He sighed.  "Let's hope Myotismon isn't here."

  "Do you know the plan?" questioned Myotismon, leaning over his desk and looking at Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon straight in the eye.

  "Of course we do, master," replied the rock digimon.  "We go to Shinjuku and search for the eighth child there.  And if he's not there, we must try the next city and trash the one that doesn't have the eighth child in it."

  "No, if he's not there that means you're not looking hard enough!" shouted the vampire.  The two small digimon backed away.

  "Scared of him?"  Gatomon whispered as she slid into the room.  "He can sense fear.  He says human blood tastes better with a dash of fear in it, and if he knows you're afraid he'll have your blood."

  "But he can't take my blood!  I'm made of rocks!" argued Gotsumon.

  "SILENCE!" shouted Myotismon.  "Gatomon, you will help Wizardmon search Odaiba.  I have a feeling he's very close."

  The cat digimon bowed respectfully, then left.  Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon looked warily at each other.

  "And you two…" he continued.  "Don't let me down."

  "Will do, Master Myotismon!" exclaimed the pumpkin digimon, saluting.

  "Yah, will do!" agreed Gotsumon, saluting and backing away.  Then both digimon started to run out of the crypt.

  "And you know what will happen if you fail me?" questioned Myotismon.

  "I believe we do," answered the rock digimon very timidly.

  "Good.  Then see that you don't.  You two are dismissed."

  "Matt, my feet are tired!" complained TK as they walked through Osaka for the second time.

  "My wings are tired!" shouted Patamon, dropping himself onto TK's shoulders.  "How much more searching will we have to do?"

  Matt looked at his digivice.  "A lot, I'm afraid.  I'm not getting a signal."

  TK examined his digivice as well.  "Neither am I, Matt."

  "Maybe we're not looking hard enough?" Gabumon suggested.

  "I'm not buying that this time," said Patamon.  "I mean, we've taken the scenic route through Osaka God-knows-how-many times."

  "It was twice," said Gabumon.

  "But that's not the point.  We've seen every citizen of Osaka at least once!  I mean, look!  That's the seventh time the girl in the pink dress has passed us.  Matt, he's not here!  The eighth child is not here!"

  "Fine," Matt sighed, stopping to rub his feet.  "My feet hurt anyway.  Maybe if we went to another large city, we could find the eighth child there, and maybe grab a bite to eat while we're at it.  I'm hungry."

  "Me too," agreed Gabumon.  "Why don't we get some dinner now?"

  "That's a great idea!" exclaimed TK, whose stomach was rumbling.  "I haven't eaten anything since breakfast, we were so busy looking for the eighth child!"

  "But I packed you a few sandwiches," said Matt.  "What happened to them?"

  Gabumon blushed.  "Oops," he said.  TK glared at him, then they all began to laugh as they ventured towards the subway station and a restaurant.  They were actually having a good time.

  "OK, Gotsumon, let's try not to party," said Pumpkinmon as they entered Shinjuku at that time.  "I really want to dance around in that club too, but if Myotismon finds out we haven't been working—"

  "We're toast," finished Gotsumon.  "And not the good kind from France, either.  Speaking of which, I'm hungry.  And we'll be laughed at by Demidevimon, and that's really low.  We've been laughing at Demidevimon this whole time!"

  "So, where to start…" mumbled Pumpkinmon as he examined the copy of the crest.

  Gotsumon elbowed his friend and winked.  "How about the toy store?  A lot of kids hang out in the toy store!"  He winked again.

  The pumpkin-headed digimon winked back at the rock digimon.  "Yes, we're sure to find the eighth child in the toy store!"  He and Gotsumon laughed mischievously and ran across the street, knocking over a few people while they were at it.

  It was evening, and the sun was beginning to sink into the sky, bathing all of Japan in bright orange light.  Clouds of fog rolled in around all the cities, cutting off all communication.

  "It's almost time for me to check up on my two little minions," said Myotismon, producing a viewing orb.  An image was shown in the orb of the two breaking into a casino.  "I see they're doing what I told them to do… what the hell are they doing?!"  He saw them pulling the slots on the slot machines.  Gold coins spilled out of one, onto the floor.  They scooped the money up before the manager came up to them.

  "Hey, no kids are allowed in here!" he shouted.

  "We knew that," admitted Pumpkinmon.  "But we're not kids!"

  If they knew children were not allowed in that place, then how come they were in there?  To PLAY? thought Myotismon, growing enraged.  Is that all they've been doing the whole time?

  "You know, this sure beats working for Myotismon," said Gotsumon.  "He's just a stiff who doesn't know how to have fun.  Watch THIS!"  He tore a red and black velvet curtain out of a showcase window, then tied it around his neck.  He stood upright and frowned, lowering his voice.  "I am Myotismon the fang faced fashion reject!  I haven't changed my clothes for 700 years, which is why it looks so ridiculous on me!"

  "No wait, let me do one!" shouted Pumpkinmon, tearing the other curtain out of the window and tying it around his neck.  "I am Mayo-tismon, who arose from the rotten mayo to become an ugly old bat who only has bats around because they're blind and can't see me!  I think I'm cute but that's because I haven't seen my reflection for 10,000 years!"

  Both digimon erupted into laughter.  [A/N: What Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon just said does NOT reflect the thoughts of AthEnA1999 or any other Myo fans.  AthEnA not only regrets, but rues and laments the bashing she has done. ]

  Myotismon grew furious at the remarks his two henchmen had made about him.  "Those little bastards are going to get it," he muttered.  "For not only failing to obey me but mocking me in front of the entire crowd of humans!"  He walked furiously towards his stagecoach and whipped the Devidramon, causing them to fly into the air.  The stagecoach flew towards Shinjuku at tremendous speed.  "I'll make sure they do their job."

  So while everyone's favorite (or least favorite, depending on who is reading this) vampire digimon was going to make sure his two henchmen did their job instead of mocking him, Matt and TK had other problems.  They were looking for Patamon and had run into Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon instead.  They had intended to do the evil deeds their master had told them to do, but they decided to have fun instead.

  You can tell they work for Myotismon, thought Matt as they ran through the park, trying to keep up with the two digimon.  Also, they saw Patamon fly past a window and were trying to find him and work everything out.

  Suddenly, Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon ran up to them with ice cream swirled in a cone.  It looked appealing after all the running they had done.

  "Hey, don't look so bummed!" Pumpkinmon exclaimed.

  "Yah, have some ice cream!" added Gotsumon.

  Gabumon and Matt looked at each other suspiciously.  What if it was poisoned or a trick or something like that?  Gabumon said, "You guys don't have any money, so where did you get ice cream?"  It took all the willpower he could muster not to take it out of their hands and eat it.

  "We stole it!" exclaimed the two troublemakers.

  "Hey, come back!" shouted the vendor from behind them.  The five bolted off as quickly as they could until they lost the vendor for sure.  Matt and TK were incredibly angry, but Gabumon was eying the cold treat hungrily.  He hadn't had any desserts in a long time and it looked really delicious.

  Suddenly everything was broken by a voice.  "Losers!  Failures!" shouted Myotismon.  "I send you out to find the eighth child and you're eating ice cream!"

  Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon looked extremely frightened.  Maybe he won't mind if we tell him it's stolen…  "But it's stolen!" they exclaimed.

  "I don't care," said Myotismon.  "Now go and find the eighth digi-destined!"  Must I really have to tell them to prove themselves worthy of me?  Now it's not them I'm mad at, it's actually Demidevimon… he was the one who organized my army.  Or those Bakemon who found them in the first place.  The two had better not fail me!  "Redeem yourselves by stealing the crests from those children!"  He pointed at Matt and TK.

  "Uh… yes, sir, that was just about what we were going to do!" said Gotsumon.  Two pairs of angry eyes flashed at Matt, TK, and Gabumon, and Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon began chasing them quickly through the streets until they were cornered.  Gabumon prepared to fight as they looked at each other.

  "Aw, I quit," said Pumpkinmon.

  "Yah, me too," agreed Gotsumon.  They didn't want to fight anyone, because they knew they were better off just having a good time.  And their idea of a good time was to cause mischief by playing around in casinos and clothing stores, not destroying a city at a time.

  "Why should we fight?  Someone always gets hurt," said Pumpkinmon, making a good point.

  Before Matt or TK could answer, a flash of lightning appeared, and Myotismon appeared with it.

  "Oh crap," muttered Gotsumon, backing away in fear.  [A/N: I managed to type "baking away in read" twice before I got it right.  Proves how good a typist I REALLY am… :P]  "Now we're in for it…"

  "Why haven't you gotten their crests?" questioned the vampire.

  Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon were too afraid to talk.  They were afraid what they said would get them punished.  But this time, it was what they DIDN'T say that got them punished.

  "You two have had your chance!  I condemn you to my dungeon in the digital world!" shouted Myotismon, preparing to attack.

  "PUMPKIN SQUASH!" shouted Pumpkinmon, huring a gigantic squash at his master, but the bats ate it.

  "ROCK FIST!"  Gotsumon hurled a bunch of rocks at Myotismon's chest, but they didn't have an effect because he was so strong and formidable.

  Suddenly, with one blast of his Crimson Lightning, the two digimon were not sent to his dungeon, but actually died and were sent somewhere.

  After the fight, which he had ALMOST won if it hadn't been for Angemon… Myotismon went back to his crypt that night and furiously set to work on his plans to get the eighth child into his clutches.  He wanted to handle everything personally.  He didn't know why, but it might be so he wouldn't kill any more henchmen than he needed to.

  There came a small knock on the door.  He didn't want to be bothered, but if Demidevimon had COMPETENT reinforcements…

  "Come in," said Myotismon, his eyes fixated on his plans.

  Gatomon entered the room.  "Master, I can't find the eighth child anywhere, so I'm very sorry," she apologized.  "I'm sorry I was such a failure to you…"  She looked up at Myotismon with her bright blue eyes, the ones he despised so much.  Just as he looked up.

  "Never look at me with those eyes," he growled, standing up and looming over the quivering cat digimon.  "I have told you so many times not to look at me with those eyes!  CRIMSON LIGHTNING!"  He whipped Gatomon once, then twice with his Crimson Lightning, hearing every scream and confident that she had deserved every last whip.  He saw deep scratches appear in her skin, and Gatomon cried out even more.  "CRIMSON LIGHTNING!"   He whipped again and again until Gatomon was on the ground, bleeding and begging forgiveness.

  "Please… I'm sorry Lord Myotismon, forgive me!  I…  I won't look at you with those eyes again!" Gatomon cried, tears running down her cheeks.

  "I will give you one more chance," Myotismon said to Gatomon, very sternly.  "Next time you will be given a harsher punishment."

  Gatomon, with all the strength she could manage, dragged herself out of the room, whimpering every time she moved.

  That Angemon is more powerful than I anticipated, thought Myotismon as he laid awake in his coffin that morning.  He would have been asleep but so many things were on his mind.  If it hadn't been for him, then I'd have gotten the crests from those miserable little digi-destined brats.  And if Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon, those pitiful excuses for henchmen.  Why is everything still on my mind?  I know it is THEIR fault.

  He clutched the real Crest of Light, which was inactive.  He wasn't about to let it go without a fight.

  Then came yet something else: Wizardmon.  Myotismon was convinced the wizard was getting on his nerves by not only EXISTING, but helping Gatomon steal the crest.  When Wizardmon and Gatomon snuck down into his personal crypt to steal the crest from his coffin, he discovered them just in time.

  "What are you doing here?" he asked.

  "Nothing," replied Wizardmon.

  Myotismon knew what they were up to.  [A/N: That sentence was full o' typos before I changed it.  That's what happens when your fingers are cold 24/7…]  "If you are looking for something, maybe I can assist you," he said, pulling out the real crest.  He had anticipated them stealing the crest because Gatomon was so rebellious and… nice.  She would prbably find the eighth child herself and take the credit.  Possibly overthrow him.

  Wizardmon was incredulous.  "Another copy??!!"

  "Do you think I'd just leave the original lying around for thieves like you?" asked Myotismon as he took the phony crest and smashed it in his hand.

  "Hey!" shouted Wizardmon.  He tried to attack Myotismon, but he was just too strong for him.

  "Wizardmon!" shouted Gatomon.

  "I'm all right," said the wizard from the ground.

  But the vampire wasn't paying attention to Wizardmon still being alive and so determined.  He saw Gatomon staring at her with those eyes.  There was something about those damn eyes that made him want to—

  "Those eyes," he said to Gatomon.  "From the first time you looked at me with those eyes, I knew you'd turn against me, and that is why I had to teach you by punishing you.  I would have hurt you even more, but you became a good servant.  But I promise you I will not be so easy on you this time."  Wizardmon looked up from the ground.  "And do you think your betrayal will go unpunished, Wizardmon?"

  "How can I betray you when I never worked for you to begin with?" asked the wizard.

  "You little fool!" shouted Myotismon, furious at his smart remarks.  "GRISLY WING!"  A huge army of bats flew out from under his cape, lifted the two champion digimon off the ground and hurled them outside.  Myotismon followed them to finish the two off with his Crimson Lightning.

  "We really have to stay together," said Gatomon.

  "Those who play together lose together!" said Myotismon, laughing evilly.

  "I'm not afraid," said Gatomon.

  "You soon will be, you pathetic little traitor!"  More bats flew out from under his cape and started to chew Gatomon up.  Myotismon couldn't help but laugh as Gatomon cried for help and beg for mercy.  He savored every scream and high squeal she let out when a bat semed to just rip her tender flesh apart.  Then for good measure, he decided to whip Gatomon with his Crimson Lightning.  "Well, I hope you realize there's no safe place to hide during this lightning storm!"

  Gatomon cried out as the lightning hit her skin and made her fall helplessly to the ground.

  "CRIMSON LIGHTNING!  I'll do away with you first, Wizardmon!"  He let out a whip of Crimson Lightning that picked Wizardmon up off the ground and just as he was about to let out another blast and kill him, Gatomon confronted him again.

  "Why don't you pick on somoeone one twnth your size!" shouted Gatomon.

  There were those eyes.  So sweet and hopeful… Myotismon hated those eyes.

  "There are those eyes again," said Myotismon.  "Not only are they filled with rebellion, but I can also see a glimmer of hope.  The hope that someday, your dreams will come true."

  "Right!" said Gatomon.  That little foolish cat.  "I believe in my dreams!  And that's how I made it this far!"

  "And just what exactly have you achieved?  You believe in your worthless friends.  And you believe that your dreams can come true.  Dreams do not exist for the stupid!"  I have never had a dream since I digivolved.  I can't believe how those little rookies and champions are talking about their dreams and hopes.  The only dreams I wish for them to have are nightmares, the ones I am in.

  "If you believe in your dreams, then they can come true," persisted Gatomon.  "And to make my dreams come true, I only have to do one thing: defeat you!"

  "What?" Myotismon asked, more surprised that Gatomon had the nerve to stand up to him than say she was going to defeat him.

  "My dream is to return to my true identity.  The one I had before I met YOU!"

  "What do you mean, true identity?  Could it be that… you are the eighth digimon?  This changes everything!  Before I crush you, let me give you the pleasure of watching me destroy your wizard friend first!  GRISLY WING!"

  "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" shouted Wizardmon as millions of bats picked him up and dropped him in the water with a huge splash.  Gatomon got really mad and to make matters worse, Tai arrived with Greymon but Myotismon took care of all three of them.  He even declared that he was going to use Gatomon to find the eighth child.

  "That's not fair!" Tai shouted.

  "I don't play fair," said Myotismon.  He flew away with Gatomon and laughed.  He had killed two Birdramons with one stone.  He had not only gotten rid of that pest Wizardmon, but got Gatomon incredibly upset and in hot water.  If she were to mess up, he would have her head.  And Gatomon couldn't lie.

  Days flew by, and Myotismon knew he was drawing closer and closer to the eighth child.  Then one day, Demidevimon announced that he found the eighth brat.  Kari, as she was called, was brought to him and Gatomon.  He knew she was the eighth child, and there needed to be a way for Gatomon to fess up.  "Well Gatomon, is this the eighth child?" he asked in his most patient voice.

  Gatomon shook her head.

  "I have no need for this brat anymore," he declared.

  Then Demidevimon came flying up to him.  "Master Myotismon, we found the eighth child.  What do you want to do with her, Oh Evil One?"

  A few minutes later he was in the communications tower of the TV station with Phantomon and Gatomon.  Kari was in front of him, trembling.  "I've got you my pretty and your little cat too," he said to Kari, who backed away.  He saw Tai and Mimi riding Greymon towards the tower.  He didn't have much time to destroy her.  He started the interrogations, just to make sure he had the right one.  "Little girl, why have you chosen to show yourself?" he asked.  "Do you have any idea what's going to happen to you?"

  "I've got a guess," said Kari in a very small quivery voice.

  "Then why?" asked Myotismon.

  "Because you were hurting all those people.  Someone had to stop you from hurting innocent people!"

  At first he was taken aback by Kari standing up to him, but Myotismon realized she didn't know who she was talking to.  He smiled.  "My, what a thoughtful little girl you are," he said, his voice dripping with sugary sweetness.  He looked at Gatomon.  "Why won't you look at the eighth child's face?"

  "Because she's not the eighth child," lied the cat digimon.

  Myotismon saw right through that lie.  "Who is she then?"

  "I have never seen her in my life."

  There are ways of making them admit, he thought to himself.  "Is that so?"  He snapped his fingers, and Demidevimon started pulling Kari's hair.  Kari screamed really loudly.

  "Kari!  NO!" shouted Gatomon, unaware she had made a HUGE mistake.

  "Kari.  Interesting you know her name," said Myotismon.  "Since you never met her before."

  "Kari!" shouted Gatomon, struggling free of the vampire's strong grasp.

  "Together again, too bad it'll be short lived," said Myotismon, preparing to attack.  Suddenly Kabuterimon arrived and spoiled the whole thing, followed by Lillymon.  They both attacked, but Myotismon made sure the attacks didn't hit him.  "It's getting a little noisy in here, why don't we go someplace queiter?"  He floated up through the roof of the tower with Phantomon, Kari, and Gatomon.

  And then Matt and WereGarurumon showed up to defend that child.  He was followed by Sora and Garudamon in the air.  Kabuterimon digivolve to Megakabuterimon, but that didn't stop Myotismon.  He fought the attacks and couldn't be stopped by them.  Suddenly, Wizardmon caught his eye.

  "You're still alive?" asked Myotismon, getting the feeling he was outnumbered.

  "That's right" said Wizardmon.  "And it will take more than the likes of you to destroy me!"  He sent out a sphere, forcing the wizard to fly against the wall.  One down, two to go.  Kari and Gatomon.  Which one to take on next?  "Now give that crest to me you little brat," he said to Kari, his voice dripping with venom instead of sugar.

  "NO!" screamed Kari.

  "That wasn't a request," said Myotismon.  He wanted to kill Kari right then and there and finish Gatomon off last.  Punishment for being the way she was.  She would watch her two friends die, and then she would go with them.

  And suddenly, Tai showed up on Greymon.  He shouted, "You just picked on the wrong guy's little sister, Fang Face!  Here, catch!"  He threw the digivice to Kari, but Demidevimon caught it.  Good.

  Phantomon attacked, but Greymon digivolved to Metalgreymon, making Phantomon back away.  He was a bigger coward than anyone thought.  But Myotismon was not a coward.  He would rather die brave than take over the world as a coward.  He didn't dodge the attacks, no matter how many were aimed at him.  He was too strong for a group of ultimates, despite being one himself.  Suddenly, as he was about to use his Nightmare Claw on all of them, TK nodded at Patamon.

  "Patamon, digivolve to… ANGEMON!"

  "Now what?" asked Myotismon.  He wasn;t about to let an angel take him down.  Angemon was only a champion and he was an ultimate.  Still, he almost beat him in Shinjuku.

  "HAND OF FATE!" shouted Angemon.  Myotismon shielded himself with his cape, and the attack hit Phantomon, making him disintegrate.  If it could do that to any ultimate, it could do that to him.  But he was too powerful for the Hand of Fate, wasn't he?  He unshielded himself, shaking from the attack.

  "Have you had enough or do you want some more?" asked the angel.

  Myotismon gathered his courage and decided he wouldn't let a stupid punch destroy him.  "I was about to ask you the same question.  GRISLY WING!"

  It headed straight towards Angemon, with the bats about to chew him up.  As they ripped his wings apart, the angel came plummeting to the ground.  Kari, Gatomon, and Wizardmon, as well as the other digi-destined and their digimon, saw all this.

  I can't let this happen, thought TK.  It happened with Devimon, but I'm not going to let this happen again!  I know Angemon will come through… I hope I have enough hope for him!  Suddenly his crest began to glow a brilliant yellow.

  "What the bloody hell?" said Myotismon, shielding himself with his cape.  Angemon began to glow a bright yellow and glow as well.

  "Angemon, digivolve to… MAGNA ANGEMON!"  Where Angemon was lying on the ground injured, Magna Angemon was flying in the air, holding the sword Excalibur and his eight white wings shining in the sunlight.  He was surrounded by an aura of gold.

  "It can't be!" shouted Myotismon.

  "Yes it is," said Tai.  "I think you're outnumbered, vampire boy!"

  "GRISLY WING!"  Myotismon let out an army of bats at the angel to prove that a stupid little digivolution and a few extra wings weren't going to stop him.  Still, the light made the bats fly away and back towards their master.

  "Myotismon, this world you have inflicted terror upon is your last," declared Magna Angemon, taking his sword.  "GATE OF DESTINY!"  He made a circle of light with his sword, which turned into a golden gate inscribed with digicode.  The gate opened to reveal a white digital tunnel to another dimension, and the bats were sucked in.

  Myotismon tried his hardest not to get sucked into the gate as Gatomon, Wizardmon, and Kari made a mad scramble for the inside and Lillymon hung onto Metalgreymon's horn.  He tried to find something to hold onto and tried to stay rooted to the ground, but since he was so thin he was also light, so he was lifted off the ground and flew towards the gate.  There was a loud sucking noise like a tornado behind him, and suddenly he saw the doors in front of him.  He turned around and tried to fly out as quickly as he could, whipping it with his Crimson Lightning, but the doors didn't shatter.  Suddenly the golden doors slammed shut and turned around so nothing could escape or enter.

  The battle was over.  Angemon had digivolved.  Wizardmon was still alive.  Gatomon was with her digi-destined.  And Myotismon was trapped in the Gate of Destiny, about to enter the dimension on the other side: the Dark Ocean.


In the next chapter (I'm going to Seattle for about two weeks so there's not going to be any updates, but I will write it while I'm there!) what lies on the other side of the gate, in the Dark Ocean?  And there will be angst in the next chapter.