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Chapter 10

Myotismon's Destiny

  Devimon began to advance on TK, and LadyDevimon followed her male counterpart's lead by advancing on Kari.  They seemed to have a hungry look to them, and their arms were extended as if their fingertips could drain them of their lives.

  "Don't worry," said the devil digimon like a doctor about to give his patient a shot.  "This won't hurt a bit!"

  "What are you going to do to us?" asked Kari with a quaver in her voice.

  "You wish to know?" asked the devil lady.  "We are merely going to drain your souls out of those comfortable little shells of flesh and bone, therefore making you soulless freaks who walk the earth in search of another soul.  We give new meaning to the term 'selling your soul to the devil.'  Only this time, we give you nothing in return."

  She and Devimon extended their hands.  Their fingers glowed crimson, like Daemon's eye pendant whenever he utilized Myotismon's attacks.  The young keepers of hope and light gasped and shook, gripping each other's sweaty hands as they stared into the lifeless eyes of the two demon digimon.

  Suddenly, as Devimon's fingertips were less than an inch away from TK's face, the sound of shattering glass broke the suspenseful silence.  Both the digi-destined breathed a sigh of relief as they saw Angemon and Angewomon standing before them in their full glory, gripping a rod and a glowing arrow of light.

  "Angemon!" TK exclaimed.

  "Angewomon!" Kari echoed.

  "WHAT?" asked Devimon, whirling around.  "Well well well, it's Angemon.  I will have a lot of fun deleting you."

  "And you, Angewomon," replied LadyDevimon.  "That last time you defeated me back at Piedmon's palace was only a practice run.  I have trained with the big guy, Daemon, and am ready to defeat you!"

  "Bring it on," challenged the angel lady.  "TK, Kari, you two go.  We'll hold them off."

  The blonde boy took the young brunette by the hand and quickly led her across the room towards the door.

  "Where do you think you are going?" asked Devimon.  "TOUCH OF EVIL!"  His arms, which were already abnormally long, extended even farther out and swiped the ceiling with its hands.  White chunks of ceiling large and steep enough for two children not to climb over crashed down into a misshapen circle around TK and Kari, confining them in what seemed to be a makeshift cage.  "And you, Angemon?  TOUCH OF EVIL!"


  Devimon's extended arm swung around, his red middle finger glowing.  The angel digimon took his golden angel rod and slashed it through the air like a knight swung a sword.  It crashed against Devimon's arm, forcing him to cry out and reduce the size back to its normal length.

  "You will pay for this!" shouted the devil digimon.

  Meanwhile, LadyDevimon and Angewomon had confronted each other, both prepared to attack.  Instead of physically, they decided to do it verbally.

  "You can never beat me, blondie!" shouted LadyDEvimon.  "Not only am I the better fighter, but I look better than you."

  "Ha!" laughed Angewomon.  "Your fighting skills cannot hold a candle to mine!"

  All of a sudden, the demon lady bitch-slapped the angel across the cheek.  The struck area began to turn red.  Angewomon decided to bitch-slap her enemy back.  The two started slapping each other harder than ever, and didn't stop even when their swollen red cheeks stung.  Instead, they slammed each other onto the floor and started fighting like cats instead of attacking.

  "EVIL WING!"  Devimon spread his huge bat wings into the air and unleashed waves of darkness upon Angemon, making his head terribly ache and his ears ring.  The pain from it all overwhelmed him and made him fall to the ground against the barricade that held TK and Kari captive.

  Angewomon heard the crash and turned her head towards the scene.  She kicked LadyDevimon off of her and stood up, flying over to where Devimon was.  "You will pay for this!" she shouted.  "Evil will never win, for light always triumphs over darkness in the end!"  She formed an arrow out of pure light and a bow and arrow.  She drew the string and the arrow back, seeing that the devil digimon was right where she wanted him to be.  "CELESTIAL ARROW!"  The angel lady gently let go of the arrow and let it fly through the air.  It wedged itself right into Devimon's shoulder.

  "AAAAAAAAAAAAH!" shouted Devimon so loudly the building began to vibrate.  He tried to wrench the arrow out, but it wouldn't work.  The light was too brilliant for him to see, so he lost his sense of coordination.  When he let go, countless sparks flew into his eyes, so he also lost his sight.  "TOUCH OF EVIL!"  He waved his arms around violently, but the only things they hit were the walls.  Cracks and craters appeared in the walls wherever the devil digimon thrust his hand into the wall.

  "You!" shouted LadyDevimon as Angemon began to regain his consciousness.  "DARKNESS WAVE!"  She spread her cape, and more powerful waves of darkness knocked Angewomon back into the wall.  Then she unleashed hundreds of bats on her, which began to nip at her flesh and cause her to bleed and cry out.

  "HAND OF FATE!"  Angemon thrust his hand right into the devil lady's side, forcing her back onto the ground.  "Leave her alone or you will get another one!"

  LadyDevimon grinned evilly.  "And what are you going to do?  Punch me in the side?  Pathetic.  I can do far worse things.  EVIL WING!"  She redirected the hundreds of bats towards Angemon, but the angel knew exactly what to do.  He began to glow a blinding white, causing the bats to screech and fall to the ground, blinded and burning.  He ceased his glowing as the little winged rodents dissolved.

  "So what?" asked LadyDevimon.  "I can just call upon more bats."

  "Then Angemon can call upon me!" declared Angewomon.  She flew over and formed a longer and more brilliant Celestial Arrow with her hands.  "CELESTIAL… ARROW!"  She let the arrow fly straight and true through LadyDevimon's chest.

  The devil lady cried out louder than her male counterpart, then she fell onto her knees, clutching the area above her bust where the arrow had pierced it, right through her small blackened heart.  She gasped for breath, then collapsed.

  "You… win… Angewomon…" she said before closing her eyes.

  "And for both of you, where you are going you will be locked away FOREVER this time!" declared the angel.  He nodded to TK, who clutched his digivice.  He began to glow yellow.  "Angemon, digivolve to… MAGNA ANGEMON!"

  "What the devil?" asked Devimon.  Though he was blind now, he was able to know that he was in deep trouble.  "MAGNA Angemon?"

  "Who are you working for?" asked the powerful angel.

  Out of fear and awe, Devimon decided to give a reply.  "I am working for Daemon.  He will control all the worlds even when his henchmen are locked away where you send us!  He has taken my brother's power and used it to become the most powerful of all the digimon ever generated!"

  "GATE OF DESTINY!"  Magna Angemon took his sword and brought it around in a circle, once again forming the golden gates with the inscriptions on them.  "Angewomon?"

  The angel lady brought a sudden gale of wind that lifted the two devil digimon out of the air and got them sucked into the Gate of Destiny, back into the Dark Ocean.  Then she flew over and lifted TK and Kari out of the barricade and onto the ground.

  "You two go find the others," she instructed.  "We are going to trap the rest of Daemon's henchmen, then proceed on to him, that creep."

  "Yeah, get that creep!" shouted Kari.  "You go, Angewomon!"

  As the two angels flew through the shattered windows into the stormy sky, the same question dwelled in their minds: Who was Devimon's brother?

  "Agumon, digivolve to… GREYMON!"

  "Gabumon, digivolve to… GARURUMON!"

  "Biyomon, digivolve to… BIRDRAMON!"

  "Tentomon, digivolve to… KABUTERIMON!"

  "Gomamon, digivolve to… IKKAKUMON!"

  "Palmon, digivolve to… TOGEMON!"

  The six champions crashed through the walls of the convention center and dashed through the corridors, following Garurumon.

  "I can smell them," the blue wolf declared in his gruff voice.  "Keep following me."  He dashed through the halls as fast as his strong legs could carry him until he saw a large dark bubble that filled the halls and bulged in the tight area.  He tried to phase through the bubble by jumping through, but he bounced off the bubble's supposedly impregnable surface and hit the wall behind him.

  "What happened?" wondered Birdramon.

  "Togemon, pop that thing, whatever it is," dictated Garurumon.

  The cactus nodded, then brought her needle-covered arms out so the needles would pierce the bubble just so.  "NEEDLE SPRAY!"  Thousands of needles shot out of her arms and got lodged in the surface of the bubble, but didn't pop it.

  "HARPOON TORPEDO!"  Ikkakumon decided that a larger needle could do something, so he launched the large harpoons out of his forehead, and it hit the bubble, but it didn't do anything.

  "What are we going to do now?" asked Kabuterimon.  "If Togemon and Ikkakumon can't make it explode, I don't know how we can get past that thing."

  Meanwhile, inside the bubble, the disguised Daemon glanced in the direction the digimon were coming from.  "Ah, I see your little friends are here to rescue you," he declared.  "Why don't we let them in?"  The bat clasp, which was the eye pendant in disguise, glowed.

  Outside, the large bubble began to expand.

  "What's going on?" asked Greymon.  Suddenly, it expended so much it seemed to swallow up Garurumon, who was still on the ground.  "Garurumon!" he cried out before phasing through the surface.

  One by one, the digimon found themselves inside the bubble, which was an area of pure darkness and full of a dense fog.  Inside it were the digi-destined, minus Tali, TK, and Kari.  They were being confronted by Myotismon, or what looked like him

  "Myotismon!" growled Garurumon.  "I knew there was something fishy going on around here!"

  Daemon darkly chuckled, then raised his arms into the air, making the bubble expand so the entire convention center and TV station were enveloped in its walls.  Everything around the group of humans and digimon was a darker and foggier version of the interior of the convention center.  "Thanks to me, these will be your final surroundings!"

  "That's it Myotismon," said Tai.  "We tried defeating you many times, and now it's time we put you away where you belong!"







  All six attacks flew straight towards the disguised Daemon, and a red glow appeared around him.  The attacks dissolved when they reached the edge of the glow and landed on the ground in six separate piles of ashes.

  "GRISLY WING!"  Daemon used Myotismon's primary attack, and he spread his cape and let millions of bats fly through the air at the digi-destined and their digimon, letting them rip their flesh and produce a high-pitched squeak that was unbearable to their ears.  When the bats finally cleared, all the champions were lying on the ground as rookies again, all scratched up and bruised.

  "It hurts too much to move," whispered Gomamon.

  "Matt, I want to get reconfigured," cried Gabumon.

  "We can do something about it," said the keeper of friendship.  "I hope.  ANGEMON WHERE ARE YOU????"

  Suddenly two rays of bright white light flooded through the room, and the two angels burst in on their wings.

  "Myotismon?"  Angemon was incredulous.  "I thought you had a change of heart!"
  The demon digimon darkly chuckled to himself.  "I never had a change of heart!" he declared.  "I have been my evil self the whole time, and I even fooled you!  CRIMSON LIGHTNING!"  Daemon's pendant glowed, and he unleashed the second attack in a large whip that headed straight towards Angemon's chest.

  The angel took his rod and gripped it firmly in his hands.  "I'll teach you a little lesson in manners!  ANGEL ROD!"  He swung his rod around, making the whip of lightning wrap around it.  He snatched the lightning right out of Daemon's hand.  "Why did you deceive me?" he interrogated.

  "Because I am Lord Myotismon, that's why," replied Daemon.

  "Never lie to an angel," growled Angemon.  "HAND OF FATE!"  He punched a beam of light right at the demon's chest, right where the eye pendant was.  It hit the bat clasp, which transformed back into the glowing eye pendant.  Then the glass of the pendant shattered, allowing the crimson mist within it to fly out and shoot through the air, the millions of bats following its lead.

  "MY PENDANT!" screamed Daemon.  "ANGEMON YOU WILL PAY!"  His transformation quickly reversed from the body of the vampire to his own, the very one cloaked in red robes and the chain with the shattered pendant around his neck.

  The digi-destined and the angel digimon gasped.

  "You're not Myotismon," Angewomon declared.  "Where is the real one?"

  Daemon began to laugh.  "I'm not telling you where vampire boy is, but I shall get my revenge on every final one of you!  Prepare for a final showdown when the storm ceases!"  He laughed even harder, then shattered the nearest window with his psychic energy.  When that task was finished, he flew through the open window into the air, where the storm was already beginning to settle down.

  The digi-destined stood there as the bubble dissipated, surrounding them with the vibrant colors of the walls.  TK and Kari ran up to them at just that time.

  "TK!"  Matt hugged his brother.  "Thank God you're all right!"

  "Hi Matt," said TK.  "Devimon and LadyDevimon almost got me and Kari, but Angemon and Angewomon saved us just in the nick of time!"

  "Speaking of time," Sora reminded them, "we need to get our digimon to heal before the storm ends!  That demon wants a final showdown at that time!  Who was he, Izzy?"

  The redhead opened his Pineapple computer, typed something in, and backed away so the crew could see the analyzer.  The information on Daemon was displayed on the screen, along with a picture.  "That's Daemon," he informed his companions.  "He's a mega level virus digimon.  He is very powerful and mysterious.  His attacks are Evil Inferno and Evil Flapping.  Legend has it that the eye pendant around his neck has the power to give him the potency of other digimon's attacks and even the ability to take on their appearance.  It seems that he had utilized Myotismon's attacks to deceive us."

  "Hi, I'd like a one-way ticket to London, please," declared Tali.

  The ticket holder looked amused by the auburn-haired girl.  IT was not often that a sixth-grader was ordering an airplane ticket.  "Are you sure, miss?" he asked.

  "Yes, very sure," replied Tali.  "If you must know, I have the money.  England is my home, and all I have left is there."  She reached into her purse and pulled out a large wad of the bills that were highest in value.  "I don't mind where the seat is, as long as I get back."

  After quite a bit of conversation, it was decided that the girl would go back that afternoon in less than an hour.  "Have a nice day," replied the ticket salesman.

  Tali sat down in the airport seat and watched the TV.  Since the daytime shows were of little interest to her, she decided to read something.  She opened her backpack and rummaged through it until feeling one of her most treasured leather-bound books: a photo album.  She also pulled out a golden heart-shaped locket on a fine golden chain.

  Tears formed in her eyes as she paged through the album and gazed at the pictures that were the only memories she had of her true family.  There was one of her hugging her mother, one of her and her father walking their dog in the park.  Both were taken when she was only six.  There was one of her at a younger age, cradling Julius in her arms.  Then there was one she cried at the most.  The picture was the most recent, which was taken in London the day she became a digi-destined.  The family was in nice clothes, but they looked relaxed and felt like they wanted to play.  Tali had her arms wrapped around her father's shoulder, as if she wouldn't let go.  Julius was giving her bunny ears, and Ms. Nadir looked as if she was going to scold her son.  At first she was annoyed that she ever had that picture, but everything was different.

  She opened the locket and saw two sides to it.  On the left there was a small black and white picture of the Nadir family, all of them looking stiff and disciplined.  On the right were the following words written in calligraphy: "Thaleia Rose Nadir, born January 12, 1989.  Never let go."

  More tears formed in her eyes, and she stuffed everything back into her backpack.  To avert her mind from the melancholy paraphernalia, she gazed at the screen of the TV, where the normally scheduled programming had been interrupted for a special report.

  "The weather has grown even more bizarre than it has last summer," declared the newscaster.  "A strange fog has appeared throughout the city, blocking off traffic.  The sky has also taken on a greenish tint, with hints of what looks like some sort of devil flying around the TV station and convention center.  Other strange sights have been confirmed, such as what look like two angels, like last summer.  Some have been thinking that the cause of this was the same vampire that began a rampage through Tokyo…"

  Tali suddenly couldn't wait to return to England.

  "Anyone there?" asked Wizardmon.  He and Demidevimon were searching the city streets for a sign of Tali or even Daemon.  He came upon a grown businesswoman, who was talking on her cell phone under her umbrella.  He pulled on her skirt, and she looked down at him.  "Excuse me, miss, but have you by any chance have seen—"

  "Get away from me you freak!" shouted the woman.  She stomped away.

  "Nobody seems to want us around," remarked the imp.  He looked around, seeing no humans in the area.  Then he shivered.  "Geez, it's too cold and wet around here!  Can you get a spell that can repel water?"

  "Look!" the wizard pointed out with his sun staff.  What looked like a familiar form was lying in the alley.  It stirred slightly if they looked close enough.  "Maybe we should heal him.  Come on Demidevimon."

  So the two of them ran over to the alley, where they saw that it was no ordinary human lying on the ground, soaked and slightly dirty, with scratches and scrapes all over his body, which was revealed through the tears in his suit.

  "Myotismon?" asked Wizardmon.  "What happened to you?"

  "Daemon…" whispered the vampire.  "Thank you for coming for me…  Now just leave me here…"

  "Not my master!" exclaimed Demidevimon.  "I mean, you're just pathetic now.  You're maskless as well as powerless, and a stupid horned thing that looks like a cult member gave you a little beating up and you're lying on the ground saying you're going to die."

  Suddenly a red glow appeared before all of them, and it enveloped them in its light.  The noise of bat wings sounded in the two smaller digimon's ears as they closed their eyes.  Finally, the light died down and the unbearable sound ceased.

  When they finally opened their eyes, they saw Myotismon, before them in his full vampiric glory.  His suit had been repaired, and it fit perfectly on his reformed figure, which changed from dangerously thin to once again lanky and well-muscled.  His blonde hair was once again perfectly combed back and every last strand of hair was in place.  His blue eyes were once again icy and cold, and they were set off by his newly replaced mask.  Thousands of bats were flying around him.

  "M… m… m… master?" Demidevimon stammered.  "What happened to you?"

  "My power has returned," declared Myotismon, examining himself.  "I am back to the way I was…"

  "Do you think he's evil again?" whispered Wizardmon.  "He looks like it."

  The vampire heard what the wizard had said, so he quickly took off into the air before he could do anything to anyone.  The storm was almost over, and the rain was growing scarcer.  The sky had taken on a horrific green tint, and the ominous thunderclouds were swirled around above the TV station.  He knew it was Daemon's work.  He needed to think about things.  If he got his power back, was he truly evil again?  He took on the appearance he had before he entered the Gate, and even had his mask returned to him.

  I wish not to be evil, he thought to himself as he flew over the station.  Is this some sort of test which tells me that being evil is my destiny?  I now dispise destiny with all my heart.  Destiny sent me through the Gate, and made me good again.  I know that if I hadn't gone through the Gate, none of this would have happened.  Though everything is my fault and my doing, if I could, I would reverse everything.  Why do I not shed tears whenever I think of my long-dead henchmen?  I know I stole their lives, just tore them away… why is it I wish I still rule the world?  I want to believe I am good… and why is it that I want to defeat Daemon?  Is it because I want to do good for the worlds, or to take over the worlds without him getting in the way?

  He perched on the pinnacle of the tower and looked over the city of Tokyo.  Look at that world.  They do not know a thing.  Why am I thinking like my old evil self?  Is it my destiny?

  Suddenly he heard a voice in his mind.  "Your Destiny prevailed within the Gate," said the voice.  It sounded a lot like Angewomon whispering.  "You know your own destiny, and now you must get to it.  When you stand at the crossroads of Good and Evil, choose the path you think is better.  Simply doing something is not as important as how you choose to use it.  Now go take your road!"

  Myotismon saw what was happening below him and knew what he had to do.  He leapt off the building and flew towards the action.

  "The rain!" exclaimed Matt.  "It stopped!  Not a single drop is falling now!"

  "Oh God… please not now!" shouted Tai.

  They were outside the convention center, trying to get their digimon to stand up.  Suddenly they saw two shapes coming down the street.  As the digi-destined turned their heads, they saw that the two shapes were Wizardmon and Demidevimon.

  "Demidevimon!" growled TK.  "You won't get me again, right Patamon?"

  "No you don't understand," said Demidevimon.  "We're here to help you."

  Tai grabbed the imp by the feet and shook him.  "All right, I know what you're up to.  I know your little ambush tricks."

  "He's right," said the young wizard.  "If I heal your digimon, will you let us help you?  I know that you're about to fight Daemon."

  The digi-destined looked at each other reluctantly, then stepped back one by one.  Wizardmon took his staff and waved it over the injured rookie digimon, muttering a healing incantation.  A glittery powder fell out of the staff and landed on their wounds and affected areas.  After a few seconds, Agumon and the other rookies had completely healed and were able to stand up.

  "Thank you Wizardmon," acknowledged Tai.  "You and Demidevimon can help us."

  Suddenly Daemon's voice rang out through the air.  "The storm has ended!" he declared.

  All of a sudden, the large group found themselves being transported onto the roof of the TV station.  Daemon was facing them, and he had grown from six feet tall to his full height of ten feet, a red aura surrounding him.  He darkly chuckled to himself.  "Are you ready to fight?" he asked.  "Because I am!"

  "Agumon, digivolve to… GREYMON!  Greymon, digivolve to… METALGREYMON!"

  "Gabumon, digivolve to… GARURUMON!  Garurumon, digivolve to… WEREGARURUMON!"

  "Biyomon, digivolve to… BIRDRAMON!  Birdramon, digivolve to… GARUDAMON!"

  "Tentomon, digivolve to… KABUTERIMON!  Kabuterimon, digivolve to… MEGAKABUTERIMON!"

  "Gomamon, digivolve to… IKKAKUMON!  Ikkakumon, digivolve to… ZUDOMON!"

  "Palmon, digivolve to… TOGEMON!  Togemon, digivolve to… LILLYMON!"

  "Patamon, digivolve to… ANGEMON!"

  "Gatomon, digivolve to… ANGEWOMON!"

  "Go get him!" Tai shouted, pointing at Daemon.

  "Aw, eight against one, that isn't fair," commented the demon sarcastically.  "I think I better eliminate the competition.  EVIL INFERNO!"

  He spread his cloak and made a bunch of dark flames fly out at Garudamon and Zudomon.  Their feathers and fur caught on fire, and they began to get enveloped in it.

  "ZUDOMON!" screamed Joe.

  "Hydrao tanré xeisànite!" commanded Wizardmon, reciting the "water is life" incantation.  A huge blast of water flew out from his sun staff, extinguishing the flames and giving relief to the two scorched ultimates.

  "Damn you Wizardmon!" shouted Daemon.  "I ought to take care of you!  EVIL INFERNO!"

  "Stay away from him!  HAND OF FATE!"  Angemon flew over like a comet and knocked Daemon a few paces away, making him stumble and trip over his robes.





  All four attacks flew straight at the demon digimon, who had raised himself off the ground.  He held out his cloak-covered hands and formed a force field around himself that caused the four attacks to dissolve into ashes around him.



  The two other attacks were also unavailing; the flowers dried up as they flew through the air and the lightning bolt produced by the hammer sparked, then died out as it touched the force field.

  "THUNDER BALL!"  Wizardmon decided to assist them with the large ball of thunder.  It also flew through the air and hit daemon, but it just made the demon digimon chuckle.

  "Is that the best you can do?" he taunted.  "Pitiful little ultimates!  I ought to teach you all a lesson in fighting that you will never forget!  EVIL INFERNO!  EVIL FLAPPING!"

  The two attacks, which were the fire and darkness waves that were even more powerful than LadyDEvimon's flew out from his body and hit each of the ulitmate digimon.  First the inferno burned and scorched them, therefore making them vulnerable to attacks, and the evil flapping drained them of their energy and knocked them to the ground, not without letting out cries, one by one.

  "Agumon!" cried Tai.  He glared at Daemon and clenched his fist.  "You will pay for this!"



  The angels let their attacks fly, but this demon digimon was no Devimon or LadyDevimon.  He let the Hand of Fate punch him and force him back a few steps, then grabbed the Celestial Arrow and sent it back at Angewomon, who zoomed out of the way.

  "Not even an angel can stand up to me and get out alive!" shouted the demon digimon.  He extended his hands and let this dark spirit fly out of them and envelop both Angemon and Angewomon in its darkness.  He savored the moment as both angels writhed and cried out, then fell to the ground like shot birds.  They both de-digivolved to Patamon and Gatomon.

   "Do something, Wizardmon!" shouted Kari.  "Please do something, you're our only hope!"

  "THUNDER BALL!"  the wizard let the attack out again, praying that it would do something.

  It did.  Daemon grabbed it out of the air and hurled it back at the wizard, making him crash into the wall.  He flopped onto the ground, exhausted and in pain from the attack.

  "And now to finish every last one of you off!" declared Daemon, advancing on all of them.  "I shall suck out all your souls and make you merely empty shells.  You digi-destined and angel digimon will be the best of all!"  He pulled his robes back and revealed his claw-like black hands, which had black energy surrounding them.  He was about to touch Wizardmon when he was stopped.

  "GRISLY WING!"  Thousands of bats flew back towards the demon digimon, making him fly back and cease his attacking.  The bats chewed away at Daemon's robes for a few seconds before the digi-destined saw Myotismon about to face off against their enemy.

  "MYOTISMON?????" all the digi-destined were incredulous.

  "What's HE doing here?" asked Sora.

  "Oh great, not another enemy to defeat!" exclaimed Matt.

  "Well well well, I see you're here to avenge yourself," said Daemon.  "Are you ready to die this time?"

  "I was about to ask the same thing!" shouted the vampire.  "CRIMSON LIGHTNING!"  He took his whip, and all the digi-destined shielded their heads, bracing themselves for the attacks.  Then they saw that Myotismon wasn't attacking them, but he was attacking Daemon.  But why?

  "Attention," said a voice that blared over the loudspeakers.  "Air Japan's Flight 104 to London is now boarding."

  Tali began to gather her belongings, but the red flashes that appeared outside the window kept distracting her.  Since the TV station was not too far away from sight, she could see things clearly. She could make out the outlines of the digi-destined, and what looked like a demon… then the auburn-haired keeper of the Crest of Destiny gasped when she saw that the one who was fighting the evil-looking digimon was none other than her digimon partner.

  "Once again, Flight 104 to London is boarding," said the voice.

  Tali remembered that she had to catch a flight.  But she couldn't leave her digimon partner, could she?  She turned her head towards the gate, and then the TV station.

  "Final call for Flight 104 to London," declared the voice.

  Tali knew exactly what she had to do.

  The fight between Daemon and Myotismon had intensified, with each of them attacking the other and flying through the air in an aerial battle.  The digi-destined did not know which one to cheer for.  After what seemed like an hour, which was actually about fifteen minutes, both digimon had grown exhausted and landed on the surface of the TV station.  They both appeared roughed up from the attacks.

  "Hello, everyone!" rang out a familiar voice.  "Need a reinforcement?"

  "Tali!" Tai shouted, holding up a piece of paper.  "I thought you were going back to London!"

  "I was, until I saw my digimon partner risk his life."  Suddenly she clamped her hands over her mouth and gasped.  "I mean… fine, I admit it.  Myotismon is my digimon partner!"

  "WHAT????!!!!"  Tai's eyes were as wide as dinner plates.

  "Aw, it's Tali and her vampire, together again," commented Daemon.  "I know exactly what to do about her!"  He took his hand and waved it, making a huge wave of darkness knock her back onto the ground.  An awful screeching noise was ringing in her ears, and she squeezed her eyes shut to take her mind off of everything.

  Suddenly the demon was hit by a whip of Crimson Lightning.  "You stay away from her AND the digi-destined!" shouted Myotismon.

  "HA!  I can do whatever I wish to do," boasted the demon.  "I am all-powerful!  EVIL FLAPPING!"  He let the wave of darkness force the vampire back a few steps.

  Myotismon shielded himself with his cape, trying to stay conscious for defending the digi-destined.  He didn't know if they knew.  Finally the attack stopped when Daemon gave up.  "I once was cruel and powerful," he told Daemon as well as the digi-destined.  "And now that I have gone through a change of heart, I must do what I can to defend the worlds!"

  "You are a very courageous digimon, but would you risk everything for… that silly little group you call your own?"  Daemon pointed at Tali, Demidevimon… and Wizardmon.  "They will be the first to die, and you will be next!"

  The vampire immediately stepped in front of them with a straight face.  He stood with his feet apart and his arms at his side.  "No, and they will not die thanks to you!"

  Daemon raised his arms and prepared to attack.  Myotismon did exactly the same.  Tali regained consciousness.  All the digi-destined gasped and held their breaths.  The digimon watched.  Wizardmon shielded himself with his cloak.

  "MEGA INFERNO!" shouted Daemon, unleashing his most powerful attack, which was a combination of both attacks.

  "CRIMSON LIGHTNING!"  the vampire gathered all the energy he had and formed the largest bolt of Crimson Lightning he had ever formed, and made his bats fly with it, unleashing both his forceful attacks at the demon digimon…

  And he took the full blast of the attack.  He did it with courage.  As the huge ball of hot energy hit him, the entire area was enveloped in red light.  Everything was pure silence that could not be shattered.  All the digi-destined and digimon saw everything.  The force of the attack hit Myotismon so hard the last of his energy and life force was drained.  Before anyone could do anything, Myotismon cried out one last time, then dissolved into thin air.  He had been reconfigured.

  The lightning and the bats hit Daemon, like a darkness turning on its own master.  The demon digimon cried out before he got hit, not knowing what to do.  The bats chewed through his torso, and the lightning spread through his body and made him cry out even louder.  Huge bursts of Crimson Lightning enveloped every last inch of him before there was a large explosion.

  When the explosion cleared, Daemon was gone for good, and so were his henchmen.  The clouds in the sky were gone, and had been replaced by the deep vermilion sunlight of the evening.  Wizardmon, Demidevimon, and Tali were still alive.  So were the other digi-destined and digimon.  But Myotismon was gone, and all that remained of him was the crimson bat-winged mask that he was so well-known for.

  Every last human and digimon was silent.  They were happy that Daemon had been deleted forever, but they were very disappointed because they realized something.  Myotismon truly was a good digimon, and was no longer their enemy.  He proved so by sacrificing his life to save theirs.

  "No…" Tali whispered, her voice choked up and tears forming in her eyes.  "It can't be… if only I had known!  IF ONLY I HAD KNOWN!"  She fell to her knees and buried her head in her hands, crying as hard as she had when the rest of her family died.  "Why?" she asked.

  Wizardmon, fighting back his tears, slowly walked over to the place where his master stood and picked up the mask.  He placed it in front of the digi-destined, who bowed their heads in remembrance.  "He did not really die," he told them.  "His mask still remains with us, so he is still alive somewhere.  His spirit is here, and someday he will return to us to defend us."

  "He was an enemy and now he is our friend.  Right when it's too late to tell him so," declared Mimi.  "I wish we weren't so… so…"  She began to cry and squeeze Joe's hand.

  All the digi-destined held hands and bowed their heads, having a moment of silence in memory of the mon that they had never seemed to understand.  The digimon did the same.

  The next day they went to the digital world and traveled to Myotismon's castle.  Each of them carried a candle and a rose.  Tali carried the mask with her.  The digi-destined, their digimon, Wizardmon, and many of his henchmen went in a procession up to the tallest tower, where they lit the candles and placed them around the room, setting the roses on a velvet-covered stand in the middle.  The mask was gently placed upon the flowers.

  "Someday he will come back to us," said Tali.  "My aunt is flying to Tokyo tomorrow and bringing me to her house in England.  It will be very sad without any of you around… especially Myo… if only I understood…"

  "That's right," Angemon echoed.  "Someday he will return… possibly as an angel…"

  The group had another moment of silence, anticipating the vampire's return.

  He was a devil at first, torturing his henchmen and trying to take over the worlds, but then he became an angel who let his henchmen free and tried to destroy the other evil digimon for the good of the worlds.  At first only his face was handsome, with a hideous soul beneath his exterior, but then his soul matched his face.  He was a vampire, and loved it when humans shed their blood, but he shed his own blood for the humans.  It was not a trip through the Gate of Destiny that changed his heart, but it was his own reflections and new viewpoint on his own life.  The Gate just contributed to everything.  He loved the darkness, but after traveling through the Gate of Destiny he welcomed the light.  He at first wanted to destroy the other evil digimon so he would have a chance of world domination, but then he wished to do so to defend the world.  He had taken away so many lives, but sacrificed his own to save even more.

  Once evil, now good.  He was a mon unlike any other mon.  Myotismon.