Chapter One

He stared at the newspaper in front of him, everyone on the Moby dick stared at the second division commander with a heap of curiosity, because this would be the first time that Fire Fist Ace had sat still for so long. Thatch couldn't hold back any longer and looked over the younger males shoulders to see what had got the teens attention, he blinked down at the article that his all over the front page, drawing all thoughts out of his mind as he reads a few sentences from the clip. 'Monkey D. Luffia, adopted daughter of Dragon leader of the rebellion army, grandchild of Garp the fist and blood daughter of the late pirate king, Gold Roger.'

"Hey Ace, do you know her?" He asked after re-reading that one sentence. Nobody on the Moby dick knows that Portages D. Ace is really Gol D. Ace besides the old man Whitebeard, at least not yet and Ace isn't singing about his blood line anytime soon. Ace stood up face dark and he stalked towards Whitebeards room newspaper in a tight grip in his left hand as he slammed open the door, three men that had watched Ace stalk off got up and sneaked over to the door that had just been slammed closed. Ace the young black haired and freckled face man threw the newspaper at Whitebeard who is sitting in his bed.

"Did you know that HE had another kid? Did you know that I have a little sister?" Ace growls out, fully pissed off about this little fact that he has just learnt.

"Might have…" Whitebeard said watching as Ace's hair tips turned into flames and had flames running along his shoulder, holding up his hands Whitebeard continued. "…he was forced to do it, the marine wanted a weapon and they thought that with the blood of the pirate king they will have one if they raised it right and well trained, that's why he wasn't killed right away in the first three years of your life, they drugged him and well from the looks of this…"

"How do you know all of this?" Ace says letting the fire burn out staring up at the old man in front of him.

"Garp told me after he had stolen the girl from their clutches and wondered if I could look after the kid, I turned him down, a pirate's life if not a place to raise a baby. Garp nodded at this and went off to find his own son…don't know what happened to the brat after that." They fell into silence both thinking their own thoughts before Whitebeard voiced his question. "What do you want to do about it?"

"…Donno…" Ace answered with a shrug of his shoulders, they both jumped when the door fell off the hinges and slammed into the ground with three people leaning on it. They tumbled as gravity took over the bodies. Ace and Whitebeard looked down at the three sprawled out bodies, Thatch was underneath Sabo, the guy that was raised with Ace, while Marco had his leg on top of Sabo's back and hand over Thatch's face. Sabo and Thatch both Ace and Whitebeard could understand but Marco, he never stuck his nose into other people's things and if he did stick his nose in things he wouldn't get caught like this. Thatch moved Marco's hand and looked up to see a very amused father and a very pissed off brother that was trying to hide his amusement. Marco was first to react he stood up and leaned on the wall as if nothing happened, Sabo stayed on Thatch a while longer just for the hell of it before standing up and smiling at them, Thatch stood up and glared at Sabo before turning to Ace.

"Who's your father? Thatch asks Ace, the black haired teen looked down at his feet and shuffled before looking back at Thatch.

"Gol D. Roger is my blood father." Thatch just stares at Ace, Sabo didn't really do anything after all his known for some time about his father just didn't know anything about a sister, and Whitebeard didn't react at all after all his known since Ace told him but the ones that did know looked at Marco he didn't react.

"What? I've known since Ace told pops." He says shrugging; they nod in understanding before turning back to Thatch, his still frozen with a stupid look on his face they waited for him to come back around it felt like hours but it was only a few minutes.

"HOLY SHIT, YOU HAVE A LONG LOST SISTER!" Thatch yells out pointing at the teen, everyone stared at the ranting man about missing sisters and stuff and they had to wonder just how stupid he really is. Ace was about to say something when Izo, the cross dressing male popped his head around the doorframe.

"Pops, the Red-haired pirates want to talk to you; they said it's urgent and that they need your help. We signalled them to pull up alongside us."

"Gurararararara, what does that brat want?" Whitebeard stood up from his bed and walked out of his room, his sons walking close behind him.