Trying a new story of Equestria. I normally see humans changing into ponies but what if, they remained human unless it requires them to be completely changed forever.

Story: Ticket to Equestria

Chapter 1: The Book

The world is a horrible place I live in, Earth, there is no hope for my grandfather's dream to happen. I been trying to fight to keep it alive ever since I moved in this old library. My name is Ethan Forest, I been the main librarian for 5 years now ever since the main staff left and moved on to other jobs. Opa (My grandfather) I would call him wanted this library to live in his wife legacy that died 10 years ago when I was 11... It was only a few years later my mother died from cancer and father died by a heart attack when he was driving.

Opa is all I had left, I never had the chance to get to know any of the family. Most of them where in politics and didn't seem like people I would be interested in meeting anyway. Opa was a strong and well known man that hardly left anything for himself, he always looked out for the family and those he loved. I always talked to him when I was in his care.

Now since he passed away, his will entrusted me with library but said that if it does fail it not my fault. He didn't want me to be pressured even when I messed things up. I didn't have much hope a few years later when the state and the city didn't want to support the library.

It was only a month later I was using my savings to keep it running. The land was in my name and a few companies wanted to by the land and break down the library in the process. Forced to keep the place going. It wasn't long til the executor of the will came to see me. He was always there to give me any legal support I needed. To him, this library won't make it and he organized to sell the land but there was something for me, a letter from my Opa.

"He told me, if you where unable to handle keeping the library, this will keep you safe and I can handle the library from there... I will help you if you need it in the future Ethan." He walked out.

"Thanks..." I told him as he went outside.

"Make sure you read it carefully and follow its instructions to the letter... That's what your grandfather told me to tell you." He stated as he closed the door heading to his car.

I opened the letter as it had a necklace which the chain was pretty thick with a gemstone that seemed a to have a glow with it. There was a letter as I started to read it out loud to myself, "Dear Ethan, I know you been working hard on this library for years, months or days after I died and I wanted to make sure that everything will be handled if... I die" I paused taking a breath, "Nothing can show you how sorry I am to leave you alone without guidance for the rest of your life. The gemstone that is in this letter is a key to a hidden book in the library that your grandmother told me about... It was going to be a gift from us to you but her spirit needed to move on form this world." I started to shed a tear was I quickly wiped off my face.

"There is a room behind the fiction A-4 shelf." I read as I head there. "Be careful as the shelf needs to be forced off..." which I pulled as the shelf off and a door was behind it. I went inside as the door closed and the sound of the shelf went back in its place. The glowing gemstone I had was bright that I could continue with the letter, "There will be a book with a lock that this gemstone is a key for."

I looked around and saw a book with no words. It seemed like an odd-looking hard cover book that seemed to be pretty bulky. I saw a key hole that was present on the book which I placed in the gemstone and it opened. The book started to glow as well from the freed pages. I was starting to get chills down my spine.

"This book was your grandmother's she never told anyone about it except me and knew you would be the perfect one to show her world to you. I know there might not be any other choice for you in our world... It might be weird but use the book and follow the instructions on the 123 page." I read I started to get nervous and excited at the same time.

"ok.. page 123... transfer of gate." I placed the necklace on as I started to read the book. "A world of magic and harmony of strong, the gate will open and the be forever shut if the key passes. The words to open the gate and take hold of the host. Equestria Durntoll Equee Dui" as I stated that the book burst into a fire and I stepped back the world seemed to disappear around me as I was pulled into a vortex.

Everything was black for a moment as light flashed a few times, blinding me as I felt gravity again. I appeared in some trees falling in them crashing to the ground making myself unconscious.

"Hey, I thought I heard something girls." A voice stated.

"Applebloom, what sound are you talking about. It was most likely a bird." Another Voice stated.

"I don't think birds make a crashing noise Scootaloo." A third voice added.

"AHH! What is that thing!" Applebloom shouted.

"Lets get out of here!" Scootaloo stated as they ran off.

I was there out for sometime, It started to rain which awake me.

"Where am I... OUCH." I stated in pain getting up. "Was I drugged? No can't be... I still have the gemstone. I better get out of this rain." I stood up and looked around. I saw a village not far at all. "I hope that there is a phone." I was dizzy still but kept standing as I used the trees to move around slowly moving to the village. The rain started to slow down and the clouds where moving away and disappearing as light started to shine though.

"That... was very short down pour... weird." I stood up and felt less dizzy and more stable. Something caught my eye. I saw some small houses walking around... they seemed oddly looking for horses and seemed to be talking, when they left my field of view I rubbed my eyes for a moment. "Did I see what I think I saw?" I asked myself, "I must be drugged or something."

I took more stepped til I saw more of these... ponies, It was clear they didn't see me. I try and hide. My gemstone necklace was floating off me and pointing off to the distance to a tall mountain with a castle attached to it. I was wondering if the gemstone was telling me to head there.

"AHH MONSTER!" A scream came from behind me once I turned around they where frozen with fear, as I walked to her, as she had a famine voice. She jolted off as others did as well. It was quickly a ghost town.

"Wonderful." I grunted.


"Is he really here. I can almost feel it." Celestia stated talking to herself as something was attracting her to something. "It couldn't be... Its been over thousand years.. It could be..." She started to walk out of the throne room having guard bow as she exited.

"Sister, where are you going?" Luna was surprised to see her sister not in the throne room at this time nothing really happening.

"Luna, I am just going to get some fresh air." Celestia head off as Luna wondered why she just head to the garden behind her.


I tried to reason with the citizens. I was getting nowhere. The crystal seemed to be moving. I started to following there the crystal was pointing as I started to scare off more ponies. Some where standing there as I raced back.

"Hi how you doing?" I waved passing them leaving the town. The crystal started to point into the sky. I stopped as I looked where the crystal was pointing. Right now I didn't worry as I placed the gemstone in my shirt as it stopped pointing. My goal was to get to that castle. Maybe someone there be able to help me.

Following Celestia

Celestia was just got to ponyville as there was cheering. Some ponies where having mix feelings what was going on. Twilight just saw the princess come into town on her chariot.

"Princess Celestia, what a welcomed surprise." Twilight stated walking to the princess.

"My dearest student, I came here something was troubling me. Is there anything happen in the last hour." Celestia asked Twilight.

"Not to what I can recall..." Twilight stated.

"A monster came though here Princess." A voice in a crowd stated. A few also agreed with their statement.

"A monster? What did it look like?" Celestia wondered.

"It was tall as you, wear clothing, and ran on 2 feet." Another voice stated.

Celestia thought, 'It could be him...' turning to her subjects, "Don't worry my subjects, I will be handling this issue personally."

Back to Ethan... again.

I was walking more. I was getting tired, with this terrain it was going to be a long walk. I sat down to rest, my legs where burning a bit. I wasn't an exercise type of person. I hate getting sweaty wasn't my feeling of getting something done.

'So far, I entered a world filled with ponies. Being so different I can understand their fear.' I thought with a sigh.

"So princess, what do you think this 'creature' is?" Twilight asked wondered as I looked where that voice came form.

"I am unsure but I have an idea that it might be a human." Celestia stated.

"Human? Whats that." Twilight wondered.

"A Human comes from another world that is similar physically but magic is non-existent as well harmony." Celestia told Twilight. "I was once in that world a long time ago."

That made me wonder, if she has been part of my world maybe she can help me.

R "Talking about me right?" I stated showing myself as the gemstone that I had pointed to this pony that was as tall as me and her hair to flow without any wind moving it. Celestia noticed the gemstone and stared at me for a moment. "I sorry that I appeared out of nowhere... I honestly have no idea whats going on. I was requested to read this magical book and it sent me here."

"So, it is you... Ethan, I haven't seen you for... well a long time."

"What?" Twilight and I stated.

"Not to be rude, how do I know you?... Celestia is it?" I wondered very skeptical.

"Well that gemstone, is something I gave to your grandfather so long ago as I knew I couldn't exist outside of my world for long even tried to expand my stay." Celestia stated.

"Wait a moment." I stated as I started to think, 'If Celestia gave this to Opa, then she is... my grandmother?! How does that even work?' I mind was blown for a moment trying to make sense of the statement. "OK, this makes no sense at all."

"I am pretty lost as well Princess." Twilight added.

"Twilight Sparkle, I will explain later, for now just head back to ponyville and let them know I have handled the issue." Celestia commanded.

"Very well princess" She sighed and trotted to Ponyville.

It was still pretty quiet, I was rubbing my head to make sense but it seemed like it was just making a larger headache.

"How is... your grandfather?" Celestia was curious.

I sighed and sat down, "Well he passed away, It was a letter I got when I couldn't keep the library alive anymore. Once I placed on this necklace and read in this large book on page 123, I round-up here."

"I see, the book is destroyed and your here now." Celestia stated.

"So how does this work anyway, My grandmother gave this gemstone to my grandfather... If you did that... my head hurting just thinking about it. As far I know my grandmother passed away" I stated.

"Yes, I am your Grandmother, when I went to your world I was in human form. When I returned it almost seemed like it was only a dream. It was because the magic that brought me there was pulling me back to my world that I belong." Celestia stated.

"Right now, that's a lot to take in, I can't really believe that as I just got here." I stated.

"Well I won't force you to believe anything, But I won't let you be an outcast in my lands." Celestia stated.

I frowned, "That's very kind of you, but that would make your subjects uncomfortable."

"They might but that comes with anything new, I can't blame my subjects for being scared of a creäture they don't know about. In time I know you have a heart of gold they will warm up too." Celestia stated turning around, "Just trust me."

I went out of a limb and went with it, I extremely doubt her claims as my grandmother it really messes with my head.

It wasn't long til we entered ponyville. I was with Celestia as ponies where still a mix of confused, confused and curious. The guards where almost to react til they saw Celestia told them, "He is my Royal Guest."

Getting on the chariot which seemed to be unsafe as there wasn't much to hold on. I still got on it with some nervousness. "You sure about this, it doesn't feel safe." I wondered.

"Just sit next to me, you will be ok." Celestia said.

I sat down next to her, as the chariot seemed to take off. The quick movement almost knocked me back. Getting stabilized we where already over 50 feet in the air, which triggered a fear of heights as I grabbed Celestia front leg and shut my eyes to make sure I wasn't going to fall.

Then after knowing I wasn't going to fall I opened them again I saw very far in the distance, the view was amazing. Seeing the guards pulling the chariot and looking around.

"This is amazing." I said.

Celestia just smiled at that the statement. The wind in my face made me felt an unparalleled joy I haven't felt in years. It wasn't long til we where close to Canterlot which we started to land which made my hair on my body stand up as I got goosebumps. We landed I froze for a moment letting Celestia go.

"You ok?" She asked as I shook my head.

"Peachy... it was surprising to drop so quickly." I stated as I got out of the chariot. Standing up almost losing stance on standing as my body wasn't used to that fall.

"Just fresh air dear sister." Luna grumbled.

"I can explain Luna." Celestia respond.

"Thou who is this...?" Luna asked I smiled rubbing my head.

"Lets discuss this inside, Privately." Celestia stated as we walked into the throne room, which all the guards were told to leave the room, Celestia sighed as she started to explain, "This is my grandson." Luna jaw just dropped, "Some time after I sent you to the moon to be imprisoned. I found this gemstone." I showed Luna it as Celestia continued, "It sent me to another world, the moment of remaining there I met a person in their world when I looked like them... Which I feel in love but the spell that placed me in their world was only limited, and I was shot back which seemed like death in their world."

"Hi, my name is Ethan." I added which Luna was still dumfounded and seemed to have her mind blown for a moment.

Luna blinked and closed her mouth for a second and responded, "Well sister, what are we going to do about this?" glaring at Celestia with a raised eye brow.

"Well it matters, what do you want to do Ethan?" Celestia wondered as they looked at me.

I started to talk as my stomach growled loudly which made me blush, "If I had to start, I think getting something to eat would be good start." which made them giggle.

"What are we going to tell our subjects?" Luna asked Celestia.

"We consider him family... in time Ethan will be accepted..." Celestia answered.

"Wait wouldn't that make me a prince?" I asked.

"Yes it would." Luna agreed, "That would make you my grand-nephew." She came up and hugged me which my stomach protested.

"Why don't we get you something to eat. I hope you don't mind salad." Celestia stated.

"Don't mind at all, If will keep my stomach happy." I responded.

We went to the dining hall, which the table was much lower that I had to sit on the floor to be just the right height. A pony quickly gave something soft to sit on.

"Thanks, that was kind of you." I told the pony as they went to do what they where doing before.

Since I wasn't a pony and my diet isn't the same, the chef came to ask me himself what I like to eat. I asked about a potato soup, which he mentioned to me.

"I normally don't go hungry, It's odd to except myself not to be at least half way full sometime." I stated.

"I wouldn't be surprised that any spell that got you into Equestria uses the normal energy of your body more effective." Celestia stated.

"Biological Chemical Energy... Interesting." I said to myself as a salad placed in front of me. "What.. fork should I be using...?" I asked having too many forks moving my hand over each one is despair, which Luna and Celestia showed me by picking up theirs magically. "Thanks." I responded as I started to eat. I liked the idea of this salad... The vegetables seemed more tasting and fresher than what I normally used too and I normally get mine from local farmer's market.

"Something wrong?" Celestia asked me as I seemed to pause after taking a swallow.

"Nothing is wrong, the salad is amazingly good. The fruit seemed very fresh than what I am normally used to" I explained, taking another bite.

"That's good." Celestia smiled.

Swallowing the bite I had, I asked, "So, I am wondering... You mentioned something about Luna being trapped in the moon... what happened there?"

Luna eye widen for a moment as Celestia started. "Well, It was a Jealously thing that forced me to … well place Luna in a time out..." Luna nodded in shame.

"A thousand years? That's pretty harsh... I am pretty sorry that you had to be locked away for a millennium. " as Celestia jammed salad in my mouth by using magic, making me glare at her.

"It happened, I am happy its withheld in the past. I thank you for your words." Luna stated.

I started to chew the food force-fed to me, taking a swallow it finishing the salad. The Potato soup, which I placed the fork down as I face palm myself as there was many spoons. Which Luna stated, "This is the spoon you need." I looked noticing as I picked up the spoon that Luna picked up with magic. There was also some bread with the soup on the side.

"Thanks... I normally used to one spoon, one fork and one butter knife." I explained.

"Well normally some ponies can't use silverware. It's common for Princesses and Unicorns to use such items." Luna added.

Taking a taste of the potato soup as I was listening to Luna, then once I swallowed I started to speak, "So what about other ponies?" I asked as Luna gave me the idea as she just drove into her food, splashed some at Celestia.

"Luna." Celestia grumbled as I chuckled.

"Thanks, I get it now thanks." I stated.

Celestia wiped the soup off her face as Luna did the same as she giggled. By then I finished with the soup.

"So, what did you think?" Celestia asked about the food.

"It was good... Never had food so fresh before." I answered, "Thank you for the food by the way."

"Your welcome, Why don't we get some arrangements made. I don't think you're heading anywhere soon unless I am mistaken?" Celestia asked

I paused, "Well I have no reason to leave, if that's what you're asking."

"Excellent, For the time being, I will have you stay here in the castle in the guest room." Celestia said, "We will get a chance to catch up tomorrow." which I started to show signs that I was indeed going to fall asleep as I shook my head.

"I clearly need to rest." I stated placing a hand on my face rubbing my eyes.

"Follow me to the guest room." Celestia informed me I followed her, It wasn't long to get there or I was phasing in and out of consciousness. "Here you go, good night."

"Good Night..." I hugged her as I went to the room, falling on the bed falling to sleep.

Celestia smiled as she closed the door.