Riders of the Iron Horse part 1

Demon village. Arthur the knight ran across the hills as fire balls reigned down from the sky. He jumped off from a hill in the nick of time as a fireball came down upon it burning it. Arthur got up from the ground dusting off the dirt from his knees and then looked up to the sky. There he saw his nemesis Firebrand cackling some demonic gibberish as he watched the knight struggle. Arthur replied in his own way by using his magic bracelet to throw fireballs of his own. Firebrand dodged the fire and came down towards Arthur picking him up and soaring into the skies. Arthur thought this a foolish move on Firebrands part as he now had a better shot of hitting him, but as he aimed his bracelet he was dropped. He plummeted down on the top of a hill (a very large one at that, Firebrand clearly chose it specifically) and began tumbling down it.

"Ah! OOf!" he let out with each tumble he took each more painful than the last. A piece of his armor kept coming off each time. Finally he made it to the bottom of the hill but in only his underwear. He picked himself up and looked to the sky to see firebrand above him. So he started running as fast as his little legs could carry him as Firebrand reined fire down from above him. Arthur moved as fast as he could and the hill became bigger as he got closer. Then he was in reach, he went for a jump and landed behind the hill and just in the nick of time as fire bursted from where he once stood. He now took some relief knowing he had some cover.

"Ah that was a close one" the nearly naked knight panted. "But I must defeat this foul foe!" he exclaimed picking up his axe. He then flung himself over the hill and into the air. He saw firebrand and was ready to take him on. Arthur wielded his axe in midair and was prepared to strike until,, a chain wrapped around his left ankle.

"Whaaaaa!" he let out as he was pulled behind the hill fire brand laughing the whole time. Arthur landed back on his butt but picked himself up and turned to the culprit who was sitting down with his knees to his chest his right side facing Arthur.

"I say what is the meaning?"

"Cool it little guy I'd say you've done enough heroics for one day" Ghost rider Arthurs demon hunter partner responded as he pulled the chain back wrapping it around his right shoulder.

"Well I do believe the terms of this partnership was to help each other to take down demons not to hinder one another's progress"

"Well since you were such a big help fighting Mephisto, I thought you'd wanna see what it's like fighting one on one for a while" Ghost rider said sarcastically.

"I explained before I was only looking for a good vantage point to throw my axes from"

"Well there's plenty of hill's here for a vantage point won't do you much good against a guy who can fly. But if you need my help just tag me in"

"Well I shall "tag you in" now for I acquire assistance"

Ghost rider smirked "Alright little guy" he said getting up "But if I'm in we do it my way"

Arthur gasped "You don't mean?"

"Oh I mean"

Meanwhile in front of the hill Firebrand remained airborne rolling around in the air at his nemesis current predicament. Then his laughing stopped as he heard a noise. It sounded like a roaring animal and a big one too. It was loud but short. He heard it again and he came closer to the hill to investigate. Then he heard it again and he went closer. He heard it again only louder and longer. Then he went up to the hill and it leaped out at him. Now most people may find their arch nemesis holding on for dear life by only his ands onto a flaming skeleton driving a cursed motorcycle humorous but Firebrand thought different and rightly flew off in the other direction with ghost rider in pursuits. He swung his chain at firebrand in the air who managed to evade it.

"Hey" Ghost rider called back getting the attention of the petrified Arthur "If you wanna throw you axes now would be a good time". Arthur took the hint and began throwing axes over his shoulder and at the demon. Firebrand then became too preoccupied with dodging the axes he didn't notice the chain coming for him. It wrapped around his entire body wings and all, he was trapped. Ghost rider swung his arm back and the chain followed, then he flung it forward and Firebrand's trapped body hit hard against the ground and the already dazed demon had no way of stopping the oncoming motorcycle. The motorcycle collided with him running him over. After words Ghost rider screeched to a halt turning it around then stopping it leading to flaming skid marks.

"Well that wasn't so bad" he commented as Arthur fainted off the bike. "Now time to collect the check" he said getting off his bike and walking towards Firebrand's body. He picked him up with both arms and held him before his face. "Look into my eyes demon!" His view of Firebrand's frightened face was then blocked out by red hearts on a white cloth. Arthur was sitting arms and legs crossed on his arms/

"No killing"

"Ah demon of vengeance remember I got a quota to fill"

"No killing" Arthur repeated.

"Ah fine" Ghost rider said giving up. He carelessly dropped Firebrand but kept his arms stretched out so Arthur could climb down. He then proceeded to untie Firebrand from the chains, who flew off at the first chance of freedom.

"Goodbye demon may we meet again someday!" Arthur yelled waving to him while Ghost rider rolled his nonexistent eyes while leaning against his motorcycle behind him. "Alright" Arthur said turning back to him "What say you now?" he said throwing the chains back to its owner who caught them.

"I'd say it's my turn to pick our next victim"

"Ah of course I picked Firebrand this time and you picked Mephisto before therefore it is your turn again". Ghost rider then watched as his partner disappeared behind a list of targets they made. The list was long and consisted of many names. Those from Arthur's world were written in blue while Ghost rider where written in red. "But I must ask? " he heard the voice say from behind the page " you seemed a little picky when creating the list, for instance why is Dante here, is he not a fellow demon hunter like yourself?" Arthur questioned lowering the parchment.

"If that kid wants to be a big time demon hunter and fight big time demon's he's gonna have to face a real demon hunter like me"

"Ah and what of Trish?"

"Bitch nicked my bike" he muttered.

"Ah then by that logic we must strike down the Hulk surely he is a dangerous big monster even if he did help with Galactus" Arthur said looking back at the list although Hulk wasn't on it.

"No" ghost rider replied sharply

"Why not?"

"Cause that's not something I wanna deal with right now and who the hell said you could pick give me that" Ghost rider said quickly taking the paper from his hands. He scanned for a name, but he wasn't looking for any name he was looking for a name that brought the most annoyance to him when he read it. He scrolled down the list looking at each name then he stopped suddenly. He lowered the paper from his face and looked out to the horizon. He started to softly chuckle.

Arthur meanwhile was confused. He looked to the horizon. "What?" he asked. Then he turned back to his partner. "What?" he asked again. Ghost rider made no response he just stuffed the paper into his jacket and mounted his motorcycle.

"To quote our next victim" he said before turning to Arthur "You're in for quite a night. But put some pants on" he quickly added that last part at the end.

"I recall that first saying but not the second"

"That's cause the second part wasn't a quote seriously put some pants on". Arthur then looked down and was reminded that he was still only in his boxers.