It doesn't go Part 2

Tony awoke from his bed and was ready to prepare for his day. He noticed Morrigan wasn't next to him but he assumed she was off somewhere; doing what he could only imagine. He was going into work so he decided he'd need a suite to look presentable. He reached over and opened his drawer to find… nothing. He looked in another, still nothing. He continued to look around his room, in the drawers, the closet but he couldn't find anything. The only things that he could find were socks, which were more plentiful than usual. He walked out of his room and down the stairs wearing only boxers and socks.

"Morrigan if this is your idea of a sick joke I swear to God I'm gonna.." he trailed off as he reached the bottom of his stairs. He saw Nova in his kitchen with piles of his clothes around him, sorted between folded and clean and dirty and wrinkly. Nova was using his dinner table as a ironing board while Viewtiful Joe wore an apron and was making breakfast.

"Ah Tony you're up" Nova said looking up and noticing him.

"What the hell is going on here? My kitchen looks like a sweatshop mixed with a cooking show that only covers pancakes"

"What's wrong with pancakes?" Joe asked surrounded by towers of pancakes. "Some have blue berries and chocolate chip"

"It is nice to start your day off with chocolate chips" Nova added.

"Listen guys I have to go to work so-"

"Don't worry that's why we're here, were getting you ready for your day" Nova said as he grabbed a suite, tie and shoes. "Here you go, a freshly washed and ironed suite with newly polished shoes". Tony looked them over and he did a good job.

"Good job thanks Richie" he complimented then got dressed. "Well I gotta go"

"Wait at least take some coffee" Joe said running up and handing a cup to him. Tony took a sip, thanked him and went on his way.

"Knock em dead Tony!" Nova called out to him. Nova grimaced as he saw a burn mark from the iron on the back of the suite. But Tony didn't seem to notice, he politely waved them off and closed the door behind him to leave.

"Well I'd say we won that" Joe announced "But what are we gonna do with all these pancakes. They were silent for a moment.

"Well we have been working since 1 o'clock this morning, I could use some food" Nova said.

Outside on the doorstep Tony spit on the ground and drained the coffee from the cup.

"That tasted like crap" he said before leaving to start his day.

Meanwhile in the bathroom Viper stood in the shower washing herself. She had been up all night trying to crack into Stark's computer systems but with no luck. With the sun rising and with no sleep she decided to give up and take a shower to wake herself up and get her ready for the day before she went back to try again. She let out a sigh as the hot water dripped down her body.

"Pass the soap" another female voice asked.

"Yeah, sure give me a sec- What the hell!" Viper turned around screaming. Behind her she saw Morrigan standing there casually in the shower with her. "What are you doing?!" she screamed frantically while covering herself with her hands.

"Oh no need to get excited were both women here, it's not like I haven't seen it before" Morrigan said putting her hands on Vipers shoulders. "I'm just here to freshen up like you but you see your blocking the soap" she said pointing with her fingers.

"Get out!" Viper screamed at her.

"You're really in no position to give me orders" Morrigan said as she put her hands on her hips.

"Leave now or you'll regret it" Viper said coldly but this only got a laugh from Morrigan.

"Oh I don't think so. You see dear you're nothing without your little toys. Even if you did have them I don't think shooting electricity would be a good idea in water". Viper glared at Morrigan.

Down stairs Nova and Joe were playing a card game to see who would get the last pancake. Since it was the only one with strawberries it would be a very good breakfast for the winner.

"Got any three's?" Joe asked. They both then heard a blood curling scream from the bathroom. "Is that a no?" he asked casually. They both turned their heads up as Morrigan casually fluttered out of the bathroom in a towel and Viper stormed out soon after with her clothes in her hands and she saw the two of them looking up at her.

"What the hell are you looking at?!" she screamed.

"Nothing" the two said snapping back to their game. "So got any three's" Joe asked again.

"I got strawberries" Nova said. Joe looked up to see Nova chewing on the strawberry pancake.

"Hey" he whined.

Viper had just gotten dressed and walked out of one of the rooms. She walked by Morrigan who was leaning against the wall.

"So blow off enough steam?" she asked. Viper didn't respond she just kept walking by. "I don't know why you're mad. Tony never got mad at me when I did that to him"

"I don't care" Viper said coldly as she stopped. This caught Morrigan's attention. "I don't have times to play silly little games with any of you. I have important-" Viper cut herself off mid-sentence.

"Important what?" Morrigan asked. Viper seemed to hesitate for a moment.

"Never mind" she said continuing to walk off leaving Morrigan behind. Morrigan then began to rethink the situation. Maybe Viper wasn't here for the reason's she originally thought.

Viper walked throughout the house passing Nova and Joe who were currently cleaning the kitchen with mops.

"Man this is gonna take forever" Joe complained.

"Yeah and we may not finish by the time he gets back from work or even a lunch break" Nova added as he mopped the floor.

"And then we won't get our good deed money"

"Wait! I got an idea" Nova said. Nova then attached mops to Joe's hands as he held him by his feet with his hands on the floor. "You ready?" he asked.

"As I'll ever be" Joe said. Then Nova flew throughout the house holding onto Joe who mopped the floor as they went. He mopped every floor including the carpets, went up the walls, on the ceiling, out the house and onto the roofs. After running around so much both of them were out of breath as they rested on the roof.

"Well that fun" Nova panted.

"Yeah…" Joe said holding his helmet "I feel a little sick".

"Eh you'll be okay" Nova said as he patted him on the back. A bad move on his part as Joe leaned over the roof and began throwing up. "Eh not so Viewtiful" Nova cringed.

Stark Industries

Tony sat at his desk and was currently filing through some paperwork. Truth be told he tried to keep his life as normal as possible since the merging, this was only the desk work part. His dual life as Iron man had been busy none the less. He saved saved a bus full of children from falling off a bridge the other day, so he felt good about that. Usually Morrigan did help him with that stuff but the other day she didn't. Not because she didn't care, because she wasn't there. Still feeling like a free spirit she did get out of the house to explore, usually while Tony was at work such as how he was now. Then he heard his desk phone ringing. He turned his head and reached over to pick up his phone.

"Stark Industries Tony Stark speaking"

"Well that's not very interesting" Morrigan's voice said into the phone.

"What is it Morrigan? No one's destroyed my house right?"

"Oh I just thought I'd call you up at work and have some fun over the phone" she said in a sultry voice

"Phone sex"

"Now you're catching on" she mused "You up for it"

"I really can't" he let out a sigh " But I really can't say no can I"

"No and if you hang up I'll just keep calling". Tony looked around his room and then at the door. The coast was clear.

"You got five minutes"

Meanwhile back at the house Viper had just returned from another failed attempt at trying to get the blueprints.

"There must be something I can do" she pondered aloud. Then she saw the house phone on the wall. Why not call him at work and try to get info, it was worth a shot right. So she picked up the phone and was about to speak when she heard voices already on the line.

"Oh you're naughty aren't you" she heard Morrigan moan. Not wanting to hear anymore she quickly hung up the phone and left, bewildered by what she heard.

A few minutes later Morrigan hung up the phone and walked outside, licking her fingers. She managed to sneak in three extra minutes by keeping his concentration away from the time, but she heard in the background his office door open and Pepper's voice and he quickly hung up. God how she wanted to be in that room to see the look on both of their faces. With nothing better to do she walked outside to the yard. There she saw Nova mowing the lawn and Viewtiful Joe picking up weeds. She went to the side of the house and leaned against it.

"Yes sir I understand" she heard a voice say. It sounded like Viper's. Morrigan leaned over to see Viper secluded on the side of the house talking to someone through her earpiece. "I've tried sir but the blueprints are under tighter security codes than I previously thought" Suddenly it all became clear to Morrigan. "Yes sir I'll try again". Then Viper hit her earpiece and began talking to someone else but in a more energetic tone. "I love you too sweetie!"

"Is she bi-polar?" Morrigan whispered before backing away. She had a plan to deal with this herself.

Viper walked down into the basement and walked up to Tony Stark's computer. Her biggest problem wasn't getting use of the computer, she could crack that easily. Her real problem was breaking through the multiple layers of security walls without getting noticed. It would take time something she definitely didn't have. So she opened the computer and tried to gain access to restricted files. It asked for a password. With no clear guess in mind she started typing in codes although none of them were successful. She tried to hack into the mainframe of the computer but this also proved ineffective. She now became frustrated and banged her hands onto the digital keyboard. Bright blue lighting appeared onscreen reading "Welcome". What she hit she didn't know or care all she knew was that her job was almost done. She was about to copy down the blueprints when a voice called out to her.

"Well this doesn't seem right". Viper turned around to see Morrigan leaning against the wall behind her. "Your not the one who usually uses that computer" Viper went into a fighting stance.

"Can I help you with something?"

"Yes actually" Morrigan said getting off the wall and walking towards her "You can close that computer, forget about the blue prints then leave and never come back"

"And if I"

"Then I'll tell Tony what you've been up to, he'll tell his hero buddies who will no doubt turn against you and your agency. Now with Shield backing up an army of super hero's as well as some enemies you've made from your own world joining in you would be crushed" Morrigan said stopping in front of Viper.

"An interesting tale. But there's no way he'll believe you, everyone else will excuse it as a tall tale. Another cry from attention from you. We have our own files on you back at HQ, we know all about how you work"

"Well that's true but I think everyone will be inclined to believe me when they hear.." she paused and ripped open her shirt " this!". Viper looked down to see a tape recorder, smothered in-between Morrigan's breasts.

"Are you kidding me?"

"Nope" Morrigan smiled. Viper was caught, she knew that. She would have to face a failed mission or another worldly invasion in her hands. And some of these guys didn't take prisoners.

"Alright" she said giving in "I'll leave tonight"

"Now!" Morrigan said sternly.

"Fine whatever" Viper said. "You know you might make a pretty good field agent someday"

"Sounds boring" Morrigan commented.

"Fine "Viper said turning to leave. "So what are we gonna do the next time we meet, after this whole thing is over?"

"Probably act like we usually would"

"Not even acknowledged that this happened"

"No I'll probably bring it up" Morrigan said as she started to stare around the room and the tools in it. "I think I've enjoyed my time here more than others". With that said Viper turned to leave the house. Morrigan let out a sigh of relief and pulled the recorder out of her chest. "I never was much good with technology" she said as she flipped it open revealing no tape inside. Then she crushed it into her hands.

Tony returned home later at sundown. Seeing all the hard work Joe and Nova put into his house he decided to give them some reward, he decided to give them a little tip, $10 each.

"What the hell!?" Nova exclaimed.

"This won't get us what we want!" Joe added.

"Get what?" Tony asked

"Nothing" the two snapped suddenly

"See ya Tony" Nova said quickly

"Thanks for the autograph". And with that they were off. Tony asked what happened to Viper and Morrigan's only reply was "her time was up" and he didn't press the matter beyond that. With a long day of work behind Tony decided to relax and take a bath after a long day at work. He lay in the tub and then he heard a knock at the door.

"No point in telling you to leave" he called out as now it was just the two of them again. Morrigan entered the bathroom wearing a nurses outfit unbuttoned in the front revealing most of her cleavage and stomach.

"I heard there's a patient in need of care" she said in a sultry voice.

"What happened to the maid's outfit?" Tony asked staring at her

"Oh I thought you got bored of it. Wanted to see new things, plus she said she wasn't paid enough. On the other hand I'll so anything to satisfy my patient"

"That doesn't mean I didn't like it"

"Why does it matter it all comes off anyway" Morrigan said walking up to the tub. "I think it's time for your routine checkup" she said getting into the tub with him.

Shield Hellcarrier

Viper walked in through the doors and jumped in shock as she was immediately addressed as she came in.

"Well Mrs. Viper, looks like you missed a whole day of training" Nick Fury said walking up to her with Hawkeye by his side.

"I had some errands to run, nothing worth noting"

"That's interesting because I recall having a conversation about no secrets"

"It won't happen again"

"I'm sure it won't. You know what it's nighttime now I'm sure you wanna go and get some rest". After getting no sleep last night that sounded amazing to Viper who accepted his recommendation. "You can go only after you beat your opponent in a match"

Viper scoffed "Alright Hawkeye get your toys ready, I wanna get to bed early tonight"

"Not me doll" Hawkeye said with crossed arms.

"Then who?". Viper got her answer when a loud thud came behind her. She turned around to see the gigantic Red Hulk staring down at her.

"Red Hulk will be your opponent" Fury commented "You ready General?" he said looking passed Viper and up to him.

Red Hulk cracked his knuckles "Yep and I won't go easy on you lady. Karma's a bitch after all"

"Well shit" Viper let out staring up in disbelief.

At the restaurant

Nova and Viewtiful Joe stood before the counter again ready to order. With only $20 combined they couldn't get as much as they wanted but it was better than nothing.

"Comes to $21.50" the cashier said.

"Damn it!" Nova cursed.

"Hold on a second" a voice called out to them. A young man came up to their defense.

"These two are heroes! They helped save our worlds; the least you could do is let them eat free". The cashier looked at the man and then back at them.

"Alright fine" he gave in. Nova and Joe thanked him more times than they could keep track of and then proceeded to order everything on the menu. They sat at a table with their new friend named "Wayne Holden" someone from Joe's world who he had known prior. Nova and Wayne dug into their burgers with no remorse as they enjoyed the taste. Joe had just taken his first bite.

"So how is it?" Nova asked with his mouth full of food as Wayne gulped down his drink.

Joe sat there his hands trembling as he just swallowed the food.

"This is the greatest thing I've ever tasted in my life!"

End of It doesn't go