[Based on an RP thread between myself and create-dot-cmd.]

Once upon a time, there was a man on a bike. Not a motorcycle; just a bike.

A long time ago, this man died and went to heaven. This was where he received the bike, and he rides it still.

His hair starting to gray from trauma and stress, and his formerly youthful face beginning to sink in from loneliness, once upon a time, he thought heaven was beautiful.

Until, alas, he was gifted with knowledge.

He rides on, too filled with melancholy to acknowledge the place filled with light around him. He ignores all the vibrant colors around him, only focusing on the path ahead of him, looking down at the road. He's seen it all before. He's only seen part, but it's all the same to him.

It ceased to be beautiful a long time ago.

Once upon a time, there was a man on a bike. He rides still, waiting, wondering, hoping for a diversion from the path he had been given.