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Caroline watched in complete horror as Bonnie glared at her and Rebekah who just moments ago were arguing over the originals not leaving town.

Bonnie had been outside the grill watching and quickly darted inside bringing Rebekah to her knees as the pain overwhelmed her senses.

The blonde original cried out causing the patrons in the room to flee immediately. She grasped the sides of her head, pulling at her perfectly maintained blonde hair, begging for the aneurism to stop. Damon had been sitting quietly at the bar and now tried to sneakily approach Bonnie from behind only to be thrown to the floor next to shaking tear soaked Rebekah. His mind exploding over and over again from the pressure as it twisted in gut wrenching pain. Damon dropped to his knees beside Rebekah as he felt his strength slowly slip from his once dominant body.

The young witch had no use for either of them and she was ready for them to finally meet their end. They were nothing more than vile rodents under her. The power that flowed freely through her would finally prove to everyone that she was the one to be feared.

Caroline was standing not far beside the screaming vampires who were now completely balled up on the cold tile floor.

"Bonnie! Let them go!" Caroline yelled. "You don't want to do this. This is not you."

Caroline had seen the changes that had Bonnie had been going through the past year since she had tapped into the dark magic to save their bloodline. She was quickly able to put Klaus back in his own body a few days after Elena was turned but it had all been too much. The price to pay was more than they had imagined.

Bonnie had slowly drifted away from her friends and family. Even Jeremy was treated as if he were a stranger. No matter what they said or tried she showed no signs of wanting to come back to them.

"You don't know me anymore Caroline!" Bonnie hissed not letting her once friend distract her from the vampires squirming at her feet. "I would stay out of this or you will be joining them."

Caroline knew she had to do something and quick as the once piercing screams that Rebekah had let out moments ago were slowly turning to weak whimpers. She was looked as though she was dying although Caroline had no idea how. She was an original. Bonnie could not simply kill her, could she, Caroline wondered.

No one knew what Bonnie had been doing the past few months that she was alone but feared whatever it was it was not good. Little did they know that she had spent that time locked away with dozens of old grimoires at the old witches property memorizing each and ever spell she could get her hands on.

Damon's face had fallen hard against the floor, his eyes glued to Caroline as he was no longer strong enough to even allow a sound to escape his lips. His once flawless white skin was now slowly turning a blotchy grey. Caroline had to do something, anything.

She looked around the room just as Elena entered the Grill and raced over to her. Elena stood in complete shock at what was happening. The Grill was now completely empty as everyone had scattered out and away as soon as Rebekah began screaming.

"What is she doing?" Elena cried out watching the man she had finally realized she loved more than anything slowly dying in front of her.

"I'm sorry, Elena. I don't know what else to do." Caroline said softly before grabbing an abandoned pool stick that had been thrown on the ground and rushing at Bonnie, plunging it roughly into her back. Elena watched terrified as the once fun game stick was now a weapon used on her dearest friend. Caroline never wanted to harm her best friend but she needed her to stop her powers.

Caroline felt an excruciating feeling flow through her as she watched the wood pierce her friend's skin causing a sickening shriek to pour out of Bonnie's stunned mouth.

She ripped the pool stick through her body pulling it easily completely through without even another small sigh only a dark sinister grin gracing her once warm tender features.

It had however pulled her focus from Rebekah and Damon as they were finally returning to their full strength.

"You little bitch!" Bonnie scowled.

"This is not you! It's the magic." Caroline cried out as her friend stalked towards her. "Please Bon, you have to fight it!"

Caroline found herself consumed with fear as she stared into Bonnie's lifeless hollow eyes. Her friend was gone, completely overtaken by the dark magic she had tapped into to save them all.

Bonnie gripped Caroline by her jacket collar, pulling her easily to her feet as Caroline pleaded with her to fight it.

Bonnie simply laughed as she threw Caroline across the room. She felt the sting of hundreds of shards of glass slicing into her as she crashed against the wall. She looked down and noticed she had been thrown directly into the bar crashing into the numerous bottles of liquor as well as the massive mirror they rested in front of.

In a flash Elena was at her side trying frantically to remove the largest pieces of glass before her skin had the chance to heal around them.

Bonnie stood in the center of the room, her shirt soaked in blood from her wound that had yet to heal. Caroline and Elena were dumbfounded as to how she was still standing and not knocked unconscious from what had to be excruciating pain. She may be a witch but she was still a human.

Bonnie closed her eyes and softly began to chant. Damon raced over to Elena and without giving her a chance pulled her kicking and screaming out of the bar. Elena felt the tears pour down her face as she was unable to fight him off. She had left Caroline sitting on the floor behind the bar holding back her sobs that were begging to spill out from the pain. She lifted her shirt and found it completely covered in jagged broken glass.

Rebekah flashed to the door but looked back as the lights in the room began flashing erratically, the tables sliding easily about as the chairs began to fly through the air. She had never seen anything like it in her entire thousand years on this earth. The witch needed to be dealt with, destroyed before her powers grew any stronger.

Bonnie slowly raised her hands as her chanting grew louder. Rebekah knew she should run, get the hell out of dodge but she saw Caroline trying desperately to stand. Even the smallest movement caused the jagged glass to tear deeper into her already tender skin. The agonizing pain she experienced as her supernatural body quickly heeled over the imbedded glass only inflicted her further bringing once her small cries to ghastly screams.

Rebekah hated that Klaus had refused to even look at her let alone forgive her for her part in the doppelganger's death a year ago. She knew if she left Caroline to die her brother would be lost to her forever. For reasons she would never understand he seemed to truly care for the young vampire. No matter Caroline returned his feelings or not, she could not allow the young vampire to die tonight.

Rebekah flashed back inside and grabbed Caroline's hand eliciting a heart wrenching shriek to pour out of her mouth as Rebekah began pulling her to the exit.

Without warning the doors flew shut and the once flying chairs and sliding tables were suddenly piled in front of the door.

Rebekah looked back over her shoulder to the hall that led out to the back door only to find it piled high with debris as well.

She released Caroline from her grasp watching her fall to the floor beside her. Caroline had finally begun slowly calming herself as she tugged gently at the remains of the glass in her arms. Her stomach had completely healed leaving only a few small shards behind that she would need to later cut out. Her back on the other hand was a complete mess. She had felt the excruciating pain of her skin heeling over the massive chunks that had imbedded into her back but there would be know way of removing them at this time.

Rebekah flashed in front of the witch with a scowl upon her vampire features. "You do realize your death is now inevitable! Bennett witch or not no one dares to touch an original!"

"You stupid girl!" Bonnie spat her eyes black as coal. "Allow me to show you the power I am truly capable of!"

Bonnie raised her hands higher above her head and began to recite an ancient spell that she had found a few weeks earlier.

Caroline pulled herself from the ground only to feel her head fly back against the wall. Her eyes clasped shut as she felt the room begin to spin uncontrollably fast. She tried desperately to open her eyes but she only saw blackness. She could no longer tell if they were open or closed. She felt as though she was no longer connected with her body.

She heard Rebekah curse but it seemed to be miles away as the darkness consumed everything. Her fingers finally made themselves known by the slight tingling sensations that raced up her veins. She felt a surge of power flow threw her body, from the bottom of her feet to the top of her head causing her eyes to instantly jolt open.

Caroline let out a deep painful breath as she looked around at her surrounding. She was no longer in the destroyed Grill she had grew up visiting almost daily. Instead she was in the middle of a lush green forest.

Her attention was pulled to her side as she heard the familiar voice cursing under her breath.

"Rebekah?" Caroline swallowed loudly realizing her body was still laden with glass. Puzzlement gracing her worried features as she looked around.

"What is it?" Rebekah snapped as she pulled herself to sitting on the muddied forest floor.

"What happened?" Caroline muttered looking around nervously. "Where the hell are we?"

"It seems the magic your dumb friend has tapped into was more powerful then we had realized. I never believed it was possible but judging by the smell and the sounds of the horses not far from here I can only assume that she has banished us to a place far away ." Rebekah frowned looking down at her broken heel on her expensive designer shoes.

"Away where?"

Rebekah looked down annoyingly at Caroline before flashing away leaving Caroline to follow just as quickly. She came to an abrupt stop as she found Rebekah peering through the tree line.

Caroline stalked slowly over and stood beside her, looking on in disbelief.

"Where the hell are we?"

"I am not positive but I believe sometime during the thirteenth century judging by the clothing." Rebekah replied easily leaving Caroline utterly breathless.


"We have to go back!" Elena cried as Damon held her tightly in his grasp. They had been watching from outside the Grill windows as they waited for the girls to escape. Damon had pulled an unwilling Elena away from the scene as both Rebekah and Caroline had disappeared from the room.

"Damon stop! We have to go back and help them!" She screamed kicking him with all of the vampire strength she could muster.

"Damn it Elena!" He yelled as he felt her fangs pierce his arm.

He held her firmly by the shoulders, pressing her against a brick wall in a small alley way a few blocks from the grill and took a deep calming breath. "I'm sorry but their gone."

"No!" She managed to choke out between her sobs. "We have to help them. Help Bonnie. This is not her, she is possessed or something. I don't know but she would never do this to Caroline."

"I know, alright, but right now we need to get you some where safe."

He glanced around the corner of the building as he heard a loud breaking sound. He placed his hand tightly around Elena's mouth as Bonnie walked out of the Grill. The tables and chairs that had blocked the exit easily slammed against the wall out of her way.

Bonnie had her head held high, wearing a grin of satisfaction as she pranced down the sidewalk towards the woods.

Damon let out a low hiss as he watched her disappear into the forest. He knew this was not Bonnie but before he could even think about helping her he had a much bigger problem. What would the originals do when they discovered their baby sister was missing?

"Come on, let's go." Damon whispered. He gently picked her up into his arms, her face buried in his chest as she tighten her grip on his black fitted shirt. In a flash he was running in the opposite direction Bonnie had gone, straight to his house.

He placed her gently in their large bed, removing her shoes as she closed her eyes to rest. He tucked her in under the warm blankets and left to go down stairs to find Stefan. Elena waited only a few minutes till she was sure they were outside talking before slipping back on her shoes and climbing out the bedroom window. She raced at the fastest speed she was capable of, to the one place she knew she could find help.

As she approached the large front door she felt her breath catch in her dry throat.

What the hell a I doing, she said quietly to herself. Without another thought she straightened her shoulders back and bravely knocked loudly on the extravagantly detailed door.

She watched as Elijah opened it with a surprised smile.

"Ms. Gilbert, this is a surprise." He said warmly. "Please, come in."

"Thank you," She replied nervously.

She followed him warily to the massive living room where both Kol and Klaus were seated.

"Well, what a treat this is." Kol smirked. "Have you come by to experience a real man for a change?"

"Kol!" Elijah scolded.

"Relax brother, just having a bit of fun with the lady."

Klaus was sitting across the room in a large leather high back chair. His eyes glued to the sketch in his hands. He had no interest in Elena now that she was nothing more than a mere vampire. She was lucky Caroline seemed to care so much for her or else he would have taken great pleasure ripping out her heart in front of her love sick fool, Damon as soon as he had discovered she had been turned.

"What can we do for you, Elena?" Elijah asked. He waved for her to take a seat but she was to consumed with adrenaline to sit comfortably.

"Something has happened to Rebekah." Elena began pulling Kol and Elijah's focus solely to her.

Klaus simply shook his head with his signature smirk gracing his flawless features. His sister was constantly finding some sort of trouble to fall into. He had no desire to help her this time, he was sure Elijah would come to her aid quickly enough.

"What did she do?" Kol asked through a small laugh as he took a drink from his glass of bourbon.

"Bonnie freaked out. I-I don't know what happened but she wasn't herself. Damon and I got out and we watched as they just disappeared. It was some kind of spell." She explained.

Klaus's ears perked up as he heard the word "they".

"When did this-" Elijah began but Klaus cut him off.

"What do you mean they?" Klaus asked lowering his sketch pad. "Who else was there?"

Elena took a deep breath and replied. "Caroline."


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