"Where exactly are we going, anyway?" Caroline asked.

She sat in front of him on the burly dark horse, his thighs tight against hers, arms around her, holding the reins.

"I know of a witch that will be of help."

"That doesn't really answer my question."

"We will arrive in two days time."

"Elusive much," she snapped. She craned her neck back, glaring at him. "Does this place have a name? Is it a town or some hole in the side of a mountain?"

Niklaus chuckled, looking down at her, then back out at the dirt path. He decided it best to stay off the roads, not wanting to run into anyone that may cause them a delay in getting to their destination.

Caroline dropped her head, frustrated. "Considering it's going to be two very long days judging by your lack of people skills, perhaps you could fill me in on a few details of where you're taking me."

Niklaus sighed. After a moments paused, he conceded. "There is not much to tell, to be honest, love. I am taking you north to a small town where a group of witches reside."

Caroline let her head fall back, stiffening when it rested against his chest. Instantly she drew forward, uncomfortable at her move.

"You should try to rest, Caroline. Lie back, I wont hurt you nor will I allow anyone else to. You have to trust me."

Problem was, a part of her did. She hesitantly rested her head against his chest, dipping it back to look up at him up through her long lashes.

"I'm trying." With that she looked up at the moon, strangely relaxed and listened to the sounds of nature buzzing around them as he rode on.


Klaus sat outside, staring up at the rising moon. His mind was lost to thoughts of Caroline. Was she alive? Was she suffering? A part of him wanted to believe she was somewhere right then staring up at that same moon in a different time. It was a long shot, but it was all he had. He couldn't let go of hope. Not then, not never. He swore to himself he would fight till his last day on earth to bring her back.

"What's next Klaus?" Elijah said walking up beside him.

Klaus sighed, he heard his brother coming but he chose to ignore him, hoping he would see he wanted to be alone.

"Kol is on his way with Damon." Klaus said, standing up and brushing off his pants.

"You really plan to keep killing everyone in this town? To what end?"

Klaus's head shot to the side, narrowing his eyes at Elijah.

"I would think you of all people, my noble brother, would be eager to help to set things right."

"It's not about me wanting to help you or not. I believe the Bennett witch will do as instructed without the body count on her hands."

Klaus brushed past him, bored.

"Stefan will never get over what you have done to Elena. If you kill his brother, he will be lost to you forever."

A smirk grew on Klaus's face as he stopped abruptly and looked back. "He'll be dead shortly after Damon. I know longer have a use for the young Salvatore."

He turned back and began walking to his home. Stefan would die as they all would. Their only chance of survival was in Bonnie's hands. If she reset the balance, they would all live again and none of their deaths would have ever taken place. Caroline would be returned and he could focus all his attentions on earning her trust and eventually her love. She was all he needed, he knew that now more than ever.


"What the hell!" Caroline yelled being jerked awake when thrown in the air.

She was resting Klaus's arm and he was on foot approaching a small pond.

"You're a heavy sleeper, love."

"Put me down!"

"As you wish." He released her, chuckling as she stumbled to her feet.

"Are we there?" She asked glancing around the heavily wooded area.

"Yes, we're close." Klaus slipped off his tunic and then lifted one leg and removed his boot.

"What…what are you doing?" Caroline gaped.

"We've been traveling for two days, love and before I go in to demand for the most powerful witches in the world to help cure you-" He slipped off his other boot and stepped closer. Standing toe to toe. She froze and he leaned in, his breath caressing her lips. "I plan on bathing."

Before she could step back or react in any way, he was walking away. She watched as he stood in front of the water and confidently pulled off his trousers. She caught sight of his firm, perfect ass and flushed.

She closed her eyes and turned on her heel to face the other way. With a deep breath to calm the flurry of unexpected arousal growing inside her, she let out a throaty annoyed growl.

"You could give a little warning before going au naturale, you know!" She called out before she peeked back and saw he was now neck deep, hidden in the water wearing an irritating but sexy smirk.

"And what would be the fun in that, Caroline?"

She looked around, wanting to be anywhere but near him. It wasn't an option however. She ran her hand through her greasy hair and sighed. The sun beat down on her and sweat collected on the nape of her neck. She looked back at the murky water; it did look cool and refreshing. She shook the thought away. There was no way she was getting in there with a naked Niklaus. A naked psychotic hybrid. No way!

"I know you want to come in, love."

She ignored him and walked over to a large tree that offered a fair amount of shade.

"I'll give you to the count of three to get in before I drag you in."

She snorted. "Not happening! There's no way you're going to see me naked!"

She slumped against the tree, rested her head back and closed her eyes.

Suddenly a flash of wind whipped in front of her.

She opened her eyes and froze, breath caught. Her eyes made contact with his hips, directly in front of her. If she looked down even the slightest she would be eye to eye with his- Her brain switched on at the thought of seeing his penis and seeing it up close and personal, forcing her hand over her eyes.

"As lovely as I'm sure you are in your natural flesh, you need to bath to keep the flies away."

In a flash, she was swing over his shoulder. He marched her to the water and tossed her in.

She stood up, her drenched dress clinging to her body and balled her fist at her side. "You son of a-"

"Calm down, love." He interrupted, grinning. His traveled down and locked on her breasts that stood pronounced under the white gown. "You might as well remove the dress and let it dry. I told you you're safe with me. I want touch you no matter how tempted I might be."

Caroline caught the look in his gaze and realized what he was staring at. She turned around in a flash and dropped under the water. Realizing he already had a good enough view and that she might as well take advantage of the water, she swam to the deepest part and dipped under the water.

She slipped off her dress and popped her head back up. One arm over her breast, squishing them to her chest, the other on the heavy gown. She tossed it to the grass and caught Niklaus's stare.

"Do you mind?" She glared.

His smiled broadened and he watched as she turned her back to him and spent the rest of her time ignoring his existence.

Caroline rung out the water from her hair after wading for a while and was ready to get out. As she turned around she realized, she had nothing to slip on.

"You can wear my tunic till your gown dries." Niklaus said appearing behind her in the water.

She stiffened, his body so close to hers.

"Thank you" she stammered as his hot breath brushed across the back of her neck.

"Your so beautiful, Caroline," he murmured.

She wasn't sure what she felt. Anger, fury, arousal, excitement. It was a swirl of emotions.

"Don't." She found her voice.

"You can go out and fetch my clothing, wear what you feel will make you most comfortable," he said, his voice unaffected. "We're staying here overnight."

Caroline turned and found he was no longer there. The movement in the trees caught her eyes and she saw him standing there back turned, his strong, toned back all she could see.

"Go on, I give you my word, I won't peek."

Caroline smiled, and flashed out of the water, snatching his tunic from the ground and disappeared inside the tree line sliding it on. Immediately her nostrils were assaulted with his natural woodsy scent. It overwhelmed her senses and left her confused. She felt…safe. Niklaus made her feel safe, at least the last two days and she wasn't sure what to make of it.


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