Hello lovelies!

It's been a long, long hiatus and I apologize but my life has gone through many drastic changes in the past year. Some may know, I have published a series of books as well as co-wrote 2 novella's with another author and through all that I have started this year going through a separation and finding myself a single mother who's just finally got unpacked in my new place. Its been insane but…I'm back!

Now I will say I am working on a deadline for the third book in my series to publish on Amazon but want to return to my roots here on fan fiction to finish Banished. Fanfiction for me is about the passion for writing and I miss that. It's not about selling a book, just writing what you feel.

No promises on the date of the next Banished chapter but my goal is to post 1 a week and maybe more depending how it goes. I hope you guys are still out there. If you are following this story send me a shout in the reviews. Love to you all and thanks for the support! #Klaroline4life