Summary: Wonder what went through Adrian's head in the Golden Lily? Well this story covers how Adrian might have acted behind the scenes because obviously we didn't get enough of Adrian in the Golden Lily.

Disclaimer: Because I am trying to stay true to the novel, anything that actually happened will remain the same, only through Adrian's eyes. Anything behind the scenes, and not shown is written from my imagination on how he might have acted. This series belongs to Richelle Mead, and I take no claim for it.

Why you should read it? For enjoying purposes, and for us to escape to Adrian's head.

Chapter One

Last night I was told, through Jill that Sydney was leaving for the alchemist headquarters, and immediately I was upset. Not because she was leaving, but because she didn't have the decency to warn me beforehand. If I knew, if only I knew, I would have bought some more liquor and cigarettes to drown out the constant look of disappointment (or maybe it was irritation) from Belikov and Sonya.

We're supposed to be doing research, but to be quite frank, this is stupid, and we're not getting anywhere close to finding out the reason why reformed Strigoi are immune to becoming one again. Sonya claims that the answer lies in the aura, but I wasn't so sure. Nevertheless, try telling Sonya and Belikov that they are totally heading in the wrong direction…let's just say the result didn't end well.

Actually to their credit, they were able to somewhat place the blame of our failure on me because apparently I have cooperating issues, and half of the time I was drunk on hard liquor. Let me first of all say that no, I was not drunk half of the time; it was ¾ of the time, and I definitely don't have cooperating issues. Rather, I simply can't help seeing Belikov talk to Rose every, probably, six hours. That alone contributes to ¼ of the time of why I'm drunk.

Arguably I should be over Rose by now, but I was in love with her. She was the first person, who I ever really loved, and she broke my heart, so even if I did get over her, I'll kind of dislike her for the rest of my life.

And I have a very long life ahead that is unless I go crazy from Spirit.

Currently Sonya and Belikov are sitting in my kitchen discussing their latest findings, which let me tell you, is not that amazing. Don't get me wrong I understand their drive and urgency. It all goes down to finding the quote on quote cure against creating more Strigoi. But still, I think the research is inconclusive.

While they drone on and on about how their discover I was lying on the couch with my eyes closed imagining myself sitting on a sunny beach (and yes, don't even go there I know I am a vampire, so going to the beach in the morning or afternoon is out of the question) with Rose.

In my imagination, Rose is gorgeous, as she always is. Her dark brown hair was slightly ruffled by the wind, and her hand was holding my face, pulling me closer and closer to her. Leaning in, I placed my lips on hers, but they were cold as they always were. Within seconds she released her hands from me and faded into nothingness, leaving me sitting on the beach alone. As I always am. Silently, I sighed. These days, I don't know whether I love her, or am still mad at her for using me. I suppose it is a little bit of both.

Having Sydney here usually distracts me from memories of Rose, but with her gone I'm stuck here with her boyfriend. The one who obviously loathes me even though I technically help saved his ass. "I'm hoping you're awake," called out a voice from the kitchen. "What?" I answered with a hint of annoyance lacing my tone.

"We were discussing tomorrow's experiment, care to join us? If you're not to intoxicated that is," he added with a smirk. How I wish I can punch the smirk off his face, but than he's a dhamphir, and I'm a moroi so the odds are against me.

I rolled my eyes and got up sitting across from Belikov, "So, what about it?" I asked them.

Sonya turned her head towards me and explained, "Well we were thinking about doing an aura test tomorrow, a different one of course, we were planning on getting Eddie over and doing a series of reaction tests, to see if their aura is different when shown a particular picture." I wanted to roll my eyes, but than this is Sonya, and she didn't steal my girlfriend, so I shrugged my shoulders.

"Do whatever you want, but I just hope you know this is kind of pointless. Whatever we are finding, whatever research we have, none of it explains why he," I said nudging my shoulders to the guy in the duster, and continued, "is more special than everyone else."

Dimitri rolled his eyes and began, "Well, if you have any other inputs, maybe you should call the shots, but usually you're found drinking them."

"Oh, funny, I didn't know you had a funny bone in your body," I said, than suddenly remembered something Jill mentioned the other night. Yes, the same night she broke the news that Sydney was leaving for wherever it is she was going. Jill mentioned that Eddie was going to be out shopping for Angeline.

I contemplated whether or not to tell them, and decided against it. Eddie will call them later. It's usually them who gets informed anyways. If Jill hadn't told me, than I'm pretty sure they would have kept me in the dark. I'm a useless asset to this experiment, and I'm pretty sure Belikov thinks that too. He just doesn't want to say it.

After all, I'm guessing he trusts Rose's assessment of me.

We sat at the table for another hour or so with them discussing and me listening to their banter. After an hour or so Dimitri announced that it was late, and they should return back to Clarence's house for the night.

Retreating to my bedroom I sat on the computer and began typing an email to Sydney. Chuckling I remembered the first time I fired her an email. It was the day Belikov got here, and the same day I swore that I would try to live myself better. Well to myself I said that to myself, to Sydney, I said something different.

The first email went something like…

Day 1. Thought I could start to forget Rose, but apparently she had other plans. I swear she's behind sending her beloved Russian here to torture me. I have decided after thorough inspection to call him Agent Boring Borsht. When not talking to Sonya (who I will now refer to as Agent Scarlet) about their research they bore me with tedious comments on how I should live my life. Agent Scarlet has used up all of my hair supplies, and left me with a comb full of her red hair. Send in money, help, and maybe new hair supplies.

-Prisoner 2010

Hope you guys like the story.