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In Which Hal wants to know more about Incubators...

"Incubator?" Hal repeated. "That's what that adorable little cat-bunny thing is called? Kinda, I dunno, doesn't seem to fit, you know? And how come no one else could see it?"

"I do not have much information on them in my data banks," Aya informed him. "Though it is said that they are a race that has existed for as long as the Guardians themselves."

Hal whistled. Aya continued.

"They rarely ever reveal themselves, and only those whom they consider to have potential may see them. However, due to sightings from multiple Green Lanterns over the years, as well as Razer being able to see it, I must conclude that anyone powered from the Emotional Spectrum can do so." Aya took a moment to blink. "I must record that for the archives."

"So…potential? What kind of potential? Potential to do what?" Hal asked.

Aya cocked her head to the side, with just the tiniest smidgen of what sounded like disappointment in her voice. "I am afraid that there is nothing else on the subject of the Incubators."

Hal frowned, thinking back to the little girl he had met on that planet the Interceptor just left, the way her eyes had widened in fear and shock when he had complimented what he had thought was a stuffed toy hanging on her shoulder, and how she had nervously twiddled the jewel-encrusted ring on her finger.

"Incubators," he murmured to himself one last time, something uncomfortable slowly settling into his stomach.