**Story starts a little before Breaking dawn Pt. 2 – Bella just gave birth and is still asleep. **

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::Mental Communication between Packs:: - Will be through out the story.


In Forks, Washington

Jacob sat there with his father, Sam and Sam's father. The only reason he was here was because neither Sam nor his father trusted the Cullen's. Trying to keep his mind focused and tried not to think of his imprintee, Renesmee Cullen.

"So what your sayin' is that we have elders just like the Volturi? And they are coming here?" Jake leaned back with a look of doubt on his face.

Billy sighed. He knew that his son would not understand. "Yes Jacob we have people that we look up to for help and advice." Billy looked at Sam's father. "However in this case they called us and told us that they would be here shortly."

Jake snorted and rolled his eyes. "Ok so are they Indians or what? And where are they coming from?" He leaned forward on his knees. He could tell that they were hiding something from him. Jake turned his gaze to Sam.


Sam shook his head. "No, Jake. We need to speak out loud about this." He looked at the elders. "The reason we have decided to tell you is because only my father and your father have seen them before. They are from Japan."

Jake's eyes grew wide and he jumped up. "YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!"

Sam stood and stepped in front of him. "Sit down." He said in a low growl. Jake closed his eyes to keep his cool and sat back down. Sam resumed his seat once Jake was seated.

"Now that you guys have spoken we shall speak." Sam's father looked at the two young boys. "No we are not descendant from them however HE has come here, before and we reached a treaty with him just as the cold ones." He looked over at Billy. Both Sam and Jake looked at the man in the wheel chair.

Billy smiled as he recalled the memory. "The demon you will meet may look human but do not let that fool you or the young woman that will be with him. The Demons name is Lord Sesshoumaru. He is what they call an Inu youkai or Dog demon in Japan. Only on few occasions does he use his true form. The woman that is with him is even more rare. She is one of holy power that is mixed with demon power called youki."

"Who is she?" Jake asked. He was getting interested in this.

Sam's father smiled. "Her name is Kagome. Her power does mysterious things. Kagome is bright and sweet as well as fierce when she needs to be. Her and Sesshoumaru are alpha's in their pack. Only once has she had to heal one of us." His smile faltered as he looked at Billy.

"Hey don't worry if it wasn't for her I wouldn't be here at all." He gave them all a smile.

Jake was shocked. "Dad how did you really hurt your back?" Sam sat back. He had never heard about this just as Jake had not heard.

Billy smiled sadly. "It was before you were born. We got a call that we were needed in japan because of some problems with the wolves to the east. We were fighting for about two days when one of the wolves used some magic that I had never seen before." He put a hand on Jake's shoulder. "I wasn't only wounded but was almost killed."

Jake's face blanched. "W-What?" He looked at Sam's father. He nodded confirming what he was told. "Then how are you here?"

Billy sat back with a shit eating grin that day. "Well son that's the best part. Kagome had found me while she was tending to someone close. She said after I woke up that she could hear my heart beating so low that only her demon hearing could tell. She healed me however she was unable to repair the damage to my spine." He finished with a shrug.

Jake sat back with wide eyes. Shaking his head he began to think of how the Cullen's would react. "When will they be here?" Jake looked at his father.

Billy smiled. "Don't really know." He leaned back in his wheel chair. "Sesshoumaru and Kagome could show up at any time. If I were you I would head back to the Cullen's and inform them about what is happening."

Jake stood up and nodded. "Alright. I'll see ya later dad." He turned to leave but stopped and looked back at Sam. "Let me know if they show up here."

Sam nodded. "Will do Jake."

Jacob smiled and headed out the door. As he ran into the woods he took his shorts off and transformed. It felt good to feel the dirt in his paws. Running faster than he had in a long time he raced to the Cullen's and back to Renesmee.

On the other side of the world in Tokyo, Japan

Kagome sighed as she sat back in the chair waiting for Lord Fluffy Butt to arrive. How she hated when he called and told her to be home at a certain time and to expect him. Shaking her head she stood up and went to the kitchen to get the tea ready.

She had to stay in the feudal era after Inuyasha made his wish. With no one in the feudal era for her Kagome went with Lord Sesshoumaru to help with his human ward. Smiling Kagome set the tea in the center of the table and gathered the cups. She had to stay away from the shrine until time completed the circle. She only had 3 more months to wait til she could see her family again.

Just then she heard a knock that jarred her back to reality. Taking a calming breathe she went to the door. Opening she smiled when she saw the silver hair, golden eyed lord. Moving out of the way she let him coming in with Kouga in tow. Kagome frowned when she noticed that Kouga had come. Sesshoumaru did not tell her that he would also be coming. Shutting the door she lead them quietly into the kitchen where the tea was waiting.

"Sit down and lets get this over with." Kagome sat down and looked at the two of them. Kouga looked the same except his tail that he had hidden however Sesshoumaru looked the most human without his markings or the large boa looking thing he carried on his shoulder.

Sesshoumaru smirked at the miko. "Always to the point I see."

Kagome narrowed her gaze and snarled. "Don't toy with me. I'm not in the mood." She leaned back and bowed her head. "He called." She whispered to them. Kagome could hear Kouga growling under his breath.

Sesshoumaru's eyes flashed red. "What did the half breed want?" He had heard that his brother was back in Tokyo.

"What does he usually want when him and Kikyo fight?" Her eyes shot up to meet his. They held an icy wall that had developed over the years.

"Then you will need time to get away." Kouga interrupted he looked at Sesshoumaru who nodded. "We have heard that the Volturi are moving against one of the vampire covens in Forks, Washington."

Kagome looked up at both of the demons who helped her train when the jewel became apart of her and she became a full blooded demon along with miko powers. "They are not my concern." Kagome stood.

"They are moving against the Quileutes." Sesshoumaru stated which stopped Kagome.

Kagome sat back down. "Are they alright? Why are the Volturi going against them anyway?" She placed her hands in her lap as she kept her gaze locked with Sesshoumaru.

"One of their members imprinted with a half vampire and a half human girl named Renesmee." Sesshoumaru watched as Kagome began to think of someone other than herself once again.

He had seen what happened the last time. His idiot half brother wished an impure wish which set the jewel back to Kagome and the jewel became one with her. Of course Inuyasha did not think about Kagome once Kikyo was alive and breathing right next to him. Sesshoumaru and Kouga had made a pact to try to find Kagome happiness.

"Alright when do we leave?" Kagome slumped back in the chair. It would be best to leave until she was able to go back home.

"You and I will leave now if that is fine." Sesshoumaru told her as he stood. Kouga followed suit. Kagome nodded and also stood.

"Let me grab my bag." Kagome turned to leave.

Kouga elbowed Sesshoumaru in the ribs. "You mean that yellow one?" Kouga grinned when he was Kagome stumble.

"Yes Kouga the yellow bag that I took back to the feudal era." She laughed as she went to her room to grab the bag. She had kept it packed once Sesshoumaru found her because he had taken her almost every where as a mediator.

Kouga turned to Sesshoumaru. "Keep her safe ok doggie." Sesshoumaru flashed his eyes and growled.

"Watch yourself wolf." Sesshoumaru couldn't believe the lack of respect however it was a different time. "This Sesshoumaru could still kill you if I wished."

Kouga snorted. "Oh yeah I know however you forget that Kagome will be royal pissed if you try to kill me and you know it." He grinned big remembering the last time they got into a bad fight that Kagome had to break up. She had put temporary rosary's on them for over a month. Kouga shivered at the memory.

Sesshoumaru snarled and went to find Kagome. He wanted to get out of here before he killed some one. Namely the wolf. Of course it was Kouga that helped him gain Kagome's trust to begin with. Shaking his head he went in the direction of the room. He would pick her up and carry her if need be. He had wanted to leave at this very moment.


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