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Kagome smirked knowing what must be done. Throwing her shield out she purified all the vampires that were fighting for Aro and his brothers. There were none that were left. Even Marcus and the wives were turned to ash as soon as Kagome's barrier touched them. The ones that were on the side were stunned into silence as they watched their leaders drop with no fighting back.

There were whispers as to what they would do next...


Sesshoumaru and Kagome stood in the center of the large clearing where all the vampires were still standing. Bella had Renesmee in her arms while Edward hugged them both. The others were looking around waiting for a fight but it never came. Stefan and Vladimir were rather happy but they didn't know what would happen now. Carlisle knew that no one would speak to them while their eyes were red because of their demons so close to the surface. Jasper wanted to go to Kagome but he knew that he needed to keep Nate safe.

Nesuki was standing in front of Nate and Jasper while Nahuel and Huilen were in front of Bella and Renesmee. Jacob was also close to Renesmee in order to protect her. Carlisle looked around and noticed that all the vampires were rather cautious of Sesshoumaru and Kagome. Taking a breath and kissing Esme on the forehead he walked forward and bowed his head. Clearing his throat he could feel when Kagome and Sesshoumaru turned to him.

"Lord Sesshoumaru and Lady Kagome we wonder what shall happen now?" Carlisle kept his head bowed but his eyes were on the two of them.

Esme and the others were standing with their eyes trained on the three. Stefan nudged Vladimir in the ribs. "They may put us back on the throne." He whispered.

Vladimir snorted crossing his arms. "If they did then we would have rules to abide by but then again theirs were the ones we rules by in the first place." His eyes meet Sesshoumaru's.

Sesshoumaru narrowed his red eyes as he stood tall. "This Sesshoumaru has decided that the Cullen family shall be in charge of the vampire world." His eyes scanned the crowd where many were whispering about what was happening. "You may not agree with their ways however This Sesshoumaru will tell you that the rules are the same. Keep the secret and do not draw attention to yourself or face the punishment." His eyes narrowed as he scanned the crowd.

Most of the nomads that showed for the Volturi nodded and fled because they wished for no part in what would most likely happen. Carlisle was now looking directly at Sesshoumaru with a shocked look on his face. Kagome lowered her shield as she held her arms open. It didn't take a few seconds before Nate wiggled out of his father's arms and was safe in his mothers. Esme moved up next to Carlisle while the wolves left, except Jacob. Stefan and Vladimir stepped forward but stopped when Sesshoumaru turned his red eyes on them.

"Do you wish to dispute my rule and judgment?" One side of his lip was raised showing his fang.

Stefan and Vladimir dropped to their knees with their necks bared. "No Lord Sesshoumaru..." Stefan started.

"...we wouldn't dream of going against you." Vladimir finished.

Kagome snorted as she turned her attention to her mate and child. She vaguely could see that Nesuki was close by Nate at all times. She let it slide for now but she would find out later without so much witnesses.

"Everyone is dismissed." Sesshoumaru announced. "Just remember that we shall be watching your every move so do not break a rule." His eyes narrowed as he watched the rest of the vampires leave.

There was just the group that were with the Cullens minus the wolves. Kouga, Mai, Shippou and Ayame were all standing to the side talking while Alice ran and jumped on Sesshoumaru's back.

"Sorry, I made you leave." She whispered in his ear. Sesshoumaru turned his head and growled which caused Alice to giggle. "Is that suppose to make me afraid?" She looked at him innocently. "Because I thinks it cute." She tweaked his nose.

Carlisle cleared his throat. "Why don't we take this back to the house?" He looked from his family to the others that were still there.

The only ones that stayed were Huilen, Nahuel, and Nesuki. The other covens headed home after saying their good byes. Kagome took Nate from Jasper's arms and hugged him tightly. Jasper watched as his mate and son, glad that both of them were finally safe. Kagome could tell that Nahuel was rather shocked by Edward and Bella because he couldn't keep his eyes off them. As they ran back to the house, everyone's spirits were lifted but some were worried about what would come.

As soon as they entered the house, Kagome and Bella took the kids upstairs to lay them down for a nap. When they came back down to the living room everyone was speaking in small groups. Alice was sitting on Sesshoumaru's lap while Emmett and Rosalie were speaking to Jasper. Kagome came down and went right to his side, wrapping her arms around his waist. Bella went over to Edward, who was speaking with Huilen. Sesshoumaru cleared his throat to get everyone attention. As soon as everyone was quiet he kissed Alice on the cheek then placed her beside him as he stood.

"This Sesshoumaru would like to tell you why I picked your family." He was stern but there was a softness in his tone. Alice jumped up and looped her arms through his. "The reason for myself and Kagome to pick the Cullen family to lead the vampire world is because This Sesshoumaru knows that Carlisle is fair and reasonable. You will not abuse your powers like Stefan or Vladimir or the Volturi would or did."

Carlisle stood and bowed to Sesshoumaru. "Thank you for your trust." He raised back up and wrapped his arm around Esme. "Is there anything that I need to do? What will happen to Volterra?"

"We shall put some one there in order to make sure that it is taken care of." Kagome answered. "You don't have to do anything other when we call you with something that is needed. In fact I believe that you will be coming back to Japan with us." Her eyes went to Sesshoumaru.

Sesshoumaru nodded. "It is true." His eyes went to Alice then back to the room. "Since This Sesshoumaru and Kagome found their mates it would only be right if we bring the whole family to Japan."

Alice squealed. "Oh, I always wanted to go to Japan to check out their shopping. Come on Rose there is so much that we need to do before we leave." She ran over to Rosalie and drug her upstairs to start packing.

"What will happen to Charlie?" Bella asked from beside Edward. "I don't want to just leave him." She looked up at Edward then to Carlisle.

Kagome looked at Sesshoumaru, who merely shrugged. "I don't see a problem with him coming with us." Kagome told Bella with a smile. "In fact why don't you and Mai go gather Charlie while we finish here."

Bella looked at Edward. "What do you think?" She was worried that he wouldn't want Charlie to come.

"I agree with Kagome and Sesshoumaru." Edward kissed Bella on the cheek. "Since the Volturi are dead then there is no reason for him not to know. Of course he will need to understand that he has to keep the secret." His eyes locked with Bella's.

Bella nodded as she kissed him on the cheek. Mai was at her side in an instant then they both ran out the door. Edward chuckled as he shook his head. The others went their own ways needing to pack while Edward went and spoke with Huilen and Nahuel. Kagome and Jasper went up to his room and started packing the things he would need. Kouga and Ayame headed back to Japan while Shippou stayed in the room with the kids.

Jacob went to speak with Sam about him leaving. Since Seth, Leah and Quil were part of his pack he needed to know if Sam would watch over them. Bella and Mai headed to Charlie to gather him along with the things he would need. Bella was excited because she would now have her father with her because there was no more danger of Charlie knowing. Also Kagome got on the phone and called Rin to let her know that she had a family for the Inu pup that was abandoned. The mother gave birth then took off not wanting to stay with the newborn pup and Rin along with some of the others were taking care of it until Kagome found a home for him. He was of one of the oldest Inu-Youkai lines other than Sesshoumaru's.

Even the pup's father had been killed before its birth thus leaving the little guy all alone. Sesshoumaru was speaking on the phone to Jaken about having Alice introduced as the Lady of the West. Even though she could not have children, Sesshoumaru knew that it was the one thing they could work around. Rin was his by adoption and if he was to ever die she would be next in line for the throne. Shippou knew the responsibilities should Sesshoumaru ever step down, thus having no problems. Now the only thing they needed to worry about was how fast Renesmee and Nate would grow and how to contain their powers when they mature. Renesmee was lucky because she was born knowing but Nate, on the other hand, needed guidance.

They had many of problems that they would need to face but they knew if they were all together they could conquer anything.


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