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Recap from last chapter:

'I-is he really gonna cuddle with me?' She blushed at the thought.

When Vegeta's arm wrapped around her waist she yelped at how warm he was, with how little clothing he was wearing. After a minute she relaxed and leaned back into his warm chest.

"Thank you, Geta, your so warm." Goku said drifting off into sleep.

"Goodnight Kakarot." Vegeta mumbled before following her into dreamland.

Chapter 2:

Female Saiyan and Where is Goku!?

The next morning Vegeta woke up to find Goku still sleeping. 'Man she is so adorable when she is sleeping.' 'Wait where the hell did that thought come from?' Vegeta thought to himself staring at Goku.

'Man do I need a shower!' Vegeta thought sitting up to go and get one. When he tried to get up he fell backwards.

'Well that was strange. Why can't I get up?' Vegeta looked down and was surprised to see that a tail was wrapped around his waist holding him down. It wasn't his tail, so it had to be Goku.

'But how is this possible? I thought he had it removed years ago.' Vegeta thought looking at Goku with a shocked expression.

Vegeta decided to ask her later and he proceded to get her tail off of him so he could go and take a shower. It was a bit of a struggle but he finally managed to get free.

He got up and went into the bathroom and went through his daily routine; shower, brush teeth, and get dressed.

When he walked out of the bathroom he was surprised to find his alarm clock read 9:25. Goku was still sleeping on his bed, cuddled up with the blankets.

Vegeta walked over to the side of the bed that Goku was on and tried to wake her up.

"Kakarot, wake up!" Vegeta said into her ear. She only rolled over away from Vegeta and cuddled into the blankets even more.

Vegeta crawled on the bed and put an arm around her waist and whispered in her ear again, "Kakarot, wake up!"

Goku still didn't wake up, but she lied back into Vegeta's chest.

'Now what am I supposed to do?' Vegeta thought letting go of her and getting off the bed.

'I will go and see if anyone is awake and explain about Goku I guess..' Vegeta thought walking to his door and closing it behind him. He walked into the kitchen and found Bulma cooking breakfast.

Vegeta went over and grabbed about 20 of the pancakes she made. He sat down and inhaled the food.

Bulma turned around and looked at Vegeta with a look of disgust on her face.

"You saiyans and your eating habits always amaze me." Bulma commented also taking a seat but only taking 3 pancakes. Vegeta ignored her comment and kept eating.

"Vegeta, where is Goku? He usually comes out before I even sit down to eat." Bulma asked taking her first bite of her pancakes.

"I don't know and could care less." Vegeta said going back to his food. Deep down he knew but didn't want to tell anyone about what really happened last night, yet.

"Vegeta." Bulma said shaking her head.

Back in Vegeta's room Goku finally woke up. She stretched and rolled over hoping to find Vegeta there beside her, but he wasn't there.

'Where could he have gone?' Goku though sitting up. She closed her eyes and looked for his ki. She found him in the kitchen, probably eating, with Bulma.

Thinking of food made her stomach growl. She got up and went to the bathroom to fix her appearance before leavening the bedroom. She fixed her cloths so they looked new and not like she wore them all night.

While she was getting dressed she noticed her tail grew back.

'Well, that is going to help with the explaining about me. But how did it grow back? I had it taken off a long time ago' Goku thought, but then shrugged it off, happy to have it back.

When she was done she walked to the door and opened it and closed it behind her. She walked towards the kitchen.

Vegeta sensed Goku's ki coming for the kitchen. 'So, she did wake up, finally.' Vegeta thought.

Bulma looked at Vegeta and saw him looking at the hallway entrance from the bedrooms. 'What is he looking at?'

Bulma didn't have to wonder long, because she got her answer when a woman walked through the door. She had spiky black hair and a black shirt on that looked a little to big on her small figure, and black sweat pants.

When the woman noticed that Bulma was staring at her she blushed and spoke, "H-hi."

Vegeta just looked at Bulma to see her reaction.

"W-who are you?" Bulma asked stuttering.

'Who is this woman?' Bulma thought admiring her beauty.

"Oh, um... I'm a saiyan that manage to survive the explosion of planet Vegeta years ago. After my escape I went to a nearby planet that I lived on for a while. Then i left and began my search for Vegeta. I learned while I was on planet Namek that Vegeta went to Earth. So I came here. A week ago I landed and began looking around for Vegeta. I found him last night, here. After I explained my story he let me in and let me borrow some cloths." Goku explained hoping Bulma would believe her lie.

Bulma replied after it all sunk in, "Oh my that's horrible! What's your name?"

"Her name is Kayka." Vegeta cut in. Bulma just looked at him and nodded.

"Well, Kayka, since you seem nice and sweet, how about we go shopping so that we can make you look more Earthly?" Bulma asked her.

"S-sure. But can I eat first?" Kayka/Goku asked holding her stomach.

"Yep, you sure can!" Bulma said placing a plate with 20 pancakes on it at a chair beside Vegeta.

"Thank you!" Kayka/Goku said as she sat down and dug in.

'Wow! A Female Saiyan! This is so cool!' Bulma thought as she sat back down and began eating too.

'I better watch it. Vegeta might take this as a chance to get an heir. So I need to keep him away from her as much as possible.' Bulma thought as she ate.

After Vegeta, Bulma, and Kayka/Goku finished eating, Bulma dragged the two of them shopping for Kayka/Goku.

They walked into a store and Bulma and Kayka/Goku headed for the woman's section.

Vegeta walked to the food section to look around.

Bulma first went to the bra section and looked at the sports bra's.

'If she is a saiyan, she must love to fight. Then she will need room to move, so this should work.' Bulma thought picking out one size for Kayka/Goku to try on.

Once they got the right size of bra's and underwear, they got about 40 pairs of each in many different colors. They threw them in the cart and went to look at clothing.

Bulma picked out 20 plain color long/short sleeved shirts, 10 jeans, 10 sweat pants, 20 bed clothing, and 30 fighting gi's Kayka/Goku liked, and 40 pairs of shoes.

They finally finished picking out the cloths for the female saiyan and went and paid for everything, got Vegeta, and went back home.

Bulma gave Kayka/Goku a room across from Vegeta (*Evil smirk* No, Bulma didn't do this on purpose, I did. XD). Bulma was 2 doors down from her.

Kayka/Goku finally finished putting all her new clothing away and put on an orange fighting gi, with a black undershirt, and black boots.

It was only 2:20 in the afternoon by what her alarm clock read, so why not go and ask Vegeta to spar.

Vegeta was in the GR throwing punches and kicks under 100x gravity. He was sweating and getting really tired.

'I have been at this all day! I need a break.' Vegeta thought before shutting off the gravity and putting it back to normal.

When the gravity went back to normal, he sat down by the wall and used a towel to get the sweat off of his face.

Kayka/Goku walked into the gravity room just as Vegeta finished getting the sweat off of his face. She blushed because he was only wearing his shorts.

"Hi, Geta." she said walking over to him.

Vegeta looked at her and said, "What do you want Kakarot?"

"Um, can we spar?" she asked nervously.

"Maybe tomorrow, I am really tired and hungry from training today." Vegeta said getting up and heading out of the GR towards his bedroom.

Kayka/Goku watched Vegeta walk away sadly. She was hoping that they could spend some time together.

She got up and walked to her room to take a nap, because she was really tired too.

Kayka/Goku woke up an hour later to smell food being cooked. She got up out of bed and walked to the kitchen.

Still rubbing her eyes she sat down on the couch in the living room across from the kitchen.

Bulma was cooking dinner.

"How was your nap, Kayka?" Bulma asked startling Kayka/Goku.

"It was nice." Kayka/Goku answered yawning.

Vegeta was being quiet and sitting on another couch in the living room. Kayka/Goku didn't notice that Vegeta was there until he got up and walked in the kitchen to get a drink.

After dinner, an hour later, Kayka/Goku left to go and train in the GR.

So that no one could find out that she is Goku, she has to train 10x as hard to make up new moves and have a new fighting style if she is going to pull off being someone else for now.

She trained really hard and finally decided to stop for the night three hours later.

When she got to her room her alarm clock said 10:30.

'Time for a shower, then bed.' Kayka thought walking to the bathroom.

After her shower, she crawled into bed and tried to get comfy.

She eventually fell asleep a while later.

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