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Chapter One


I sunk into her, my tongue swept across the top of her breast―her skin wet, salty, and slick with sweat. Smoothing my hand down her side I pulled her knee higher, tilting her hips up and pushing into her harder, rougher, and so fucking deep.

"Lift your other leg," I coaxed between pants. "Yeah, like that; just like that." I raised my upper body slightly, bringing up my other hand so both were wrapped behind her knees.

"Edward." She gripped the slats on the headboard, her knuckles white from the strain.

"Lock your ankles around me, baby." I slammed into her, her back sliding up the bed from the force of my thrust. I fell forward, moving with her, her legs a vice around my waist. I raised my arm and wrapped my fingers around the top of the headboard, my other hand moving to her clit.

"Touch yourself, Bella. C'mon baby." I rolled her hips higher, burying myself so deep, the head of my dick met resistance.

"Fuck." She cupped her breast, sliding her fingers around her hardened nipple and pinching. My thumb pressed against her clit, my jaw tight as I fought the swelling of my dick, the tightening of my balls, the knots in my stomach.

"Are you close?" I gritted out, never slowing my pace.

"So close, so close... oh, God... so close." Her eyes fluttered open and locked with mine. She was so fucking beautiful, everything about her: her body, mind, heart; and she'd given them all to me.

"Tilt my hips a little more." Her voice was barely above a whisper, her eyes focused on where we were connected, watching as I slid in and out of her. Shifting her up a little more, I prayed it was enough―I couldn't hold out much longer.

I groaned from the change of position, a bead of sweat dripping from my chin and rolling between her breasts. "Like that?"

She nodded, my heart pounding faster as her muscles began to tighten. "I love when you tell me what you want. I love knowing you like it when I slam into you so hard it almost hurts."

"I do love it," she moaned, "do it now Edward, harder. Make it hurt. Make me feel you everytime I move tomorrow."

A deep growl vibrated in my chest as I bit into my lip, continuously rocking into her over and over again.

"Ed-" My name died in her throat as her body stiffened and her back arched off the bed.

Then she was squeezing me, her muscles fluttering wave after wave, clamping down and pulling me deeper inside of her, greedily, possessively. Bright lights flashed and waved behind my lids as I exploded inside of her, my hips jerking with each pulse of my orgasm.

I collapsed on top of her, her legs falling open and limply to my sides―our harsh breaths the only sound breaking the silence.

"Tell me this won't change. Tell me you'll always love me like this." Her eyes were wide, pleading as they darted over my face, searching for reassurance.

"Things won't change." I promised, my voice strong, clear.

She was so worried about the future, about the recording deal I'd just signed, and the separation when I'd be on tour. But she was my everything. I did it all for her, for us.

I pressed my forehead against hers, our eyes locked, our hearts pounding against one another's chests. "I'll love you forever," I vowed, lowering my lips to hers.

It was the truest and most devastating thing I'd ever said.


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