I'm walking back home the second day of me hanging out with the sandlot guys when my sister a year older than me walks by with Wendy Peffercorn, her best friend. Squints gasps and freezes, causing all of us to bump into each other. I glance up and groan when I see my sister. The two girls stop and Alex looks over her shoulder. She smiles at me and waves. I look away uncomfortably and she laughs. Wendy nudges her and whispers something in her ear and my sister rolls her eyes. My friends turn to stare at me in shock. Then Alex laughs loudly and shoves Wendy.

"Wendy, he's my brother. Don't be disgusting." Alex says.

"That's your sister?" Bertram asks.

I nod helplessly while Alex and Wendy walk up to us. Alex crosses her arm and frowns at me.

"What kiddo, no hug for your sister?" She asks narrowing her green eyes.

"I'll hug you for him!" Yeah-Yeah suggests eagerly.

"Sorry sweetie, you're cute but I don't think so." Alex replies winking at him.

Yeah-Yeah gasps, blushes, and ducks behind Benny. Alex glances at me again and rolls her eyes again. She really has a knack for it.

"I see how it is. So, are these some new friends of yours?" She says changing the subject.

"Yes. We're his best friends." Kenny says pushing the others out of his way as he steps forward.

"Sweetie, you're his only friends. Like ever. But I think it's very sweet that you're hanging out with Scotty. So, what are your names?" She replies studying them closely with her cat-like eyes.

"Alex, this is Benny, Yeah-Yeah, Squints, Ham, Kenny, Bertram, Timmy, and Tommy." I introduce.

"Well hello. I am Alex, Scotty's older sister. This is my friend Wendy." Alex replies.

Squints blushes and edges behind Yeah-Yeah, who is still hiding behind Benny. Wendy whispers something in Alex's ear and my sister rolls her eyes. Again.

"How am I supposed to know that? Ask him yourself. Or are you suddenly too shy?" Alex snorts.

"Alex!" Wendy gasps in horror.

"Chill. Well nice meeting you boys, but we are late for work. See you later kiddo!"

Then Alex starts dragging Wendy away. After they round a corner all the boys turn to stare at me.

"Smalls, your sister is gorgeous." Bertram says first.

"Yeah, yeah. And she called me cute." Yeah-Yeah adds.

"She called me sweetie." Kenny points out.

"Yeah, yeah. She called me that too!"

"How are you related?" Timmy asks.

"How are you related?" Tommy repeats.

"We have the same mom and dad. It's that simple." I snort.

"She knows Wendy Peffercorn." Squints mutters staring in the direction they took.

"Smalls, you are one lucky man." Ham whispers.

I realize Benny is the only one who hasn't said anything. He's just shaking his head. They frown at him once they see what he's doing.

"Come on Benny, you know she's gorgeous. Don't try to deny it." Bertram says.

"Guys, we need to focus on baseball. You gonna drool over every hot chick that comes around?"

"This is not just a hot chick. This is Smalls' sister. She's hotter than even Wendy." Kenny points out.

I roll my eyes and walk over to my house. The boys are still arguing. But I see the look in Benny's eyes. Like so many boys before him and the others, they have fallen for my older sister.

"Guys! Don't pursue my sister. She'll break your heart." I yell before walking into the house.

A few hours later Alex comes skipping inside. She kisses the top of my head and fills a glass with water. Then she slides in a chair and props her feet up on the table. I'm going over my list of stuff for the campout.

"Hey kiddo, what are you doing?" She asks.

"Checking to make sure I have everything."

"For what?"

"A campout with the sandlot boys." I reply still not looking up.

"Oh, there were some cute boys in that group." She sighs.

"Don't go out with any of them. I do not want you breaking their hearts." I beg her.

"I won't break their hearts. I don't break hearts kiddo. They break mine. I just make it look like I did it so I don't seem weak. Scotty, girls don't break boys' hearts. It is always the other way around." Alex sighs sadly.

I slam the pad of paper down and glare at my older sister. I see the truth in her eyes. This only makes me madder.

"You mean all of those boys broke your heart? I'll kill them." I growl.

"Scotty, you wouldn't be able to. And I wouldn't want you to. I'm over every single one. I'm a big girl kiddo." She says ruffling my hair.

She then goes over to the couch and starts reading a book. I sigh and go in my room to pack my stuff. When the doorbell rings I'm about to run out but Alex yells that she'll get it. I hear talking and then Alex pokes her head in.

"Scotty, some kid is here for you. Actually, three boys are here for you. I didn't know you were so popular. Good job kiddo." She says winking at me.

I frown in confusion and follow her out of my room. I see Benny, Yeah-Yeah, and Kenny standing in my kitchen. Alex winks at me again and slides up onto the counter. She then reaches behind her and starts reading her book again. I look at the three boys who were staring at my sister. I clear my throat and my sister chuckles as their heads snap in my direction. Benny grins at me.

"Hey Smalls. We came to escort you to the sandlot. You know, in case you got lost." He says.

I raise an eyebrow at the nodding boys and look at my sister who is trying hard not to laugh. She looks at me and bites her lip even harder. Her face is turning red. I glare at her and she takes a few deep breaths. Then she slides off the counter and walks over to us.

"Now that is so sweet. You guys care so much about my brother. That really is cute." She says.

"Alex, please don't encourage them."

"I have no idea what you're talking about Scotty. Well, look at the time. I should really get ready for my date."

"You already have a date? With who?" I ask turning to look at her.

"Huh? Oh his name is Scott Phillips. So, have fun boys. Wendy will be here soon to help me get ready." She replies.

"Phillips? Does he play baseball?" Benny asks, his fists clenching together tightly.

"Yeah. He's on a team. Why? Do you know him?"

"Actually we do. He's a huge jerk that just loves to make fun of us since we don't play on a real team or a real diamond." Kenny growls through clenched teeth.

"Yeah, yeah. He's just jealous we could beat him though." Yeah-Yeah says.

Benny is shaking too much with anger to say anything. Alex looks at the very angry boys and bites her lip. She does that when she thinks.

"Does he really do all that?" She asks.

The three boys nod and I see her staring into their eyes. Then she sighs.

"Bummer. He was really cute! Why do the cute ones end up huge jerks?" She says shaking her head.

Then she goes over to the telephone hanging on the wall. She dials a number and waits, drumming her fingers against her hips.

"Wendy, yeah. Change of plans. Meet me at the diner in ten minutes… yes I understand that you were stalking him! You can do that another time… of course you don't consider following him around stalking… why don't you just go talk to him? Wendy, he can't even think around you… did you not see the look on his face? Wendy- you know what? We are wasting time! Stop stalking the poor kid and meet me at the diner… no you may not Peffercorn… I don't care! Wendy… Wendy… Wendy listen to me! If you don't meet me there in exactly nine minutes, I will track you down and give you a stern talking to… we'll talk about that later Wendy… just meet me there!"

Alex sighs in exasperation and slams the phone back into the holder. She shakes her head, muttering about something, and slips into her shoes. She rushes over to me and kisses the top of my head.

"Bye kiddo! Uh, have fun and all that stuff. See you tomorrow. Is that all? I have no idea what to say. So, bye!" She says before grabbing her jacket and opening the door.

She pokes her head back into the house and winks at us.

"Tell you friend with the glasses to watch his back. He's got a serious stalker following him." She says before slamming the door.

"Wendy Peffercorn and Squints? I don't see it." Benny mutters.

We all nod in agreement and run to the sandlot.