So in the end, Bertram disappeared because he became this huge hippie and all that jazz. Timmy and Tommy introduced the idea of mini-malls. Fascinating. Kenny coaches his sons' little league team called, wait for it, the Heaters, named after his famous heater that the idiot Ham hit over the fence of Mr. Myrtle's house. Speaking of tubs, he became the great wrestler, the Great Hambino. Seriously, think of better names. Yeah-Yeah eventually got over his crush on me and went to military school. Poor guy. Then he invented bungee jumping. And for that, I thank him. It is awesome! Squints married Wendy, my best friend in case you forgot block-heads, and had nine kids. Nine freakin' kids. They own the pharmacy in town now. Lucky duck Squints is. Benny is, no surprise here, a major league baseball player. He plays for the Dodgers. Yes, he got over his crush on me as well. Scotty, my own sweet little brother, announces for the Dodgers. He still wears that ridiculous hat he wore the first day he went to the sandlot. I guess he grew into it. And I, because I'm awesome and always get what I want, am married to Phillips. Just as I got out of high-school with him, I found out I was pregnant. And now we have a beautiful baby girl named Kate. Maybe one day she'll meet some boys as great as the sandlot gang and will have her own adventures. Let's just hope she won't have to rescue a Babe Ruth autographed baseball from a yard we thought was guarded by the Beast. Now wouldn't that be something?

A/N: That was the last chapter folks! But don't worry, I'll post a sequel. And it'll be all about Kate Hercules Phillips. Yeah, her mother made her middle name the name of the Beast. I know most of you must hate me for making Alex marry Phillips instead of Benny but really, can you imagine him giving up baseball for a girl? And this way my sequel will flow better. I love you all that reviewed and read my story! Be sure to read my sequel please!