"Why must we be enemies?" Minato asked the woman in his lap. He was currently supposed to be intercepting the Kyuubi no Kitsune, who was on it's way to the village. The elders made him go and fight it, thinking it was an evil demon like they have for years.

"Because your village doesn't like demons, and my father has yet to retire... meaning he is Lord of the Bijuu and not I yet." The woman with fox ears and nine fox tails said. Her ear twitched as she heard a sound in the forest they were cuddling in, but quickly found it to be the wind.

"As soon as that happens I'll be an envoy myself and negotiate peace. Once that happens you can live in the village with me like you've always wanted." Minato said.

"That won't take long, Father admitted to me he was retiring early... He knows about us." The Vixen continued.

"Well Kurama-chan, is that a good thing or a bad thing?" Minato asked.

"The only reason I need to be in power for the peace negotiations to start is because my father is too old to enforce his views. Besides, you're my mate now and if I'm the Bijuu Lord the others will be forced to reconsider their views." Kurama explained before kissing him. Suddenly she stopped as her ears flicked.

"Something's coming to get you, right?" Minato asked with a slight smile.

"Right, one of my foxes." Kurama said, standing and pulling Minato to his feet. They kissed one final time before Minato disappeared in a flash. Kurama reverted to her fox form and met the two tailed fox on her way.

"Mistress, what were you doing out here? You smell of human." She asked.

"Hello Hiiro, I was meeting with the Hokage of Konoha again." Kurama answered.

"I used to be torn between who to believe, you or the other Demons... but I can smell the love between the two of you. nothing the other demons described can love like that." Hiiro said.

"Thank you, you have been a good friend. I'm guessing I am needed?" Kurama asked.

"Hai, your Father requests your presence in this week's meeting." Hiiro answered.

"You look in good shape once again." The council commented as Minato returned to his office to find them waiting.

"We haven't seen the signs of battle when you intercept that demon since the first time." The old woman said.

"Why do you think she is coming to attack at all?" Minato sighed.

"Because she is a demon!" The old man yelled.

"Well that demon hasn't openly attacked me once. The only reason we fought the first time is because you had me thinking she was attacking us. Do you know what we do when we meet? We sit down and talk as the friends we've become. Very soon she will be the Bijuu Lord and I'll be the envoy of peace to all rational demonkind. And then she will be an envoy to us." Minato explained as he reclined in his Hokage chair.

"What?! How could you be so friendly with that monster!" The old man yelled, but the woman silenced him.

"Damaru! (be silent!) I may be an old hag but I'm not quite the traditionalist as you. I what Hokage-same says is true then we have to put peace and prosperity over blind war!" The old woman scolded her husband.

"Thank you actually sat down and talked to a demon that wasn't feral you'd find them very similar to any human or summoning animal. Just like people, there are good demons and evil demons. The evil ones are the feral ones with either prejudice or low intelligence." Minato said flatly.

"Ah, Minato. I see you're back." Hiruzen said happily as he entered his old office.

"This had better work." The old council elder growled before he and his wife left.

"I'm guessing you told them?" Hiruzen asked.

"Not exactly, I left out me being her mate, we're leaving that until there's peace between us. It'll do me no good if I'm mating with the Lord of what the people think are enemies." Minato sighed.

"You look stressed." Hiruzen said.

"We're in a bit of a bind my friend. Today she told me I'm going to be a father. I've never been happier, but the child will be a Hanyou. If things don't go right and the people don't learn to trust demons, the child's life will be hell." Minato explained.

"A father? That's wonderful! and don't worry. Unknown to those old gasbags I've been letting Demons into the village to get the people used to friendly ones. Kurama's foxes love the schoolyard and the children, so at least the next generation won't be so prejudiced." Hiruzen grinned.

"I owe you then. Now, I'm feeling rather exhausted. Think you can cover for a few hours while I take a nap?" Minato asked.

"Of course my friend." Hiruzen grinned, seeing that half of the work was already done. Minato grinned and plopped down on one of the couches in the corner of the room.

"You may kiss the bride." Hiruzen exclaimed around nine months later. Kurama and Minato were being married by the Sandaime Hokage on top of the Hokage Tower. It wasn't as public as either of them would have wanted, but there were a great many foxes and other friendly demon friends of Kurama's as well as people who gave not a care that Kurama was a Demon.

"I'm so glad we lived to do this before the child was born." Minato said weakly.

"So am I..." Kurama said, her voice just as weak.

"Now that this is done let's get the two of you back to the hospital." Hiruzen said with a smile as he put a hand on each shoulder.

Not long after Kurama took power and peace was set in stone both Minato and Kurama's physical form found they had very low energy. They were both diagnosed by the top doctors at the Konoha Hospital as having a mysterious illness. When treated by Demon Healers, the illness was confirmed as a demon illness.

When a Hanyou is conceived, it takes Chakra and life force from it's parents, as would any normal demon or human. But after an extensive history check by scholars, it was found that the Namikaze Bloodline held demonic heritage with ancient demons that had varying abilities. When two Hanyou mate, their child will Inherit both abilities, but since Minato's was so underlying the child absorbed too much life force to make up for it, causing his soul starved illness. Because of this, the two forces were unbalanced so the child was forced to absorb a similar amount of energy from Kurama. While her demon form in the demon realm would be unharmed and unaffected, it would possibly take centuries for her to regain her physical form.

"It's a girl! Looks like you were right Kurama-sama." The doctor said, holding a baby with blue eyes and blond hair with white fox ears.

"White fur? You were right Minato-kun... She is going to be so much stronger than we thought... The white fur, the last Kitsune to have it brought foxes from minor demons to Lord of the realm." Kurama said, her voice slowly fading. Minato was in a wheelchair, having lost the strength to walk. He slowly wheeled up to the side of the bed and entwined one of his hands with one of hers while their other arms held the baby together.

"What will you name her?" The doctor asked.

"Naruto..." The two parents whispered as their eyes closed.

"Very well, will you allow visitors?" The doctor asked as she filled out a birth certificate. She looked up when she got no answer. She thought the two parents had fallen asleep, but then she became acutely aware that the heart monitor had been turned off and that the two weren't breathing. The child had also stopped crying.

"Hokage-sama? Kyuubi-sama?" The doctor asked, quickly checking their pulses and finding them nonexistent.

"Is everything alright?" Sarutobi asked, poking his head in. He smiled at the three on the bed, but frowned when he was the Doctor's face and the tears running down her eyes.

"At least they both got to see their child... that's all they wanted..." Sarutobi said softly as he entered the room.

"Sandaime-sama?" The doctor said.

"You can go home now my dear. I'll be sure she is cared for." Sarutobi said, slipped the birth certificate from the Doctor's clipboard and looking at it.

"Naruto..." He said as he looked at the girl. He was surprised to see her awake, but crying silently instead of wailing like most children do.

"I'll keep her for as long as I can Hokage-sama, but I'll be joining Yondaime-sama soon and I can't speak for my predecessor." The old woman in charge of the orphanage said happily as she held Naruto in her arms.

"I would care for her myself, but I don't have the energy to do so once I resume the role as Hokage... I'll supply guards for the orphanage, there are still many prejudiced people in this city that would go to extreme measures. I received word from Kurama-san's foxes that she has revived in her own realm. If a fox comes then it is a messenger from her." Sarutobi explained.

"I understand Hokage-sama." The woman said with a smile on her face.

"Thank you. I hope your predecessor will be as kind." Sarutobi said with a smile as he turned around and began walking.