One fine summer evening, Bobby Hill was taking a warm bubble bath when he began to think about is neighbor's daughter, Connie. He felt a tight bulge in his nether-regions and soon he began fondling his member. As he began pleasuring himself, his father Hank suddenly burst in through the door. He took one look at his son's sordid act and screamed, "GOD DAMMIT BOBBY!" at the top of his lungs. He promptly grabbed Bobby's head and shoved it into the tub, nearly drowning him before he was violently pulled out.

Bobby believed he was safe, but he was horribly wrong. Hank dragged Bobby out into the hallway and threw him down the stairs, snapping his neck on the way down. Peggy walked in and this and said, "Oh my God!", at which point Hank grabbed the back of Peggy's head and shoved her face into the wall repeatedly until her nose was shoved into her brain, ending her tragic life.

Hank was nowhere near finished. His niece Luann was outside sunbathing when he decided it was time to exercise his sickest desires. He grabbed a washcloth and gagged Luann, then punched her in the face, knocking her out cold. When she awoke, she found a naked Hank, leering at her, holding a switchblade in his hand. As Hank approached her, she realized what he was going to do, but she could not stop it.

Chuckling softly, Hank took his blade and cut Luann's bra, squeezing firmly as Luann whimpered. He then cut her underwear as well, and without hesitation thrust his crooked, upwardly bent penis into her. He trusted with such force that his hipbones could be heard hitting against her own, creating a strange clacking sound. He came immediately and pulled out, his penis leaking semen.

Unbeknownst to Hank, Dale had walked in, as he usually did to mingle and steal Hank's things when he wasn't looking. "Hey Hank I- SWEET JESUS!" "Dale!" Hank roared, as he ran after Dale, flailing his knife wildly. Dale quickly retreated into his home, rifling through his gun cabinet before finding a small, yet serviceable handgun. Hank trundled in, shouting "Dale, I'm gonna kick yer ass!" Panting with fear, Dale opened fire upon Hank, sinking two bullets into his gut and another into his head, creating a fine red mist.

Dale got away scot-free and was not charged with a single crime. Bobby and Peggy were cremated and used to fertilize a marijuana patch. Luann gave birth to a child with Down Syndrome and an Oedipus Complex, who raped her when he was fifteen. Last but not least, Hank's body was thrown into a ditch and eaten by possums. The End.