"Ethan, what is this?" Sarah held up the small blue box. I smiled, turning from my now-closed locker to look at her.

"Just a gift." My cheeks grew hot, and I ducked my head, hoping she didn't notice. She gave me a look, but opened the box anyway.

I tilted my head up just enough to see her face. It was one of hurt, anger, and a touch of…hunger.

"A compact mirror? Ethan, is this some sort of sick joke, because it's not funny!" Her fangs flared out, tears sprouting in her eyes. For a second, I felt bad, but I reminded myself what I had done.

"No, Sarah, please just open it." Sarah looked at me, a single tear slid down her cheek. A look of doubt in her eyes, she slowly opened the mirror. At the exact moment she caught a glimpse of the mirror, it fell from her hands, and a gasp escaped from her mouth in shock

"E-Ethan, I can see myself in this!" She cried out, wrapping her arms around me tightly. I smiled, hugging her back.

"Yeah, Benny made it for me." I murmured, looking down ever so slightly.

"That is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me! Thank you so much, I'll treasure it forever." She pecked me on the cheek, and I blushed even harder. Sarah picked the compact mirror up from the floor and buried it in her back-pack. She turned back to me, and with a dark blush on her face, she pecked me again, on the lips.

"Thank you Ethan, really." She turned away. "I love you." She muttered before rushing away to her next class.

I stood, shocked, touching the spot where her lips had been only seconds ago. "I love you too." I said softly, even though nobody was listening.