WARNING: This is the final installment of my ghost hunt fanfiction series. The previous stories in chronological order are: Lost, Blood Slippers, Mistaken Reflection, The Beating of a Heart. If choose to read on without reading those first you may become confused by some of the references made throughout the story. Also rated T with M rated moments.

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Chapter 1

Mai stood back stage waiting for her queue. She felt her adrenaline pumping. Her heart racing. She may have been a professional, but before every performance she could feel the excitement and anticipation build. Maybe that was why she was regarded as one of the elite in her field.

In dance, learning the choreography and being able to perform it perfectly did not make you a dancer. No, that was only half of the equation. Being able to not only accomplish the physical, but also bringing the emotions and energy is what transforms it into an art form.

Every time Mai danced, she immersed herself in the dance itself feeling each step as if it were breaths of life. She would feel the raw emotions of her character and lose herself in it. What made her different than the other elites? She had often wondered this because she was not the first or only ballerina to use her emotions and energy in her dancing. But for some reason, as she has been told, it seemed so real to those who watched her. "It's like being pulled into a dream and not knowing reality from fantasy" said one critic of her performance in La Sylphide.

Yes, when she danced, she herself has often felt transported to another physical world. A world in which the ballet was real along with its characters and story. At times when she danced she could feel an extraordinary force fueling her, giving her an other worldly exuberance.

Her music began signaling her moment to enter the stage. Tonight's performance was the tragically beautiful love story of Romeo and Juliet. Mai found herself caught in the illusion. She was now Juliet standing on her balcony hoping that her Romeo feels as deeply in love with her as she is with him.

Then he makes his presence know, starling her. He loves her, but how does she know he is sincere in his feelings? He is the son of the sworn enemy of her father. She runs to down to greet him. His love is shown in the way he moves gentle and fluid.

The spot lights are no longer spotlights, but the twinkling of stars in the night. They are no longer two dancers, but a man and a woman passionately in love, willing to do anything just to be with each other. The scenery becomes a garden where the young lovers lyrically move together in the enchanting moonlight.

Juliet sees only her Romeo. While the audience sees a blond haired Romeo on stage, This Juliet sees her Romeo, a raven haired man with piecing blue eyes that can read the depths of her soul…..

The is at its final moments. Juliet wakes to see her Romeo dead. Poison has taken him away from her. She feels the despair and kisses him hoping some poison clings to his lips, enough to take her to him. But to dismay it does not. She takes the dagger and raises it up. Its blade glints in the light. Her hands tremble with anticipation. There is no fear in her tearful eyes, just determination. She slowly closes her eyes and take her final breath before plunging the dagger into abdomen and falling next to her beloved.

The crowd roars with applause. Back stage Mai rises off the ground. She and the other cast members excitedly hug one another before taking their places for the curtain call. The curtain rises and the male principle walk out. He bows and she curtseys gracefully. The rest of the cast appears and take their bows. Mai look out to audience. She looks straight at the special box closet to the stage. There he sits, her blue eyes raven hair Romeo, clapping smiling. His eyes are only for her. The illusion was over the moment the curtain fell, but the magical spell of their love, has yet to be broken.

Opening night of every show there was always a party. The guest list usually included the cast and crew, the producers, the other investors, patrons, and anyone else who paid or donated enough. So of course the parties were always formal and extravagant. Before arriving at said parties, Mai's prep work included: shower, hair, mark up, and apparel. Miraculously she managed this in an hour. She was thankful that her dressing room had a private bathroom.

Hair pulled up in an elegant up do, wearing a designer gown and shoes, and actually wearing make up and jewelry, Mai entered the ballroom on the arm of her favorite narcissist. Who by the way always looked handsome, but was particularly stunning in his tuxedo.

"Hmmm.." Mai sighed and moved in closer to Naru.

"Something on your mind?" he asked as they navigated through the guest.

"I was just thinking how wonderful this feels. You know being able to get dressed up and go out." Mai answered and sighed again. Naru chuckled.

"I'm surprised and impressed." He said. Mai lifted her head and looked puzzled.

"Why's that?" she asked.

"You're not running off to check on the twins. In fact you haven't mentioned them so far this entire evening." He smiled. "Have you enough of the domestic life?" he teased her.

"Of course not." She huffed and turned her head up in dramatic fashion. "I take my role as a mother very seriously."

"Oh really?" Naru raised his eyebrow playfully at her. "A serious and devoted mother would never of dream of leaving the house for an evening and not check in at least every 15 minutes."

"As one such serious and devoted mother, I have made sure that my children are safe and sound while I am not around by leaving them in the care of Ayako and Monk." Mai tried to be serious, but couldn't sticking her tongue out at him. "So there, Mr. Narcissist."

"If I'm Mr. Narcissist than as my wife, that makes you Mrs. Narcissit." He continued to tease her. Naru was more than happy to keep this mood up. Given the recent turn of events, he and Mai had had so many serious conversations. The entire day had gone off without a single occurrence.

They so desperately need a break. Poor Mai had been on edge since her accident. That was when it all began to start up. The visions and the nightmares. Mai's black outs came at random moments and there was no way to plan for them.

Since then, Naru had quit taking on cases and stayed home with Mai and the twins. Mai could not be left alone and she knew that with two infants she could not take the risk.


"Naru, please you have to promise me." Mai pleaded with tears in her eyes.

"Mai, these people are our family as you insist, so why shouldn't we inform them? They could have some ideas about-"

"They won't." Mai said as she turned away from him. "They can't help me. No one can. If there is a way it has to be from me."

"But Mai-" Naru tried to speak.

"I know I have you and I know I'm not alone." She paused. "What I'm trying to say is that I have to be the one to fight this and I don't know how. I don't know why I can't shake this-this thing! UUGGHH!" she growled in frustration before regaining composure and moving closer to Naru. "But I do know one thing.."

"And that is?" Naru asked as her embraced her tightly.

"I know that if I'm going to win, I am going to need you more than ever." Mai answered.

"You have me, Mai. Forever and always." He pulled her face to his. She smiled at him and he felt his heart skip a beat.

"Eternity." She said.

"Eternity." He repeated and they began to kiss.

End of Flashback.

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