Prompt: after seeing a delicious picture of incubus!tahno by lemonorangelime. I just couldn't resist. -drools- i hope you like it :D. i also left it open ended because that way i could turn it into a mini series if i decided to come back to it -can't you tell i love leaving loose ends?-

Korra shifted, eyebrows furrowing in her sleep. Something was crawling across her skin. Not in an unpleasant way. In fact, the touch made chill bumps rush up the length of her arm. What felt like lips fluttered along the column of her neck, sharp teeth scraping along the delicate flesh. She sighed softly, shifting onto her back. Eyes slowly opened and a face focused into view. Everything looked so hazy and the more she tried to open her eyes, the heavier they became, as if something was trying to pull her back down into the deep thrall of slumber.

"Ughn…" The sound escaped the back of her throat as warm palms slid against her chest, pushing the silky material of her nightshirt against her skin. She gasped softly as her breasts were cupped and kneaded, fingers delicately pinching at her nipples. She shifted, her thighs rubbing together as little sparks of pleasure shooting to her core. Her body felt so heavy but the feeling was as if she were wide awake. She turned onto her back, eyes fully opening now as she tried to clear her head.

A pale face came into focus as she blinked blearily. Skin was smooth, except for two curious bumps near his hairline. Her eyes drifted over the thick midnight hued locks and her fingers twitched, the urge to push them through that hair riding her strong. A smile curled on his lips as he hovered over her and she could do nothing but stare up at him. "Who are you?" her words were nothing but a whisper. He leaned down, clear eyes boring into her own. She wanted to look away but they were just so…captivating. "Just a dream," he purred silkily as his lips gently captured her lower one. His voice was pure sex and just the sound of it made wetness seep between her thighs.

This was the most realistic dream she ever had, she thought idly as his lips worked at her own. Something about it didn't feel right, but when his hand started to palm her breast again, her body took control. Her hips rolled up and she moaned as she felt his arousal pressing against her thigh. She finally managed to get her arms to working and her fingers went for his hair, twining her fingers through the locks and grabbing hold tight. He hissed against her lips, teeth scraping along her inner lip lightly. She opened her mouth in invitation. A slick tongue darted inside, curling around her own. One hand of hers dragged through his hair and down the back of his neck and to his shoulder blade where she dug her fingers into his skin.

His other hand moved to the hem of her nightshirt and slowly pushed it up. "Your skin's so hot." Oh spirits, there went that voice again. She could get off to the sound of it alone. Fingers splayed across her stomach and that sensation of something crawling made her shudder in delight. A firm hand cupped her breast, digits stroking and teasing her nipple into a hard bud. Her hips were steadily rocking against his now, groaning each time his arousal pressed into her quickly dampening underwear.

She was so distracted with his hand on her breast that she didn't notice that he was tugging at her underwear until her hips were lifting and the fabric was pulled down just enough to where he could fit a knee between her thighs. Mind hazy with lust and sleep, she ground herself against his thigh, head tossed back as the ecstasy threatened to swamp her. He pulled away from nibbling and licking at her lips, hand leaving her breast so he could hold himself above her. She looked up at him, a grin on her swollen lips. Fingers reached up to feel along his cheeks, brushing over his eyelids, thumb swiping along his lower lip. He was panting softly himself and it made her ego puff up in pride at being able to arouse this fantasy male. Her fingers were curious about those two little bumps on his head and she jerked back in surprise when she touched them. They were smooth and hard, reminding her of a komodo rhino's nose, except sleeker and deceptively delicate looking. She brushed her fingers along the underside curl of the little horns and was rewarded when he let out a low moan.

Wanting to see how sensitive they were, she began to stroke them in earnest, dragging her fingers all the way to the tips and back down again. A predatory look stole across his face and her heart began to race in her ears. He swiftly yanked away from her and she scrambled up on her hands, hair falling into her face. Between the strands she watched with heated eyes as his hands tugged at the loose pants around his hips. He smirked at her, the gleam of his teeth making them appear jagged and pointy. Fingers clasped around her ankle and pulled her leg forward as he pushed his pants down.

Fear spiked from somewhere deep inside of her and she shut her knees, shaking her head. "I'm a virgin," she managed. The hand that was moving to part her thighs stopped and he looked up at her. Finally, after a few tense seconds, his hand moved to keep pushing her legs apart. "There are other ways." he assured her, bending down to lick at her inner knee. She melted inside as she laid back, legs falling open without much force. Pointed nails scored the inside of her thighs and at the first puff of hot air against her sex, her back bowed lightly. At the first swipe of his tongue, her hand flew to her mouth to stop the cry that threatened to break loose.

Oh merciful spirits above, was this what paradise felt like?

Her hips rolled, thrusting helplessly as his tongue attacked her, lapping and swirling, nibbling and nipping. He found some spot she never knew existed and tormented it mercilessly, making her lower stomach clench and relax as the pressure started to build. Her knees drew up, making the sensation more intense. She was white knuckled, fingers twisting so hard in the sheets that she heard an audible riiippp as her nails tore through them. It was becoming so hard to breath and her mind was spinning as her body spiraled towards some unknown edge.

The pressure became too great and she felt the tension snap inside of her. Her body felt like it was being transported to another plane, where she could only float there as the tidal waves washed over her. Everything hummed within her, the feeling lasting forever. Or so it seemed. She simply closed her eyes, letting herself be swept away. As her body started it's float downwards, she felt sleep rising, stronger than ever. Unable to really put up a fight, she gave into the feeling. A warm feeling enveloped her lovingly, that beautiful voice encouraging her to just let go. So she did, darkness finally claiming her.

Korra gave a low moan as she rolled over onto her side, trying to escape the sun's rays. Her eyes cracked open and she let out a yawn, slowly sitting up. When the cover dropped off her chest, revealing her shirt halfway pushed up, she thought it odd, but not completely out of the ordinary. Her eyebrows furrowed as a sudden tenderness appeared in her thighs. Now that was weird. She pushed the cover from her legs and her eyes widened as she saw fresh red scores along her inner thighs. Her underwear was around her hips haphazardly, as if someone hastily put them back. She lifted a hand, rubbing her eyes lightly. She felt… odd. She couldn't place it and she chalked it up to some bad noodles from the night before.

She turned and her body froze as she spied a red rose sitting on a chair tucked into the corner. She scrambled out of the bed and picked up the rose, turning it over. There was nothing attached to it, but she didn't need to know. The city girls had told her about how a single red rose meant that a certain nighttime visitor had come. It was the trademark of the incubus Tahno. She looked over at her window and sure enough, it was barely cracked from where he had let himself in.

So that hadn't been a dream.

Something glinted on the windowsill and she walked over, body still numb from the realization. Trembling hands reached out and grasped a necklace of wooden beads. She rolled them in her fingers, flashbacks of the dream racing through her head. As she stared at the beads, she knew that this wouldn't be the last time she saw Tahno.

After all, he would have to come back to get his necklace.

She held the simple piece of jewelry close.

Next time, she was going to be prepared. A smile played at her lips at the thought and she moved to hook the beads around her neck. While she didn't particularly mind being his dinner, she was going to make sure that the next meal on her terms.