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"So, what do you think?" Asami grinned as she strutted around in her room, showing off her latest purchase from the lingerie store. Ushio leaned back on her bed, his eyes roving appreciatively over her form. His mind, however, was elsewhere. Upon going back into the living room with a second bottle of wine, he had been pissed to discover Tahno and Korra asleep on the sofa.

They were supposed to be having sex, not sleeping damn it!

He blinked as Asami straddled him and she bent down, gently capturing his lips. When he didn't kiss back, she pulled away, staring down at him. "Something on your mind?" she asked softly. Ushio's eyes refocused on her. As delectable as she looked, he couldn't bring himself to feel the tiniest bit of arousal for her. No. His thoughts were focused on the two downstairs and the impending urgency that threatened to consume him.

Asami looked away, noticing that Ushio's eyes were distant. Something glimmered catching her eye. "Oh, what a lovely ring." She murmured, fingers reaching down to take his right hand, bringing it to her face. The ring was absolutely gorgeous.

"This belonged to my mother." Ushio answered her unspoken question. "Her wedding ring." Perhaps the wine was starting to affect him but looking at that ring made all sorts of unwanted feelings rise up in him. Asami brushed back a few strands of his hair, recognizing that longing look.

"I know how you feel." She told him. He quirked a brow. She would never know how he felt. But he would humor her. She pulled a cover around her shoulders to keep the chill off as she turned his hand over, memorizing the small details of the ring. "My mother passed away when I was six. I don't remember the details, but my father said that some guys broke into our house. She died trying to keep them from stealing anything. I wish she had just let them steal whatever they wanted. It wasn't worth losing her life over."

Ushio stared at the ring. "No. It wasn't."

The sound of his father's wounded cry made Ushio's hair stand on end. He rushed through the halls of the house, heart pounding in his chest. His stomach rolled from the scent of blood that drenched the house. He slid in a couple of puddles, having to right himself.

He burst into the basement, heart stopping at the sight before him. His father lay over his mother's still body, coughing blood into her beautiful hair. Ushio rushed to him, bending down to try to pull him away. He was gravely injured; if he could get his father to a healer, perhaps he would survive. But his father refused to leave his mother, clinging to her, wrapping her in a protective embrace as he mourned his loss despite his own injuries. A sound made Ushio's head snapped up. He snarled at the sight of a dark haired demon standing there, covered in his parents' blood. Ushio memorized the sight of the golden eyes, knowing that he would never forget this male who disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Ushio looked back down at his father, not even registering the tears that dripped down his cheeks. His father lay close to his mother, his eyes shut, breathing labored. "U-Ushio." Ushio looked down as his father opened one eye to stare at him. "Y-you have t-to p-protect." he coughed and Ushio gently wiped away the smear of blood with his hand, nodding as sobs threatened to overtake him. His father managed a smile before he collapsed fully on top of his mother, pushing his face into her neck as he took his final breath.

Ushio barely heard the door opening as his entire world shattered. Ushio buried his face into his father's shoulder, not caring that he was practically bathed in their blood. He cried into his clothes, fingers gripping his arm tightly. They began to dissolve beneath him, shimmering stars that drowned in the thick crimson puddle. His palms splashed as he landed in the blood, fingers curling into his palms. Trembling, he pushed himself up when he felt something solid in his grasp. He opened his hand, seeing his mother's ring. Shakily, he slid the ring onto his finger.

The burden of protecting the family secret now rest on his shoulders.

He would not fail.

"Ushio?" Asami gently touched his face, causing Ushio to snap out of his day dream. "Are you all right?" She whispered. He shut his eyes and lay back.

"I'm all right." he murmured.

After all, what was another lie among the sea of thousands?


Tahno grunted as he woke up thanks to a heavy crushing feeling on his chest. Opening his eyes, he saw nothing but brown fuzz clouting his vision. Patting down the strands, he finally figured out that thanks to Korra, his lungs were slowly being squeezed by his chest wall. He slowly sat up, moving her with him. When he sat up, he took in a gulp of air, the pain lifting. Korra, surprise surprise, lay snoring in his arms. Deciding that the couch was rather uncomfortable, he stood, scooping her up into his arms. She nuzzled close to him, causing him to smile faintly.

After wandering around for a good ten minutes, he finally found a spare bedroom. He shut the door before laying her out on the bed, taking the time just to watch her sleep so peacefully. He took her socks off and gently tugged off her pants, biting his lips at the cute cotton undies she wore. Would it be bad for her to wake up with him feasting on her body?

Deciding that a little taste wouldn't hurt, he slid his hands up her legs, her skin warm underneath his touch. He bent down, kissing up the same path as his hand, nibbling on the inside of her knee until she moaned. Arousal flared deep within him and the hunger for sex rose up sharp. The hunger that now gnawed at his belly make him feel like he had reverted back to his incubus form. Damn, he thought. Whatever magic his brothers cast on him must be wearing off. Though, he supposed it wouldn't be a bad thing completely. He missed his powers. He missed being able to only feed off energy instead of having to worry about eating food for nourishment. But mainly, he missed home.

"You gonna finish?" Her sleepy voice made him tilt his head up. She sat up on her elbow, her eyes drowsy but her lips turned up in an amused smile. He gave a grin.

"Just thinking about the best way to devour you." He murmured, tongue flicking out to lick at her skin again. He slowly parted her legs, nostrils flaring at the scent of her sex. He pushed his nose into the top of her panties, the damp spot making his shaft stir. Her fingers pushed through his hair and she tugged gently, raising his head.

"Let's make this mutually enjoyable." She suggested. Tahno wanted to tell her that he did get enjoyment out of pleasuring her, but who was he to deny her? She raised him up so their lips could mesh, her hand going down to his pants as their tongues slid against each other. She managed to unbutton them, slipping her hand into his boxers, hot fingers curling around his semi-erect length. He groaned softly and her kiss became more passionate, more forceful.

Korra jerked back and Tahno blinked, wondering what the sudden withdrawal was for. He only had a second's warning before her body heaved and mostly digested dumplings splattered all over his chest. Tahno sat there with a horror struck look on his face as she gagged and heaved, more liquid splashing on him.

"Oh-oh Tahno, I'm so sorry," she whispered, her throat scratchy. The smell was disgusting and it made her stomach roll even more. She scrambled out of the bed and flipped on the light. If the fact that she had just thrown up on him wasn't so disgusting, she might have died laughing at his face. He seemed frozen; his eyes wide and mouth hanging slightly agape. "T-Tahno, we should get you cleaned up." She reached for him but he held a hand up, stopping her.

"Where. Is. The. Bathroom."

"Tahno, please forgive-"

"Bath. Room."

"Um," she poked her head out into the hallway, orienting herself. "There's one right down the hall to the left. Please, let me help you." Tahno got up slowly and stalked past her, zipping up his pants as he did. She covered her mouth with her hand, mostly this time to stop the laughter that threatened to bubble through. Oh spirits, she felt really bad for this. But still, seeing him look so horrified was almost worth it.

While he used the bathroom to clean off, Korra stripped the bed of the sheets and dumped them in the hallway. The help would get it and she felt bad for a moment for whoever wound up washing the puke stained sheets. She rummaged around in the linen closet inside the room, having spent enough nights at the Sato Mansion to know that most rooms were equipped with one. Tahno appeared after about an hour, smelling a little bit fresher and wearing a bathrobe. She had just finished washing her mouth out and when he came in, she moved to hug him. "I'm so sorry." She buried her face in his chest. His silence made her look up and she wondered if he would be pissed at her for a while. Finally, his scowl fell.

"You owe me." He muttered. She grinned and pulled him back to the freshly made bed. She forced him under the covers so she could snuggle up close.

"I really am sorry." She whispered. He looked down at her.

"I know." He turned on his side so he could hold her. "But seriously, you owe me big time."

She rolled her eyes. "You're never going to let me live this down, are you?" she asked. He shook his head.

"It's about time I get some blackmail against you." He smirked, trying to play off how he still felt disgusting. The stench was stuck in his nose and he knew it would take a couple of days to get it out. Oh well. At least the hunger in his belly stopped. His incubus side was probably too grossed out to even think about sex. Which was good. Because even if her mouth was clean, he didn't know if he wanted to get near it just yet. He shut his eyes, enjoying the feeling of her snuggled against him.



"I really am sorry."

"I know."



Ushio stood at the stove cooking breakfast while Asami sat at the island table with a cup of coffee and chattering on about something or another. He had been delighted upon seeing that Korra and Tahno were no longer on the sofa. He hoped that meant they went upstairs and got busy. His patience with them was starting to wear thin. He looked up as the two came in, Tahno dressed in a bathrobe and Korra in her clothes from the night before. He assessed them quickly, looking for any changes that might hint that they did indeed have sex.

"Asami, do you have some orange juice? My stomach is still kinda upset."

Asami nodded, getting up. "From eating too much? Did you have trouble sleeping last night?" She asked, digging through the fridge. Korra shifted uneasily.

"Yeah. Got a little sick."

"A little. You threw up all over me." Tahno muttered.

Ushio snorted and Asami made a strangled sound as she pulled out the juice and handed it over to Korra, who was glaring at Tahno. He only smirked back at her. Asami settled herself back at the table, hiding her laughter with her coffee mug.

"Well, if you hadn't gotten so frisky, then I probably wouldn't have thrown up on you." Korra drawled, pouring herself a generous glass and taking a gulp. "You better be glad I didn't throw up in your mouth during that kiss." Asami choked on her coffee. "Though I suppose it was pretty bad that I threw up on your crotch." Tahno flushed and Asami burst out laughing. Ushio shook with silent laughter as he attempted to finish up breakfast. Korra tilted her nose up at Tahno, her eyes saying, 'your move'. Tahno grumbled and looked down at his plate. Ushio came over a few moments later, sliding some eggs on their plates as he returned to cooking up the bacon. Silence settled over the group save for the crackling from the bacon.

"Oh, look!" Asami pointed to the paper and Korra leaned over. "The summer fair's in town! I completely forgot that they came around this time of year. We should go there!" Asami nodded and Korra bobbed her head in agreement, mouthful of food. Ushio came back over with the bacon. Tahno smirked.

"Thanks mom," He drawled. Ushio's eyes narrowed. Ushio smacked Tahno's fingers with his spatula. Tahno hissed, ignoring the chuckles from Asami and Korra.

"If we're going to go to the fair, then I need a change of clothes." Korra sniffed her shoulder, wrinkling her nose. Still smelt like puke.

"I could use a change of clothes as well." Ushio didn't particularly care to be walking around in day old clothes. Besides, he needed to call up Felix. His hand rubbed over his mother's ring unconsciously.

"Why don't you take Tahno back home, Ushio? I keep some clothes over here at Asami's house, so I can shower and change here. We'll swing by and pick you both up." Korra suggested. Ushio pushed his lips together in thought.

"I suppose that would work. We'll leave after breakfast. You two can come by in a couple of hours." That would leave him enough time to get to the demon world and back.

"I've never been to a fair. What's it like?" Tahno asked. "Is it the same as a festival?"

"Kinda." Korra chewed thoughtfully on her bacon. "Except they have rides. Like an amusement park. The games are fun and the food is oh so good." Korra smiled. "Doesn't the demon world have amusement parks?" Korra asked.

"Most of the amusement parks are far from amusing." Ushio replied. "They're mostly for the lower classes. Rides hastily constructed with cheap materials and food not even dogs would eat. The upper class would rather spend on more…sophisticated hobbies." Korra rolled her eyes at Ushio's words.

"Tell me, what's it like being born with a silver spoon up your ass?" Korra smirked. Asami chuckled lightly along with Tahno while Ushio simply turned away. This girl was insufferable. He couldn't wait to leave this pathetic plane and get back to normalcy in the demon world.

Tahno elbowed Korra. "You must be fairly powerful to shut Ushio up." He grinned.

Korra simply gave a smug smile.


"I don't know why you find her in the least bit attractive." Ushio told Tahno as they drove along the fairly quiet streets. Tahno glanced out the window.

"You're too shallow and self-absorbed to see anything beyond your nose."

"Coming from the person who manscapes." Ushio's lips twitched at Tahno's sudden shift and embarrassed sound.

"Oh, and like you don't." Tahno muttered, cheeks flaming red.

"I don't have to. I'm perfect the way I am."

Tahno snorted. "Regardless," he cleared his throat. "Korra is beautiful. She's smart. She's funny. She's down to earth. She doesn't care about money or material things."

"She beats you up on a daily basis." Ushio looked over at Tahno. "And you don't even get in her pants."

"Yeah, well, it's not all about the sex you know." Tahno rested his chin on his palm. "To be honest, I think I might be happy even if we never had sex."


"Okay. Let me rephrase that. I'm okay with waiting. For once. She's showed me that playing the game is more fun than winning."

Ushio quirked a brow. How could anything be more fun than winning?

"Don't you feel that way about Asami?" Tahno asked.

"Hardly." Ushio stated bluntly. "We're merely entertainment for each other while you attempt to seduce Korra. Key word being attempt."

Tahno frowned. "Don't you want to be more than just some cheap entertainment?"

"I am not cheap."

"You know what I meant." Tahno rolled his eyes. "Are you going to be satisfied being an /escort/ for the rest of your life? Don't you want someone that you can call only yours and you are the only one for them? Someone to just cuddle up on the sofa and watch television with?" Tahno asked curiously, staring at his brother for any flicker of emotion. Ushio gave nothing away.

"I think Vinh's been putting silly ideas into your head concerning love. There is no such thing as a happy ending. Life will always fuck it up somehow. If not now then later. Why set myself up for disappointment?"

Tahno became quiet for a few moments before speaking, "Mom and dad got their happy ending." Ushio's fingers tightened on the steering wheel.

"No they didn't. If they got their real happy ending, they would have passed away from natural causes instead of being brutally murdered." Ushio snapped, making Tahno withdraw.

"Isn't being happy for a little while worth it though? Better to have love and lost than never loved at all."

"You're a fool to believe that. You can't miss what you've never had. I have no desire to be ensnared in such a trivial matter." Ushio leaned down and turned on the radio, effectively blocking any more conversation.

Tahno sighed and turned his head back to look out at the passing scenery. He wouldn't let Ushio's words get him down.


"So glad you could meet me here on such short notice. I won't be around for long. I agreed to go out on a double date with Tahno and Korra to a…fair." Ushio raised his lip lightly at the thought of trudging after his brother and two females. Felix chuckled silently to himself, hiding the smile behind his tea cup. Ushio was perhaps the only one outside of his mother who could really make him genuinely smile and laugh, even if most of the times Ushio was completely serious.

"I'm sure it won't be that bad." Felix attempted to lighten the situation. However, Ushio only rolled his eyes before taking a small bite from a rice cake. While chewing, he pulled off his mother's ring and set it in front of Felix. Felix's smile fell as he picked it up, turning it over in his hands. "Have the mechanics come lose?" he asked, inspecting it closely.

"No. I simply need you to reopen and check it. The time is drawing closer. I need to be prepared to destroy the monstrosity inside." Ushio glared at the innocent ring as if he blamed it for all of his troubles.

"Have you even found a way to destroy it?" Felix asked softly, his eyes traveling over the deceptive glimmer of the jewels. Ushio made a sound of annoyance.

"Not yet. I was hoping you had some idea."

Felix shook his head. "I'm sorry, but I've been researching off and on with no leads. Perhaps you should seek council with some elders-"

"NO!" Felix leaned back at the force of Ushio's shout. The male banged his hand on the table, making the delicate cups rattle. Ushio closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "No. No one outside our family and you knows about this. I intend to keep it that way. Have you already forgotten the sacrifice of my parents?" Ushio's eyes narrowed on Felix, who looked away. Ushio sighed. "I apologize." He muttered, irritation subsiding.

"It's all right. I know you didn't mean it." Felix gave a slight smile. "I'll start renewing my efforts. There might be a couple of more leads out there, especially within the folklore."

"Well, I'll let you handle that. I have no time to read folk legends." Ushio stood up, finishing off his rice cake. "Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go back. I will be glad when our time in the mortal world is up. Disgusting place." Ushio stalked out of the kitchen. Felix sighed, shaking his head. He placed his thumbs on the tops of the bat heads, gently pushing down on them until he heard a click. He lifted the right wings first, followed by the left wings. If he attempted to open it too fast, the ring would lock as a safety mechanism. Finally he heard another click and he slowly lifted the top of the stone to reveal a pale green pill.

"Safe and sound." he murmured, clicking the wings back in order and rotating the bat heads back. After securing the ring, he shook it a couple of times just to make sure nothing was loose.

"Hey Li!" Vinh's voice made Felix jump and he fumbled with the ring, the tiny object dropping and rolling onto the floor. Vinh picked it up, frowning. "Why isn't Ushio wearing this?" He asked, sitting down next to Felix who was trying to calm his racing heart.

"I really wish you wouldn't call me that Vinh." Felix glared, snatching the ring back so he could put it in a ring box that Ushio had left. "Ushio wanted me to check the mechanisms. I'll give it back to him when he comes home."

"Where did he go?" Vinh asked, reaching over to grab a banana from a bowl. He peeled back the skin delicately and took a bite, not noticing the way Felix's little wings seemed to beat faster than usual. Felix cleared his throat, looking away.

"He said something about going with Korra and Tahno to a fair." Why did he have to eat the banana right in front of him? It was like he wanted to embarrass him, Felix thought. Vinh nibbled on the fruit, frowning.

"Why didn't he invite me?" He pouted. "I want to go to the fair-Li, you okay?" Vinh tilted his head at the sudden appearance of blood coming from Felix's nose. Felix cursed under his breath, hand flying up to cup his nose.

"Yes. I'm fine. These allergies of mine have been giving me trouble." he lied. He didn't know why in the hell his nose started bleeding. Vinh quirked a brow and finished off his banana.

"How about we go to the fair? I've got some energy in me." Vinh's face lit up at the idea. Besides, maybe he could catch Korra and they could hang out together. He stood up, grabbing Felix by the arm. "But first, you need to wear something else. It'll be hot outside. Besides wearing a sweater will make you look funny." Felix blinked as Vinh pulled him up the stairs to Ushio's room. "I'm sure Ushio won't mind if you wear his clothes."

"Uh, what about the fact that I have horns and wings?" Felix stood there awkwardly while Vinh dug through Ushio's closet. Felix winced at the growing mess. Ushio would throw a fit for sure.

"You can tuck your wings in right? And we can just stick a hat on you." Vinh grinned, pushing one of Ushio's short sleeved shirts along with a pair of khaki shorts into Felix's arms.

"I'm not wearing shorts." Felix dropped them before looking at the shirt. Just a plain blue thing. Still had the tag on it.

"Won't your legs get hot in pants though?" Vinh bent down to pick at the fabric. Felix pushed him away, his cheeks heated. Vinh's head had been dangerously close to places it shouldn't be.

"I'll be fine." He shoved Vinh out of the room. He knew better than to fight the other. Felix discovered that Vinh was like Ushio in the fact that he always got what he wanted. Always. Fighting would only make things more difficult for him. Felix shut the door and struggled out of his sweater and undershirt, carefully tucking in his wings before hastily tugging on the shirt. Deciding that maybe the shorts wouldn't be a bad idea, he changed into those as well. When he opened up the door, a baseball hat settled down on his head, fitting snugly over his horns and forcing his hair flat. Felix pushed his glasses up, the bill of the hat having rearranged them. Vinh grinned down at him.

"Ready to go?" Vinh asked excitedly. Felix opened his mouth to answer, but Vinh just wrapped his arm around his shoulder, flashing them from the hallway, Felix's squeak echoing.


"Oh man, everything smells so good!" Korra pulled Tahno along the busy walkway, looking much like a kid in a candy shop at all of the food vendors. The sound of people screaming in enjoyment echoed closer to where some rides were set up. Tahno looked back, noticing that somehow they got separated from Ushio and Asami. Good. That meant he could have Korra all to himself. Now able to fully relax, he gripped her hand and increased his speed so he could keep up with her. She immediately went over to a vendor that sold what looked like clouds on a stick. Tahno blinked, never having seen such a fanciful food. Korra smiled up at him and held it out so he could taste. A little apprehensive, Tahno took a small bite. Korra laughed as a surprised look came across his face.

"This is delicious." Tahno grabbed the stick from her hand, tongue flicking out to gather more of the sugary wisps. Korra blushed at the sight of his tongue and she pulled him along.

"What do you want to ride first?" Korra asked. Tahno shrugged, still eating on the cotton candy. He licked his lips, trying to get some of the hardened sugar into his mouth rather than on it. Korra jerked him down so she could lick at his lips. He stole a kiss, whispering, "You." Korra blushed and nipped at his lower lip, effectively distracting him so she could steal back the cotton candy.

"Nope. This ride isn't open to the public." She declared, taking a bite out of the treat. He wiggled his eyebrows as his hand smoothed down her back.

"You could always give me a private tour." He murmured. Korra swallowed hard, a sweet scent filling her nose. He smelt like chocolate, roses, and hot sex combined, making her head spin momentarily.

"Oh come on, don't I get a little something for you puking on me?" Tahno pouted. Korra rolled her eyes, pressing close to him. Heat traveled from his body to hers, making her lips part in a soft moan. Tahno quirked a brow, the smell of her arousal floating into his nose. Oh shit. If she kept this up, he was going to get a boner standing here.

"It was an accident." She murmured huskily, thoughts of her tackling him to the ground now swimming through her head. The smell coming off of him intensified in her nose, making her want nothing more than to ground herself into him and take them both to that pleasurable peak. The thought of doing that in this crowd only excited her more. She felt her leg sliding up his own, tilting her hips so she would press intimately into him.

"Korra, what are you doing?" Tahno murmured, completely oblivious to the stares.

"I don't know." She admitted. "All I do know is that I want you really, really bad right now." Her fingers curled into his shirt and she tilted her head up towards him, eyes closing as she prepared to kiss him. Tahno, thinking nothing of it, leaned down to give her that kiss. An itching started up in his head and he growled in annoyance, reaching up to scratch the spot. His fingers knocked against hard bone and his eyes flew open. He jerked away from Korra, clutching his hands to his head. Confused, Korra tilted her head. "What's wrong? Got a headache from too much sugar?" she teased. His serious look made the smile drop.

"My horns." He whispered.

"Excuse me?"

"My horns! They're coming out." He swallowed nervously. "I think my incubus form is trying to come back out." He kept his voice low, not wanting anyone else to overhear.

"Well, can't you just put them back in?" she asked, now worried. She didn't want him attracting any attention. She grabbed his arm and pulled him off to the side behind some port-a-potties. It stank to high heaven, but at least the shadows and lack of people would give them temporary shelter.

"I don't think so." He closed his eyes and squinted and if she didn't know any better, she would swear he looked constipated. She bit down on her lip in thought, looking around. "Wait here." She told him, darting off. He stood there, trying to look nonchalant as he held onto his head. The horns were growing and pretty soon they stood up with their neat little tips. An itch started up in his back and he scowled. Not his wings too! However, his sudden appearance of his demon traits gave him some explanation as to why Korra looked like she wanted to devour him a few minutes earlier.

Korra came back, a large red feather trimmed hat in her hands. "Put this on." She removed his hands and put the hat on, pulling it snugly around his head.

"You couldn't have found anything better?" he asked with a pout. She smiled.

"I think it looks very fitting. Red's a good color for you." she smirked, grabbing his hand. "And it should stay good on that big head of yours. I was hoping it would fit."

"Ha ha." He replied dryly. "By the way, let me know if you start feeling like you want to jump my bones again. I think my incubus side is hungry and is putting out pheromones."

"Oh, well that explains the smell of chocolates and sex." A small flush coated her cheeks. "Am I the only one that can smell it?" she asked.

"No. Anyone within a few feet can probably smell it. Designed to help lure in potential meals."

"You know, you really know how to bring the romance. I loved being considered dinner." She jabbed him with her elbow. He winced.

"I'm only telling the truth."

"I know, pimp daddy." This time he jabbed her in the side.

"That was mean!"


Damn Tahno and Korra for running off and leaving him with Asami hanging off his arm like some child. He was tempted to shake her off and flee himself, but he figured that would only upset her and she /was/ their ride home.

"Oh look, a hall of mirrors!" She pulled him along and into the delightfully cool building. He gingerly mopped up the sweat from the back of his neck, grimacing. He would need a spa day after this. They strolled through the hall, pausing to look at themselves. A pouty look came across his face when he gazed into several of the mirrors, especially the ones that seemed to distort his beautiful face.

"Hm. This one just seems like a regular mirror." Asami stood in front of the last one, leaning close, peering at her face. Ushio stepped up next to her and she let out a little scream and jumped back. The reflection staring back at Ushio was that of a bat-like creature: large ears standing at attention, a snout little nose and lips curled up and showing rows of sharp pointy teeth with furry sideburns. Ushio quickly stepped out of the reflection, thankful that they were the only ones in there.

"What…what was that?" Asami whispered, looking at him with momentary wonder with a mix of apprehension.

"Just another form of mine." He murmured quietly, hastily taking Asami's hand and moving out of the hall before he accidentally stepped in front of that mirror again.

"You have another form?" she asked incredulously.

"Three, actually." He would have settled for just saying that but Asami pressed on.

"What do they look like?"

"Well, one form is what I usually look like with the wings and horns." He explained. "Another form is what you saw in the mirror. Half beast, half humanoid. The final form is full beast. An incubus hardly ever goes into that form unless there is serious danger."

"Have you ever gone into that form?" she asked softly.

"Only once." He told her. Asami wanted to ask more, but judging from the tone and look, she figured it would be best if she didn't press her luck. A faint smile came across her face.

"You still looked pretty handsome though." She chuckled, Ushio raised a brow.

"Even with my snout?"

"Even with your little snout." She paused to lean up and kiss his nose on the tip. "Let's go ride some rides."

"Are you sure I'm not going to die on them?" he asked, just a little wary as they stepped in line for the small roller coaster.

"No guarantee."

Ushio settled uncomfortably into the hard seat, his stomach knotting up tightly. He did not like this. Not one bit. They jerked forward and began their ascent up the steep incline. He peered over the edge of the car and his face turned a little green. The /clack clack clack/ made him even more unsettled and he found himself scooting closer to Asami. "This seems very unsafe."

"Oh quit worrying." Asami laughed, wrapping her arms around his lightly, more of a comforting gesture than a romantic one. He leaned in, feeling his heart racing in his chest. They were nearing the top of the incline now.

"I want off." He declared.

"Too late now!"

Several patrons looked up as a loud, girlish scream echoed throughout the park before carrying on their way.


Walking along with Korra, eating something fried and fatty, was the best pleasure Tahno could ask for. Save for the stares he kept getting from people. It seemed more and more of them were looking at them with a look he was all too familiar with. He had tried hard to keep his scent contained, but it seemed that it had gotten loose again. The women licked their lips and the men's nostrils flared out, eyes darkening. He kept close to Korra, trying to concentrate on containing himself.

"Your scent is acting up again." Korra informed him in a husky voice that shot straight to his groin.

"I know. I'm trying stop it."

"I wish we weren't out in public." She whispered, her hand slipping into his back pocket to squeeze his bottom. Tahno's cheeks flushed, his walk becoming a little crooked as things stirred to life beneath his belt.

"Stop that," He hissed. "I'd rather not walk around with a big tent in my pants."

"That's one of the magic wonders of being a girl. I can hide my arousal." She leaned up to kiss along his chin, her breath hot on his neck. He groaned under his breath, inhaling sharply. Sure enough, he could smell that sweet scent drifting from her.

"Do you think it would be in bad taste if I pinned you to the ground and devoured you in front of these people?"

"Definitely." Her excited whisper made his pants tighten even more. His eyes darted around, looking for anywhere that they could dart off to and have a mini make out session. Unfortunately, most of the attractions were open. He inwardly cried at the thought of not being able to get a quick taste of the drug that was Korra. He slipped his hand into her back pocket, giving her ass a firm squeeze. She giggled gently and he decided right then and there that her giggle was the cutest thing ever.

"You do realize," he leaned down so he could whisper seductively in her ear. "If we weren't in public, I would rip those pants off and lick you through those cute little panties of yours." His tongue flicked up to trace the shell of her ear. She shuddered and he felt a blast of heat coming from him. "And once you were begging-"

"I never beg."

"Oh, I could change that." He blew softly on her ear. "Once you were begging, I'd slowly slide your underwear off with my teeth and kiss all the way up to your legs until I got to that heat of yours. And then I would slowly lick along your inner thighs and nibble at the crease of your leg, teasing you until you couldn't stand it. And then, only then, would I part you and feast upon your delicious nectar. I would play with that little bud until you scream my name. And I'd make you scream it over and over."

Korra had a hard time catching her breath as she thought of the image she presented. That type of talking should be illegal, she thought, gulping hard. Her thighs rubbing together sent little shock waves up through her and each brush of her bra against her nipples made them tighten painfully. His words combined with his scent made her dizzy with lust and she stopped to grab his shirt and pull his face down to hers so she could connect their lips in a passionate kiss. He sucked on her lower lip and she let out a wanton moan, pushing her body close to his. His tongue thrust into her open mouth, curling around hers and rubbing seductively. Everything and everyone fell away from her, her only focus on him.

Tahno groaned at her sweet taste, wanting more and more. He could never be satisfied with her. The itching in his back started up again and he cursed softly in his head. He tried to ignore the feeling, but it wouldn't go away. Damn it all to hell and back! He slowly, sadly, pulled away from their steamy kiss. She looked up at him, lips swollen, eyes glazed over. "I need to go the bathroom."

"What?" she asked breathlessly, confused.

"I'll be right back." He promised, looking around. He grimaced at the sight of the port-a-potties.

Disgusting. But it would have to do.

He ducked into one, trying to ignore the terrible stench. A cheap mirror hung on the back of the door and he turned his back to it, gagging and avoiding looking at the little hole in front of him. He lifted his shirt, craning his neck to look at his back. He could see the thin outline of his wings just below the surface of his skin, all red and irritated. "You just couldn't wait until we got back home, could you?" he complained, fussing at his wings. Taking in a deep breath, trying to filter out the smells while he did so, he bore down. The only way to relieve the itching would be to break them out of the skin. That was no easy task and it felt like he stood there forever, surrounded by the oh so pleasant smells of urine and other unmentionable stenches, bearing down in hopes of breaking his wings out. The fourth time he heard a little pop and some liquid rushed down his back. Finally! One wing down and another to go.

"Tahno?" Korra knocked on the door. "You okay?"

"Just peachy." He called out, bearing down again. Another pop sounded and even more liquid trailed down. He flexed his wings, feeling some relief. Of course, he couldn't exactly stretch them out but at least the itchiness seemed to fade. He tucked his wings up close, using a little bit of toilet paper to clean up. He stepped out of the port-a-potty, taking in a deep breath of fresh air.

"You okay?" she asked. Her face seemed less flush and her gaze more focused. Evidently his scent had faded as well. Probably for the best.

"Yeah." He smiled, linking their hands and pushing his nose into her hair.

"You smell good."

"That's because I bathe." She grinned.

"Smart ass."

"You think this smart ass is a fine ass though."

"You got me there." Tahno playfully swatted at it and earned a slight knock upside the head.

"Hands off buddy! The only ass that is going to be slapped is yours!" Korra declared, swatting Tahno's.

Women. Tahno thought.

Can't live with 'em, can't function without them.


"I feel like everyone is staring Vinh." Felix muttered as they walked along the crowded path. Kids darted out in front of him and people brushed way too close for his comfort. Vinh chuckled.

"Only because you look like you're about to have a panic attack. Relax. This is supposed to be fun!" Vinh paused, spying a fun house. "Let's go this way." He grabbed Felix's hand and tugged him along. Felix grabbed onto his baseball hat, not wanting to lose it and expose his horns. The fun house started out with a glass wall pathway, in which the occupants had to figure out the maze to get to the next section. Needless to say, Vinh had a couple of run ins that almost had the glass cracking. Felix shook his head. Taking the lead, he guided Vinh around, easily avoiding the dead ends. "Hey, you're pretty good at this." Vinh stated. Felix shrugged.

"All you have to do is search for the shining surfaces from the glare of the sun." Felix informed. Vinh's face fell lightly. Guy didn't know how to take a compliment evidently. They progressed to the next section, which was a flight of shaking stares. Felix hesitantly stepped up, grabbing onto the rails as he bounced up and down. Vinh winced as one particularly strong jolt sent his head bumping against the ceiling.

"I-I f-f-feel like a-a-a m-m-i-i-l-l-k-k-sha-k-ke." Vinh stuttered, having to keep balance so he didn't go crashing into Felix. Felix didn't reply, too busy trying to concentrate on not losing his lunch from his stomach being jiggled around. Finally he got to the top and he let out a breath, taking a step forward. A path of rolling wheels met his foot and he slipped back. Vinh reached out, catching him under the armpits.

"Watch your step." He chuckled, bending over so his face stared into Felix's. Felix flushed and scrambled out of Vinh's arms, grabbing onto the side bar to help him navigate. Vinh paused before continuing afterwards. He wondered faintly if Felix wore cologne, cause he smelt kinda good. Like fresh rain or snow.

"Vinh, watch where you're going!" Felix called out and Vinh snapped to attention, slipping on a few of the rollers beneath his feet. Felix reached back to steady him with a hand on his chest. He quickly snatched it away when Vinh was stabilized and finally the two made it off. A swirling slide greeted them and Felix sat down, looking a little iffy. Vinh, however, didn't give him the leisure of choice. Without hesitation, Vinh pushed him before following suit, grinning at Felix's startled yell as they went down.

Felix stumbled out of the slide, clutching his chest. Damn it, that was not funny. He whipped around as Vinh came down, opening his mouth to give Vinh a piece of his mind. But Vinh jerked to a stop, having gotten stuck on the last part of the slide. Felix felt laughter bubbling up in him and he covered his mouth as Vinh pulled himself from the slide. "It was just wanting to hold onto my ass a little longer." Vinh smirked, causing Felix to blush.

The last obstacle was a swirling tube and Felix let out a sigh of relief at seeing the exit. He wanted to get out of this "fun" house before he seriously injured himself. He cautiously stepped into the tunnel, reaching to steady himself on the wall. The further he walked in, the harder it became to not fall. Vinh walked behind him, biting down hard on his lip as he focused on his footsteps. The tunnel seemed to spin faster the longer they were in there. He looked up and saw Felix stumbling, getting caught in the rotation. Vinh quickened his pace, grabbing Felix by the arm just as his back went against the wall. Felix's other arm shot out to grab Vinh and they both lost balance and went down in a heap, rolling with the tunnel.

Felix's eyes were wide open, staring straight into Vinh's. Vinh's heavy body was snug against Felix, but not as snug as their lips pressed together. Vinh felt heat travel through him, a burst of fire and energy down his spine. Felix felt the heat too and it went straight through his body.

/Oh shit./ Vinh thought as his body stirred, his incubus blood aroused by the contact. He pushed himself up just as they reached the corner of the rolling tunnel. They flipped and Felix found himself on top, staring down into Vinh's darkening eyes. The look promised silk sheets and sweating bodies. Vinh's scent flared out and Felix's body tingled all over. Embarrassment flooded his body when he felt his pants tightening. Before they could roll again, Felix jumped up and hurried out of the tunnel. Vinh popped up, his whole body feeling energized like nothing else. He breezed through the rest of the tunnel, joining Felix outside. Felix had his hat off and was holding it so that it covered his groin area. Felix didn't want Vinh to see his reaction.

Vinh didn't seem to notice. His entire face was flushed and his eyes bright. "Come on Li!" Vinh hooked his arm with Felix's, pulling him along. "I want to win you a stuffed animal, and then we can go eat some food! I'm starving!"

Vinh rattled on and Felix kept his head ducked, not wanting Vinh to see his bright red cheeks. He furiously thought of math equations and computer hardware, trying anything to calm his still burning body. Even now, still being around Vinh made him sweaty and uncomfortable. Finally Vinh let go of him to approach a strong man test, where the person rung the bell at the top of a pole using a sledge hammer. The game master gaped at Vinh's muscles and at how easily Vinh lifted the hammer. Vinh pointed to the rack of stuffed animals, specifically to the top row of stuffed bunnies dressed in summer yukatas and plastic umbrellas. "I'm gonna win one of those!" He slammed the hammer down and the bell was rung so hard it actually cracked. The game master stared slack jawed until Vinh poked him, demanding his prize. The man handed it to Vinh, who then handed it to Felix.

"Let's name him Rabi, okay? Cause my mom used to call my dad Rabbit all the time. He hated it, but I think it's funny. What do you think?" Vinh was talking a mile a minute and Felix's head spun trying to keep up. He just nodded and Vinh grinned again. Felix smiled lightly, forgetting his embarrassment. His body seemed calm enough to the point where he could put his hat back on. He held the rabbit close, even though the thing was almost as big as him.

"C'mon, let's go get something good to eat. And then maybe we can get on those spinning rides." And they were off again. "Oh, and Felix." Vinh stopped, that wild look still in his eyes. "I'm sorry, about the kiss." He scratched the back of his neck nervously. "And uh, the reaction." Vinh chewed on his bottom lip. He could still taste Felix. "But you know, you're not that bad of a kisser." He grinned, trying to lighten the mood. Felix blushed.

"Uh, thanks?" Felix responded, unsure of how to take the compliment. Vinh seemed a little relieved.

"Now, onward to the food vendors!"


"Let's go on the tilt-a-whirl next!" Korra was like a kid in the candy store as she practically dragged Tahno from ride to ride. He didn't mind one bit, enjoying the quality time with her. They had already gone on two spinning rides, one that went upside down (much to his displeasure), and another that made him feel like he was in a mixing bowl with the blender on high speed. His poor stomach cried out for him to stop the torture, but he would gladly endure anything to see that smile on Korra's face. He reached to scratch his back, his wings itchy underneath the shirt, wanting to break free.

His eyes drifted along the crowds and a scowl came across his face as he saw the familiar mugs of Mako and Bolin. Bastards had been following them ever since they ran into them near the arcade. He flipped Mako off, getting some satisfaction at seeing his face darken. "Tahno, come on!" His head snapped back to Korra, almost running into her when she slammed to a stop in the line to get into some weird apple shaped rides. What kind of contraption was this 'tilt-a-whirl'? He watched people being slammed to the sides, smiles on their faces.

Humans sure were weird.

He looked behind him, frowning when he saw Mako and Bolin drawing closer. Damn it!

Thankfully the line began to move and in no time, they were seated in one of the weird apples. He stretched his arm out to curl it around her shoulder and she snuggled close, inhaling deeply. "Mmm, you smell good. Must be your scent again." She purred. Tahno bent down to capture her lips in a quick kiss. His stomach rolled when the ride began to move. As they moved in the slow circle, he began to wonder what the big deal about this ride was.

Then it sped up.

Korra let out a squeal of delight as her body more or less crushed his into the unyielding metal apple. They slid back and forth on the seat and a couple of times Tahno had to catch his head from it being slammed into the back. He could feel his stomach becoming angrier and angrier and a small burp escaped him, a foreboding sign.

He caught a glimpse of gold eyes and dark eyes as they spun around, Mako and Bolin's figures blurred from the ever increasing speed. He became dizzy trying to track them with his eyes and by the time the ride slowed, he was cross-eyed.

"Let's do that one again!"

This girl was going to be the death of him.


"Oh cool look a fortune teller! We should go have our palms read." Korra dragged Tahno to a dark colored tent, coughing when a cloud of smoke escaped when she lifted up the heavy fabric. Tahno grimaced at the intense scent and he faintly wondered what sort of fire hazard lay inside.

"Come in come in!" A woman beckoned to them, offering them seats at a tiny little table. The entire room was cramped, full of trinkets, potions, and other assorted wares. He suppressed a gag at the sight of human bones hanging from some strings, wondering what poor person had the unfortunate fate of becoming decoration.

"Oh my," The woman, dim in the faint light of a candle, murmured. "Such a powerful presence." She leaned forward, revealing deep wrinkles and barely open eyes. One eye looked considerably lighter and cloudier than the other, leaving Tahno to believe that she had some blindness. "I am almost overcome by the glow of your auras!" She laced gnarled fingers before her on the shoddy little table. She turned her eyes to Korra.

"You're a priestess, aren't you?" Korra blinked at the sudden question.

"No. I'm training to be one though." The woman smiled a secretive smile.

"You come from a long line of powerful women." She whispered, truly in awe. "Women so powerful that they have banished demons back to the depths of darkness." The woman turned her eyes to Tahno.

"My my, what a handsome star you have priestess. His beauty has not wavered through the centuries. Give me your palm demon."

"I beg your pardon? I'm not a demon." Granted, the horns under his hat begged to differ. The woman smiled, her face crinkling up.

"Do not be shy, incubus. You can't hide from these eyes." She grabbed his hand and then grabbed Korra's, turning them palm up side by side. "Look how your life lines curve the same and towards each other." She gingerly traced the lines to where the ends met at the edge of their hand, connecting in the middle. "Your destinies have been intertwined since the beginning of time. They always have, and they always will. One will not be complete without the other."

Korra and Tahno looked at each other, a small smile forming on Tahno's face. The woman's words brought comfort to him. While he never really claimed to be spiritual, he had great reverence for soothsayers and fortunetellers, or at least the ones in the demon community.

"Hmm…" The woman dropped Tahno's hand to look more closely at Korra's. "My, what an interesting fate line."

"What does it say?" Korra questioned, scooting closer. Tahno leaned over, trying to read the creases in her hand as well.

"The weight of the mortal world rests on your shoulders. But you are not alone in carrying your burden. Your inner strength will aid you, but you must believe in yourself first. You will cause stars to fall upon the earth and the memories of your past lives will become unlocked." She rested Korra's hand on the table and took Tahno's, squinting her eyes.

"Your fate line parallels the priestess, which is no surprise. However, your own blindness causes great danger. Be mindful of those around you, for many wear masks of deceit. You must protect your priestess." The woman put Tahno's hand on top of Korra's.

"Cherish each other, for when you are separated, great anguish and pain will befall you until you are reunited." The woman leaned back into the shadows.

"When we are separated?" Korra questioned. "Could you maybe explain what you mean?"

"Hush child. You two may take your leave." She dismissed the two with a wave of her hand.

"Wait, I want to know." Korra demanded, irritation on her face. The woman ignored her, resting her hands on her lap and letting her eyes fall shut. Soft snores left her a few moments later and Korra had half a mind to shake her awake.

"Come on Korra, let's leave her." Tahno gently pulled her up and away. "Besides, she's probably just making some wild guesses." He tried to distract her from completely glaring at the lady. Korra snorted.

"Yeah. She sounded like Pema." She stood up and they took their leave. When the curtain closed, the woman opened an eye and let out a laugh. This laugh sounded like the tinkling of bells.

"Silly child." She said, her voice no longer that of an old woman but of a young lady. She stood up, the skin around her body smoothing out, her white hair falling down until it almost reached the floor. Clear eyes stared at the entrance, a small smile on pink lips. "Protect your priestess demon." She murmured in parting, disappearing in a puff of stars that sprinkled to the floor.


"Let's get on the Ferris wheel and watch the sunset." Korra tugged Tahno along. The Ferris wheel would be an awfully romantic place to kiss and give her some alone time with Tahno without being surrounded by crowds, especially since his pheromones liked to knock on and off, driving the people surrounding them crazy. Tahno raised a hand to hold onto his hat, having to quicken his pace to keep up with her and prevent his arm from being ripped off. Thankfully the line to get on the ride was short and they settled into the open round seats. Tahno almost related it to sitting in a bowl. A very unsteady bowl that shook with every little movement. Just before the door closed, two more people stepped in and settled in the opposing seat. Tahno's jaw dropped at Mako and Bolin's grinning face. The bastards had trailed them here!

He seethed silently as the door closed and the giant wheel began to slowly rotate, lifting them higher and higher into the air. Korra scooted close and Tahno wrapped a possessive arm around her.

"Finally, a chance to hang with you guys. We've been trying to get you all day." Bolin joked, getting a slight smile from Korra.

"How unfortunate." Tahno growled lowly, eyes staring directly at Mako. Mako, however, stared only at Korra.

"Yeah, I was really hoping to talk to you Korra." Mako scooted along the circular seat so he could get closer to Korra. Tahno moved over, dragging Korra with him.

"Talk about what?" Korra asked, trying to be polite. She knew Tahno had his beef with Mako and while she wasn't particularly crazy about him anymore, she wanted to at least be civil while they were in an enclosed space. They slowly drifted to the top of the wheel and Korra kissed goodbye any chance of her and Tahno having a romantic moment.

"How we never broke up."

Korra quirked a brow. "We never dated." She sounded confused. She was. They went on one date. Not enough to be considered going steady by any means.

"We kissed. That's enough to signify some sort of relationship, right?"

She could feel Tahno silently fuming so she placed a hand on his thigh in hopes of relaxing him. "It was just a kiss. Nothing more than that." Korra felt her own irritation rising when he opened his mouth to start speaking again.

"Korra, I knew you had a crush on me-"

"Key word: had." Korra stated tersely.

"I bet if he hadn't walked into your life, you'd be sitting all cozied up to me."

"Well, I did and she's not. So get over it." Tahno snapped. Korra squeezed his thigh. She could fight her own battles thank you very much.

"Mako, there's no telling what might have happened. But that's the past. This is now. I'm with Tahno. And I would appreciate it, as my former teammate, if you could respect our relationship." Korra started to wonder if the wheel would ever start to make its descent down. She wanted to go home and maybe cuddle up on the couch with Tahno. Tahno was pretty well in a sour mood and she was starting to get there herself.

"Fine. But I can't respect the fact that he wears more make up than you do." Mako sneered. Tahno stood up, squaring his shoulders. Korra grabbed onto his shirt, but he gently removed her fingers before moving over to Mako. Mako grinned up at him. "What's wrong? Can't stand having your fashion sense insulted? By the way, who dressed you, your grandmother?" Mako stood up, puffing out his chest.

"Listen loser," Tahno poked Mako hard in the chest. Mako slapped his hands away.

"Don't you dare fucking touch me." Mako snarled.

"I'll do whatever the hell I want!" Tahno retorted, poking Mako again. Mako pushed Tahno back with a hand. That only resulted in Tahno pushing Mako, the two now yelling obscenities at each other.

"Son of a bitch!"



"Cock sucker!"

"Butt fucker!"

With each insult, there was another push and the compartment began to swing. Korra felt her stomach flipping with each swing and even Bolin was looking a little green around the gills.

"Guys, stop, you're rocking the car!" Korra yelled, clinging onto the side as Tahno and Mako continued to push each other around, their voices becoming progressively louder. Mako pushed Tahno hard and he staggered back, bumping into the edge of the circular seat. He popped up, ready to go back at Mako. Bolin stood, trying to separate them. Korra stood as well, grasping Tahno to restrain him. Couldn't they wait until they were on solid ground?

Mako rammed Tahno with his shoulder, causing Tahno to bump into Korra. Their feet became entangled and she stumbled back, trying to dislodge herself. The car was swinging strongly now and she became off balanced. She grabbed onto Tahno to steady herself as she knocked against the side door. It shuttered and she thought for a second it might come open. Thankfully, it didn't. Tahno jerked out of her grasp and went on the offense against Mako, punching him square in the jaw. He responded with a kick to the chest. Tahno slammed into Korra and their combined weight sent the door cracking.

"Tahno!" Korra screamed. Tahno whipped around to see Korra slipping off the edge and into open air. His heart stopped and time slowed. He leapt out, hands reaching for her. He managed to grab onto her and pull her close, their speed accelerating. If he didn't do something, they would both splatter on the ground below. His hat flew off and he felt his muscles burning in his back as his wings fought to break free from his shirt. They were so close to the ground and he turned his body, hoping to absorb impact first. He heard a rip and he gasped as his wings sprung free. The leathery appendages flared out and he did a barrel roll, catching air and soaring up. He did some quick maneuvering around the swing ride, his body out of control. Korra clung to him for dear life while he concentrated on trying to land them safely.

The edge of a tent clipped his wing and it sent him spiraling out of control. They were approaching the house of mirrors and he curled his wings around her and covered her head. Glass crashed all around them and he could feel it slicing into his skin and wings. Finally, they skidded to a stop, his body blanketing hers protectively. He didn't feel pain though, his only concern for Korra. He lifted himself up shakily and she stared up at him with wide eyes. People were rushing all around him, rising voices marveling at his wings and horns. He could hear cameras snapping pictures but he didn't care.

All he cared about was Korra.


Ushio and Asami rushed towards the crowd, Ushio shoving through the bodies, cursing under his breath at the sight of Korra and Tahno laying there, Tahno bleeding with wings and horns exposed. Not good. Not good at all. He could see Vinh muscling his way through as well. Their eyes met and a nod exchanged.

The lights in the entire park flickered out and rides slowed to a stop. Chaos erupted and attention was drawn away from the two on the floor. Wanting to take extra precaution, Vinh started up a smoke screen, allowing him to edge closer. Felix held onto Vinh's shirt, practically blind and not wanting to be trampled.

"Asami, go get the car!" Ushio barked out, hearing a muffled answer behind him. He crawled over to where Tahno and Korra still lay. Tahno had his arms and wings wrapped protectively around Korra, both of their heads ducked in order to avoid being seriously injured in the frenzied crowd. Tahno could feel the pain setting in from his injuries and his head started to swim from the blood loss combined with the pain.

"Hey bro, we're here." Vinh's voice comforted him as large hands helped him up. He could feel another pair of smaller hands grip his other side. He clung to Korra, not quite ready to let her go.

"I've got her Tahno." Ushio told him, though Korra was able to stand on her own, using Ushio mostly as support. Tahno didn't like letting go of her, but he did. He staggered but Vinh steadied him along with Felix. Once they were all on their feet, Vinh tapped into the rest of his energy to create the illusion of invisibility. Covering this many people put a significant drain on his body and he hoped he could continue the illusion until they got to the car. The lights began to flicker back on and the smoke cleared, their purpose of distraction served. "Korra, what in the hell happened?" Ushio asked, carefully dodging people.

"I fell out of the Ferris wheel." The entire memory seemed like a blur now. Ushio decided now not to lecture Korra on how insanely stupid she had to be to fall out of a Ferris wheel. When they got to the entrance, Asami was already there. She jumped out of the car and opened up the doors. Vinh crawled into the backseat, pulling Tahno with him while Felix pushed from behind. Ushio practically shoved Korra into the front with him while Asami jumped into the driver's seat. Once all doors were shut, she floored it out of the parking lot. Vinh dropped the screen around them, collapsing back against the leather seat. His head felt dizzy and his body shook with small tremors.

Ushio felt better when they pulled up to the apartment complex, finally able to stop looking in the review mirror. Korra was half way between the front and back, resting near a knocked out cold Tahno. "Vinh, get Tahno inside." Ushio gently shook Korra awake. She groaned, feeling sore all over. "I'll make sure Asami and Felix get home safely."

Vinh nodded and opened up the car door, sliding out before reaching in and pulling Tahno out, putting him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Korra managed to stumble out and follow Vinh up the stairs, shaking all over. Ushio rubbed his head. "Let's get you home Asami." He could come back and deal with his brothers and Korra later.


Vinh and Korra managed to strip Tahno down to his boxers and put him on his bed, bandaging up his wounds. Once he was all cleaned up, Korra lay in the bed with him, keeping close. Vinh sighed softly, shutting the bedroom door. A knock sounded and his brows furrowed. Ushio had a key, didn't he? Vinh went and opened the door, his eyes widening at the figure before him.

"Long time no see Vinh."