Bella POV

The night Edward saved me from those creeps in Port Angeles my mind was racing, I was having a difficult time falling asleep, to say the least. Not only was Edward a vampire, but his entire family. This seemed more like something out of a story that would be told to children around a campfire. Vampires in a small town, huh, go figure.

But it also explained the reaction I had to Edward. It wasn't just to Edward that I had a reaction, but to his 'Father' Carlisle. I met Carlisle when I went to the emergency room after Edward saved me from Tyler's crushing van. I felt stupid laying there when I really did feel fine. When the curtain pulled back to reveal the famous Doctor Cullen, I felt a fog haze over my brain at the sight of him. His blond hair was smoothed on his head perfectly; his face smooth almost like looking at a Bernini statue, and held all the glory of a movie star, or a Roman god. His lips were full and inviting, I wondered what they tasted like.

I felt my face flush when he noticed me staring at him. He smiled back reassuringly.

"Your x-rays are fine," his voice dripping like velvet. "You can go home if you wish, but you need to rest,"

"Well, I, uh…" Geeze I sounded stupid! "I don't have my car."

"My shift ends in an hour. I can give you a ride if you are alright with waiting," he looked down at me; a strange flicker in his eyes seemed to be begging me to say yes. No, that couldn't be. I knew he was married and a devoted family man. Maybe I did hit my head to hard. My heart was pounding in my chest and I felt like it was putting on a show for the whole world to hear.

Edward drew back the curtain, entering without permission, and quickly moved to the side of my bed."I can drive you home." he said a bit stiffly, he seemed a bit annoyed, it was probably with me. With how fast his moods seemed to change, I never knew what was coming next. I nodded in agreement and got up to leave. My legs were shaky and my knees gave out as soon as my feet hit the floor. Both men reached out to catch me but Carlisle caught me first, his cool hand gripping mine. When our hands touched I felt something, something I couldn't quite place. My heart did a little flip. Thank goodness he couldn't hear that!

Edward ushered me out of the room quickly and into his shiny car. On the way to my house his luscious mouth berated me with questions, and as much as I was happy to be in the car with the man who had just saved me, I couldn't get the beautiful Doctor Carlisle off my mind. After that Edward mentioned his 'Father' as little as possible and came up with excuses for me not to go over to his house.

The next day at school Jessica flung question after question at me about Edward. I just prayed that she would shut-up; I really wanted to just get to lunch time. As I entered the cafeteria my face fell when I saw that the Cullen table was empty. I got myself a soda and an apple and went to pay.

"Hey Bella!" a voice called from directly behind me. I jumped, dropping my tray in the process. The can of soda exploded as soon as it hit the ground spraying me with brown foamy liquid. It was Alice, Edward's inky haired sister. Her pixie expression was drawn up into an apologetic expression. A few students in the cafeteria began to clap and laugh. Just kill me now.

"Wow, Bella! Nice shirt!" Mike Newton said as he walked by me, Jessica snorting with laughter. The cold soda had drenched my white t-shirt and my lacy bra could be seen through it. Let me melt into the earth and disappear!

"Oh, God!" Alice whispered to me as she removed an oversized scarf from around her neck and gave it to me to cover myself. "I am so sorry for scaring you! Look at you! Come with me, you need a new outfit!" She pulled me out of the cafeteria and into the office. She quickly explained what happened to the lady at the desk, giving her a winning smile, and we were all set to go. How do they get such good luck? I couldn't charm a snake if my life depended on it.

"Again, I'm sorry," she said as soon as we were safely in the car. "Nice to meet you officially," she nodded her head at me.

"Where is Edward today?" I hope he hadn't seen that.

"He, Jasper, Emmett, Rose, and Esme went hunting. You tested Edward's limits yesterday, so he needed to recharge," she smiled happily. I noticed she wasn't heading to my house.

"You missed my turn," the soda was beginning to dry and become sticky, and my hair was clumping together. I needed a shower.

"No I didn't. I am psychic and I can see," she said dramatically, "that you will not be able to find anything to wear because you haven't done laundry in a week." I blushed at my slovenly ways. "Don't worry, I have plenty of clothes at my house and you can shower there."

She drove up the road leading to the house, nearly scaring me to death at the speed, and the size of the house took my breath away. She led me into residence, showing me room after room of pale colors and tasteful decorations. Large windows were the main decoration, allowing for an amazing view of the surrounding forest. "This way to my room," she pointed towards the second floor and I followed her up the winding stairs.

"Oh, Carlisle, you are home," Alice said, sounding surprised and stopping short. I had been watching my feet on each step, to make sure I didn't trip, and I raised my head to see him, this perfection I had only seen once. The second viewing was better than the first. My breath caught in my chest at his glorious face and I could feel the blood quicken in my veins as my heart picked up the pace. He looked surprised and a bit amused.

"Yes," his voice melting me. "The hospital was slow today and I asked if I could leave early. I had some paperwork I need to catch up on. How are you feeling, Isabella?" He turned to me and assessed my current state. His eyes traveled over my appearance and he smirked. "Did a soda attack you?"

"No, Alice scared me and then, well, my luck happened." I didn't like people calling me Isabella, but when he said it, my name sounded like a delicious desert. I like the way he said it. I wanted him to say it again. I began to feel heat rising to my cheeks.

"I'm here to get her a shower and then we are going shopping!" Alice said practically jumping up and down. I hated shopping, but her natural cheerfulness was catchy. I liked her; I could see us being friends.

"Well, I won't keep you. By the way, Alice. Esme called and said she was going up to Denali to visit the family there. She will be gone for at least a month, extended vacation. Excuse me, Alice. Isabella." He walked passed me on the stairs, the back of his hand brushing the back of mine. My hand tingled where he touched me, I don't know if he did it on purpose, but I wanted more.

Alice's led me to her bathroom, grabbing my hand. I shivered at the coldness of her hand. The pale walls and bamboo furniture reminded me of a spa setting. The shower seemed large enough to hold a party and there were two shower head at either end of the enclosure. Alice left me and I turned on the water. The hot water felt good as it ran over my body. I washed my hair with some fancy sounding shampoo and started working on my sticky chest. I briefly wondered at the other shower head, through the steam, I imagined Carlisle there; water running over his blond hair, dripping down onto his broad shoulders, and then streaming down his hard abdomen.

I could feel the heat building in my stomach and reach lower. I imagined him washing his hair and working the soap down his body. I wondered how it would feel to have his cool hands soaping up my hair, and my back, and then…. I shook my head. I didn't realize until just then that my breathing had gotten heavier. My body was aching with a need that was new to me. I turned the shower full blast on cold and yelped as the frigid water hit my skin.

"Bella, Bella! Are you alright?" Alice was in the bathroom in a flash. I was startled by the sudden movement, I wasn't use to it, and slipped, the top of my head hitting a metal soap holder on the way down. I felt a sharp pain and could feel the warmth sliding down the side of my head, a stark contrast to the cold water. "Oh, God. Bella don't move. She turned the water off and threw a towel over me. She leaned closer to get a better look; I could tell she wasn't breathing.

"If you scare me again, I swear I will put a stake through your un-beating heart," I weakly tried to joke. Alice just rolled her eyes and moved to the hallway with blinding speed. In the clear air she called out "Carlisle!" I heard a 'swoosh' and suddenly he was at the bathroom door. He walked to me at human speed, not wanting to scare me.

"I need to see your head, Isabella." He knelt over me slowly. I was very aware of his closeness. I was only covered with a towel and my body was dripping wet. I could feel the redness in my cheeks come back at the memory of what I had been imagining, his body, the soapy mixture…. Oh, God! I knew they had superior senses, Please don't let him smell my arousal! I tried to cover myself a little more and pressed my thighs together tightly.

He saw that I was uncomfortable "Don't worry, Isabella. I am a Doctor. I have delivered babies and seen women in a lot less." Somehow that didn't make me feel better. "The first thing we need to do is get you off this cold floor. I have a robe in my room; I'll go and get it. Alice had to leave on account of the blood." He took a clean white facecloth and pressed it to my head. "Hold it here; I'll be back in a second."

He returned with a black robe and helped me to my feet. He was very considerate, making sure to avert his eyes while I slid into the plush garment. "Are you dizzy?" his voice was full of concern.

"A little," I admitted. "Just give me a minute."

"May I ask your permission to carry you? You would probably be more comfortable that way." I nodded my head and was amazed by his strength when he lifted me as though I weighed no more than a doll. I could feel the coldness of his arms seeping through the robe and I shivered. My head hurt, so I laid it on his shoulder. His scent was intoxicating. It smelled like cinnamon and ocean at the same time. I breathed deeper, my chest heaving to take in as much as I could.

I didn't know what to say to him as he attended to my head. I felt all flustered, and he didn't seem to need to talk, or didn't want to, I wasn't sure. I felt guilty, like a fool. He was thirty-three, at least that is what his claim was, and he was married, although I had never met the wife. He wasn't interested in a teenager, least of all me. Edward was closer to my age and handsome, and he made me feel special, but he didn't make me feel this way, like a love sick puppy. When Carlisle touched me I couldn't help the erratic beating of my heart. I wanted to know more about him. I wanted to feel his lips on mine and have his tongue dance with mine. Oh, God! I think I'm in love with Carlisle!

Carlisle had cleaned up after the mess I made and insisted I sit in a red leather chair in his office. He smile at me and tilted my head to examine his handiwork. Suddenly I heard a growl, something that made my blood run cold. Edward was home and he had misread the situation. I was in Carlisle's robe, the room smelled of blood, and probably my arousal. He must have thought we had sex!

Carlisle turned quicker than I could see and a pale flash darted forward, crashing into Carlisle, knocking the chair I was in over, and both of them crashed through the wall to the hallway. The sound was deafening as I tried to right myself. "Your scent is all over her!" I heard Edward scream, and then hissed a warning as Carlisle broke away from his hold. Edward turned to me his eyes were black as coal and he advanced…