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Bella POV

I began to shiver, the frosty arms of my captor chilling my skin and making my teeth chatter. But I could not get away. How could I? He was a thousand times stronger than I and his reflexes were impeccable. No matter how I wanted to kill him, to force my hands around his throat, or to claw his eyes out with my nails I knew it would be impossible. I stared up at his perfect face, his strong jaw, his bronze colored hair, and into his eyes. They now shone a red I had never seen before, and though I knew it meant danger, I could not bring myself to feel more than disgust for him.

Edward gazed down at me, his eyes never leaving mine, and I made sure not to let my eyes betray my feelings, I made sure they stayed dead and lifeless. He whispered things to me; reassuring and loving things, but I did not let them register in my mind. Whenever his honey laden voice oozed with love all I wanted to do was wretch on his crisp white shirt, but since my stomach had already emptied its contents, there would be no victory in even trying.

It was no wonder I had been feeling sick all day, somehow I knew he was nearby and my body and mind could not take his presence. It explained a lot. Lord, what I wouldn't give to be a vampire right now and kill this monster holding me in his arms. I would lovingly slide closer to this throat with razor sharp teeth, as if to kiss him, then quickly end his pitiful life. When Jasper had taken me I knew there was a slim chance of somebody finding me, but when Edward quickly slid me into the backseat of a luxurious black car, I knew that there was no hope. I gasped in shock when Edward bounded in happily next to me, gently tapped on the glass partition, and the car began to move. Someone was helping him. Maybe another vampire or some random hapless human he paid so Alice could not see where he was taking me. Unless Alice somehow knew what was going on… but if she did, hopefully she would have warned me. Maybe she was still too miffed at the fact that Jasper wanted me as his mate, too? No, she would never want to hurt Carlisle like that. He had opened his home to her and she was grateful at the reception, she would not be so low.

They would follow our scent to that car and then it would disappear. Carlisle…oh, Carlisle. Do you know that I am gone? Would Rose and Em know? Of course they would. They would have heard the glass breaking and Edward speaking to her. They had to know… but how fast they could get to her at human speed without causing alarm in the school? They would have had to excuse themselves to the bathroom or nurse, wait for approval from the teacher, and make their way to her aid. It was impossible. Rose would have called Carlisle by now and Emmett would be hunting them down. But all too late, of course.

My thoughts were racing… how could I escape him? Could I talk my way out of this mess? I don't think that he was at a "sane" place where he could be rationalized with. His smile was gleaming in triumph as his cold hands stroked my back. I did not shy away… what was the point? I didn't want him to get mad at me, which he had proven he could do, and harm me. I stayed as still as the car would let me as it wound hurriedly around turns. The windows were so heavily tinted that I could not make anything out, undoubtedly part of his plan to block Alice's visions, so I just stared at my kidnapper, dreaming of the ways Carlisle would kill him. It seemed like hours before the car stopped and he pulled me out. No words, that I could hear, were exchanged with the driver as he pulled me gently from the car and darted once again into the darkening woods. I just barely caught a glimpse of a dirt road, never having noticed us moving from the smooth pavement to the new surface. He raced at a death-defying speed, almost as though he was worried someone was behind him, darting through trees so fast I had to shut my eyes and focus on breathing slowly. After 367 breaths he slowed, we must be very far out into the wilderness. His sick smell brought new waves of retching, but nothing came up. I was starting to feel dizzy and my mouth was dry, my tongue like sandpaper against the roof of my mouth. I needed water.

"Oh, Bella. I do tend to forget how fallible you humans are. We are almost there and you can refresh yourself as soon as we arrive." He cooed, his smooth lips pressing against my hair.

There? Where is there? The question was answered almost immediately. Edward's speed came to a sudden halt and my eyes adjusted to the new scenery. We were in a small man made clearing with freshly cut trees stacked neatly on the edge of the forest. The clearing held a skillfully built cottage, which could not have been more than three or four room total, made from fresh pine. There were small windows with glass panes in them, a red front door, and in the fading light I could make out white flowers, freshly planted, that lined the edge of the path to the door. I could hear a generator humming in the background. In normal situations this would have looked like a perfect little summer dwelling.

"Welcome home," his face beamed.


"Yes, I built this all for you. I know it is nothing to what my family previously had, but in time I can add to it, change it to please you." He darted up to the door, carefully setting me on my feet. His eyes looked at me expectantly and for a moment I considered running. But to where? I didn't even know where I was. I could see the impatience in his eyes as it darted to and from the brass door handle. I reached for it quickly and opened the heavy door, stepping inside. A fire lit most of the main room and candles were burning, making it very warm. It was richly furnished. "The bathroom is there," he pointed to a door passed a kitchenette with a small fridge.

I raced for the door, happy for the escape; I needed a moment to wrap my head around everything. There was no lock on the door, so I leaned against it with my back, knowing it would not keep out invaders. A small sob escaped my lips as much as I tried to conceal it. I turned on the faucet, cupping my hands to bring water to my mouth, gulping at the cold liquid. I splashed it on my face, bringing me renewed energy. I was mad. No, furious. I didn't know if it was all my own rage, but I didn't care. Everything that could have gone wrong had gone wrong. Carlisle and I had gotten no respite from bad luck, never a moment's peace. All I had wanted was to enjoy some time with him, just a little time to be only his. Vampire or not, I was a woman who had been ripped from her mate, stolen from him. I would not make this easy for Edward; I would fight him on this till the end, even if it meant my own life. I would rather lose my life getting back to Carlisle than to spend it trapped with this pathetic boy. He was just another thing standing in the way of my happiness.

I drank some more water from the tap and relieved myself. I studied my face in the mirror; eyes that liked venomous, full lips tight and taunt, my short hair framing my face… my hair. The hair that he had cut. Every bad word, every name that I could conjure came to mind. The more I stood there the more defiant I became. My hand flew to the door handle yanking it open, I darted out, my eyes skimming the fire lit room for the kidnapper. He must have ghosted into one of the other rooms behind me, having not seen his hard figure in the orange glow. I spun around and took two steps and stopped in mid stride. Something made my blood run cold. There was a sound, so small and fragile that it could have been easy to miss, but did hear it.

There were two doors to choose from, both the same pale cream color, both nondescript. But, I knew which the sound had come from. It was the one on the right that would lead to a rear facing room. My heart began to pound as I slowly turned the knob and pushed the door open. I somehow knew what I would see even before my eyes adjusted to the dim light and ice began to run through my veins, steeling myself from the sight before me.

The room was not large and was only lit by a single lamp that gave off a soft light, but enough that I could see a figure slumped in a lush looking chair. My stomach began to churn as a smell engulfed me. It was a sharp smell, like pennies or rust. I inched closer, my feet making no sound on the floor, not knowing if the creature would jump up in a rage from my intrusion. Bile rose in the back of my mouth as the scene came to a startling realization: In the chair was an almost completely naked female and she could not have been much older than I was. Her wrists were bound together with coarse twine so tightly that I could see where it had cut into her skin, staining the binding. Her arms lay limply between her legs, which were bare. I could see bruising covering her creamy white skin in patterns. Patterns that looked like fingers.

One of her breasts was exposed, purple with markings, hanging out of… Oh my god! My bra! Her head tilted slightly, her swollen lips parting in what could only be the word help. When she moved something slipped from her head and fell to the floor. I stooped instinctively to pick it up, it felt oddly familiar. It was my hair! Woven expertly into a wig. My hair!

What in the hell? I was having trouble thinking. I took another step closer. Blood. My vision began to get blurry with the smell of blood, I thought I was going to lose the water I had in my stomach. There was dry sticky blood on her thighs, blood staining the chair in which she sat, and blood that had seeped from her most intimate of areas.

"Oh Edward! What have you done?" I whispered.

I felt a soft breeze behind me as his lips touched my ear. "Please be understanding, love. I had to practice."

I felt the world close around me as I fell. My last thoughts before the blackness consumed me were of my beloved Carlisle.

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