The frigid wind bit at the girl's face as she trudged through Mt. Silver. She had finally walked the length of the tunnel that she'd been on for days now. It had seemed to be endless. Whenever she had tried to look up, the icy gusts would only sting her eyes, but she'd try again and again. This time, she saw a light at the end of the tunnel. Had she finally found what she was looking for? She tried her hardest to run to the light, but her tired body could only make it to a slow jog. She reached the end and looked out and around. The view was breathtaking. She was at the top of the mountain and could see the Johto region to the west and Kanto region to the east. She kept walking up the mountain. The higher she climbed, the more the storm seemed to calm. She no longer had to squint into the wind and only a chilly breeze whipped her hair around. She was surprised when she found stairs leading up an incredibly steep slope, one she could not hope to climb if they had not been there. She could see the top stair, but everything after that was covered in clouds. She began to climb quickly, the adrenaline pumping through her veins allowing her to run. She watched her step to make sure she did not trip, but halfway up the stairs she looked up to the top. There were feet in old, dirty tennis shoes standing on the top stair. The girl only ran faster to the top, soon able to make out the face of a boy with shaggy brown hair.

"You received my letters, Hazel?" The boy asked. He wore no jacket to shield him from the cold, only a grey t-shirt with a hood and grey, baggy pants. Hazel immediately knew he was.

"Azul…" the girl marvelled.

Chapter One

A boy raced out of his home. He jumped from his front porch to the stone sidewalk. Before he could reach his white picket fence, a voice called out to him.

"Soru! Are you going to leave without her present?" His mother called from the porch. She was waving a small box, wrapped in shiny blue paper and topped with a bow, above her head. In her other arm she held a small girl, no older than three. She smiled cutely at her flustered brother.

"Crap!" Soru screeched. He ran back to the porch and swiftly grabbed ahold of the box.

Soru finally made it out of the boundaries of his white picket fence and raced down the street. The sun was beginning to set, and the street lights were beginning to come on, lighting his path. It wasn't long before he reached his destination. He ran up the porch and knocked impatiently on the screen door.

A woman opened up the door. Her face brightened whenever Soru walked in. He slipped off his shoes and darted for the stairs, box in hand.

"So, tomorrow our journey begins, Hazel. I can't wait," Soru, the boy with now messy hair, told a girl. He wore dark grey cargo pants and a red t-shirt that was equipped with a black hood. "It's been a long two months since I got Torchic, but it's worth it," Soru said, pulling a Poké Ball from his pocket and pressing the center button on the ball, causing it to expand.

Hazel smiled. "I can't wait for tomorrow either! I finally turn ten, and I get my first Pokémon!"

"Then, we can travel throughout Hoenn together! And you have no need to be scared or anything; you'll have your best buddy, Soru with you!" Soru announced confidently. He held his Poké Ball out from his body and struck a pose.

The girl sighed. "Yeah…"

Hazel had long, dark hair that was pulled up into ponytail and was pinned in the front. She wore light blue pajamas, ready to go to sleep once Soru left.

Soru frowned. "Well, you are wanting to journey with me, right? Hazel, if I waited for two months, doing nothing, I'm going to be very angry at you!"

"Of course I want to travel with you! We've been like best friends for years and I wouldn't give up an adventure with you for anything!" Hazel snapped.

Soru crossed his arms and blew his hair out of his face. "You just didn't sound very excited, that's all."

"It's hard to explain," Hazel mumbled. Before Soru could ask her to clarify, Hazel's mother walked into her room.

"Hazel, you need to get to sleep if you want to get out early tomorrow," she exclaimed.

Soru nodded. "I'll get going, then. You get your rest, and tomorrow we'll go see which Pokémon you get!" He then bowed his head slightly and left the room.

Once it was clear that Soru had left their house, Hazel's mother turned and laughed. "That boy is full spunk! Reminds me of your father whenever he was younger."

"You and dad met in Kanto, didn't you?" Hazel asked before her mom could turn and leave her mess of a room.

"We met in Kanto, then, once you were born, we moved to Hoenn for a new beginning," her mom explained. "Anymore questions, dear?"

Hazel smiled and put her head down on her pillow. "No, I'm good. I'm just –"

"You don't want to travel in Hoenn, do you?" Her mom interrupted. "Why not? Hoenn is beautiful."

"We've been around Hoenn though! You've taken me everywhere in Hoenn. I thought that maybe I could start fresh with new sights somewhere else," Hazel explained.

Hazel's mother then turned the lights out. "You have tonight to collect your thoughts. I know that you'll pick what is best for you." She then closed the door and walked down the hallway, away from Hazel's room.

"I just don't want to leave Soru alone," Hazel mumbled before falling asleep. Dreams of Pokémon filled her head.

"Hazel," a voice called out softly. "Hazel, it's time to wake up…" Hazel suddenly felt herself being pushed and she shot up in her bed. Soru stood at the side of her bed.

"I was asleep for, like, an hour," Hazel exclaimed before sitting up.

Soru nodded and laughed. "That's probably because your mind is restless! Let's get going!"

"I would like to eat first. I'm starving," she said with a frown. She held at her stomach. "Need… food…"

Her mother walked in. "That's great! I made food," she announced. "You can join us too, Soru. I made French toast!"

Hazel quickly got dressed before going downstairs. She blue leggings under a black mini skirt. She had on a black and blue under armor top that squeezed to her figure. On top of that was a high cut blue shirt with a black hood. She made her way downstairs to find Soru gulping down thin slices of French Toast that he had drenched in syrup. She took a seat at the table and began to drizzle her own syrup on her food.

"Ten long years! I've waited ten long years!" She said before taking a bite of her food.

Soru nodded and finished chewing a bite. "Do you have any idea who you're going to pick yet, Hazel? You have the choice between Torchic, Mudkip, and Treecko!"

"Well, I know from the past couple of months that Torchic could make an awesome partner," Hazel thought.

Soru grinned and pulled out a Poké Ball. "C'mon out, Torchic!" The Poké Ball burst open and a white light emerged. From the white light, a small orange Pokémon appeared on the dinner table.

"Torchic!" It cried out happily. It looked down and noticed that there was food on the table but before it could swipe any, Soru grabbed it and gave it a hug to prevent from any food stealing.

"Keep your Torchic under control, Soru," Hazel's mother snapped. "I don't want any dirty feet on my table!"

"Sorry…" Soru mumbled. "So, anyway! What Pokémon will you be picking?"

"I don't know yet! You can't just pick a Pokémon because it is that Pokémon. You and that Pokémon have to match," Hazel explained. "Why did you pick Torchic?"

Torchic squirmed before Soru forced it to stop by squeezing it harder. "Torchic…" It cried before giving up.

Soru grabbed a piece of French toast and fed it to his Pokémon. "I picked Torchic because it was the right choice… I guess the same way that you're going to pick."

"I just know that I can't wait!" Hazel then finished her food and got up from the table and put her dish in the sink. Whenever she turned, she found her mom twirling around a dark blue beret in her hands.

"I think that it may keep the shade out of your eyes," her mom commented before placing it on Hazel's head. "Happy Birthday, Hazel…"

Hazel grabbed it and hugged it to her chest. "Thanks mom!" She looked at Soru who as still holding Torchic. He was now trying to inch his way outside. "We have to go!" She declared before charging outside with Soru.

And their Pokémon journey now begins.

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