Hazel's Pokemon

Mudkip - Level 21 - Mud-Slap, Tackle, Growl, and Water Gun

Bulbasaur - Level 19 - Razor Leaf, Vine Whip, Tackle, and Leech Seed

Chapter 17 – A Nuzthieff

"Your Pokémon are doing great!" Nurse Joy chimed while handing over Hazel's two Poké Balls.

"Thank you, Nurse Joy!" Hazel replied.

"Are you going to be challenging the Gym Leader today?" the nurse asked.

Hazel thought on it and shook her head. "I'd like to get some training in. Don't get me wrong; I want to battle, but I'm not sure if I'm ready."

"It's good not to rush into things. I suggest, if you're going to train, you should make a trip to Bill's house," Joy said. "He could give you great information on Pokémon. And the trip would be a nice way to train."

"Let's go!" Soru said happily, giving Hazel a one armed hugged.

"I wouldn't mind a fun trip," Stetson opined.

Elise nodded. "I can get some great pictures!"

"Then let's get going!" Soru said with a smile.

The group left the Pokémon Center, heading north of Cerulean City. It wasn't long until they reached the Nugget Bridge, it's sturdy, sand-colored wood, stood strong above the rushing river. Hazel took the first step onto the bridge, hearing it creaked. It frightened her slightly, never being on a bridge above water in her life.

"I'll make sure you don't fall," Stetson said, pushing her forward lightly.

"But if we fall, we get to swim!" Soru cheered.

"I don't want to damage my camera…" Elise mumbled, taking pictures of the bridge and water.

"Then let's go…"

As the group continued walking, they noticed many different trainers having battles on the bridge. Hazel was worried that there could one simple attack could blow a chunk out of the bridge, but her worries left once she realized that there were a bunch of low-leveled Pokémon.

"This is one of the best places to train your Pokémon. A lot of novice trainers come here before they challenge the gym," Stetson explained.

Hazel nodded. "Maybe I should get some training in, if that's the case."

"Me too!" Soru added, peering over the bridge into the water. "Fish…"

"Look…" Elise said, pointing farther down the bridge.

A boy, not any older that Hazel, was scrambling around. He tried talking to trainers, who would just respond by telling him to leave, because they were battling. After one-to-many rejections, he slumped down on the edge of the bridge.

The group, curious as ever, ran to the boy.

"What has you bothered, chum?" Soru asked, his smile instantly showing how welcoming he was.

The boy shot up, his light blue eyes piercing the group. "I need your help! My Pokémon were stolen!"

"What?" the group questioned together.

The boy nodded, his blonde hair bouncing with his every movement. "Well… not exactly. As you can see, I don't have a bag. I was totally mugged! Everything I had was stolen!"

"Sounds like Rein…" Stetson mumbled. "We'll find who did this to you! And we'll make them pay!"

The group, including the boy who introduced himself as Zachary, ran down Nugget Bridge. They came to a small clearing, Zachary showing them the exact spot where he was attacked.

"Right here!" he said, pointing at a tree stump. "Whoever they were, they came out of nowhere!"

Elise glanced around, looking at the surrounding forested area. She took pictures, zooming on multiple Pokémon as they shifted around.

"Can you describe what the people looked like?" Stetson asked, eager to possibly get his stuff back too.

Zachary shook his head. "No. In fact, they didn't even sound human."

"What?" Stetson mumbled.

Elise glanced up and started to back up, bumping into Soru. "Guys…"

The group looked at her, noticing that she was pointing to the trees. A group of brown Pokémon were emerging from the trees, moving closer to the group. They rattled as they moved, slightly chanting.

"That's the noise!" Zachary chimed. "Woo… Now all we have to do is find who did it."

"I think we found them…" Hazel murmured. She pulled out her Pokédex and scanned the Pokémon.

"Nuzleaf, the Wily Pokémon, and the evolved form of Seedot. Nuzleaf live in densely overgrown forests. They occasionally venture out of the forest to scare people. This Pokémon dislikes having its long nose pinched," it chimed.

"I didn't think of pinching its nose…" Soru interjected. "But now I'm curious…"

The leading Nuzleaf laughed, tossing a giant yellow bag in front of him.

"That's my bag! It has my Poké Balls in it!" Zachary cried. He jolted forward, but the Nuzleaf was quick, grabbing the bag and glaring. He reached out his hand, motioning for the rest of the group to give up their possessions.

"Oh… Hell no!" Stetson snapped. "Let's battle!"

The group nodded, tossing their Poké Balls into the air. Hazel's Bulbasaur and Mudkip appeared, ready to battle. Soru's Pokémon tumbled out of their balls, Torchic looking as though he was just woken up. Cyndaquil and Sentret blew out of Elise's Poké Balls, confused as to why they were released. And finally, Stetson's Pokémon were revealed, Nidoran ready to fight while Squirtle hid behind his trainer's leg.

The Nuzleaf laughed, scanning over the trainers' Pokémon. The trainers were in their territory, so Nuzleaf had the home field advantage.

"Get ready…" Stetson murmured as a few of the Nuzleaf bounded forward.

"I got this!" Soru yelled. "Both of you, use Ember!"

Soru's fire-types replied, jumping forward and releasing small pellets of fire from their mouths. A few of the Nuzleaf were pelted by the attack, but some were able to dodge. Two continued, one smacking Torchic with his hand, the other releasing an onslaught of leaves upon Charmander.

"Cyndaquil!" Elise cried. Her Pokémon nodded, jumping forward. He cried out, his body becoming engulfed in fire. With swift movements, he was able to wheel himself around the small field, knocking back the two Nuzleaf.

"You go, girl!" Hazel yelled.

"Hazel, watch out!" Stetson warned, pointing into the air. The Nuzleaf were falling from the sky, all of them holding giant boulders. "That's Rock Tomb!"

"Bulbasaur, use Razor Leaf! And Mudkip, use Water Gun!"

Hazel's Pokémon complied, their attacks racing towards the sky. They pelted into two of the Nuzleaf, the other easily escaping. He dropped to the ground, slamming his rock onto Mudkip.

"No! Mudkip!"

"Sentret, use Fury Swipes!" Elise ordered her other Pokémon while Cyndaquil ripped through other Nuzleaf.

Sentret jumped into the air, landing onto one of the Nuzleaf's face. She angrily scratched at the Pokémon's face, making it thrash around.

Stetson glanced around, watching as the bigger army of Nuzleaf was making their way towards him and Soru.

"Nidoran, use Poison Sting!" he ordered. He decided not to give Squirtle a command, seeing as she was scared.

Nidoran stood in front of his trainer, releasing poison needles from his horn. The needles scattered of the Nuzleaf, poisoning some of them.

"Your turn, Soru!" Stetson called.

Soru nodded, pointing out at the weakened Nuzleaf. "Charmander, use Flamethrower!"

"Char!" the fire-type cried out, releasing smooth flames from his mouth. The flames engulfed the group of Nuzleaf, forcing some of them to submit.

"Mudkip!" Hazel screamed. Nuzleaf laughed, but was shocked when Bulbasaur lifted the boulder off of Mudkip, the mudfish Pokémon looking barely hurt.

"Awesome!" she cried, relieved that her Pokémon wasn't very hurt. "Mud-Slap!"

Digging his arms into the ground, Mudkip lifted mud out. He shot it out of the ground, smacking the Nuzleaf in the face. The grass-type blindly thrashed around.

"Razor Leaf!" Hazel called.

Bulbasaur nodded, lowering his head and releasing leaves. The leaves sliced into Nuzleaf, knocking the Pokémon back.

Hazel lifted a Poké Ball. "You two did great…"

"Watch out, Sentret!" Elise cried out, watching her Pokémon get Razor Leafed in the back. Sentret dropped off of another Nuzleaf that she was attack, grabbing at her back. The Nuzleaf bounded forward, readying a Headbutt. But before he could get close enough to attack, Cyndaquil flew fire across the grass-type's body. The Pokémon fell to the ground.

Elise cheered before she felt a small tug on her back. She turned, noticing one of the Nuzleaf grabbing at her bag. He had her egg lifted halfway out of the bag, laughing as he pulled it.

"No!" Elise screeched. She pulled the egg away from him. "Cyndaquil, use Flame Wheel!"

The Nuzleaf, looking increasingly nervous, was slammed by the flaming ball that was Cyndaquil. He fainted on contact.

"Torchic, use Peck!" Soru called. He laughed as his Pokémon pecked a Nuzleaf in the eye.

"Now, Charmander, use Scratch!"

His Pokémon nodded, slashing out at the Nuzleaf and finishing it off.

One of the Nuzleaf unleashed a Razor Leaf attack, connecting with Nidoran. The poison-type doubled over, not able to take another attack.

Stetson returned his Pokémon, knowing that he couldn't go on. He glanced down at Squirtle. "You ready to battle, buddy?"

Squirtle, terrified by Nuzleaf's power, stood still.

Nuzleaf chuckled. He bounded forward one more time, readying a Headbutt. Stetson stepped in the way, taking the full brunt of the attack. He keeled over, holding onto his side.

Squirtle's face hardened and she growled. She stepped forward, pointing her arms at the ground. It bubbled, water blowing out. She engulfed the Nuzleaf, blowing him out of the water.

Stetson smiled through the pain. "Rapid Spin!"

Squirtle nodded, all of her shyness disappearing. She dove into her shell, twisting around quickly. The small turtle blew across the field, ramming her hard shell into Nuzleaf. The grass-type skid across the ground, unable to stand back up.

Stetson drew out a Poké Ball. "These guys are awesome battlers! And that's something that I'd like to train!" With that, he tossed his Poké Ball at the Nuzleaf. With a loud crash, the Pokémon was absorbed into the ball. It rocked back and forth, letting out a soft ding.

"Awesome! I caught a Nuzleaf!" Stetson said happily, picking up his Poké Ball.

"Me too!" Hazel yelled out. She carried one of her Poké Balls over.

"I didn't see you capture it…" Soru groaned, disappointed that he missed out.

"And I got my bag back!" Zachary said with a smile. He held up his yellow bag. "Thank you all!"

"But we're a bit off course…" Hazel mumbled. "Could you point us to Bill's house?"

Zachary nodded. "You're looking for Bill? That's awesome!" He turned and pointed off into the distance. A huge lighthouse, its lights circling was in the distance. "He lives at the base of the lighthouse. If you keep on the path, it'll be easy to find."

"Awesome!" Soru cried out. Let's go!"

The group waved as Zachary walked back down the Nugget Bridge. But their minds were focused on what was to be, and all of the different things Bill would teach them.


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