Hey Guys! So heres the first chapter of The Wisdom of the Sea. Warning: a lot of OC's get introduced in this chapter I made an age chart for you and there is a list of the family's at the end of the chapter. Hope this helps. Anyway, here we go :).

Percy, Annabeth, Clarisse, Chris,Jason, Reyna, Frank- 28

Piper, Leo-27

Thalia- 26

Nico, Hazel- 25

Ryan- 14

May & Madison -12

James Lucas & Claire Zoë - 4 (They will be five in one week from the time this story begins)

Silena Carly- 4

Ethan Lee -3

Zachary Louis & Bianca Maria - 2 (Bianca is slightly older)

Jacob 'Jake' Ross - 1

Emily Margret- 8 months

Daniel Nicolas- 5 months


James Lucas Jackson was probably the luckiest five year old ever. He had so many people all around him who loved him. He had his mommy and daddy and his Sister Claire and brother Zachy. He had his friends too. There was auntie Thalia and uncle Nico's baby Bianca, who was Zachary's age. There was also Silena, auntie Clarisse and uncle Chris's daughter, who was only the tiniest bit young then James. There was something about her that made James okay with playing wedding when she came over to play with them. Silena's baby brother Jake, who was still too little to play with them just yet. Auntie Piper and uncle Jason had Ethan. He was littler then James, but he was still fun the play with sometime. There was also Emily, who was still a baby, but sometime Auntie Hazel and uncle Frank let him hold her if he was really careful. Daniel was even tinnier then Emily, but sometime he was lucky and uncle Leo would let him hold the baby she auntie Reyna wasn't looking. He knew these people weren't really his aunts and uncles, but it didn't matter. Daddy said they were pretty much family. James always had someone to play with.

James also had Camp-half blood. It was this special summer camp were special people get to go. James didn't quite understand what made those people special, but he did know that the Greek Gods were real. The only thing James one about them were there names and the fact that his grandparents were Athena and Poseidon. James love camp because he got to spend all summer with one of his best friends ever: Ryan. Ryan was way older than James, but he was always really nice. James got to practice sword fighting with wooden swords. Kids in James's class did that anyway, but sometimes Daddy let James use real swords.

James as probably one of the two weirdest five year olds too, the other one being his twin sister Claire. While James's friends at school were playing the play-dough, James was reading books at a near fifth grade level. His sites was too. Mommy had told them that they were just really smart and really special. To people in James's class it made him a weird outcast. But James didn't care because James had all of his friends from camp. James could also talk to fish and breath under water. So could Claire. Claire always liked to pretend she was a mermaid. Daddy often laughed and said that she was way to sweet to be a mermaid.

"James! Claire!" Mommy called from downstairs. "Come wash up before daddy gets home!"

James closed his new Ancient Greek book he had gotten for Christmas and ran out the door, smashing into Claire on the way out. There rooms were right next to each other. There apartment was really big. Mommy and daddy shared a room, James and Claire each had a room, Zachary had a room, and their were two more rooms - an office and a room that was full of junk. Claire stood up and put her hand on her hips, her curly black way easy pulled up in pigtails and they bounced as she stood up. Even thought Claire looked a lot like daddy, she was mommy's mini me when she was angry.

"James Lucas! You suppose to let ladies go first." She crossed her arms and walked down the stairs, leaving James laughing at the top of the stairs.

Annabeth's POV:

"Mommy lookie, I drew grampa Seidon's house." Zachary said, holding up castle that was surrounded in blue. There were orange blobs I assumed to be fish floating around the castle. Zach had very dark blonde hair and the grey yes that the Athena children have.

I smiled at my younger son. "That's great Zach. Why don't you take your crayons and put them away so we can eat when Daddy get's home." Percy had recently told Oliver he needed some time off the next few months. He had been going tot camp everyday all day in preparation. We both knew it was coming. James and Claire would Celebrate their fifth birthday in one week and the Prophecy would soon begin to unfold. I took a shaky breath and went back to preparing the pasta. James and Claire knew nothing about the prophecy, but I knew. Lucky for me I was able to hide it. The front door opened as soon as I put the pasta on the table.

"Wise Girl! I'm home!" Percy called.

I rounded the corner just in time to see Claire run over to Percy while squealing "Daddy! You're home."

Percy picked Claire up in his arms and kissed her forehead. "Hello my sweet little mermaid." He put her down and she ran off the find her brothers.

"Hello my beautiful Wise Girl." He whispered as he pulled me into a passionate kiss. We broke apart and he held me in a hug. "Oh honey, May's going to be spending the night."

I pulled back and looked at him, an eyebrow raised. "Oh? And why didn't you tell me?"

He kissed my nose. "Don't be mad. Please. A hellhound attacked moms house. Everyone's fine, but the house was pretty damaged. Mom, Paul, and Madison went to stay with Paul's sister. He can't very well explain that his step sons sister who shares a godly parent, but lives with them. She was at camp, but I told her she should stay with us until….. well you know."

I smiled at him. "Yeah okay. Go get washed up, i'll put out another plate." At that moment May walked through the door. As she older her once strawberry blonde hair got light. It wasn't as blond as mine, but it was blonder then it once was. Thalia had taken her to dye the tips pink, much to Percy and Sally's disliking. But May loved it. She was wearing a knit pink ski hat, jean, a black north face Jacket over a host pink t-shirt, skinny jeans, and black boots. Her face was pink from the cold and she had snow in her hair. It but have started up again. She was wheeling a suit case, but she dropped it suddenly and ran to hug me.

"Annabeth! It's been way too long!" She exclaimed.

I hugged her back. "Yes it has. Go put your stuff in the stud. I pull the bed out for you after dinner."

She smiled "Thanks Annabeth."

About five minutes later we were all sitting around the table eating. James and Claire were having one of their usual conversations about who one the most complex words. Claire's knew word was Ameliorate and James reciprocated with their first birthday both Athena and Poseidon appeared. They both gave them each a gift. Athena gave them extraordinary wisdom. While they had the bodies and minds of five year olds, they had the knowledge of middle school kids. It wasn't so much that she gave them knowledge, but she gave them the ability to retain knowledge easier and faster. And both of them read very well. Poseidon gave them the ability to breath underwater, something they hadn't originally inherited from Percy. Both gods had thought that the gifts would be helpful on their quest when they had to face the prophecy. Though it was interfering, Zeus overlooked it at Thalia's request. She had the ability to keep Bianca from him, and the king of the Gods did not like it. After dinner Percy took Zach upstairs for a bath, James and Claire went in the living room to watch television and May offered to help clean up. I pulled my hair up into a messy ponytail.

"You wash I'll dry?" She said. She took off her jacket. On her right wrist was a simple silver bracelet with small red jewel mounted on it.

"Nice bracelet." I siad passing her a wet plate.

She smiled. Thanks. Ryan got it for me for Christmas." She giggled. "He even had a Hephaestus kid engrave it. She took it off and held it out to me. I dried my hands and took if from her. Inside the band the words "Beauty is a light in the heart." I handed it back to her and she immediately returned it to her wrist. I went back to washing the dishes. We washed in silence until May spoke.

"I think I might like him as more than a friend." She whispered.

I smiled. "I thought you might."

She turned to look at me. "Really?How?"

"Well Guppy, every since he first came to camp, you two have been practically inseparable." I passed her the last dish then turned to face her. I bent down so we were the same height. "But you're still young May. I only first met Percy when we were twelve. You have time. Plenty of time"

"But Annabeth I-"

I shook my head. "No but's May. Don't rush it. Enjoy being his friend."

May bit her lip but nodded. "Thanks Annabeth."

I smiled again. "So Ryan's settling into camp well?"

May nodded and picked up a glass. "He dropped his last name about a month ago. He says if anyone calls him 'Kessler' that he'll kill them."

"Why would he drop his last name?"

May shrugged. "He tried contacting his mother. She ... well she pretty much said she disowned him and that if he calls her again she will call the police." May shuddered. "I mean, at least I have Sally. She's almost like a mom." She looked up at me with the same Sea green eys that my husband and son possessed. "And I have you Annabeth."

That made me smile even wider. "Thanks sweaty. Why don't you go on and shower. I'll finish up." She thanks me, gave me a quick hug, grabbed her jacket, and ran up the stairs.


"Sorry bro." I heard May exclaim before heading up the stairs. I couldn't help but giggle at that. I loved seeinf Percy and May together. I began to put the dishes away when Percy came into the kitchen. He walked up behind me and wrapped his strong arms around my waist.

"Zack's asleep. James is reading in his room and Claire is trying to teach her fish to do tricks, then she's going to sleep." He said.

"Do you know how insane that sounds?" I asked spinning in his arms.

"I know, Bubbles doesn't listen and Goldy just needs to be the center of attention…"

"Not what I meant Percy." We both laughed. He pulled me over to sit on the couch.


Claire peered out of her door and, when she saw the hallway was clear she closed the door. Mommy and daddy usually didn't come into her room after she said she was going to bed. She arranged her pillows on her bed and took out the recorder she hid under her bed. She put it under the pillow that would be where her head would be and pressed play. The soft even breathing and light snoring that she had recorded filled the small bedroom. She grabbed her winter coat and boots. She pulled the coat on of the large Camp T-shirt that used to belong to her daddy, but now functioned as her nightgown. She walked over to the window and pulled it open. She jumped out on to the fire escape and into the cold night air. She closed the window most of the way, careful not to close it completely. She climbed to fire escape up to the top of her building. She walked over to the ledge and sat down, looking at the city in front of her.

Claire came here whenever she had trouble sleeping. No one knew that she came up here, not even her mommy and daddy. Claire had, had bad dreams for as long as she could remember. She saw how worried the dreams made her mommy and daddy so she stopped telling them about it. It started as normal nightmares, but now the dream was always the same dream. It starts with mommy crying and then the dream changes. Claire is walking in an underwater cave. James is next to Claire and their arms are linked . Claire looks over and James and he looks as terrified as Claire feels. Then they get to the end of the cave. It's dark and Claire can't see anything. Out of no where she hears a creepy, scary, mean voice.

It says the same thing each time: Well if it isn't t the Jackson twins. I've been waiting for you.

Claire had never told her parents about this dream. Mostly because she herself didn't want to face it when she wasn't asleep. Claire hugged her knees to her chest. The dream scared more then other dreams because it felt so real. When she woke up she had to sneak to her parents room to make sure mommy and daddy were both sleeping and still there. Claire didn't know how long she sat on the roof. At some point she began drawing little picture in the snow. She liked this spot on the room because the small ledge allowed Claire to see the city, but no one in the city had any hope of seeing Claire.

Claire shivered again and decided it was time to go back into the apartment. She crept down the fire escape, careful not to slip on the ice. She yanked the window open and noticed her recording had stopped. It must have ben very late. Claire pulled herself up onto the window sill, but before she could climb back through something pushed her from behind sending her flying to the opposite wall. She land with a loud thud. The next think she knew, large teeth were drooling in front of her. She looked up and saw a creature that looked a lot like Daddy's pet -Mrs. O'Leary- standing on her now destroyed bed. It was a Hellhound, but not a nice one like daddy's pet. Claire took her shoes off and threw them one at a time at the Hellhound. It distracted it momentarily, but not enough. While this was going on five more Hellhounds found their way through Claire's window. Claire, now consumed with terror, let out a scream. She took of her coat and used it to cover her face. Claire waited for the beast to attack again.

But it didn't happen. Claire peaked out from behind her jacket. Daddy was attacking the mean Hellhound with his pen-sword. Mommy was kneeling next to Claire. She gathered Claire into her arms and it was only when she began rocking her back and forth did Claire notice the she was now crying. James had knelt next to her and was rubbing her back. Claire peaked over mommy's shoulder and saw auntie May standing in the door way holding Zachy. Claire heard foot steps and looked up to see her daddy walking over to them. His sword was a pen again. Daddy and mommy were looking at each other.

"Change of plans guys." Daddy said.

Percy's POV:

I picked Claire up and hugged her close. She buried her head in the spot between my neck and shoulder. We've had monster attacks before, but usually they came after Annabeth or me. This is the first time they had come after my children. We must not be the only ones who know about the prophecy.

"Okay guys. Pack up your stuff. We're going to camp." I said.

"But Daddy, I thought we only went in the summer time?" Claire mumbled into my shoulder.

"We do, but daddy needs to talky to Chiron. Besides don't you want to see uncle Grover and Aunt Juniper?"

Claire sniffled, but nodded. I put her down. She was wearing one of my old camp shirts as a night gown. It hung of her small shoulder and reached the middle of her legs. She walked over to her closet and pulled out a back pack. I turned to May. "Help her pack May." She nodded.

I took Zach from her and walked into his room. Annabeth was going to help James. I put him on his bed. We had just recently mode him from a crib to the bed. I grabbed a small suitcase from his closet and began putting clothes in it. Zach sat on the bed watching me. He way holding his favorite stuffed teddy bear. He yawned and lay down on the bed.I smiled at him. I picked him up in one arm and held his suitcase in my free hand. I walked into the bedroom I shared with Annabeth. We both had emergency backpacks already together in the back of our closet. I put Zach down and pulled them out of the closet. I put ones on my back and the other on my shoulder. I picked Zach up and grabbed his suitcase. By the time we got into the living room everyone was already down there waiting for us.

"Okay every. Get in the car." I said. Annabeth took Zach from me and went out to put him in his carseat. May helped James and Claire into their backless carseats while I put the bags in the trunk. Annabeth got into the front seat and May was in the middle with Zach. James and Zach were asleep within minutes and May followed soon after. Claire was still awake, though her eyelids were drooping. Annabeth turned around to smile at her.

"Go to sleep sweetheart. Mommy and daddy will make sure you're safe." Annabeth said. She didn't turn around until Claire was sleeping somewhat soundly. She sighed. "It's a week away. Why can't the fates just give us one more weak." I took her hand and squeezed it.

"I know Wise Girl. I know. But everything will be fine. I promise. I won't let anything happen to any of you."

Annabeth yawned. "I know you won't Seaweed Brain. I love you."

As she closed her eyes to go to sleep I whispered. "I love you more."

We got to camp around one in the morning. I shook Annabeth awake and she brought our bags to the Poseidon cabin. When Zach was born, Annabeth had designed a few smaller cabin the was going to be built close to the other cabins. They were called "Family Cabins" and could be personalized to any of the gods. Thalia and Nico had one and so did Chris and Clarisse. We usually stayed in those, but the Poseidon cabin was closer. I woke May up so she could sit with the kids as I carried them to the cabin one by one. There were three bunk bed, mine and Annabeth's double bed, and Tyson's beds in the cabin. May had claimed the top bunk of one of the beds as hers during the summer. I put Claire on the bottom bunk under May's. James and Zach each got their own bottom bunk. When I walked back to the cabin carrying James, Annabeth had already gotten under the covers and fallen asleep. I kissed her forehead before walking out of the cabin and down to the lake.

The harpies. while very strict with younger camps, tended to leave the campers over 21 alone when they were out after dark . I walked to the edge of the lake, pulled off my shirt, and walked into the water. I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight and going for a swim was the next best thing. I was lying on my back at the bottom of the lake, watching the fish swim circles above me. In just a weeks time my two five year old would be out on their very first quest. Athena and my dad were gracious enough to give them some of the skills that would be able to help them through whatever they would have to face, but that did little to help with my concern. I had been training them since they were able to walk. Annabeth and I put all of our time in to helping them prepare.

And then Zachary came along.

Zachary Benjamin Jackosn was nothing short of a complete surprise. Annabeth and I had originally planned on waiting to have more children. We were going to concentrate on getting through James and Claire's prophecy and then we were going to try to ad on to our family. Zach, while not unwanted, was unexpected. James was thrilled to have a baby brother and Claire was happy to have a 'doll' that actually moved. Annabeth was happy too. She always wanted a big family and I was happy that I was able to give that to her. I kicked off the bottom of the lake and swam back to the surface.

"Something on your mind?" A voice behind me said. I jumped and turned to see Thalia standing at the bank of the water, arms crossed.

"Gods Thalia. Don't do that." I hissed as I swam towards her and climbed out of the water, completely dry. She tossed me my shirt and waiting while put it on. "When did you get here?" I asked her.

"Two days ago." She replied.

"How's Bianca?"

She laughed. "I'm lucky that she sleeps like her dad because she's a little ball of energy during the day. Though I sell say she looks like me." She stopped laughing. "Why are you here so early? I would have thought you would want to stay at home and put off coming as long as possible."

I motioned to the cabins. "Let's head back. I'll tell you on the way." We started walking back towards the cabins. "Claire was attacked by a hellhound. Five actually."

Thalia's eyes went wide. "So now monsters are attacking our little demi-demi gods."

I rolled my eyes. "That's not what we call them, but yeah."

She sighed.

"I think it's time we told the twins about the prophecy."

"Really?" Thalia asked skeptically.

"Well we're going to have to eventually." I looked at my feet. "Will you watch Zachary tomorrow while we explain everything to them?"

She put her hand on my shoulder. "Of course Kelp Head."

"Thanks." We reached the Poseidon cabin first, "Night Thals, why were you out so late anyway?"

She shrugged. "Same reason as you. Couldn't sleep. To much on my mind you know?"

"Yeah I know."

"Perce, they may be your kids, but we're all your friends. We all love them too. So much. We will all to anything and everything we can to help."

I smiled at her. "Yeah Thals I know. Doesn't make it any easier though. It's still going to happen. And soon."

She nodded and smiled sadly. "I know."

"It's frustrating too. I men... we don't even know what this prophecy it about. It could be about a group of monsters, one monster, or it could mean all of Hades is going to break loose and the world is going to be swallowed whole." I threw my hands up in the air in frustration.

Thalia didn't say anything. We just kept walking.

I sighed."I guess it's just bugging me that we could be freaking out over absolutely nothing, or we could all be in mortal danger. I wish I could do more to help them."

Thalia nodded. "Yeah I know."

I looked at her. "Whatever their quest is, I'm going with them. No matter what anyone says I'm going. Only three can go right? Annabeth isn't going to like it, but she's going to stay here and I'm going with them to help them."

"I hear you." We walked in silence the rest of the way to the cabins. We got to the fork in the road where she would go left to get to the family cabins and I would go right to get to Poseidon's cabin.

"Night Pinecone Face. Thanks for listening."

"Night Kelp Head. Anytime"

Annabeth's POV:

"Are you sure Percy?"


"But we still have time."

"Annabeth, we have six days. Six days Annabeth. Be reasonable."

My bottom lip quivered. "They're my babies."

"They're my babies too Wise Girl. But they'll be fine. After all we trained them." Percy kissed me. "I'm going to bring Zach to Nico and Thalia. I'll meet you at the big house."

I nodded, then kissed him. "I love you."

"I love you too."

Percy went into the cabin and returned a few moments later with Zach on his shoulders. I watched Percy walk away, Zach giggling the whole way. The sight made my heart swell. Gods Percy was such and incredible father. I walked into the cabin. James and Claire were playing with each other on the bunk beds. James was hanging upside-down from the top bunk Claire was giggling at the faces he was making at her. May had left early that morning. She mention something about wanting to go say hello to Ryan before breakfast and activities started. The thought made me laugh. The thought of a daughter of Poseidon being friends with a son of Atlas was even crazier then the idea of a son of Poseidon and a daughter of Athena getting married and starting a family. I closed the door and walked over to them. They were both still in there pajamas.

"Get dressed you too. We have to go meet daddy and Chiron at the big house."

"Okay mommy." They said together. James flipped off the top bunk, nearly giving me a heart attack, and landed on his feet. Claire sat up and ran over to her backpack, which had been stored in the corner the night before. They got dressed and Claire came over to me , holding a brush and a hair tie. I brushed her hair gently and pulled it into a ponytail. When they were done getting dressed we left to cabin for the big house. James and Claire were skipping ahead of me playing tag with each other the entire way to the big house. They were laughing and trying to doge each other. I took a deep breath before entering the big house. This was the moment I had been fearing for nearly five years. I guess it was time to get this show on the road.

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May Jones

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Silena Carly Rodriguez

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