Blacklist base, Russia. 2013.

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Danny Glacier blearily opened his eyes, he glanced down at his hands, the I.V, and tubes that dug into his skin was very unpleasant. What happened? He thought, he remembered getting shot he remembered losing a large amount of blood, he remembered boarding the AC130, but nothing after that.

Danny tried to sit up, but he felt very dizzy, the whole room seemed to spin, he felt drunk...and not in the good way.

"Hey, decided to wake up did we?" Warhammer chuckled as he grabbed a seat and sat next to him. The ex-Delta operative looked at Danny's monitors, he was improving.

"What happened?" Danny asked, sitting up extremely slow. He hated feeling helpless, he hated injuries, but above all, he hated messing up.

"You got shot in the arm-"

"Wow! Really? No, way you fucking-"

"Watch it." Warhammer cut him off, "You got shot in the arm, and you lost a lot of blood." Warhammer explained, "To be honest, we didn't think you were gonna make it."

"That'd be a bitchy way to go out...loss of blood." Danny chuckled. Danny's skin was visibly pale, the loss of blood had taken a toll on him.

"I know." Warhammer chuckled slightly. "I'd make sure to shoot your corpse three or five times to make it look like you were a hero." Warhammer nudged him.

"Fuck you." Danny said. The middle finger Danny was giving to Warhammer caused Warhammer to chuckle even more.

"Don't get shot anymore." Warhammer said, "You gave us all a scare." Warhammer stood up, "I mean were a whole different level of bad ass...but we aren't a different level of human."

"I know." Danny sighed, "I'll be more cautious next time." Danny said. He knew that he had pushed Shade out of the way, and covered her so she wouldn't get hit. But he wasn't sure if the others knew.

"Take it easy for a few days." Warhammer said, "I want you to get back to training as soon as you feel ready." Warhammer said, "That round did a number on your tendons, and muscles. It'll be awhile before you're back to 110%."

Danny shook his head, "You know me." Danny winked at Warhammer from the hospital bed, "Last time I got shot how ling did it take?"

Warhammer nodded, "I know." he said, "But don't count on always being that lucky." Warhammer pointed, "I gotta report to finish up. Then me, Steel, and Overrun are probably gonna start preparations for the next nuke."

"Copy that." Danny waved.

Warhammer turned to leave, "By the way," he said, not turning around, "Shade said to tell you thanks..." Danny looked up suddenly. And with that Warhammer left the room.

Danny waited for the door to close, and then swung his feet around the side of the hospital bed, "Okay...walking, easy." Danny said, now he wasn't gonna need to retrain everything he knew how to do, but he had no idea how long he'd been laying in that hospital bed. But even four days off your feet would make anybodies legs week.

The door opened suddenly, and Shade entered, Danny recognized her, however, she looked...different. Samantha was around his height, but the top of her head was where his nose would be. So, not quite. Danny was fond of her, but also disliked her. He thought she was attractive to look at, blonde hair, nice figure, but Danny wasn't a pig. That just wasn't his thing.

"Hey." Shade said, standing awkwardly in his room.

"Hey." Danny said, his hands gripping the railing of the bed. He glanced down and quickly noticed the bullet shell on the side of the table.

"That was quite a risk you took..." Shade said, folding her arms across her chest, and walking to the end of her bed, "I thought you hated me."

Danny sighed, "Shut up..." he shook his head, "This isn't some happy school place, or some shit like that..." Danny said, looking at the floor, "And I don't hate you..." he said.

"Well, I kind of figured you didn't." Shade chuckled, "But it still caught me off guard when you protected me like you did."

"You protect your comrades." Danny snapped, "Always. It doesn't matter if you're hot, have nice tits, or if you're a giant muscle man." Danny almost yelled. The sudden raise in his voice caused him to start coughing. He covered his mouth quickly.

Shade felt embarrassed, "I'm sorry..." she said, looking at her feet, "I guess, I just assumed that because you saved me-"

Danny had stopped coughing, and as soon as he did, he cut her off, "You never assume..." he said, "Never." he would have looked at her, but he felt extremely weak.

"Yes, sir." Shade said. Shade nodded in agreement.

Danny sat there quietly, he did not want to ask Shade to help him up, he didn't want to ask for help. He could do it, he was perfectly capable.

Danny gripped the side of his bed, and placed his feet on the tile floor, he shivered from the cold. Danny started to put pressure on his feet, and they started to shake, muscles had definitely gotten weak. "Shade?" Danny sighed in annoyance, "Can you give me a hand?"

Shade bit her tongue, and held back a smile, "Yeah, sure." she said, walking over to him. "Here, give me your hand, and I'll help you up."

Danny nodded, and gripped her hand, as she helped him to his feet, "Thanks..." Danny muttered, as he finally made it to his feet.

"You need some more help?" Shade asked, keeping him up with her hands.

"I can fucking walk." Danny snarled, as he tried to pick his foot up. He would have landed on his ass, had Shade not been there.

"Easy!" Shade almost snapped, "You're gonna hurt yourself Danny..." she chuckled as she steadied him back on his feet again.

"Fuck off..." Danny snarled, as he so pridefully tried to stand, he hated not being able to do a thing on his own, he felt weak, incompetent...and he despised those feelings.

"Goddammit Danny!" Shade yelled, and stepped in front of Danny holding him in place, "Listen to me, you are hurt, you're going to need help. Overrun, Steel, and Warhammer are out, so that means I have to help you. So get over yourself, and let me help you!" Shade yelled.

Danny swallowed hard, not many people had the balls to stand up to Danny in that sort of tone, even Warhammer would allow Danny to talk back to him because he knew he was hot-tempered.

"Fuck you." Danny hissed, as Shade moved to his right side and helped him walk.

"Only in your dreams." Shade retorted back.

Shade continued to help walk Danny around his room. Danny, who wasn't too far gone, paced his room. It would be awhile before he could run, his legs were extremely weak. But he knew that Shade would be by his side for it all, and as much as he disliked her...he couldn't ask for anybody better.

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