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"Why do you come?" the leader questions.

"To learn her skills. Honor her sword. And keep her secrets!"

"To what end do you work?"

"To the cause of justice and light," the students answer.

"How long will you strive?"

"For all the days of our lives!"

At the end of the chant, Headmistress Macey McHenry's begins the announcements of the day, including the news that the Blackthorne Boys have permanently joined the academy this semester. Sorry, Blackthorne Boys, on my last mission for the CIA, I accidentally destroyed the campus buildings of the Blackthorne Institute for Boys.

Things have changed so much since I was a student here at the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women over twenty years ago. We still teach advanced martial arts in PE, crack CIA codes in computer science, and study chemical warfare. Our students can hack computers and tap phones. But I no longer see the teachers who taught me sitting at the staff table, but instead those seats are filled with my old classmates and good friends who are now professors here at Gallagher Academy. The "mad scientist" Dr. Fibs has been replaced with my often-clumsy but not-so-crazy friend Dr. Elizabeth Sutton. Macey McHenry, a descendant of the original founder Gillian Gallagher, is the new Headmistress, taking the place of my recently retired mother. My British friend Rebecca Baxter, or Bex as she is called, has replaced Mr. Smith and is teaching "Countries of the World". Grant is now teaching "Ancient Languages" instead of Mr. Moskawitz. Jonas has replaced Ms. Hancock in "Protection Enforcement", and my husband Zach and I team teach "Culture and Assimilation" and "Covert Operations".

Zach and I look over our attendance sheet for Culture and Assimilation: some names pop out, the names of our friends' children.

Last Name First Name Gender

Abrams Cameron Male

Baxter Blaire Female

Goode-Morgan Gretchen Female

McHenry Mathew Male

McHenry Molly Female

Sutton Edward Male

"Well, looks like Jimmy Abrams' son is becoming a spy," Zach mutters.

"Maybe he's Josh's nephew," I reply. Zach will always call Josh, Jimmy. Some things never change even after twenty years.

After dinner, there is a staff meeting. Dr. Sutton and Ms. Baxter look just as shocked as I feel.

"Macey McHenry, What were you thinking!" Ms. Baxter explodes.

"Bex, what is the matter?" Macey asks as though Bex Baxter had asked for help on her homework.

" Your judgment is…" Bex begins to snap.

"Josh Abram's son or nephew is becoming a spy!" interrupts Dr. Sutton. We all know the end of Bex's sentence, "the bloody matter", so no one really cares that Liz Sutton is interrupting.

"Liz, Cameron Abram's test scores are as good as yours were when you were a student thirty years ago. He will join the academy for this reason. I'm sorry Cammie that this is your ex-boyfriend's son," Macey explains.

"Let's just hope Josh doesn't find out about the academy being a school for spies. Remember what happened last time, it is all fun and games until someone gets their memory erased," I comment, remembering a CoveOps midterm from thirty years ago.

"Tomorrow's class will be interesting," Zach whispers to me. I was grateful that at least seventh graders don't have CoveOps (Cover Operations) but I wasn't looking forward to Culture and Assimilation where Cameron Abrams would be in the class.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm Cameron Goode-Morgan and this is Zachary Goode. You will call us Mrs. Goode-Morgan and Mr. Goode. Today's lesson is the history of the Gallagher Academy. First Mr. Goode will take attendance."

"Abrams, Cameron," Zach calls.

"Here!" exclaims a boy who looks just like his father with brown wavy hair, bright blue eyes, and an easy smile. Flashbacks occur when I close my eyes. The rest of the class goes by quickly. I let Zach do most of the talking.

My focus should be on teaching the students manners and history. They need to learn how to thwart international terrorists or how to reveal covert enemy spies and rogue double agents, but instead my focus is on the events of twenty years ago.

Zach "brush passes" me a note as we exit the room. My hopes of missing C&A (Culture and Assimilation) classes by taking the CoveOps classes on fieldtrips die as I read the note on the evapopaper (a type of paper you can swallow after you read the message).

Macey's only allowing CoveOps fieldtrips after all classes are over for the day. Don't be getting any ideas.

Later I find my daughter Gretchen in my favorite alcove. She tells me about her first day of school in Swahili, one of the fourteen languages that I have taught her. I'm thrilled that she received her first crowbar today and camera/comms unit bracelet. She also learned how to disable a laser and hack into a satellite. I also find out several things about Cameron Abrams, some of them I wish I hadn't.

Things I Learned About Cameron Abrams

(A list by Cameron Goode-Morgan)

1. He is named after me.
2. His mother's name is DeeDee (Josh never broke up with his second girlfriend).
3. He seems to like Gretchen.
4. He is a lot like his father (he doesn't want to run a pharmacy when he grows up and he has fallen for a Morgan girl).
Apparently Josh has forgotten me as much as I have forgotten him, which is very little. This is going to be a long year.

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