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"People think this life is one big party. They don't understand the stress and strain that this world can have on you. They think you play hard, party harder, and look pretty but there is so much more. It takes hard work, skill, and street smarts in this business. If you're not on your toes those on the prowl will rip you to shreds. Because first and foremost this is a business and one day you can be on the top of your game and the next be in line for unemployment. That's Quidditch for you, a game on and off the field. It can last as long or as quick as it takes to catch the Snitch. It's kind of funny that way…. The Snitch Life"

Chapter One

Quidditch 101

Barry Ryan at Whore House!

Is the little lady not putting out anymore? The couple celebrated twelve years of marriage this year and sent their only child off to his first year at Hogwarts. Early this morning we caught the Krestal's keeper who appeared a bit strung out leaving a whore house in Manchester. What is the family man doing getting down and dirty…

The Daily Prophet


"Oh come on babe!" A brown haired man yelled as he ducked out of the way of the spells and glass objects being thrown at him. He looked like the type of man that put too much gel in his hair and wore whatever the latest cut of men's denim is. At the moment he was still dressed from his morning drills, which was good so he could dodge whatever his wife threw at him comfortably.

"Don't you fucking babe me!"

"It was only one time…"

She threw a glass sculpture at him, "yeah one time this week! You think I didn't know about those other tarts! Ha! And now you've bloody gone to a professional!"


"Look I don't care that your Barry fucking Ryan and how famous you are! I am your wife and I deserve respect! I've been with you from the start and these little hussies' don't want you, they want your money, they want to see their faces all over the papers!" Mary Ryan wife of Barry Ryan shouted. She's been with Barry since she was fifteen, she doesn't know why she sticks around. She runs her husband's career and she is the foreface of Quidditch wives. Women everywhere want to be her. She has a wealthy husband, a lovely home, adorable son but there's also the bad side. The bath robe clad blonde woman got the extreme displeasure of having her husband cheat on her.

"Ah excuse me Mrs. Ryan"

Mary rolled her eyes and turned around, "What is it Clarita?"

The housekeeper fidgeted uneasily, "there is a certified telegram for you to sign for." She quickly left the room.

"Fucking shit…" she stormed from the room and went to the foyer, there was a black owl with a gold badge hanging around its neck perching on the end of the table. She took the note from its beak, she signed the paper stuck to the top of the envelope and stuck it back in the birds beck then opened the door so it could fly out. She opened the envelope


I want you and that low life bastard of a husband of yours in my office NOW!


"SHIT! We've got to go see Wilford," she shouted storming up the stairs to get dressed.


The dimly lit office was round with a semi-circle desk in the center, with two chairs positioned in front of the desk. There was a soft haze of smoke from the cigar the man had perched between his two barely existing lips as he scribbled something down on a piece of parchment, with his muscular hand.

The man was sitting in a high back chair that extended pass his head and when he stood he was at least six foot four inches tall and overly worked out, he looked as if he could pop a human head with one hand. He was completely bald and you rarely saw him smile, he was wearing a black suit with a lavender shirt, a dark purple tie and coordinating pocket scarf. He had a silver wedding band on his left hand and a huge gold, chunky Quidditch league cup ring on his middle finger of his right hand. There was a soft knock on the extraordinary tall hand craved doors…

"Come in," the man grumbled without removing his cigar.

"You wanted to see me Wilford," said the young man who only half entered the room.

He took the cigar out of his mouth and placed it in the ash tray, "Ah yes Thomas, come in, come in, take a seat." Dean fully entered the office closing the door behind him and took a seat in one of the chairs. He had been working for the man for over a year and still he found it hard not to sweat in his presence. "You can stop sweating Thomas. This is the portion of the program where I promote you."

"A sir," he was incredibly pleased but this wasn't what he was expecting, "I don't know what to say…"

"You don't have to say anything, you've been my personal assistant for a bit more than a year and well although you have been invaluable to me it almost pains me to say you would be better suited elsewhere."

"That's um…"

"Tomorrow you will begin as the assistant manager of the Kenmare Krestals… That will be all," he picked up his cigar again and continued writing, before Dean fully made it out of the door, "Oh one more thing," Dean turned around, "find me a new assistant by five and I'm expecting the Ryan's send them in when they get here."

"Yes sir"

The Department of Games and Sports had fallen by the wayside under the leadership of Ludo Bagman and with his untimely exit, Ex-Minister Cornelius Fudge appointed Wilford the department head. The department was completely reformed with all new rules, players were fined, warnings stressed, and morality causes added to contracts, you brought big bad publicity to the league that brought you big bad punishment.

All employees were expected to be in business attire during business hours including at offsite events. Everyone was in a suit, every tie in a single Windsor knot and all shoes polished impeccably. The litter that once filled the hall floors and the shabby state of the offices was no longer, polished marble, team photos, encased dueling league trophies, and framed jerseys on the wall. Games and sports was a money making venture and Wilford believed that they should start acting like it.


She had this big blonde curly afro, it was blowing in the wind, bright blue eyes and her full lips were coated in bright red lipstick. She was posing in stilettos, boy short underwear and lifting her Holyhead Harpies t-shirt up to her navel and twisting it nervously in a seductive way and she smirked ever so slightly.

Ginny huffed and turned the copy of Quidditch Daily around on the News stand. She picked up a copy of the Daily Prophet and headed into the market. Ginny was hot and sweaty from her morning workout she grabbed a bottle of water and went to the cashier to pay.

After she finished Hogwarts this pass June she tried out for the Holyhead Harpies, she believed she was good enough to play professionally but apparently the professionals only though she was good enough for the reserve team. So Miss. Weasley was the seeker for the reserves.

She supposed being a reserve had its perks she didn't have to wake up at the crack of dawn for practice like first string. She got to mosey on down to the pitch at 9am. She didn't have to attend evening practices and she didn't have to travel... Oh, who was she kidding it sucked being a reserve, she didn't get to see the world, she got paid basically nothing which is why I can't afford to go to Japan for the World Cup, and she never saw playing time except when the team was away and the reserves had a scrimmage with another reserve team. Usually on Wednesday evenings in the heart of the Quidditch season tickets at half price.

Ginny sighed and paid for her things and headed back out into the boiling August afternoon sun and began walking back down Diagon Alley towards the Leaky Cauldron.

It could be argued that she was just starting out and should be patient but she didn't want that, she wanted playing time and she wanted to be successful. She wanted money so she would never have to want again... she stopped walking as she noticed a young man crouching down in front of three children signing autographs for them. It was Oliver Wood she would also like people to admire her work on the field.

The twenty three year old had an easy cool vibe about him, she didn't recall him having it at school but she supposed everyone had the right to grow up and change. He smiled at the kids before he stood. He pulled his sunglasses back over his eyes and began walking in the direction Ginny was coming from. He was originally a reserve for Puddlemere United, but only for a year. Now he was first-string keeper. Wood was always a great player but to play professionally is a lot harder than Hogwarts but he managed to do it seamlessly.

Ginny began walking again, as he got closer to her he let his shades slide to the end of his nose and looked over to her. He gave a curt nod and kept walking. Once Ginny got outside of the Leaky Cauldron she apparated to Harry's house. Ginny climbed the stairs of twelve Grimmauld place and unlocked the front door. "Kreacher it's me!" She shouted

"Alright Miss. Weasley" She heard him call from somewhere in the house.

Harry had been living at Grimmauld place ever since the battle of Hogwarts. He's slowly been fixing it up room by room over the past year. He gave Ginny a key and a standing invitation. She still lives at home with her parents and the fact that Harry had his own place (a lavish town house) made it a lot easier to do things that her parents would hex her for if they knew she was doing them.

Like right now for example as she climbed the stairs to Harry's bedroom, he was coming home for lunch to be with Ginny. She opened the door to the bedroom placed her newspaper and water on the dresser. She removed her tank as she crossed the room to the bathroom for a shower. She turned on the water and as steam filled the room, she stripped down bare and climbed in.

She loved Harry, more than she thought she'd ever love anything. She was so confident that she would spend the rest of her life with him and he has made it known that his feelings matched. He broke up with her because of the whole impending doom thing but neither one of them believed it over. It all ended alright… for the most part, the devastation was heartbreaking but at the least the world wasn't over taken by darkness. They picked up right where they left off. It was like they never broke up.


Harry climbed the stairs to his bedroom, outside the door he heard the shower running and knew Ginny was in there. He crossed the room and entered the bathroom.

Ginny turned in the shower and noticed a fuzzy shadow on the other side of the door. She wiped a circle in the fog and smiled at the sight of Harry she opened the door, "are you going to join me or are you looking for a show?" she smiled devilishly.

Harry grinned, "how about a bit of both," he pulled his shirt over his head...


"Just let me do the talking," Mary whispered to Barry in the back of the lift.

"It's alright babe…"

"Just keep your mouth shut. You've already got us into enough trouble," she whispered.

Level seven Department of Magical Games and Sports, a female voice rang through the lifts.

"Excuse us," smiled Mary politely as she and Barry squeezed pass the other people in the lift. "Good morning, we're here to see Wilford," she said to the receptionist.

"You can go right back," she smiled.

They made their way down the hall ignoring the stares of passing employees. All of the United Kingdom was talking about the story that was on the cover of every paper. At the end of the hall was Wilford's office they opened the door…

"Good Morning Mr. and Mrs. Ryan," Dean stood, "Wilford is waiting for you," he walked to the office door and held it open for them.

Wilford stood, "Please come in take a seat, would you like anything, coffee or tea?"

"No thank you," smiled Mary.

"Fine, that will be all Thomas," Dean left the room and Wilford resumed his seat. He opened a drawer in his desk and pulled out a stack of newspapers "The Skeeter report, Barry Ryan's Got to Pay for It, Who's the Whore? Barry Ryan, the Tattler, Barry at a Whore House the Daily Prophet," Mary sighed and shut her eyes tight, "there's about twenty more papers here shall I keep going?"

"Please don't" answered Barry putting his head in his hands.

"Oh well why not, I mean you seemed to not care how this made you look when you were deciding to go out whoring. Or how it would make me look or your wife?"

"I was drunk…"

Mary kicked him in the shin, "Wilford what Barry did was completely indecent and if anyone should be hurt it's me."

"I understand but what bothers me is that Barry here doesn't seem to understand the terms of his contract. Yesterday was Thursday and today is Friday. They're both weekdays, all of my teams practice on weekdays. I know that you were at practice yesterday and drills this morning because I always receive attendance. I also know that you were shit at drills this morning because you were hung over that's why it's in your contract that you are not to consume alcoholic beverages during active season."

"I know but…" Barry began but Wilford held up his hand to silence him

"You will pay the league fine for the poor publicity of 10,000 galleons. You will not get caught in another indiscretion and you will sit on the bench for the next two games and if I catch you drinking during my season again suspension will be the least of your worries," he said sternly. Wilford had this way of striking fear in people without breaking a sweat.


"This is absolutely ridiculous, that man is getting on my last nerve. These players are going to drive me mad, they can't follow the rules and think because a few measly million people know who they are they shouldn't have to." Wilford complained as he hastened through the corridors of Games and Sports.

"Your briefcase sir," Dean said holding it out for him.

"Thomas I'm having lunch with Hussan Mostafa, at one. I should be done about two so if you could owl over to the Cleansweep Company tell them I'll be stopping by the show room this afternoon to see the new model. I hope it's better than the last one, I would like for you to meet me there. We should be back no later than three and I expect that the first draft of the world cup team contracts to be drawn up by then, so if you could just pop over to the legal department and let them know" he took the hat from Dean's hands and placed it on his head. Dean then pressed the button for the lift. "I would also like you to owl my wife, tell her she must be packed and ready to go by seven our portkey leaves for Japan at 7:45 sharp."

"Right away sir," Dean answered. Wilford turned on his heel and stepped on the lift.

"Another world cup, at least we're not hosting it. Honestly it took me four years to clean up the mess Bagman made of this department… literally" he sighed as the lift door closed.

Dean turned around. Nancy the department receptionist was sitting behind her desk working diligently.

"You know the new Cleansweep 13 isn't ready," she said not looking up from her work.


"You know Wilford is going to have a conniption."


"So what are you going to do?"

"First," he began walking behind the desk and grabbing a piece of paper and a quill to scribble down a message, "I'm going to send this owl to Cleansweep and let them know Wilford is coming, then to his Mrs., run to legal then go over to the showroom early and help them finish the broom in any way possible." Nancy handed him an envelope, "where the hell is Carl when you need him…"

Carl was the sixteen-year old Department currier, "he's out on an errand."

"No bother, I'll take it down to the mailroom myself."

Level Seven Department of Magical Games and Sports, the voice of the lift said as the elevator door opened and someone got out, "hold the lift," Dean shouted sprinting around the reception desk and diving into the lift before the doors closed.


Ginny was toweling off her hair, as Harry lay across his bed watching her. "I know this is so last minute but you don't have a match this weekend so do you want to go to Japan for the World Cup?"

Ginny turned to look at him, "yes, did you really think I'd say no?"

"Not really, we'll have to leave at the crack of dawn tomorrow so I was thinking of canceling with Ron and Hermione tonight."

"No don't do that, it will be nice to rub it in my brother's face," she went over to him and straddled him.

"That's so wicked of you," he said wrapping his arms around her and sitting up.

"Oh you know you like it," she whispered in his ear.

"Uh huh"

"Too bad you have to get back to work," she said climbing off of him. "I have to be getting home to pack."

"Are you sure you don't want me to cancel?"

"Let's just go out earlier."

"Fine but I think you should stay here tonight because we're leaving from London and going to Tokyo. I got us a suite then we'll fly out to the stadium," he explained.

"I suppose I could climb out my window."

"Or just walk out the door you're an adult Ginny you don't have to tell your parents everything."

"That's easy for you to say," she said pulling on a pair of jeans she got out of her drawer and throwing on a t-shirt. "I'm going to go… I'll see you tonight," she picked up her bottle of water and paper from the dresser and left the room. She ran back in and kissed Harry quickly then left again.


Dean was running down Diagon Alley trying not to run over anyone as he hurried to the Cleansweep company showroom. After he dropped the letters off in the Ministry mailroom argued with legal about the importance of the contracts being completed by three, there was about thirty minutes until Wilford would make an appearance at the showroom. Dean yanked the door to the building open…

"Good afternoon Mr. Thomas," smiled Owen Caldwell the showroom attendant as he approached Dean.

"Afternoon," Dean shook his hand.

"We have a bit of a problem regarding the broom..."

"I know it's not done," Dean interrupted.

"Actually they finished it in the wee hours of the morning. The problem is it's currently en route to Lyon to be photographed for Which Broomstick," he corrected.

"That can't be, look I know this is your first job out of school but all brooms manufactured in this country have always and must always be viewed by the head of Games and Sports before they are sold or photographed," Dean said loosening his tie at the thought of the mounting headache.

"And I know that it has been longer since you graduated and you're still running about doing other peoples errands," he smirked.

Dean chuckled, "That maybe so, but I also hold the ear of the person who decides who gets hired and fired in this world of Quidditch. It would be a shame to wake up in the morning and find yourself unemployed."

"Mr. Smithson okayed the broom to be sent out," Owen crossed his arms.

"That's very cute Owen and I'd like to see you take that tone with Wilford and we'll see who gets the last laugh. I'm sure you at least got it certified by the broom regulatory control," Dean smirked.

Owen looked a bit nervous, "well no one's going to fly it."

"Mr. Smithson has been in this business along time and I'm sure that he explained that you cannot promote a broom that hasn't been certified. Why is that Owen? Because it's illegal!" Shouted Dean "now if you'll excuse me I have a portkey to catch and a photo shoot to stop," Dean said storming from the building. He stopped and stuck his head back in the door, "you might want to start cleaning out your desk."


Level Six Department of Magical Transportation

Dean waved to the receptionist when exiting the lift and walk ran to the Portkey Office, "Hello Darla," he said to the woman behind the desk. He put on his charm to make sure he got what he wanted.

"Hello Dean," she smiled completely eating it up.

"I need a portkey to Lyon, immediately. I know this isn't customary but I have to unscrew something a showroom attendant screwed up before my boss unscrews his head and unleashes his fury on the entire seventh floor and the whole Quidditch industry." He sighed as if he would be grateful if she could make this happen. The truth was he would.

"How long would you be gone?"

He looked at his watch, "ten minutes, fifteen tops."

"Excuse me a moment, I'll see what I can do," she stood and walked through a door in the back of the office.

Dean let out a deep breath and massaged his temples. He didn't know what he got himself into although he asked himself this every time he found himself in a scrap that was usually caused by someone else. Being Wilford's assistant was a hard job most people didn't last longer than a week. Although he was terrified of the man for some reason he trusted and respected Dean's opinion. This probably had something to do with the fact Wilford believes him to be the only competent person on the staff.

"Alright Dean, I'll draw up the papers straight away," Darla said returning into the outer office, "However it will take about five minutes."

"That's fine I need to run upstairs before I go. Could up send them up to Tim please?"


"Thank you so much Darla, you're a goddess," he smiled before he dashed out of the office.


Level Seven Department of Magical Games and Sports

"You are not going to believe what happened," Dean announced getting off the lift.

"I'm sure I won't, Carl watch the desk a minute please," Nancy said before hopping from the reception desk and following Dean down the Quidditch team poster lined corridor. "So what happened?"

"Apparently Mr. Smithson allowed the sparkling new Cleansweep 13 which was completed early this morning to be shipped off to Lyon to be photographed for Which Broomstick." Dean said opening the door to Wilford's outer office.

"Dean," Tim was the Head of the Dueling League's assistant who sometimes watched Wilford's desk when Dean stepped out. He jumped up from behind the desk. "Wilford owled said he's bringing Mr. Mostafa to the showroom and she's here to speak with you." He pointed to the chair in the corner.

Dean turned around, "hey Gin I can't talk now."

"What are you going to do about the broom?"

"Does it have anything to do with going to Lyon," Tim asked grabbing the paper that just appeared in his inbox.

"Yes, I just came down to check messages." He took the paper. He quickly read over it. It included the time and place of the portkey and some stuff about agreeing to not misuse it. He signed the bottom, "I'm going to France for a little while, then I'm heading over to the showroom and I shall be back about three for that contract meeting with the lawyers. Tim if you could go over to see that the conference room is set up and Ginny whatever it is, it will have to wait, I have to go." He left the office

"It's just I need to cancel tonight," Ginny said following him down the hall.

"That's fine"

"Don't you want to know why?"

"Yes tell me later, gotta go, love you, bye," he said as the lift door closed .

Holyhead, Wales

Quidditch Pitch

Ginny was sitting in the stands with a couple of the other reserves watching the first string practice. It was late afternoon and the sun high in the sky. They liked to sit out and watch the evening practice and dream of the day when it was them with the sore thighs from sitting on the brooms for so long.

"The world cups this weekend it's going to be awesome, too bad I'm going to be listening from my wireless," Ann was a keeper. "You guys want to come over and listen, I'll make cocktails." She has a voice like a chainsaw, as if she had been smoking all her life. At the age of twenty two she has never had a cigarette. She's covered in tattoos and keeps her head shaved, allowing it to grow out into a pixie cut for winter.

"Is it wrong to want a first string contract so I can't drink," said Sara who was a reserve chaser, "but I'm in!" The woman was overly peppy. Cheerleader may have been a better career choice.

"What about you Gin," asked Ann

"Actually I'm going. Harry surprised me with tickets," she explained.

"That's so amazing I need a Harry," sighed Ann.

"You and me both sister," agreed Sara. "Shouldn't you guys have left already?"

Ginny shrugged, "we're taking a portkey at five in the morning so when we get there it will be 1pm just in time to check into the hotel."

"You guys aren't camping?"

"No I honestly don't think he wants to deal with the fuss of everyone, we're going to fly to the stadium for the snitch release at seven," Ginny smiled, "I'm kind of majorly excited, I've never been to Japan and they're playing Canada another place I've never been…"

"Okay we get it your super excited and we're jealous," Ann shook her head.

"What are you going to wear?" Chirped Sara, "I hope something not from your closet."

Ginny shrugged, "I don't think that's important, probably jeans and a tee."

"It is important you're arriving on the arm of Harry Potter and your sense of style is not that great," chuckled Ann.

"It's a Quidditch match," Ginny protested. "If anything I should be wearing the jersey of whatever team I'm supporting and waving a little flag."

"Yeah but a cute jersey, people are going to notice the guy your with and that's going to make them notice you. Why would you want to be noticed in something like this," Sara gestured to what she was wearing.

"Because it's comfortable," she retorted.

"Did that shirt belong to one of your brothers," Ann asked already knowing the answer.


"Out of the way," Dean shouted as he once again ran through Diagon Alley with a long object in a velvet bag hoisted over his head so no one accidently touched it. He pulled open the door to the Cleansweep Company. He carefully lay the broom down on one the empty display tables.

"You got it," said Owen coming over.

"Of course, go get the polishing kit," Dean instructed as he removed it from the velvet bag.

"Look," Owen began coming over with the polish, "please don't have me fired. So I screwed up, I'm still learning."

"Yes you are and you did screw up big time because when I arrived in Lyon apparently Which Broomstick wasn't expecting the broom on location until tomorrow."

"Wait what, the memo specifically said the shoot was today," Owen huffed over to the desk in the back of the room which had absolutely nothing on it, he opened the center drawer. "It says August 15."

Dean looked up from what he was doing, "today's the 14th and neither yours nor my boss has to know about the confusion. Just fill out the certification papers and run them by the ministry to Judy in transportation. She assured me if you wait around you can have the broom certified tonight so it's ready for the correct time of the photo shoot tomorrow."

"Thank you so much… is this really what being Wilford's assistant is like?"

"So much more although at five o'clock today I will be the new assistant manager of the Kenmare Krestals," informed Dean.

"That's awesome but are you going to miss being in the heart of it all?"

Dean thought for a moment about all the running around he's been doing the last year, how today he took a fifteen minute trip to France. "Owen my friend I can absolutely say I will not miss it at all." The door opened and Dean turned around, "Wilford, Mr. Mostafa."

"It's nice to see you again," Mr. Mostafa's shook Dean's hand.

"You as well"

"Is that the new broom," Wilford asked getting closer to examine it.

"Yes it is and this is Owen Caldwell," Dean introduced, "he's going to show us how it works."

-Some Restaurant in Muggle London-

"You can't dig up another ticket," whined Ron.

"Sorry mate I could only get two and you know I have to take Ginny," Harry explained, "she's my girl."

"Yeah Ron I'm his girl," she smiled and placed a hand on his shoulder, he placed his on top of hers.

Harry, Ron and Ginny were having dinner at this restaurant in muggle London, it was recommended by Hermione who was running late. It was kind of like a double date but no one really knew if Ron and Hermione were actually together.

"So sorry I'm late," Hermione came in breathlessly. "Long day at work and then a long line at registration, it's just been hectic so what were you talking about?"

"They're going to the world cup," Ron took a sip of his beer.

"That's nice. I've always wanted to go to Japan," smiled Hermione.

"That's why we moved up dinner we have to leave really early tomorrow," explained Ginny.

"Please take me with you, Gin if you were a good little sister you'd give up your ticket to your brother whose struggled so much in life," Ron pouted.

"Struggled how?"

"You know slaving away every day," he shrugged.

"You're head of product placement at Weasley Wizarding Wheezes and there's only one store. It's not that hard." Ginny pointed out

"Fine, I just really want to go."

"So Hermione what classes did you sign up for," Ginny said changing the subject.

"Law and Politics, the History of the Confederation and Wizarding Economics 101, I'm only taking three courses because they fit in with my work schedule," answered Hermione.

"Or you could quit that ridiculous job, house elf relocation honestly Hermione."

"You know what Ronald some of us want to make a difference in this world. So some of us unlike you went back to school for their final year so they could go onto higher education," smirked Hermione.

"Are you ever going to get off my case about not going back to Hogwarts?"

"You could at least take your school test at the ministry…"

"I don't understand why you won't let this go…"

Harry and Ginny just looked at each other. They had found themselves in the middle of one of Ron and Hermione's endless arguments that they never seem to realize they were having.

"So how was the rest of your day," Ginny whispered to Harry.

"So, so, Auror training is vigorous but worth it. Although the best parts of my day were when I got to see you," he tucked her hair behind her ear.

"That's sweet"

"Are you staying tonight," he whispered.

"Yes and I didn't sneak out," she lightly kissed him on the lips.

"Let's order I'm strived," said Ron opening his menu.

-Flying carriage somewhere over Japan-

Ginny was still getting over how amazing Tokyo was and mostly the fact that she was there. Poor Ginny from Ottery St. Catchpole never got to go anywhere. She and Harry were currently in the back of a carriage going out to the country. The Snitch was going to be released in about an hour they wanted to make sure they didn't miss it.

"Thank you, thank you," Ginny said clinging to Harry.

He laughed, "You're welcome but it's not like I did much, someone gave me the tickets."


"Mr. Thickness"

"That was nice of him."

"Something came up last minute and he asked if I wanted them. After I finished jumping up and down in my mind, I then pictured you jumping up and down so it seemed like a good idea," he explained.

"I'll have to think of a way to thank you tonight."

"I know exactly how you can thank me," he leaned in and kissed her on the neck.

Ginny closed her eyes, "as good as this feels I think we're about there."

"Not quite," he said not relinquishing his kisses.

"We're slowing down," they wobbled a bit as the carriage hit the ground.

"I suppose we are there," he pulled away from her, "remember where we left off."

"Oh believe me I will."

Harry opened the door and climbed out and then he reached back and helped Ginny out. They made their way towards the stadium. People who had been camping out were on their way as well. It took a few minutes but one person pointed at him and shouted something in Japanese and that was it. His presence was known.

The stadium security was nice enough to help with the situation and made sure Harry and his guest made it inside. Harry pulled out their tickets and the man collecting them pointed them in the direction of the top box.

Security walked them all the way to the top, people calling Harry's name and things in a language he didn't understand. They were smiling and waving excitedly so he was sure they weren't going to attack him. Harry smiled nervously and waved back, he hated all the attention but he wasn't one to be rude either.

"Mr. Potter," a garishly dressed gentleman immediately captured Harry's hand when they entered the top box.

"I'll go find our seats," Ginny excused herself to allow Harry to make small talk with whoever that was. There were three rows of chairs by the front of the box. Each seat had a name on it. Given there wasn't one for Potter she assumed the one's that read Thicknesse were theirs, they were front row center. She sat down and waited for the match to begin.

"So you and Harry"

Ginny looked to her side, Oliver Wood had sat down next to her, "Yeah."

"I honestly never saw that coming."

Ginny smiled, "neither did he."

"So how long has this been going on?"

She looked at him curiously, "what's with all the questions, I haven't seen you in years and when we were in school together I think we've only shared like three words."

He smirked, "when I saw you yesterday I got the impression you want what I have."

"Excuse me"

"Playing time, you want to be first string," Wood said knowingly.

"I didn't get into Quidditch to sit on the bench."

"Well then a bit of advice, possess Harry."

She looked at him confused, "you want me to take over his body?"

He laughed, "I suppose in our world you can take it that way. I meant claim him, let the world know he's yours. I'll see you around Weasley," he stood up and left.

Ginny stared after him. She didn't know what he was talking about. Sure she and Oliver weren't chums but she never knew him to speak in riddles. As far as she was concerned her world knew Harry was hers.

"Sorry about that," Harry sat down next to her. "I talked to that guy for five minutes and I still don't know his name."

Ginny chuckled, "was he nice?"


"Well then that's all that matters… it's about to start," the President was in the box across the field from theirs. He had just stood and pulled his wand out. He put it under his chin and began to speak. His voice echoed throughout the stadium, he announced the start of the game in both Japanese and English.

On the way out of the stadium the photographers seemed to congregate in order to get a shot of the boy who lived twice. It was an ambush of flashing light. It was making it hard to get out. He was getting a lot of attention and a couple things occurred to her. Sara and Ann were right about her attire and Wood told her to claim him. Ginny took hold of Harry's arm. She acted like she was trying not to lose him in the mass confusion. Harry maneuvered his arm to get Ginny's hand down into his.

Who's that Girl?

Harry Potter was in Japan for the World Cup this past weekend which was postponed a year due to the war against Lord Voldemort. Harry enjoyed the luxury of watching the game from the top box. The question on everyone's mind is… who's that girl? He left hand in hand with a red haired girl who looked as if she just rolled out of bed and went to the match. Who is she and will someone please help her.

The Skeeter Report

"Quidditch 101"