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1. Evidence.

"We have nothing, Jace. Nothing at all. No hints, no evidence. Nothing. We have no way to find him." Magnus's voice broke at the end. "No way."

2. I'm here

"Shh, shhh, it's okay. It's okay. I'm here, Magnus." Alec whispered softly, pulling Magnus close and wrapping my arms tightly around him. Magnus didn't have nightmares often, but when he did they were terrible and would leave him exhausted for days. Alec did what he could to prevent them, or wake him up before it got to bad, but it just didn't always work.

3. Funeral

"Hey." A familiar voice said softly from behind Alec. "I wasn't…wasn't sure if you wanted to see me or not, but I figured…well, I just wanted to come see you. I know you're not—" Alec cut Magnus off by pulling him down onto the couch he was sitting on and sobbing into his shirt. The warlock's arms came up around the shadowhutner and held him tightly, his lips pressing gently into the boy's forehead.

"He was just a kid. Just a little kid." Alec mumbled into Magnus's shirt.

"I know baby, I know."

4. Puppy Love

"Come on, Magnus. Why can't we keep him?" Alec asked, holding up the little husky puppy he'd found abandoned in a box in an alley near Magnus's flat.

"He'll eat The Chairmen!" Magnus said indigently.

"Oh really?" Alec quirked an eyebrow and set the little ball of fluff down. The little puppy promptly waddled over to The Chairmen and proceeded to snuggle up to him as if they'd been friends forever. "Personally, I think they get along quite well."

"…fine. But you're cleaning up after it." Magnus mumbled, trying to pretend he wasn't effected by the dog's cuteness.

"Deal." Alec smiled, kissing Magnus's little pout.

5. Gloves

Magnus grinned evilly, knowing exactly what he was doing to Alec as he eyed him with a predatory gaze and slowly pulled off his blacked sequined gloves finger. By. Finger.

6. Blackboard

"Magnus…what are you doing?" Alec asked, eying the spray paint can in Magnus's hands and the fridge that had been stripped of all it's photos and various other accessories.

"Turning the fridge into a blackboard, of course!" Magnus replied as if it were supremely obvious.

7. Muse

"What are you doing?" Magnus asked, peering over the back of the couch to look at the journal in Alec's hands. Magnus knew Alec liked to read, but he had never seen him write before.

"Nothing!" Alec blushed a brilliant shade of red and snapped the journal shut.

"Oh, now I've got to know." Magnus grinned, making an attempt to grab the book.

"Oh, no you don't!" Alec responded, curling protectively around it.

"Don't make me tickle you, Alexander. You know I will." Magnus threatened.

Alec just eyed him warily, still curled around the journal. Magnus shrugged and proceeded to make good on his threat until he was able to snatch the book away. He darted to the safety of the other side of the room and opened it to last page of writing. Alec sat, mortified, on the couch as Magnus read.

"This…this is about us." Magnus said softly before turning his eyes up to look at Alec who's hands were hidden behind his face, and Magnus just couldn't have that so he strode over and gently pried the hands away, "This is amazing, Alec."

"Really?" He whispered, searching Magnus's eyes.

"Really." Magnus leaned forward and kissed him softly. "Really amazing."

8. Magic

"Is he going to be okay?" Jace asked as he opened the door for Alec who had a passed out Magnus in his arms.

Half an hour ago Alec had been training with Jace when Magnus had called Alec, mumbling that Alec needed to come get him and that he was going to pass out. This had sent Alec into full panic mode, a thousand terrible images flickering through his mind. He'd managed to get Magnus to tell him where he was before the line went dead. Within seconds he'd been out the door and running down the street, Jace on his heels.

"Yeah, he'll be fine. He just used way to much magic somehow. I'll find out how tomorrow." Alec answered, setting Magnus down in their bed. "Thanks for coming with me, Jace."


9. Clean

"You look like you're feeling better." Magnus said softly, walking up behind Alec and wrapping his arms around the shadowhunter's damp waist as he leaned down to place a kiss at the junction of his neck and shoulder.

"A lot." Alec smiled, reaching forward to wipe the steam off the mirror as his warlock peppered his skin with kisses. "A hot shower always feels good after training all day."

10. Secret

"Alright, I'll tell you some of my secrets." Magnus relented after a bit, "But you have to tell me some of yours."

11. Superstition

"You're a several centuries old warlock and you're paranoid about spilling some salt?" Alec said, trying hard not to laugh at the absurdity of it.

12. Fantasy

"So, Alexander, darling. Tell me, what is your deepest, darkest, earth-shattering fantasy?" Magnus asked seductively as he crawled up from the end of the bed and over his shadowhutner. "Tell me, and it's all yours." He purred.

13. Test

This was a big test for them, for their relationship. Could they survive another fight like this? Or would it be the end of them?

14. Tease

"Magnus, I swear, if you don't stop teasing me—"Alec almost snapped before his voice broke off into a drawn out moan.

15. Storm

"Aww, snuggle fest." Magnus grinned as he walked in to find his boyfriend curled up with a book and The Chairmen.

"Not really. More like 'protect me from the big scary thunder' fest." Alec replied, gesturing at the rain slicked window.

"Still cute." Magnus replied, leaning over the back of the couch and kissing Alec's temple.

16. Strawberries

"Magnus…why is there a huge box of strawberries in the fridge?" Alec asked, eying the fruit.

"Simple darling, we're going to have fun tonight." Magnus grinned mischievously, swinging a bottle of chocolate syrup between his fingers. "So much fun."

17. Weapon

Alec reached desperately for a serph blade he knew he wouldn't find, no matter how desperately he needed it to protect the man he loved.

18. Beach

"I could leave you on the beach for a month and you wouldn't get tan." Magnus said teasingly.

"No, I'd probably get heatstroke and die."

"So morbid." Magnus chuckled, knowing it was all in good fun.

19. Lost

"What do I do now?" Alec mumbled, curling into his boyfriend as best he could despite no longer being able to move his legs.

"I don't know, baby. But we're going to figure it out. I promise." Magnus said, gently kissing the top of his shadowhunter's head as he tried to put up a dam to stop the tears threatening to fall.

20. Cry

"I'm a shadowhunter. I don't cry." Alec whispered, though it was clearly visible that he was struggling not to do just that.

"Everyone cries." Magnus said gently, brushing his shoulder hesitantly. "Especially when their brother dies."

21. Aloof

Depending on who you were, you knew a different Magnus. If you were a client, you knew him as the aloof and generally snarky and occasionally rude man who would help you as soon as turn you into whatever creature suited his fancy in that moment. If you were his boyfriend, you knew him as the unbelievably sweet and at the same time incredibly frustrating lover who you couldn't stand to ever part with.

22. Blood

Alec had seen Magnus bleed before, he wasn't exactly skilled with knives but loved to cook and the two didn't always mix well. But when Magnus stumbled in to the flat, clutching his side with blood seeping through his fingers as he collapsed to the floor, Alec felt his heart stop.

23. Tower

Magnus was a tall man all on his own at over six and a half feet, which was enough for him to be almost a head taller than Alec. But when he insisted on wearing his six inch, silver platform boots he towered over Alec and, well, everyone.

24. Taxi

"I hate taxis." Alec grumbled, sinking lower in the tattered and odd smelling seat.

"Would you rather be walking?" Magnus quirked an eyebrow and pointed his thumb out the window that was so obscured with rain you could hardly see through it.

"I'd rather have taken a portal." Alec pouted.

"Adorable." Magnus smirked, leaning in to kiss the pout before Alec could retort again.

25. Search

"Magnus, I'm sure he's fine." Alec said gently. They'd spent the entire afternoon searching for The Chairmen who had either gotten out or found an amazingly well hidden place in the flat.

"But it's supposed to rain tonight." Magnus chewed his lip worriedly.

"Why don't we go check the flat again? Maybe he came back or we just didn't see him the first time we looked." Alec suggested.

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