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51. Defiant

"They can't do this!" Jace fumed, "They can't send you away like this, Alec. They can't!"

52. Powder

Alec coughed as walked into the bathroom and face first into a cloud of powdered…something.

53. Grateful

"I'm just glad you're alive." Magnus whispered softly, brushing his curled fingers against Alec's paler than normal cheek, nudging a lock of hair away as he did so.

54. Decent

"I'm not coming in if Magnus isn't decent!" Jace shouted from outside their door.

Before Alec could speak up that Magnus was, relatively, decent, Magnus shouted back with "I'm never decent, Blondie!" which prompted a bright blush to spread across the black haired shadowhunter's face.

55. Union

After everything they'd been through, the pain and the hurt and the loss, after all of that things were finally going to be okay. They were finally together and nothing would be able to tear them apart: not shadowhunting, not demons, not the clave, not anything.

"I do." Magnus whispered, staring into his shadowhunters blue eyes and reveling in the way they lit up as he echoed the words back.

56. Cleansed

"Explain to me what it is you're drinking again?" Alec asked, eying the glass Magnus was holding which appeared to be filled with something along the lines of blended seaweed.

"It's a cleanse." Magnus replied, taking a sip. "Want some?"

"Not a chance." Alec answered, edging away from the offered glass.

57. Go

"I don't want you to go." Magnus mumbled into Alec's shoulder.

"I know." He said softly, running his fingers through the warlock's un-styled hair. "But I don't have a choice. The Clave is making me, and there's no way out of it."

58. Shame

"He really has no shame, does he?" Isabelle grinned, watching Magnus strut across the livingroom in nothing but skintight leather underwear that barely covered anything.

"No." Alec mumbled, his head thunking against the table as he tried to hide the blush covering almost his entire face.

59. Objective

"You aren't exactly the most objective person on this matter." Alec mumbled, fiddling with the collar of the vest Magnus had bought him to wear for his sisters wedding.

"Oh, trust me, hun, objectivity has nothing to do with the fact that you look ravishing right now." Magnus smiled triumphantly.

60. Strength

"No. Allie's strong. He'll be okay. He'll be okay…" Ben mumbled, Alec's head rested in his lap as Ben gently stroked his hair. "He has to be okay. He needs to get home to Magnus."

61. Life

"It's rather hard to have faith in life when you watch it being destroyed so carelessly everyday." Alec sighed, staring out at the scarred battleground that stretched around them.

62. Contempt

"This is because of you! He's missing because of you!" Magnus shouted, about to actually attack the inquisitor before Jace managed to grab him and haul him back a safe distance.

63. Wrong

"No. You're wrong. You are wrong." Magnus shook his head as if he were trying to send the thought flying away so as to never have to deal with it again. "Alec can't be missing. He can't."

64. Sweeten

"Sweetening your tea is one thing, Magnus, but you just put ten sugar cubes in a glass that is smaller than those ten sugar cubes."

65. Hands

Alec loved Magnus's hands, and he'd been caught staring at them more than once. He couldn't help it though, they were beautiful. Soft and tan, no scars anywhere save the barely there shimmer of the alliance runes they used to bind themselves to each other when needed. The fingers were long, almost to long, and thin as well. The nails always tapered to soft points that felt amazing when they ran down Alec's skin. Those hands could do amazing things, and Alec loved every damn one of them.

66. Strangle

Alec scratched frantically at the hands clasped around his throat. Little black dots had begun to dance on the edge of his vision now, though he wasn't sure if it was from lack of air or lack of blood at this point.

67. Lullaby

"None of them can sleep." Ben said softly, crouching in front of Alec. "They're to scared."

Alec looked behind Ben at the children all curled up together in little knots around the room. Some were laying with the other shadowhunters, some were just in knots of their own.

"Come here, guys." He said softly, holding his arms open as all the children scrambled towards him.

The children had taken a liking to Alec, and they all trusted him despite what they were going through. Once everyone had settled Alec began to sing softly, it was a lullaby he used to sing to Max when he had a bad dream or the thunder scared him. Slowly the children drifted off to sleep as the gentle words echoed in the damp cellar.

68. Untouchable

In that moment Alec felt untouchable. Nothing and no-one could hurt him with Magnus there: Magnus wouldn't let them. It didn't matter that he'd been through hell for the past eight months because of the Clave, it didn't matter that he'd been injured so bad he'd never shadowhunt again, it just mattered that Magnus was there and he was going to make all the pain go away and make things okay again.

69. Whispered

Alec wasn't really aware of anything, just what seemed to be faint whispers surrounding him. He couldn't make out the words though, and after awhile of trying he just let himself fade back into unconsciousness.

70. Prayers

As Magnus watched Alec walk away and step through the portal he couldn't help but pray for him to be okay, to come home safe. It was a silly thing to do, given that Magnus held no religion himself and he was more than convinced there was no higher being that had the remotest interest in the affairs of creatures of this realm.

71. Obvious

"Is it really that obvious?" Alec smiled, twining their fingers together.

"What? That we're enamored with each other? Yes, it's very obvious, Love." Magnus grinned cheekily, knowing that that wasn't at all what his shadowhunter had been talking about and greatly enjoying the blush it caused.

72. Rhythm

Ben frantically searched Alec's wrist and neck for the rhythm of a heartbeat but found nothing at all. The cool skin against his fingers was completely still.

73. Afterlife

Alec wondered if this was what the afterlife was like: empty nothingness with the faint sensation of incredible pain.

74. Hidden

"Our relationship shouldn't have to be hidden, Alexander!" Magnus nearly shouted, throwing his hands up in frustration.

"Do you think I like it, Magnus? Do you think I like having to skirt around questions and avoid Clave elders? I hate it. I want them to know I love you, I want them to know I'm dating a warlock, I want them to know a dating a man, but you know what? I can't let them know that, because if they find out I'll be stripped of my marks and made a mundane! I can't do that to my family…to myself."

75. Parade

"Really, Magnus, Disneyland? This is the place you pick for our first date in three weeks?"

"Yes, yes it is." Magnus replied, towing the protesting shadowhunter behind him as he searched for the nearest confetti and glitter filled parade.

76. Touch

After eight months of hell, Magnus's touch was the most comforting thing in the world and Alec leaned into it, desperate for more.

77. Free

Strange, that a life-changing injury would be the most freeing thing that had ever happened to Alec.

78. Enjoy

"Enjoying yourself?" Alec chuckled as his boyfriend practically purred at Alec's gentle caressing of his side.

79. Shining

Alec took the box from Magnus and realized he could feel power radiating from it in the same way he could feel power radiating from Magnus. Carefully he took off the lid and looked down at the softly shining crystal attached to a leather cord.

"To protect you." Magnus whispered.

80. Overflow

"So, for future reference, starting the tub for a relaxing bath and then making out is not the order we should be doing things in." Magnus mumbled, looking at his soggy, bubble covered bathroom floor.

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