3I've been out of practice and I'm sorry if it sucks but here ya go….takes place at end of season 3 of Vampire Diaries, and Supernatural season 7 Elena was never turned, Stefan saved her instead of Matt. There is a huge history between Elena and Dean that she has tried to forget...Please read and let me know what you think...3

It was raining in Mystic Falls, and when it rained it poured. Dark clouds covered the sky…It was dark and the moon was nowhere in sight. I sighed as I pulled my knees to my chest and wrapped my black cardigan around me, and crossed my arms. I stared out of the glass window and watched as rain hit the window hard. I was exhausted. This year has been long and hard.

Matt was dead. I closed my eyes at the thought. I could feel the icy cold water as the truck was sinking. Memories filled my mind of that night. I saw Stefan as he went to save me, I wanted him to save Matt but he wouldn't. He saved me. It was always me, as he put it. This was all my fault….How could I let my life end up this way? It didn't have to be like this. I was never used to normal anyway. But this? All this death and despair?

Klaus was now in Tyler's body, and Caroline and him were "in love" whatever that means. I shook my head…he still wanted to use my blood and she wanted to play house with him...

Damon has changed since I made the choice to be with Stefan, he was mean and cold…distant. Stefan tries to make up every day for the pain he caused me, but truthfully I haven't felt right….I knew love and what it felt like and I'm just so confused... I covered my face with my hands. I just wanted so badly to pack a bag and go…away from everyone and everything. Even when Stefan touches me...I don't feel it...maybe because this is not me anymore?

Bonnie now lived with me and Jeremy. They finally worked things out and I was happy for them, they were good for each other. Jeremy needed normal and love in his life. I got asked everyday…"Are you okay?" What's wrong? Is there anything I can do? The truth is...I'm not okay and there's only one person in this world that can help and he's not around anymore nor does he want to be. Tears filled my eyes as his name went through my head...Dean...Dean Winchester. Deenie...I smiled at the thought...he hated when I called him that, but put up with it anyway.

Dean was the boy next door. His dad had moved next door with him and Sam. I was twelve years old; Sam was like an older brother for me. Dean was seventeen, my first crush…at that time it was like being in love with a member of a boy band like N*sync or something. I laughed at the memories of Dean always teasing me, chasing me around, and Sam trying to protect me...but when the other boys were mean to me, Dean would push them to the ground.

I closed my eyes as a memory filled my mind….

Dean held my hand as we got to the edge of the cliff. I looked down trembling. Dean looked over and smiled. I was now fourteen. His muscles then showed through his white t-shit. It was raining.

I shook my head..."I can't do this Deenie"

Dean gave me his look..."I should just push you in for calling me that."

"I don't want to get hurt."

Dean nodded. "I would never let anything or anyone hurt you. Trust me...don't be afraid...live a little...with me."

I gave a faint smile..."You pinky swear nothing won't hurt me?"

Dean gave me his pinky and laughed with me…I took and in the blink of an eye, he grabbed me and jumped.

I opened my eyes. We were inseparable from that day. He used to tell me stories of monsters and ghosts, things his dad and his brother did, and I always thought they were stories… One day I came home from school and found Dean in my room, waiting, sitting on my bed. I was fifteen.

"Dean…What's wrong? Are you okay?" I asked walking to him

Dean shook his head..." , I'm not…listen I don't have long, we have to go."

I shook my head..."What? You're. You're leaving?"

Dean stood and closed the distance between us. "I have to go. This is the life I have to be in...It kills me to leave you...there's so much I want to say to you and show you but I can't be selfish with you."

I grabbed his hand…"Don't go...you can be selfish...I don't care."

Dean chuckled..."Ellie...I'm in love with you...and it's because I love you that I can't stay."

Dean cupped my chin and ran his fingers against my cheek. Dean then placed his lips on top of mine gently. This was my first kiss. Dean cupped my face and put another hand behind my neck and brought me closer. I let his mouth cover mine. It was sweet; he pulled away and kissed the top of my forehead.

A tear fell and went down my cheek, Dean brushed it away...

"Come on now…smile for me...give me something to always remember."

I put on the best smile, I could. Dean laughed..."Okay either that's scary or gas."

I laughed as I covered my mouth. Dean put my hands down..." . Don't hide it... I'll come back for you. I promise Elena." And just like that he was gone.

I pulled from my distraction as a figure walked into my room, scaring me...It was Stefan.

"Stefan you scared me." I stood up and walked over to him. He smiled down at me slightly.

"I'm sorry. I do that a lot. Don't I?" I Smiled... "It's okay."

Stefan brought me to the bed..."You okay? You have been quiet for the past few days…haven't been answering my calls."

He wrapped his arms protectively around my waist and brought me down to the bed, my head rested on his chest. His fingers stroked my back.

"If you are worried about Klaus…we are trying to figure out a way to stop him. He's not going to hurt you."

I shook my head..."I know. I'm fine Stefan."

I heard him chuckle..."You're a terrible liar."

"I'm just so tired." I said as I yawned.

I felt Stefan kiss the top of my forehead. I closed my eyes and drifted onto sleep. I found myself dreaming, but it wasn't a dream. It was a memory. A very good memory.

It was my sixteenth birthday. The party was over. I was in my room... I smiled down at my baby pink strapless dress, it went down to the middle of my knees, it flowed…I looked in the mirror, brushing my hair, I saw in the reflection a wrapped gift in the middle of my bed. I turned slowly and went over. It was beautifully wrapped in pink wrapping. It was small…I gently unwrapped it and when the wrapping was gone, a blue box from Tiffany&Co. When I opened it, I gasped. Who would get me something like this? It was ½ Carat t.w. Diamond Heart Necklace Round-Cut 10K Rose Gold..."It's so beautiful." I said to myself.

"Yes you are." I could recognize that voice from anywhere. I looked up and saw Dean in front of closet.

I smiled as I quickly jumped up and ran to him, jumping in his arms, he wrapped his arms around me and picked me up. "Ellie...Oh my god...this feels so good...I've missed you so much."

He put me down and looked at me..."Wow…I leave for a year and you get more beautiful."

I exhaled..."Where have you been? I've left messages."

Dean nodded..."I know...and I wish I could tell you everything…but I can't...it's too dangerous...but I don't want to talk about any of that...I just want to look at you."

Dean took the necklace out of hands and placed it around my neck..."I culdn't miss your birthday Ellie."

I smiled..."Thank-you Deenie." I laughed. Dean laughed with me..."You are only getting away with that because it's your birthday."

I shook my head..."I could beat you." I playfully punched him in the arm.

Dean took me by the waist..."You couldn't beat me if I helped you sweetheart."

Dean kissed me lightly and then pulled away... "Come with me."

I smiled against his lips. ."Where?"

"Trust me...It's a surprise."

Jeremy then came in..."Hey Dean. It's a go..."

Dean looked over..."Thanks bro."

Jeremy smiled..."Go...I'll cover for you."

I smiled as Dean took my hand and led me to my surprise.

I was blindfolded as Dean held my hand, "You know this feels creepy."

"Do you trust me?" Dean asked... I laughed... "Yes. My shoes are killing me though. Let me take them off."

In one swift movement, I was off my feet and in Dean's arms. I could hear the waterfall as he sat me down on a blanket. He took my blindfold off. I looked around my surroundings. The waterfall was next to us, the moon shining down and reflecting down on the water. Candles surrounded the blanket.

I looked over at Dean..."what is this?"

Dean chuckled nervously. "This is my surprise for you…I just want to hold you..."

I laughed..."Uh huh...Are you trying to seduce me Mr Winchester?"

Dean smiled..."Always Ellie...You're my girl."

I crawled over to Dean, who was sitting on the opposite side of me. I kneed in front of him and reached behind my dress to unzip it.

Dean grabbed my hands..."No...No...This is not why I brought you here."

I sighed..."I know...I love you Dean...I've missed you so much and if one night is all I get with you then…I want your hands on me..I want to lose myself in you. I want you to consume me." I leaned down and kissed him gently, Dean responded to me passionately. He held me like he needed me, wanted me.

He laid me gently on my back, kissing my arms, chest, cheek, every inch of me.

Dean grinned as my head fell back, giving him access. A slight moan escaped my lips. Dean smiled against my neck..."Oh my god that kills me...you are so beautiful."

Dean made love to me... He was gentle and giving. It was the most passionate night of my life.

My eyes fluttered opened. My room was filled with darkness. I was alone in my bed. Stefan had left. I sat up. Sadness swept over me as I thought of mine and Dean's last moments together.

"Please Don't. Don't go" I whispered to him...

We were in my room; it was later on that evening. We had come back to my house. He held me for hours. His shirt was off and I was wearing his white t-shirt, his scent all over me.

Dean sat up. This was the moment I didn't want to happen for him to leave. Dean turned to me, sadness in his eyes. "I have to. You know I do."

I shook my head..."No...Please just stay. For me."

Dean pulled away and stood up, going over to the chair to put on his boots. "Please don't do this Ellie...don't make this hard."

I nodded..."Yea...since it's so easy for you to leave."

Dean got up and walked over to the bed, pulling a black shirt from his bag and putting it on.

Dean pulled me in his arms..."Ellie...this has been the best night of my life...and it's so hard to walk away from you...but I have to go...I have work to do..People to save."

"Take me with you. I won't get in the way, I promise." I was pleading with him. I didn't want to wake up tomorrow and he not be here.

Dean shook his head, holding my hand..."You know you can't Elena...I can't have you come with me."

"Why? Don't you want to be with me?"

Dean nodded..."Of course I do…I want to give you everything...but I can't and you have a life here. The work I do…the people and things I piss off. It's too dangerous. You are my weakness Ellie...and I can't have that in my life with the work that I do. It's too dangerous. The things that I hunt; they will find the people closest to me and use that. And I couldn't stand it if something happened to you. Remember my pinky promise?"

I nodded..."Dean-"

Dean kissed my mouth gently..."I love you Elena...please hold onto that...don't forget that."

Tears streamed down my face. "I love you too Dean."

Dean got up and kissed my hand. Dean felt a single tear go down his face as he quickly wiped it away.

Moments later I heard his Impala racing down the road...