I admit, I do ship Sophie and Billy, despite the fact that they really didn't know each other very well in the books. I just feel like they'd be a really cute couple, and I'd prefer not to get any hate just because I find them adorable.

Sophie Newman lay curled up on the reddish purple blankets with her long platinum blond hair surrounding her head in a cloud of silver. Her bright blue eyes were closed in sleep.

Bright afternoon sunlight blazed through the shutters covering the two windows above the bed and painted the overlarge, worn white shirt she wore gold. Despite the brightness outside, the winter cold still seeped into the room through the thick walls to nip at her. She woke groggily, dragged the purple-ish blanket over herself and returned to a state of thoughtless bliss.

A spicy scent made her nose twitch and woke her again. She took another wiff, it was warm and spicy, a smell many people would've hated but she didn't mind one bit. In fact, she kind of liked it.

Then she realized where she'd smelled it before.

Sophie bolted up and out of the bed-

-straight into a wall that most definitely wasn't in her room. She twisted around to take the room in, from the lower ceiling to the simple desert-brown walls to the reddish-purple of the bed spread that most definitely did not belong to her.

And then there was the matter of the rather bedraggled figure of Billy the Kid passed out on the bed she had been in only a few seconds before. Lacking a shirt.

She collapsed on the ground and held her head in her hands, rocking back and forth whispering "nononononononononononnononon ononononononononono". She smelled the spicy scent again, and despite her knowledge of exactly whose scent it was, she again found herself liking quite a bit.

Sophie shot her feet again and suddenly felt a sharp pain in her left side. She pulled up the shirt (which fell almost to her knees) to find that not only was she still wearing her underwear (which lessened her terror, but not by much) but an angry red slash running from her mid thigh up to her ribs. She nudged it experimentally and hissed at the pain, her hand came back smelling strongly of cayenne peppers.

Suddenly everything came flashing back.

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