A/N I don't have anything against Ezri, she's one of my favourites, as is Jadzia, they're just different. This is just chapter one, so it's not done. I don't own Star Trek. Famous people do.

Chapter One

She missed him, but couldn't tell anyone. It had been four years, and he had said that he wasn't coming back. She remembered him kissing her hands, forehead and finally her lips, leaving a delicate filled with love, sadness and remorse. He held her hand and slowly faded into the Great Link, holding onto her fingertips for as long as he could. As he faded away, he could see Nerys smiling, with tears squeezing out of her eyes.

She could talk to Ezri, but it didn't really help. Ezri Dax was counselor, yes, but she wasn't Jadzia Dax. For some reason, she just didn't have nearly as much insight as Jadzia had had, not as much knowledge. She was so much more of a child than Jadzia had been, who had always seemed like a wise old man in a young woman's body.

Quark had been extremely nice to her since Odo had left. Kira would never admit it, but she was growing quite fond of the devious little Ferengi. Neither Quark or Odo would ever admit it, but the two of them had become close friends, seconds only to Odo and Kira.

Odo. Kira would try to distract herself, but everything on the station reminded her of him. Seeing the empty security office didn't help at all. The fact was that she missed him like all bloody hell.

Kira didn't know that he was back on the station and he wanted to keep it that way. He had once told her that they would be forever. Forever had ended when his people had gotten sick and he left her to help them.

He did not want her to know that he was here, on the station. He had been gone for four freaking years. Surely, by now, she would of moved onto someone else, maybe even started a family by now. No, he most certainly could not go back to Kira now. As much as it might hurt him, he would avoid his beloved Colonel entirely.