Over the next few days, Logan grabbed every opportunity to talk to his daugher. But Sophie was always with Havok. It was like her and Havok were stuck like glue. Whenever Sophie saw Logan coming towards her, she would pull Havok even closer (if that was possible) and stayed glued to his lips until Logan would stomped away.

Sophie was angry at her "father". She doubt she would ever forgive him. Telling Havok this, he suggested maybe she would come around eventually. Right now, forgiveness wouldn't be given to Logan.

It was the weekend, Saturday night. Havok had "borrowed" his brother's motorcycle. They were going on their first official date and Havok had insisted that it should be really special. Sophie didn't care how nice the date was going to be, as long as she was with Havok instead of Logan. So an hour ago, Havok had shown up outside of Sophie's dorm. When she had opened the door, Havok had told her in a rush that they were going someplace. Not caring what her father might say, Sophie had accepted Havok's request. Now, feeling the wind rush her hair, Sophie had her arms wrapped tightly around Havok's chest.

"WHERE ARE WE GOING?" Sophie had to yell over the rush of the late winter wind.

"CAN'T TELL YOU. . . IT'S A SUPRISE," Havok raised his voice ten fold in order to reply.

A few minutes later Havok stopped the motorcycle. Havok had driven Sophie all the way to a lake that was located somewhere slightly beyond the city. The sun was slowly setting, casting a beautiful glow on the lake water. The sight took Sophie's breath away. Havok picked up Sophie bridal style down the hill that lead closer to the lake.

They spent the evening talking about their complicated paths inbetween kisses. He told her about his early childhood and how he and his brother had found Professor Xavier's school for mutants. Havok moved the subject over to Sophie's past.

"What's your mother like?" Havok asked.

Havok noticed Sophie twitched. "She's. . . complicated to explain." Sophie replied, her voice growing distant.

Havok could tell that Sophie obviously didn't want to talk about her, but his curiousity was too powerfull to give a damn at the moment.

"Oh?" Havok said, his eyebrows rising.

"I love her and everything, its just that because of her 'occupation' we were always running when I was kid. We ran so often I have never even been to a real school before."

"Whoa," Havok responded. "What did she do?"

"Con artist," Sophie spat out. "She created these elaborate schemes for money and gasoline. My first memory when I was three was when she made me apart of one of them. She used me. I was bait for one of her victims."

Even Havok thought that was low of a mother to do that to her child. "She did that to you?!" Havok exclaimed.

Sophie seemed calm about it, as though it was normal. "It was no big deal. I was used to it." She shrugged.

" 'Was'?"

"After she had tried to hack into S.H.I.E.L.D's accountants she was arrested."

Havok's blue eyes widened and his jaw dropped to his chest. "Your mother tried to steal from S.H.I.E.L.D.?!"

Sophie nodded.

"I was there with her," Sophie started to tell the tale. "She had just got into the mainframe when all the alarms went off. An agent was on her way to get us. My mom told me to run. So I did. And I have been running, like my mother, ever since."

Havok wrapped his arm around Sophie. He looked into her eyes as he told her,

"You don't have to run anymore."

He kissed her neck.

"I know," Sophie whispered.

1:56 A.M.


It was nearing 2 A.M. when Havok and Sophie returned to the school. Sophie was giggling and Havok was trying to keep her quiet so that they could go to their rooms unnoticed. When they started to go past the darkened kitchen, it suddenly illuminated with light. Sophie's giggling immediately sobered. Havok dropped her hand as soon as they saw two men sitting on barstool chairs, their faces clearly not happy.

"Logan," Sophie said, her voice with seemingly innocent suprise. "What are you doing?"

"Good question, Kid," Logan said, crossing his arms.

"What are you doing with her?" It was Cyclops.


"Do you know how late it is?" Cyclops cut off his younger brother.

Havok's eyes narrowed, Sophie could see that he was going into defensive mode.

"We didn't do anything if that was what you were implying," Havok glared first at Cyclops then at Wolverine.

"Why do you care?" Sophie snapped, jumping into the brewing arguement. She glared at her father.

"I care," Logan said harshly. "Because you're my kid, Sophie."

Sophie scoffed. "Could have fooled me."

Logan's stature seemed to go limp. She saw how her father's hands clenched tightly until they were stark white. Sophie continued,

"Just because I have a part of your DNA doesn't mean shit."

She turned to Havok and took his hand lovingly, her gaze softening for a split millisecond. "Come on Babe, let's go."

They started to leave but Cyclops blocked their path. He clearly wasn't done dealing with his brother and his girlfriend.

"Wait," Cyclops said, making the 'STOP" hand motion. "Where's my bike?"

"Don't worry Scott, its in the garage."

"Really," Cyclops said stiffly. "Earlier it was missing."

"I put it back."

Cyclops was relentless. But after giving his younger brother another cold stare. He let Sophie and Havok passed. From half-way up the stairs Sophie heard Cyclops yell:


Logan's sarcastic voice replied,

" 'Cause it's a cool bike."