Hi! ^^ this is the same story of Kitty Patitas Suaves but in English version. I just have the beginning of the story, but i'll traslate the rest with my friend Jocy soon. I hope you like it and sorry about the mistakes in the story, we are chilean and our english it's a little rusty xD.

Enjoy it! ^^

Kitty Softpaws

Chapter one: A simple plan.

That day I met that egg, was normal, but a little strange, well, not every day you find a speaker egg, or the way he found me. I'm famous for my job of thief; in the way I steal, people never have notice my presence, and neither in the moment I steal, thanks to my soft paws, and that's why I don't stand too long in an only place, but he was following me for a long time, I had no idea for what, until I figured out him, and neither knew I'll get into trouble…

How I said, it was a normal day, I was received my pay for steal "something someone steals to another", those typical problems I don`t care.

Until he talked to me.

"Miss Kitty Softpaws, nice to meet you", the egg said.

"I can't say the same", I said roughly, I never trusted in someone , and less when I'm followed.

"Ah you're rude, it was true what I heard about you, but that's not the point. I'm Humpty, and I come to offer you a job so succulent" the egg explained me.

Cause I like to go to the point (and I wanted to go away from him), I said to him

"And about what?"

" I supposed you heard about the old story about the golden eggs, miss Kitty…"

I hesitated a little, I was hearing about that, but I have no idea if that was true…

"Yeah, I've heard about that old legend" I answered him.

"Fine, I know how to find them, and who have the magic beans. With your skill to steal without a sound… we can get them" he said to me persuasively.

"And what I get with this?" I asked him.

"That's what I wanted to tell you, a golden egg will be your pay for your service" he answered me.

A golden egg?, not bad, remembering the things were a little bad, and I couldn't be so fussy… but…who could ensure that was true?.

"And how I know you're not lying me?" I asked him with distrust.

"Good question, you're smart, that's why you do a good job. I was so closed to get that magic beans, but how you see, I'm not agile, those outlaws have the beans" he told me making a sign to follow him, and he made me see from the corner.

"Do you see that marriage couple? They're Jack and Jill, ruthless thieves"

I looked, and wow colossal pigs. I could see the man's hand was shinning, they were the beans. Humpty saw my surprised face.

"And what do you say?", he asked me.

"I do" I said him thoughtlessly.

"But with a condition" Humpty warned me.

"What" I asked curiously.

"You'll do everything I say, without protest" Humpty said to me.

I didn't care that, besides it was the first time someone say something like that. The only important thing is the gold.

"Ok" I said him shaking hands, closing the deal.

"We go right now to the town, where the Festival of the Fire will be celebrated" Humpty said me.

"What!, but they're here, it takes 10 minutes!" I said him surprised.

"They'll go there, and it's better take them by surprise. We'll attack them tomorrow at night"

Good point, I didn't say more and we went in his cart to the town. Later Humpty asked me to drive the cart, when I did it, I noticed that he was calculated something and finished disguises. Something was wrong, I didn't see the problem to steal to those fools, but I had already accepted, and I didn't recant.